Despite Overwhelming Evidence – NH Supreme Court Continues Stonewalling on Keene Corruption

This is a followup to the questions I asked the supreme court spokesperson over a month ago.

We were promised an answer the following day. Instead the have stopped responding to email, I called today, and as of the time of posting I have not received a phone call back.

This is how the NH “Justice” system polices it’s self. See everyone, the system works! Here’s my latest letter, I’ll post updates when I hear a response.

Hi Laura,

I pulled some additional information on the David Mcleod case file, and
got copies of the 4 press motions (Mcleod Press Motions). None of the motions
request to film anything in the lobby. They all mention either the
proceedings or the courtroom.

I also found out the man being interviewed is a new county attorney
named John. He should certainly know that what he was doing was in
common law contempt of the alleged court order, given the maxim of
equality, not that ignorance is any excuse.

Further, given that we have a recording of the entire proceeding, there
was no permission given during the proceedings, and there's nothing in
the case file or the motions granting authority to film in this area.

There is also a clock on the wall which shows the time was approximately
11:25am, so the court was open. There is also a security mirror in the
background, where you can see the clerk's window is open, and there are
CSO's in the background.

This is a clear case of common law criminal contempt which occurred in
clear view of the court security officers stationed a few feet away.

I'd also like to know the proper way to see that the people involved in
the institutionalized discrimination, targeting of activists, and
perversion of the rule of law should be addressed. Is the FBI the proper
authority to address the systemic corruption in the Keene judicial system?

I'm eagerly awaiting a response to my questions below, or a date when I
can expect a response.


Sam Dodson

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  1. When I get letters from NH courts they always want prompt response, and they always want prompt payment of fines. Now that they are getting the letters they are having some problems.

    I guess we don't have to respond to their letters anymore.

    Good Job Sam. Now we are all off the hook when it comes to NH courts and their letters of demand.

  2. So Sam,ignorance is no excuse? Be sure not to use that at any trial i'n the future, the wa Ian did with his shire registration trial.

  3. So Sam, ignorance is no excuse? Be sure not to use that at any trial in the future, the wa Ian did with his shire registration trial.

  4. it's their claim, not mine.

    It was meant to apply to common law where a victim actually exists. It's in there to point out more hypocrisy.

  5. I think if sam said "its nice and sunny out " david would disagree


    david has no he is like a bug thats buzzing around..

  6. Sam, why on earth would you think despite a representation otherwise, that the court system would respond at all? What you need to do is sue them. This is the only thing they understand. I bet you could win.

  7. maybe big scrotems is right πŸ˜›

  8. Because they are "Our" courts and all their power is derived from the people?

    If they don't follow their oaths and the con-stitution then "we" can use article 10 to abolish them or simply withdraw consent since all this is voluntary.

    Who do they think they are kidding?

  9. Although I am not telling anybody anything they did not already know, the public masters , oh I mean public servants could care less about the sovereign people, who are the only real powers of the nation or state. Moreover I am not advocating any violence or threat of any type but merely put forth an observational opinion of history. These very same poor ignorant persons will be among the most shocked when the sovereign Americans have had enough. I believe that inate violence that Americans have in their capacities by far outweighs the most vile acts of most other nations. Fortunately those very same Americans have a tempered greatness for good that engulfs our capacity as a people for mischief. The system and persons engaged therein assuredly won't be too surprised when 200 million angry and righteous people (who likely do not agree on social issues or typical political party stances) decide to unleash that mischief upon the 5 or 6 million persons that comprise the many (not all) vile and corrupt roles in corporations known as The United States and corporation States themselves and literally boot the Asses (Democrats) and Pachyderms (Republicans) onto the scrap heap of history.

    Parphraisng, its been said every dog has its day and also that dogs eat their vomit . The dogs are fast approaching that day and I would suggest you turn your head when they begin to eat their own vomit (statutes). These persons have already lost control, they just don't know it yet.

  10. Well said… in a completely disgusting way. I give you 500 bonus points.

  11. Thanks for your peaceful, focused and continual push Sam. πŸ™‚

  12. hi i've been a free american long before you guys showed up and really sick of your crying if you don't like nh you are free to leave thank you rick

  13. hi i’ve been a free american long before you guys showed up and really sick of your crying if you don’t like nh you are free to leave thank you rick

    Well, I'm a NH native, and I welcome people looking to reform the system and reduce abuse.

    And the NH state government does not own all the land in the state, and have no right to abuse people simply because they reside in it.

