Baby Cheyenne reportedly “Bleeding from Private Parts” in Government Care

There is troubling news on this story. Johnathan and Stephanie went to visit their child today. Details are a bit sketchy at this point, but Cheyenne is reportedly losing consciousness, bleeding out of her private parts, and has not gained weight.

Update from the Free Baby Cheyenne Facebook Group:


Update (2:30 p.m.) Baby Cheyenne is currently being transported by sheriff’s deputies from the hospital to a sexual abuse specialist on the recommendation of the ER doctor. The baby has regained consciousness, and the sheriff has taken custody of the child from DCYF.

As the story unfolds, the allegations levied by DCYF at  the parents of baby Cheyenne, related to this and the previous taking of her kids, do not seem to implicate Johnathan or Stephanie.

They are currently getting the police report in hopes that it will clear up the allegations. Here’s part 2 of the interview I shot with the parents:

And follow up interviews from Dave Ridley:


Update 20:00 BST (15:00 CST)

Baby Cheyenne has been taken to a sexual assault speciality Doctor under police escort. The sheriff is with the baby. Stephanie and Jonathan are following them, along with CPS. Baby Cheyenne is ‘fussy’, going in and out of consciousness, and when she is awake doesn’t want any one touching her, which shows the level of her injuries and distress.

Update 20:16 BST (15:16 CST)

Baby Cheyenne has been taken out of CPS custody by the sheriff, who has taken over the whole case. She is being seen by a sexual abuse specialist. There were also abrasions on her vaginal area.

Latest Update:

William N. Grigg of

“I just spoke with someone very close to the principals in this matter, and it seems clear that Baby Cheyenne was NOT molested/abused in DCYF custody. The bleeding appears to be a normal after-effect of birth, and the fact that she’s lost weight isn’t unusual (this happened with each of my six children at that stage). That’s good news.”

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  1. It would be cool if those focusing on the fact that they disagree with libertarianism, i.e. what the United States is all about, grammar nazis and those with an unshakable belief in the moral infallibility of the State and its employees, could show that they give a fuck about the welfare of the child and acknowledge that the parents have had their child stolen and agree that this situation should never have occurred as there is no evidence that either of the parents are a danger to their child.

  2. "Violating a protective order", huh???…Well, right here in Keene, I knew a guy whose "girlfriend" took out a restraining order on him, based on her lies. Then, her and her girlfriends got together, rehearsed the same lies, and had the guy locked up for "violating a protective order"…(I was actually at an AA meeting with the guy, at one of the times his girlfriend claimed he drove by her house…) So, yes, even cops and bureaucraps get fooled by smooth-talking bullshit…Who knew???….And, the woman-"Cheyennes' Mother", who Sam interviews above, is NOT the same woman that Ridley did HIS report on, both videos on youtube…Just what NH needs right before the election…Another cluster-fuck, rumor-fed, media brouhaha…The clearest thing I see is the fact that the State of NH is dying…THANK GOD!…

  3. “The question is, what are you doing to set the example for others to follow?”

    Actually, that’s not the question. It’s a really nice dodge, though.

    My question was, essentially, “why are you people not using more effective tactics?”

    There are people here who support all kinds of different tactics. I find that often "you people" is followed by an inaccurate generalization.

    It’s no secret that your group is ridiculed for its actions. I don’t fault you for being ridiculed, I’m just wondering if your goal is to be effective or if your goal is something else.

    I think some people ridicule certain tactics. My goal is certainly to be effective. I support some actions some liberty activists in Keene have taken, and not others.

    If your group has other priorities, then that’s fine and it would explain a lot of what I see here.

    Everyone has different priorities, as well as different ideas about effective tactics, which is why there are a diversity of methods. I do think some methods are silly and unproductive, while others are highly productive. I think you're probably mostly only aware of the few examples of activism you most disagree with.

    History shows that civil disobedience can be very effective, however, if it's done right.

    What am I doing? At the moment, I’m trying to hold your feet to the fire. Either do something effective, or admit that you’re in it for other reasons.

