Keene Police Shutdown Bake Sale for Homeless Shelter

During the Keene NH 2010 Pumpkin Festival, a mix of local law enforcement forced a local Cub Scout group to shutdown their fundraiser. They were on private property exactly has they had done the previous 4 years.

After setting the cub scouts strait, they moved on to shut down a bake sale fundraiser for the local homeless shelter.

COP CRIMES Weekly Roundup – All of these events occurred just in the last week (October 6-12, 2010)

by Filming Cops on Tuesday, October 12, 2010 at 4:11pm

Rochelle GA police officer caught molesting underage girl

Phoenix AZ cop tazes, maces, and murders latino man

Los Angeles CA cop murders unarmed black student

Portland OR police captain involved in neo-nazi activities that city covered up for years

Garden Grove CA police officer charged for anally raping 2 women

Davidson Co TN deputy falsely arrests homeless man after murdering his dog

Newtonsville OH police chief pleads guilty to sexual battery of 15yr-old girl

Denver CO deputy charged for molesting 8yr-old boy in addition to 12 counts involving a 12yr-old boy

Hephzibah GA cop caught choking, beating & using racial slurs against black child

Selma CA police officer caught on federal possession & distribution of child pornography

Beloit WI police chief subject of 5 different racial discrimination suits filed by cops & local business owner

US Border Patrol agent murders teenager as he tried to flee

New York NY police officer given only 90days in jail for hitting & killing pastor’s daughter while driving drunk

Pinetops NC police officer murders college student in his dorm room

Texas DPS Trooper given assault charge for slamming female accident victim into concrete wall after she called 911

Norfolk VA cop responds to 60-yr-old woman’s 911 call, sexually assaults and rapes her, twice

New York NY police detective pleads guilty to sexually assaulting woman & performing lewd act in front of other woman

New Orleans LA cop sentenced to 10 days on DV charge for punching wife 10x, fracturing her jaw

Ventura County CA pleads guilty to molesting a 16yr-old girl and sending her sexual material via text msgs & email

Texas DPS trooper attested on 2 counts indecency w/minor on allegations of sexual relations w/underage relative

Fallowfield PA cop sentenced to probation for not reporting runaway teen boy, took him home to have sex w/him instead

DeSoto Parish LA deputy resigns & 2 others suspended for tackling woman transporting a burn victim to emergency room

Pine Lawn MO police chief investigated for shooting at an unarmed suspect as he fled following chase

Pembroke Pines FL undercover police officer caught mooning animal rights activists during protest (photo)

Seattle WA cop faces inquest for murdering Native American woodcarver after autopsy doesn’t match police report

Grand Rapids MI cop accused of illegally shutting down business, owners lost everything by time case was dismissed

Guam police officer under investigation on allegations she was involved in a domestic violence incident

Escondido CA police accused of harassing and taking photographs of people protesting questionable police checkpoints

Tampa FL cops accused of excessive force by man asking gov for special counsel after tasered 4x at college ball game

Duquesne PA police officer issued several citations after her 6 dogs attack couple and a 12yr-old girl

Brookfield OH police officer on paid leave for assaulting a woman in her home

Los Angeles CA police officer convicted of leaving scene of accident & causing great bodily injury, hit 2 w/hummer

Minneapolis MN cop charged for armed robberies, to serve concurrently w/8yr fed sentence for bank robbery

2 Ripley TN cops indicted, 1 for official oppression for wrongful arrest, other for theft & official misconduct

New Mexico Narcotics Task Force used National Guard helicopter in armed raid on school. No pot found, just tomatoes

4 Denton TX cops subject of suit alleging excessive force when they shot man in leg who answered door holding shotgun

Buffalo NY cop charged w/trespass & harassment for attacking man he thought was w/his girlfriend, got wrong address

Marshall University WV police accused of keeping 2 sets of crime logs in order to hide gang rape incident from press

Obion TN police officer fired after tasering man while on-duty for “teasing” her outside of a convenience store

Lancaster PA police officer charged w/assault & reckless endangerment for ramming woman’s car

Charlotte-Mecklenburg NC police major arrested with girlfriend on allegations they assaulted woman

Corpus Christi TX cop charged w/retaliation, tampering & discharge of firearm in bar fight that severely injured 1