  14. Welcome to the club rick lake.

  15. Rick is what I'd classify as a "Zombie". It's the kind of hater who doesn't think, just hates. Maybe someone gave him some misinformation, maybe he thinks you're a hippie or a neocon (whichever is opposite of him), maybe he doesn't like the way you look or what you said, the reason doesn't matter. You've been grouped and targeted. They don't reason, they just attack.

    david I think is the other kind: the "Parasite". These insidious haters are the ones that have something to lose if the state no longer uses coercion and violence to get things done. Be it power and wealth or just having you pay their medical bills, their kids education, their retirement fund, their wars, or whatever. They don't want productive people to escape the abuses of the system lest they lose whatever the state is giving them in return for their obedience.

  16. so ricky lakes.

    you was "sick of their 'crying''" so you thought you would CRY about it

    .i see

    well im sick of your crying ricky lake and you just started

  17. This looks to me like doing the only thing you can do when you are not allowed by the 'justice' system to file charges against its 'officials'.

    Keep up the good work Sam.

    NHLA, if you're listening, tell the reps up there that they need to put the power to file charges in the hands of the people, where it belongs

  18. i'm not a hater and i want change but do you really think all this neg publ is good 4 the cause and if someone has a diff opion you attack them i watched r paul smokin pot on mainst in front off court house 3 or 4 weeks ago and saw the people lookin at him like what the f i would like to see things change but if you keep at it in a rude manner people are gonna get stubburn and he's just proving thier misconceptions about your cause try being positive and maybe alittle friendly might go better 4 you and if someone has a differant view don't attack talk about it in a reasonable way I LOOK FORWARD TO CHANGE and i am not a hater in the beginning i thought of becoming a member of your cause but the actions of the free keeners made me think no way i fight for change everyday by being polite and informed so don't call me a hater think of your actions and keep an open mind

  19. ohya so you know i'm a hippy a countryboy and a redneck biker but not a hater or zombie but most of all i'm a free thinking american who loves nh so slander me all you want but if change is really what you want then try alittle kindness it goes a long way

  20. Rick Lake:
    "hi i’ve been a free american long before you guys showed up and really sick of your crying if you don’t like nh you are free to leave thank you rick"

    also Rick Lake:
    "…but if change is really what you want then try alittle kindness it goes a long way"

    You do not do that which you think others should do. You want the Free Staters to change but you do not show them kindness.

  21. rick,

    saying you are "sick of crying" and telling people to "leave"

    in a nntshell:You started out talking not very nice and then when people didn't respond nicely you complained..what do you expect when you start out by telling people you are sick of them and tell them to leave?

    so DONT COMPLAIN :you started it

  22. Dear Rick,

    I'd like to discuss some of the points you made above, but would first like to offer a suggestion. If you want people to understand you, sometimes the use of punctuation helps. I'm not saying this to be rude, but I had a hard time deciphering your message, or even where one sentence ended and another began. Also, I guess spelling words out completely, like "for" instead of "4" would be a big help. I think your advice on enhancing communication is a great idea, and believe you could convey your ideas to more people if they were stated clearly.

    First of all, what evidence do you have that I, or any other Liberty person/activist/Free Stater/Libertarian/what-have-you hates New Hampshire? Because speaking for myself, I love NH. It's beautiful, and already shares many of my ideals like no sales tax, self sufficiency, supporting a local economy, lax gun laws. Even though there are things I don't like about NH (like why doesn't every street corner have a street sign? What's up with that? Lol) it's mostly small stuff that I can live with. I've lived many places, and didn't like something about each of those places. I'm convinced that I will never find the perfect "place" as it doesn't exist, but so far, NH is pretty damn close.

    However, corruption in the judicial system is no small thing to get upset about. It's a big thing to get upset about. These people steal our money (yours, mine theirs, everyone) and uses it to abuse the positions of power they've been granted to assault people, damage property, kidnap them, etc. If it wasn't the government doing this, but some private organization, would you put up with it?

    And speaking of government, are they the same as "New Hampshire?" What is New Hampshire? Is it the government? The church? Invisible lines on a map? Or is it the people? I like most of the people I meet here, and ignore the rest. In fact, like it or not, I am now a New Hampshire resident, and I don't hate myself.

    You said that we should try being friendly if we want folks to listen to us. Has every Free Stater been rude? I know I haven't. I work in a service industry, it's my job to be nice to folks, and I'm damn good at it. But you were pretty rude to us right out of the gate. You told us you didn't like us and for us to go away. I'm not going anywhere, but are you so dense that you don't understand why people called you a hater? You clearly don't have all the facts, and are coming around making demands and accusations. Do you think anyone's going to listen to you?

