Corruption Rises to the Top

On April 14th 2009, I was filming in the second floor lobby of Keene City hall. According to an unsigned document on the wall filming is prohibited. I was arrested and cuffed over a silver bracelet seen in the background of the video.

I dropped to the floor and as they dragged me around the bracelet was cutting into my wrist causing excruciating pain. Eli Rivera, now running for sheriff, found this rather amusing. This video depicts the events that happened before my camera was turned off.

A few months later Activist Kurt Hoffman was taken to the same back room where according to Rivera, he fell while trying to escape. No felony escape charges were ever filed, and according to Hoffman and a witness, Rivera tackled him, putting Hoffman in a wheelchair for several weeks.

Please share this video, include it in your videos, and use it to show people the kinds of sociopaths attracted to power.


Produced by – OTN Productions

Edited by – Sam Dodson

Narration – Zeus Legion

Update: I posted a question to the Eli Rivera for Sheriff’s discussion page, and something interesting happened. “Silent Nation” one of the trolls identified himself as Matt Sorenson. Here are a couple of his comments:

Then later he changed his comment. This all happened around 2am, so I’m guessing Matt came back from a bar wasted.

Eli has since deleted his facebook discussion page. I guess he wasn’t all that interested in talking over issues with his constituents.

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  1. "And it still doesn’t change Eli’s monstrous behavior either way."

    I dunno, I'm less inclined to be nice to someone who I know abused their girlfriend and is now acting like a whiny child.

    I've heard he's been accused statutory rape, too.

  2. I’ve heard he’s been accused statutory rape, too.

    Wow, I didn't know the situation in the Rivera camp was getting so desperate. You guys must really be scared of people learning and seeing the truth.

    I wonder how Molly Kelly is going to look having endorsed a sadistic sociopath who engaged in torture? Don't they share the same campaign office?

    Your not here for truth, just damage control.

  3. Is there a reason why three of my posts were just deleted?

  4. Pardon me, but I tend to get confused by your statist terminology… Would the accusations you've made here against Sam without evidence be considered "slander" or "libel"? I always get those mixed up but I think its the latter.

  5. Here's what they said, in essence:

    Still waiting on that denial, Sam.

    I would think that people would like that Molly Kelly supported someone who doesn't tolerate people accused of domestic violence.

    I'm trying to get the truth, Sam, but you're avoiding the questions.

  6. Zeus,

    It could all be easily solved if Sam simply denied what I, an others have heard about him from Meg.

  7. If Meg had anything to say on the subject I'm certain she would have. In the meantime, I wonder how Kurt Hoffmann's neck is since "he tripped and fell while escaping" from Eli Rivera. For awhile there, it almost looked as if someone slammed his head and/or neck into a wall with massive force, putting him into a wheelchair for a number of weeks and causing all kinds of weird, involuntary nerve spasms and pain. I haven't heard much about him for awhile but I hope he's okay now.

  8. Meg has spoken out on the subject. Why isn't Sam just denying it here and now? It would be over with pretty quickly.

  9. Eli's violent behavior has been witnessed by many other than just Sam.

    As far as Sam goes, he seems to have implied that he accidentally hit Meg, but not intentionally, and not out of anger, for what that's worth.

    If he did harm meg, even unintentionally, I would hope he would make restitution to her for that.

  10. Everyone is still avoiding my point…

    Especially Sam.

  11. Susan,
    above Ian said he lives with her now and she's never said anything….
    what do you say to that?

  12. I say that I'm waiting for Sam to make a denial.

  13. Also Meg has made those accusations, as witnessed by those of us who read them before they were deleted from the blog, so I don't know what Ian is trying to cover up.

  14. Ok Susan,. Since your making allegations of Rape which is a very serious claim, let's take this seriously shall we?

    If you really believe in what your saying here and not simply running damage control. Tell us who you are (since your not claiming to be the victim), give us some way to verify your identity, and also please disclose your relationship, if any, to Rivera.

    If your telling the truth, then you should have no problem staking your reputation on these claims, as I do with every video.

    Put your reputation where your anonymous posts are, and I'll further clarify my statement above. Otherwise, your just trolling, and it's time you move on.

  15. No, Sam. I have no obligation to let you know who I am. Why would I want to, anyways, if I believed those accusations were true? I don't want you knowing any of my personal information.

    The fact that you simply won't deny them is pretty telling. If they weren't true, why wouldn't you just say so?