    Don't you think other people might honestly disagree with you about what methods are most effective? The fact that they don't share your views doesn't mean they aren't genuine.

    The best thing to do is find people who do support your goals and methods, and work with them to implement those methods and accomplish those goals. Have you ever heard the phrase, "Be the change you want to see in the world"?

    I like your suggestion — and in fact, there's a solid pro-liberty attorney, Lance, that we could use. The question is funding … I'll PM him on the forum and ask about the feasibility of a lawsuit, and whether he'd work on commission, or how much it would otherwise cost.

    This isn't strictly CD, but I bet the CDevolution fund would chip in.

  4. #

    Julia on Wed, 13th Oct 2010 9:36 pm

    Cheyenne’s parents need to seek professional help. Whether or not the person who did this to the poor girl was a government agent is beside the point; the fact is she suffered and whoever did this to her needs to be punished.

    Contacting a community outreach group or child services would be my best bet for them. I hope she makes it through….KEENENATIVE says: JULIA needs a man, or woman, whatever floats your boat, honey…"contacting child services"???…WTF???…CHILD SERVICES TOOK THE BABY IN THE FIRST PLACE, bitch!…I appreCIAte your concern, honey-buns, but stick to your Mao & Ivy League-style college play-dorm…This here is some REALITY SHIT, girlie, and you ain't up to it…(I'm a man, hear me roar, when I throw you down on the floor, um, sung to the tune of Helen Reddy's "i am woman"…ain't dat one o' you femi-NAZIS theme songs???…

  5. GIVE THAT BABY BACK TO HER MOMMY AND DADDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. 20 yrs ago, my wife's boyfriend beat the hell out of my 2 yr old son. he was airlifted from puyallup to seattle children's hospital for blood on the brain. cps actually showed up at our divorce/custody proceedings, attempting to return our kids to my ex and her new boyfriend. i had no record of anything against me. cps fought to put my kids in danger. over the next 15 yrs, the guy beat my ex, beat his ex, pushed his stepmother down the stairs, and had at least 4 dui's. he pulled a gun on his father before finally putting it in his own face and taking care of business 5 yrs ago. cps is evil. evil. evil.

  7. For those of you out there who aren't aware, I just want you to know, that yes, CPS does kidnap children. It happens everyday all over the united states, and after researching this particular case, I believe that is what is happening. People need to open their eyes, and clue themselves in. I live in Kansas, and I have heard similar stories here. It's happening, and everyone needs to pull together to stop it! There is a nationwide protest being put together Nov. 5 @ 4pm. Everyone, in every city, this is your time to get the word out! Save our children, and our rights!

  8. William N. Grigg of

    "I just spoke with someone very close to the principals in this matter, and it seems clear that Baby Cheyenne was NOT molested/abused in DCYF custody. The bleeding appears to be a normal after-effect of birth, and the fact that she's lost weight isn't unusual (this happened with each of my six children at that stage). That's good news. "

  9. I do think children are taken and accuse every day. I was falsely accused several times. The out came always came out that I was a great and loving mother. I think it is shame that you can not speak up and stand up for what is right with out being harassed and having the government tread on your parental rights.

  10. There is systemic problem appearing in state care where the fostering families have children. The child proves to be an outsider that steels time away from the other children and alianation sets in and the children that are abusing the foster child. Foster family's children are not subject to police checks as their parents are.

    There was a death of a two year old in State care in BC where the child showed signs of anial tearing and sustained a severed spine and a youth at the hands of that issue. Not to hard to figure out what is going on sadly…

  11. Why where your other kids taken away in 2009?

  12. Not the Parents or the foster parents Fault… The "ONES" Who Took her "MAYBE"!!! It just sickens me of the fact that these parents had their baby ripped from their arms or let Me say "Stole/Kiddnapped" Its a power thing and thats all it is… The Division Of Family Services are Child Protection Services are a complete "JOKE" By the book? Lets see, 1-You should ask the child to display their activities with their siblings and parents with dolls! 2-Do not let the child become friends with the parent(s)! 3-You should always put the CPS/DOFS rules first! 4-You are to determin if the said child has been abused and/or negelcted! 5-Parents are always the blame until proven different. I could keep going but!!! People lets fix this ongoing problem if it can even be fixed! I think it's to late.