    I can't say that someone smoking outside is so terrible. You do have the freedom to mind your own business when something like that happens. I smoke pot, usually at home, and I'm tired of being treated like a bad person simply because I exercise the freedom to put whatever I want in MY body. No one's making you smoke weed. Is it really too much to ask you to leave those who want to alone?

    And finally, you claim that living in America makes you free? In what manner? The government has been stripping our freedoms left and right for the past 150+ years, and especially since 9/11. If you love freedom, can you really support their actions? Again, I'd like to point out for clarification that I don't believe America and the Federal Government to be synonymous.

    I'm not attacking you, just trying to extract some answers to my questions. You can believe whatever you want, as long as you leave me and mine alone, I'll reciprocate. I'd like to hear your answers, and encourage you to continue the discussion here and on the forums.

  23. I'm NH born and raised. NH state government can suck a fat one. Ayotte can choke on mine.

  24. AYOTTE???…#

    DrXb0x423Z on Tue, 5th Oct 2010 7:29 pm

    I’m NH born and raised. NH state government can suck a fat one. Ayotte can choke on mine.<–Dude, Ayotte is a born-again CARPET MUNCHER…

  25. It's so sad that I moved from socialist Massachusetts and I represent the 'Live Free or Die' spirit more than most of these statists in the Keene area.

    Perhaps, good redneck country boy, that if you don't believe in freedom. . . perhaps you should move to Massachusetts. I would prefer that you stay and be a real American, a person that opposes tyranny and those that would support laws that effect good hardworking people like yourself. If not, there's that place just to the south that is more than willing to have new people who will do nothing if it isn't worshipping whatever the state does.

  26. So now it is the locals who have to move out so you can have your way? I have an idea. How about when you move in somewhere, you don't immediately start trying to change it. Stop whining about how much you don't like about the new place. Don't like it? Move somewhere with fewer laws and no police. I here Somalia is nice this time of year. No functioning government there for years, I think it's working out great for them. You should go there and check it out for the others. My treat.
    For what date shall I make the reservations? How many traveling in your party?

  27. I don't think Anton was suggesting that the locals HAVE to move anywhere, just that Massachusetts might be run more to their liking. There's a difference between a suggestion and forcible coercion, david.

    What I think Anton really wants is for locals to stop being supporters of the murders, assaults, robberies and other harm caused by the state and to live up to the existing legacy of freedom forged by past New Hampshirites, the "Live Free or Die" attitude.

    And that puts you between a rock and a hard place, david, as it shines a light on what you truly stand for: Do you support the violence and coercion of the state collective or do you support freedom of choice and self-responsibility among individuals?

    I look forward to your latest flippant dodge.

  28. Don't come to where I live and start telling me how I should live. Bot thank you god Zeus.

  29. Don’t come to where I live and start telling me how I should live..


    "How dare you tell me I can't empower institutionalized murder, assault and robbery! I am indignant, Sir! Indignant, I say! Where is *my* freedom to kill, steal and take stuff from others that I have not earned? I'll not let you take away the teat of nanny gov from my lips! Have at thee!"

  30. I suckle at the bare breast of the godess Heika, not the government teat.

  31. Translation: "I got nothin'."

  32. Actual translation "You are full of shit."

  33. Still waiting for you to prove it with a reasoned argument, david.

    Show us how the violence and coercion you support and advocate is the correct path for a healthy society and human interaction.

  34. Still waiting for you to actually make a difference.

  35. Then you must be pleased that more activists are arriving in Keene and elsewhere in New Hampshire every day so that we can reach critical mass and start turning the tide of state worship. It's just a matter of time before there are hundreds of us concentrated in various locations instead of just dozens. As more activists experiment with different tactics, they'll discover the forms that work best and other activists will naturally gravitate toward them, increasing their effectiveness exponentially.

    How you must be looking forward to all of that with great, buttery joy.

  36. Oh joy, rapture.

    Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

  37. Hey, not that I am just now realizing it, but whoever gave me my cool gravitar and the 'link' to my name, thanks, but I do not really want them. Kindly remove them. Isn't that something for which permission should be asked and granted? Doing that without my consent seems a little big brotherish to me. Swami, see what you can do.

  38. Y is davids' name ,if we are to believe that IS his name, a link now i.e. WHY is he copying Ian and Sam …….probably cuz he wants to emulate them in every way.I just have this to say regarding that pathetic state of affairs :STOP COPYING IAN AND SAM david: its pathetic .

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