Birchwood WI police officer who resigned while under investigation last month now charged with sexual assault

Delaware head of Alcohol & Tobacco Enforcement Division charged with DUI when stopped for speeding

Newark NJ settles suit for $300k to man jailed for crimes he couldn’t have done, signed confession he couldn’t read

Fresno CA police officer arrested on DUI and hit & run charges after hitting a car in apartment lot then driving away

Tea SD cop pleads guilty to obtaining Oxycodone by fraud & DUI charges, will plea to other DUI charge in other county

Clinton UT police officer sentenced to 30days jail in plea deal for unauthorized access to e-mail accounts & data

Arkansas State trooper suspended after charged with manslaughter over on-duty accident that left one woman dead

Cook County IL sheriff’s dpt raids innocent elderly couple’s home in warrant based only on drug informant’s word

Stanford University CA police sergeant arrested for driving under the influence, officials refuse to give details

El Paso TX cop arrested for aggravated robbery after allegedly stealing money box while working security at wedding

Milwaukee WI assistant police chief charged with DUI after crashing into tree in his personal car

Lansing MI police officer fined $100 after convicted on misdemeanor charge for misusing police database

Vermont State trooper charged with a DUI after police alerted to bar dispute he was involved with

Salisbury NC police dog suspended after biting kindergarten student during police demonstration at grade school

Maricopa County AZ settles suit for $600k to man hit by deputy & left pinned under patrol car during traffic stop

Suffolk NY police officer & DA investigator arrested on felony computer trespass charges (subscription site)

Owensboro KY cop suspended w/o pay for 6 months for failing to intervene when other now-former cop attacked detainee

Oakland CA settles suit for $1.2mil to woman left disfigured by burns over 11% of body by SWAT flash-bang grenade

Jackson WY police sued by man tasered several times when he protested about being pulled over for out-of-state tags

Riviera Beach FL police officer on paid leave while subject of unspecified internal and criminal investigation

Corona CA police lieutenant fired over alleged ties with motorcycle club that was subject of criminal probe

Wilmington NC cop subject of suit alleging he ran red light and injured 81yr-old man in on-duty accident

Mendenhall MS residents petition city to fire or stop paying suspended police chief investigated on theft allegations

Bridgeport CT police officer member of SWAT team suspended 20days w/o pay for racial slurs made over police radio

Texas DPS Trooper pleads guilty to illegally selling drivers licenses to unqualified applicants

Baltimore MD loses civil judgment for $600k to deputy falsely arrested by cop while trying to assist w/emergency call

New York NY settles suit for $300k to two brothers who were falsely arrested by narcotics cops caught on video

St Lucie County FL deputy arrested on DUI charge after flashing badge during traffic stop, had .16 BAC

Gaston County NC police K9 officer faces DUI charges after crashing into trees w/pickup truck

Muskegon MI settles suit for $775k to family of man who died in police dept parking lot after being peppersprayed

Lancaster PA cop accused of lying when video contradicts his report on the arrest of woman who called cops for help

4 Anchorage AK cops to be “retrained” after recorded threatening to taser man, forcing him to let them in w/o warrant

Macomb County MI deputy under investigation after accused of texting when he hit cab while transporting prisoners

Watertown NY settles suit for $600k to man shot 3x when now-convicted cop broke in to his home to kidnap girlfriend

Marion SC school resource officer suspended after losing his still-missing service firearm at high school

Warrenton MO settles suit for $376k to family of man killed in crash w/cop violating policy by doing 99mph on call

Ashley PA police chief suspended while subject of investigation by state police into complaint about alleged threats

Norfolk VA police narcotics officer arrested on DUI charges after crashing police cruiser in Virginia Beach

Los Angeles CA police detective arrested on 7 felony counts of workers comp fraud, perjury & attempted grand theft

Plattsmouth NE sued by couple alleging police illegally searched home & falsely arrested man on mental health hold

Morrow County OR deputy wanted on warrant in connection with death of woman who’s body was discovered on Monday

3 Basalt CO cops sued by man injured when cops arrested him for saying “don’t let the door hit you in the ass” at bar

Marco FL cop subject of suit alleging he beat then sealed cuffed man in police cruiser after pepperspraying him

Seaside Heights NJ settles suit for $75k to man claiming cops needlessly choked him out after injuring his shoulder