  13. @david, @anton lee – Wow, you guys are th real sh*t, ya know that! Stupid to boot!

    You sit there an accuse people of sticking up for parents you call a**holes and then take a stand against a**holes that cause even more harm towards the child in question, hmm…sounds to me like you just love saying the word a**hole.

    Secondly, it is not normal for a newborn, especially weeks after the child was taken out of the perfectly happy home, to be bleeding like that, even more so when there is scratches or cuts around the vaginal area. I gave birth to a girl, and NO spotting ever occurred like they are describing, if at all. I truly believe this child was abuse OUTSIDE of the home when those home violators they like to call protective services comes a knocking. Who are you kidding when you say the parents are at fault and the CPS are innocent? Sounds to me like someone has filled your head with so much crap your eyes must be brown.

    Honestly, are you so uneducated that you can't read about what CPS does to children, especially newborns who can be easily (sold), i mean placed into new homes at a cost to whoever takes them in, despite the fact that the people who take them in are only after the big bucks.

    Thirdly, the baby was taken right after is was born, so how was it possible for the parents to harm anyone, let alone the mother had no time to even bond with her baby. Your just uneducated sick people who love reading about kids being tortured, so you can post nonsense comments like those above. YOUR SICK i tell you.

    Lastly, just because someone has a criminal record, does that mean that they rape children? I DONT THINK SO YOU STUPID FOOL…shows how much you think of those around you. YOU ARE VERY JUDGMENTAL, OR SHOULD I JUST SAY MENTAL?

  14. Also why does the woman in the first not look like the woman in the others, are they suppose to be the same woman or "stephanie"?

  15. @AMANDA – why does it matter why his other kids were taken away, could be a number of reasons, possibly a b*tch of an ex wife/girlfriend with revenge to seek on him, or simply another sad case of CPS torture schemes..!

    I notice those comments steering away from the child being accused in CPS care and focusing only on the parents is quite sad and pissing me off at the same time. WHY DO YOU ALWAYS ACCUSE THE PARENTS? You must not watch the news or read the horror stories about children being molested, hurt, killed, and left to die while in state/cps care…ALL THE just dont always hear about it, you only hear the one where parents take a stand against the elitist, violators who dont know the meaning of caring for children at all. I pray people like you never have children or children in your care. YOU are the type of people that CPS look for when needing foster parents.

  16. please correct the typo: "repordely" should be "reportedly". Don't give the enemy any ammo. The liberals, who all claim to win spelling bees, have been attacking the Tea Party and Constitutionalists as Neanderthals with no spelling skills. Thanks.

  17. @ A.S. Well I believe it could matter very much, and she just says her kids were taken away, not suggesting anything about the children being another woman's kids.. I was all ready to get out there and do something based on what I had been hearing, but then again you never know when there is more to the story, so yes to question them, will either prove them to be innocent victims of the government..or another case of fraud, that happens all to often in this world. So getting the facts is a very important thing is all I am trying to say.

  18. David is obviously someone that either is working for the corrupt system, or knows someone involved in this case (or other child kidnapping/rape cases) or is being paid by the globalist/whatever to come and comment to stick up for the evil doers. Ignore him, he is a govt shill who will pay for sticking up for the evil that is our govt, the new world order, CPS, the cia and others.

    Just shut up paid govt shill, why u upset? Got something to hide, u like raping kids?

  19. William N. Grigg of

    “I just spoke with someone very close to the principals in this matter, and it seems clear that Baby Cheyenne was NOT molested/abused in DCYF custody. The bleeding appears to be a normal after-effect of birth, and the fact that she’s lost weight isn’t unusual (this happened with each of my six children at that stage). That’s good news.

    That is outstanding news.