  16. am i the only one here who feels like sams post was changed from last night to today? I read it before and never saw what was in the end of the 9th paragraph. and if it wasnt changed, why would you wait to make a denial and bury it at the end. no one else has mentioned it. why did no one else read it or comment on it? something seems fishy.

  17. michael,


    u r the only one

  18. Oh, I see Susan.

    So you want to come on here anonymously, make allegations of rape and physical abuse:

    I’ve heard he’s been accused statutory rape, too.

    based entirely on hearsay and your claim that you KNOW is true:

    I dunno, I’m less inclined to be nice to someone who I know abused their girlfriend and is now acting like a whiny child.

    because you HEARD (i.e. talked to Meg) it first hand:

    It could all be easily solved if Sam simply denied what I, an others have heard about him from Meg.

    (when did you meet with Meg?)

    All the while refusing to identify yourself, answer any questions, identify your sources, or any potential conflicts of interest?

    Sorry, I don't have any more time to play. I have work to do. Unfortunately, none of this will keep the world from seeing the danger Eli Rivera poses to the community. Good luck with your witch hunt.

    I appreciate the attempt, I think it may have inspired me to do another related video.

  19. "based entirely on hearsay and your claim that you KNOW is true:"

    Excuse me? Where did I say that I knew any of this was true? I am *trying* to get *you* to tell me the truth, and have given you countless opportunities to do so, yet you simply refuse to refute the claims. Why is that?

    "Sorry, I don’t have any more time to play."

    you realize that *all* of this extraneous conversation could have been easily avoided if you would simply say "I have never abused my girlfriend or been accused of statutory rape"?

    Why do you continue to avoid saying that?

  20. Still waiting, Sam…

  21. I just want to say that the Andy in this thread is not me


  22. so, just to summarize what happened to sam in the video- the handcuffs hurt him, resulting in him crying out in the way that he did and dropping to the floor. does anyone else think that this was an over-reaction?

  23. You forgot the silver bracelet under the cuffs puncturing Sam's wrist and Rivera taunting and laughing at a prisoner in his custody (who's welfare he is responsible for) crying out in pain.

    It's just fortunate Sam didn't have some kind of breathing issue, maybe an obstruction in his nose or throat that blocked the airway, otherwise the sight of him struggling and turning purple from the lack of oxygen might just have made Rivera angry, resulting in worse treatment.

  24. i completely misunderstood the silver bracelet part, i thought he was somehow referring again to the cuffs. that's why i wanted to clarify. no need for you to overreact in your explanation, sorry to have gotten you all riled up zeus.

  25. I'm sorry if my last post appeared "all riled up", it was actually written fairly casually in a matter-of-fact manner. I just woke up in the middle of the night, checked the forum and figured I'd respond.

    I myself forgot to also mention the part where Rivera jerks Sam's punctured wrist around when he's gleefully taunting him with "Louder! Louder!".

  26. go zeus 🙂

  27. Zeus,

    You also forgot to mention the part where Sam didn't deny beating up his girlfriend.

  28. Again, there is zero evidence of your accusations regarding Sam's behavior and plenty of documentation regarding Rivera's.

    None of your accusations change the fact that Rivera, a man ostensibly paid from money stolen from the people of Keene to allegedly protect and defend them from the very same kind of behavior he himself has displayed, appears to be a documented maniac who could have killed Kurt Hoffmann and gleefully enjoyed the screams of another prisoner in his custody.

  29. susan, it would be simpler if sam would just answer, wouldn't it? i think i read the same blog as you, where meg herself said these things about him. just because it's taken down now doesn't mean that it wasn't once posted and existed. but maybe the logic really is to just deny, deny, deny despite sanity. but truth really be told, it's obvious how it makes the individuals involved look and it's not very suprising.

  30. Yeah, I don't see why Sam won't just deny it, he has nothing to lose and everything to gain by doing so (unless it's true, of course).

  31. susan, we're also talking about a man that drops to the floor crying when he gets handcuffed. i can't even begin to understand his behavior.

  32. True, but since he likes to complain so much, don't you think he'd like to complain that everything people are saying about him are lies?

  33. personally, yes. i would think a rational person would deny a lie about themselves, especially someone that likes to play victim. i just don't think rational processing is occurring in this instance.