Prince George’s Co MD police instructor accused of helping cadets cheat on tests transfered to sex offender unit

San Diego Harbor CA police department sued by former female officer claiming she was sexually harassed from first day

89 Puerto Rico police officers arrested in massive raid resulting from 2-year corruption & drug trafficking probe

Bay County FL deputy sued by man who suffered heart attack when tasered even after family warned he had heart problem

New Orleans LA cop gets suspended sentence and must pay $11k to replace police dog that died locked in his cruiser

Indian Shores FL cop resigns after lengthy probe into numerous allegations including sexual battery, no charges

Rutland VT settles suit for $45k to man shot with over 20 pepperball rounds while shackled in jail cell

4 Fresno CA cops indicted for repeatedly shooting man w/beanbag rounds, kicking him, then covering it up in 2005

Anchorage Airport police officer under investigation after cited for soliciting prostitution in sting operation

Plainfield NJ cop charged w/disorderly conduct, resisting, assaulting an officer & DUI after picking fights at bar

Jennings MO police accused of covering up brutality case after video that didn’t exist shows up on councilman’s door

2 Honolulu HI cops investigated on DV allegations, one was arrested while the other faces internal investigation

Greece NY police sgt resigns after suspended while under investigation for allegedly stealing gas for personal car

Waxahachie TX police sergeant on paid leave after arrested on a drunk driving charge

Oneida County NY sheriff’s lieutenant retires to avoid prosecution for using work laptop on-duty to take online class

Johnson County TN constable & 2 others arrested for child neglect & endangerment during raid on his home

Cape Coral FL settles suit for $85k to man claiming cop w/history of misconduct beat & kicked him at roadblock

Lynwood IL police officer arrested in connection with a series of strange shootings that injured 2 and killed 1

Mount Vernon NY approves 3 police-related settlements, including excessive force case, but refuses to release details



These are only the reported incidents; the vast majority go unreported. The frequency of cop crimes is similar every week. Do the numbers. It is not just a “few bad apples”; the barrel is rotten.  For daily updates, follow injusticenews on twitter.  For past weekly COP CRIMES archives, see here:

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  1. And yet some idiotic minds see a shred of difference between these tax-fattened pigs and honest mafia enforcers?

    Sure, Soprano had his admirers too.

  2. And yet some idiotic minds see a shred of difference between these tax-fattened pigs and honest mafia enforcers?

    Outisider, they use the magical word "government". You should know that that makes these kinds of behaviors ok for them. Did you miss government school or something?

  3. Well, there are *SOME* honest mafia enforcers…that's one difference…

  4. I only have one night in Keene, but I genuinely love this town. I am vacationing in NH because Varrin piqued my interest with his efforts on behalf of the FSP, but seeing and hearing the good folks of FreeKeene on these videos literally brings tears to my eyes.

  5. Sam, your a fucking jerkoff. Period. And the amount of money (tens of thousands) you spent on all your video equipment is laughable considering there are 15 year olds who are more proficient at video editing than you.

  6. Sounds like a little person claiming to be "truth" is jealous. By the way chicken boy, lets see what you can do in your editing room. "truth" is a liar. 😛 But I'm just repeating the obvious now ain't I?

  7. ???-haaaa, wow. what assumption…

  8. seems like some people think the more hostile they are the more "truth"full they are.

    fyi yall :NOT THE CASE


  9. david, one word……."Depends". See a doctor about you peeing yourself. There are pills for that. Dumoss.

  10. King of QUEENS, from the discription you gave, stick to Queens.

  11. Dave in Wasilla, you're new, KEENE is a CITY. Sam Miller can give you the information you lot missed.

  12. Dave in Wasilla "but seeing and hearing the good folks of FreeKeene on these videos literally brings tears to my eyes."

    I understand the tears of laughter , as well.

    So you get the punchline as well.

  13. Hey, I have an idea, since they are "CHILDREN" why not load them with guns, just so they can get their way.

    The laws apply to all with no exclusion to "the CHILDREN".

    Which you lot are.

  14. The reason the Pumpkin Festival is dying, is because of a pack of idiots, trying to make a stupid point with no alternative plans.

  15. Dennis,
    Please take down your picture.

    You are ugly .
    Nh is not ugly.