  20. I am not sure if many people has listen to the report of the father of Mr Irish, it is very compeling against his own son. I agree there are constitutional right violations here but there may also be some truth according to Mr. Irishes father about the rest of the story. We all need to sit back and watch for a sec without jumping to any conclusion for the fact that it may have been in the best interest of the child, but we wont know until we get the whole truth. The one thing I would like to point out is hd the mother not signed the birth certificate form, and other documents, the state would not have been able to take the baby. The focus must remain on the baby, and decieding whether the child would or would not be in danger.

  21. B,

    You make some interesting points but regardless of the grandparents opinion there was still no evidence against the parents, the affidavit was deeply flawed and the State had no right to take the child with or without a signed birth certificate, which is basicly a fraudulant contract anyway.

    You seem to imply that although this was completely illegal it might be a good thing because in your view there is a possibility that the child is at risk from the parents.

    May I remind you that the State itself is a major risk to all children taken into its 'care', not to mention the precedent this sets for all U.S. citizens if left unchallenged.

    I'm not saying that action by the State to protect children in cases of abuse and or neglect is unwarranted, but no evidence has been shown that this is one of those cases.

  22. You guys have to get the facts straight. You are arguing over who is right here and many are bringing different facts. And besides you can' t trust CPS. They are caught

    stealing children for no reason or made-up reason. They get around half of million for a baby from foster parents.get the factsstraight please.

  23. Please before this gets picked up by too many sites, run spell check on the title… this feeds the MSM’s myth that patriots are just stoooopid.

  24. eternal publicity the price of justice.

  25. This is happening in our country. Blair brought in secret courts and so many other laws that prevent parents/grand parents even fighting back. There seems to be an agenda in this country aswell as yours. I hope the baby has not been abused but it doesn't look good. I hope to god they get who ever did it.

  26. Another young life destroyed BY CPS. Foster care is, BY FAR, the WORST PLACE IN THE WORLD TO BE A CHILD..and they know it. They just don't care.

    Please speak out against CPS in NH and your own state. This kind of shit is going on every day, in every state. You don't know about it because it's so devastating to the parents, such a stigma. But they're destroying people's loves every single day and cannot be stopped because whatever they do, they can also say "MY INTENTIONS WERE GOOD."

    Fuck good intentions. EVERYBODY thinks they have good intentions. Every tyrant and dictator says to the people they oppress "I'm doing this for you."

    They don't have good intentions. CPS agencies are, WITHOUT EXCEPTION, populated by the most psychotic, sadistic people on the planet.

  27. Swami Sam, Obscured Truth Reporder. I'm learnding!

  28. The question is, what have you learnded from this repording?

  29. Should it be obscureded truth?

  30. Sam Miller: violent person who can't spell.

    Swami Sam Dodson: poor speller who is violent.

    True personal growth.

  31. What a nightmare for that poor mother.

    @david (lower case)

    Because its a" high profile case " they send them to the good foster parents ? So they would have been shipped off to bad " foster parents otherwise? How can you still be asleep to the violence of the state ?

    If this happened on the parents custody they would be in a cage and the main stream media and bureaucrats would have already convicted them , and you would be first in line to cast stones at them wouldn't you david … but no way in hell could they have been victimized by those entrusted by the bureaucracy? Wake the fuck up !!

    To those who think this kind of thing does not happen to children in state custody you need to research the stats . Children / minors are between 6 and 17 timers more likely to be abused in the system than the average child and the most twisted part of the whole deal is the social services workers use the "confidentiality" of the children's cases to protect each other.

    There are so many questions about the parents we won't get answers to … but the simple fact the mother was ripped out of this newborns life is testament to the cold heartedness and arrogant brutishness of the bureaucracy of the state … and people blind to that are the reason things like the holocaust happened and endemic racism / bigotry etc are still alive in the 21 century.

    I pray the parents and family are not pushed beyond their limits far enough to do something stupid … but maybe that's what the powers that be want .

    TL;DR The statist apologists make me want to vomit . Pray for the family .

    @ Kyle … of course lets lets protect the civil servants and others involved with this , dear god the world should never be able to put a name and face to people who are as bad as the worst parents . Wake up … please wake up

    I wish we knew how many of the posters here work for or depend on money from the social network . My damn head is going to explode , it's just unreal.