  34. Susan, he did deny it. He denies it at the end of the 10th paragraph in post #37.

    What i don't understand is: why do YOU care? Obviously – or as is apparent from your posts – YOU don't think its wrong to initiate force against others; if YOU did, you would be upset about Rivera's actual actions towards many people – not just Sam. Since YOU are not upset about Rivera's actual actions, YOU are being hypocritical by getting upset at Sam's rumored actions.


  35. Thanks frake, I guess the critics never actually bothered to read what he wrote – here's the exact quote:

    Sam: "And sorry, I’ve never hit a girl intentionally or out of anger. There you go"

  36. Oh, right…so he's going with the same "You bumped my elbow with your eye" story he went with last time?

  37. i do think this should drop- but i have to point out, and this is not in reference to sam directly, but more so there is an understanding that domestic abuse does not just constitute "hitting" another person. pushing, dragging, pulling, strangling, exerting any sort of force against another is abuse. and this is just the parameters of physical abuse. i think this is very important to be clarified.

    it is personally none of my business what occurred between meg and sam, except that they aired their relationship here on this website giving us, the readers, a skewed glance into their past relationship. consequences of that behavior will occur, it's no suprise and should be expected. some will be more emotional, some will be more indifferent. but it is unfortunate because it takes away some validity for the reason that people are here. in some eyes, sam will now be an abuser. i'm not for this or against it- i do not know the man, so i can't say. but the damage is done. it still is not a rational situation. it does go to prove an amazing point of how powerful the written word can be.

  38. frake,

    Why would he bury his denial at the end of the 10th paragraph? That seems like something one would want to get out there up front, in no uncertain terms. Why go on about old stuff with unrelated issues first? Sometimes a person protests too much when they have something to hide. The way in which Sam presents himself is very questionable. Especially based on excuses he used earlier, which were later removed from this 'open' site. He calls into question every one else's integrity, motives and credibility. How about his?

  39. sarah, i agree- the way that sam presents himself is questionable. that ties in with my point of irrational processing and not understanding his behavior. this is not a person that i would want to be alone with, not because of the back and forth about him abusing girlfriends, but from his very own video footage.

  40. Sarah and Max,

    I agree completely. To be honest, Sam's behavior both online and in the videos frightens me. I truly believe he may have some sort of emotional or psychological disturbance. I don't think he's doing anything to really help the Free Keene cause.

  41. he might be helping the free keene cause,he might not be. i really couldn't say.

  42. Sam, you choose your words very carefully. " I’ve never hit a girl intentionally or out of anger." Are you still clinging to the defense of 'she hit my elbow with her face, that's how she got the black eye'? If so, then you deserve all the shit you have gotten over this, and far more. This should hound you until you admit the truth. Oh what a tangled web we weave… when first we practice to obscure the truth.

  43. Considering how concerned you claim to be over what is still only hearsay with zero evidence provided by any of you, I can only imagine you are going to be marching over to KPD today and protesting Eli Rivera's sociopathic behavior and demand a sufficient explanation regarding the trauma that occurred to Kurt Hoffmann under his care.

    I shudder to think what might happen to others in his path once he claims the mantle of Sherriff and the power that comes with it.

  44. I shudder to think what kind of people Free Keene attracts if people like you, Zeus, defend someone who says "it's not my fault she got a black eye when she bumped my elbow"

  45. i agree, hearsay. but i do want to point out that i think sam's behavior that i've witnessed on several different videos is irrational and disturbing.

  46. Zeus,

    Do you accept sam's excuse or are you defending it? That would raise questions for me about your credibility.

  47. If Sam's former girlfriend Meg really had an issue with Sam, her co-bloggers would listen to her, and I imagine Sam would be demoted from his role as blogger here.

    She has not done so, but what she wants has nothing to do with what you want, right?

    A few accidents over time doesn't an abusive relationship make.

    It's pretty sad you folks feel the need to get involved regarding circumstances you know next to nothing about. Why don't you leave this situation to the people actually involved? Meg and Sam agreed to remove their post-relationship back-and-forth from this site, and you keep bringing it up.

    Good thing for you this blog's comments are left online unlike on Eli's facebook page where comments from liberty-lovers are censored.

  48. Max,

    Yeah, I agree too that it's hearsay, but I think it's pretty disconcerting hearsay…especially when coming from Meg herself.

    And yeah, when coupled with his behavior in videos etc., it's definitely very disturbing.

  49. Never mind. I can't add anything more convincing or useful than what's already been posted.

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