  16. David, there are pros and cons with regard to free speech. Though Dennis doesn't know what he is speaking of he is still free to blurt out whatever disgusting speech he is capable of however limited he may be currently (don't give up hope even on characteristics such as he displays). Though he has much to learn, don't we all? Perhaps a bit of tolerance (a bit more) of ignorance (after all it is likely not his fault, but rather he is a victim, as many of us are) is to be viewed with affinity. I don't like what he says either (few do) but he is useful to show the ignorance of those ways. Does that make sense?

  17. I agree Martha, well said.

  18. dennis,

    please take your picture down .

  19. I don't agree with what Martha said nor do i agree with Paul agreeing with it .

    I agree with what i said


  20. Well, I don't think that I can agree with *THAT*!…~tKoK.

  21. "Martha", you do make sense to me. I think I see what you're saying about Dennis. Another way to look at it, which is similar, but not exactly the same thing as what you're saying, is, that we can all practice dealing with difficult people here. Here, it's just words on a screen, but out in *MEAT SPACE* ("real life"), it can be much more serious. The more "practice" we get on "here", the better able we will be, out "there"…So, Dennis, keep on "bringing it on"…We can use the practice. You're a great *PRACTICE DUMMY*, "Dennis"!…~tKoK.

  22. the problem with the Dennis thing is :he has a PICTURE up there saying "nh"

    now if he had a pic of HIM THAT WOULD BE DIFF.

    His picture is like him saying "i represent nh"

    which i take umbradge with

    because I'M in nh and he doesn't represent me.

    Plus seeing "nh" next to him.:he's misrepresenting nh



  23. C'mon folks, no bickering needed ;). Dennis's picture isn't hurting anyone.

    Now, if he'd stop advocating tyranny, that'd be nice …

  24. to me its not "bickering" to me it's discussing.

    It is discussing.

    I am 100% for free speach ,even to the extent of wackos like reverant Phelps.

    That's not the issue . to me.

    He claims to represent nh and he doesn't represent nh..

  25. Plus if you want to talk FREE SPEECH……… seems MY "FREE SPEECH" is being questioned when i tell dennis he don't rep nh (and he is MISREPRESENTING NH) and he should take his pic down.

    I have the "free speech" to do that.


    Again,not bickering :discussing 🙂

  26. David is correct about Dennis. *I* was born in keene, and Dennis sure as shit don't represent *ME*!..~tKoK.

  27. Fuck-you, dennis. You're a bigger asshole than *I* am!…CAN I GET A WITNESS!…

  28. So, what became of the research into the statutory authority of the police to shut down a private property owner – the Corner News owner – when they are operating on their property? Nobody here really cares about the Cub Scouts, huh. Wasn't there also a t-shirt vendor who got shut down, also? *SEMI-free-keene strikes again!…

  29. So, what became of the research into the statutory authority of the police to shut down a private property owner – the Corner News owner – when they are operating on their property?

    Who gives a flying flip about "statutory authority"? Are we all supposed to worship at the feet of politicians or something? Do their arbitrary diktats magically determine right and wrong?

    Corner news has a right to use their property as they choose.

    Nobody here really cares about the Cub Scouts, huh.

    Of course, it bothers me very much that the cub scouts were shut down. It's actually mentioned in the story … and in the title of the main story on these events, which you can find here:

    Wasn’t there also a t-shirt vendor who got shut down, also?

    I wasn't aware of that, but if so, they shouldn't have been shut down either.

  30. What bothers me about this is the fact that I heard that Don Primrose (who is an extremely nice guy) was told by the police or whomever that he wasn't allowed to have his stand there, at which point some Free Keene people came over and basically said 'we'll handle this.'

    I don't know if this is true or not (I heard it from someone who talked to Don) but if so, I feel like it just shows how sensationalized/staged this was. Don wasn't about to go make any huge scene. And I'm *sure* the only reason so many police showed up was because of the reputation Free Keene has at Pumpkin Fests…

  31. Dennis on Sat, 23rd Oct 2010 1:28 pm

    The reason the Pumpkin Festival is dying, is because of a pack of idiots, trying to make a stupid point with no alternative plans.

    Now I just *know* you are talking about the cops.