  32. CJS

    Couldn't of put it better myself.

  33. Jeez david! Give it a rest. Don't you have any common decency? You sound like you must be about 8 years old.

  34. You are right, Rick. Abusers like Swami who have shown true personal growth should be given a break. It's just the poor spelling I can't stand.

  35. Abusers? Care to back that up?

  36. Do we really need to cover that again? It's all on this blog. Or…at least it used to be. Until it was embarrassing the Swami too much.

  37. So your saying the only evidence used to be on this blog?

    What's that noise? Oh it's my bullshit detector.

  38. What are they gonna say about him? He was a kind man? He was a wise man? He had plans? He had wisdom? Bullshit, man!

  39. As a mother of a former DCF case I know what this family is going through. Dcf is suppose to be a service to help families not destroy them not lie and convict them in their OWN COURT of what hey call law. Although I won my case and it was dismissed they put my life in danger and I am currently fighting unable to get healthcare due to their accusations and others. Much like these people are going through once a finger is pointed or an allegation made authorities take their authority too far thinking they are elite .A power trip. All DCF cases are closed cases has anyone ever wondered why? My daughter was not removed from my home but the hell they imposed was horrible on her. I am still fighting for my life with testing showing I will not live unless I receive treatment to which they have made impossible due to accusations. I have recently posted these records on FB in albums to show what THEY have done (basically murdering me). Please feel free to look through them and know you are not the only victim of their abuse. As Americans we need to stand together and help this poor family in getting justice ,not cover up as they so do. THIS ABUSE HAS TO STOP!

  40. Trolling Strategy Tip #94

    If your arguement falls flat on its face, revert to quoting your favourite films.

  41. I must reserve judgment. I had a relative that was bleeding the same way. When she was taken to the doctors, the doctors discovered sand had entered her vagina at the beach and caused the body to mimic a menstrual cycle when she was only about 6 years old. Had this had happened today, with the mentality of some people and organizations, she would have been taken from the family and members of the family charged with sexual abuse. Lets hear what the doctors have to say first.

  42. Rick – Can't you see all the facts backing up dave's assertions? That must be why he resorts to personal attacks and childish name calling.

    Dave would start his own blog and do it better, but that's a lot of work and requires taking risks. Why bother working to creat4e a positive difference in the world when you can just attack others?

  43. Trolling Strategy Tip #95

    Make up Trolling Strategy Tips to fit any situation you need.

  44. Hey look, repordedly magically changed to reportedly. Just like other posts magically removed from the blog. How creat4ive. Swami really is learnding.

  45. Sam,

    Agreed, I'm going to stop feeding the troll now because I feel a little bit sorry for him, and I don't want to take the focus off the main issue. I hope this family and all who have posted their personal experiences of CPS/DCYF on here find a swift, happy resolution for everyone's sakes.

  46. Trolling Strategy Tip #96

    Talk about supposed troll in third person. Pretend to ignore.

  47. Are there any updates on this case today?

  48. @david (lower case)

    How much do you get paid to troll this hard? I hope you being compensated and not doing this for free. I just don't understand how someone can have that closed a mind , unless you depend on the system for food and shelter.

    What would it take to get you to at least read some of the tens of thousands of search hits on Google and find out that Children protective services and all involved , the psychiatrists , medical specialists ( like the doc who just examined the infant) the judges and social workers case managers incomes are dependent on taking children from their homes on a regular basis and some in the system get more $$ for involving more children . These are facts david. not speculation.

    These bureaucracies have been so deceptive that people who are informed about them have a hard time believing them anymore. Like I said before .. if the same symptoms presented in this infant while in the custody of the parents you would be screaming for blood , but here you are blindly defending DCF , even though none of us have enough of that facts to honestly make any real statements about the situation.

  49. CJS

    "even though none of us have enough of that facts to honestly make any real statements about the situation."

    Exactly. Who was it that made the first accusations? Was it the Swami?

  50. I'm listening to Alex Jones and waiting for news. Any??

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