    They can't help themselves, Dennis. Their lack of "alternative plans" is due to the nature of police. Back when they were peace officers they used discretion with those they pledged to serve. Nowadays, that same discretion is only reserved for their pals and folks from the ruling class.

    Glad to know you're finally getting it.

  32. Annie, that is NOT how it was at all! Don wasn't even around until after we shut down the bake sale. We were told that Lamson St wasn't part of the Pumpkin Fest, so didn't pay the fee to set up. 5 hours into our bake sale, Center Stage Productions shut us down. THEN I asked some activist friends to come over and help me set back up, as there was no reason to be shut down if it wasn't part of the festival. From there, we were told we could move down the alley more, but then they took that compromise back. Even though the alley wasn't being used for the festival, it was still in the 'foot print' of it. So we finally shut back down. THEN Don came, set back up, and was shouting up and down the alley that he was GIVING away things, and to stop by. If the police talked to Don, it was on his own accord. And he personally made sure to make a scene while doing this. So please, before you start spreading rumors, please make sure to get your story accurate, or you may just end up being the Keene Seintinel's biggest reporter! Thanks:)

  33. holy_canole on Wed, 27th Oct 2010 10:22 am


    What bothers me about this is the fact that I heard that Don Primrose (who is an extremely nice guy) was told by the police or whomever that he wasn’t allowed to have his stand there, at which point some Free Keene people came over and basically said ‘we’ll handle this.’

    I don’t know if this is true or not (I heard it from someone who talked to Don) but if so, I feel like it just shows how sensationalized/staged this was. Don wasn’t about to go make any huge scene. And I’m *sure* the only reason so many police showed up was because of the reputation Free Keene has at Pumpkin Fests…


    Would it be fair to summarize this as, 'This was ok, it wasn't that bad, Don wasn't gonna make a scene, but the FreeKeeners barged in and made a big stink about it!'?

    The point of the liberty movement (one of them) is to demonstrate to people that blind obedience to people who claim 'authority' over you is not necessarily wise or safe. Giving in on one small point, letting the government control one thing for you, it's just one thing, this was the frame of mind that led to the invasive welfare/warfare/police/nanny state that most of us live in today.

    I'm sorry that you find protests of tyranny to be disruptive and uncouth, holy. Do you think begging is better? What do you suggest? Submission? hm?

  34. AHHH!…Now *THAT* sounds like the "Lpviper" that I know and love!…And I believe that Heike is correct, "holy_canole". I heard essentially the same story from other people who were there. Don Primrose, who started the "100 nights" shelter with his *OWN PERSONAL* time and $money$, was effectively stonewalled and roadblocked every step of the way, by the crooked and corrupt elite ruling *JUNTA* of Keene….Neither bake sale, the Cub Scouts & homeless shelter, needed to be, or should have been, shut down at all. And especially not because they offended some bimbo with "Center Stage"( that "center stage keene", or "center stage cheshire county"???…they seem to have morphed recently…)..wants them shut down. It is this very *PETTY* *TYRANNY* which causes folks to align themselves with folks like "FREEKEENE" bloggers, "FREESTATERS", and other Liberty-loving people. Paul, I don't care whether you agree with "gov't" or not. Your personal feelings & thoughts aren't directly relevant to this situation, but your opinion is welcome, anyway. What *I* think that "keene native" was saying, above, is that the Police, and all elected & appointed officials *DO* have laws, rules, & regulations which are *SUPPOSED* to govern their (official)actions. When the cops, or *ANYBODY*, acts "outside the law", they are likely committing the *CRIME* of OFFICIAL OPPRESSION, which, yes, is itself a crime. Thank-you, "holy_canole", for confirming the *TRUTH* of *MY CONVICTIONS*!…you're welcome!…~tKoK.

  35. Heika,

    Ok, sorry, I said I wasn't sure if it was true and I posted here for just that reason: to get confirmation…no need to get snarky.

  36. No, "holy_canole", "FREEKEENE" has never done *ANYTHING* at Pumpkin Fest. And, they don't have A "REPUTATION"…In 2009, some activists, both local and non-local, planned a "420" activity for Pumpkin Fest(PF). Most of the rest of the local Liberty lovers didn't think it was a good idea, and some argued strongly against it. The event happened. Rather than deal with the situation in a smart way, the local *THUG-GANG* chose to do what's called a "show of force"…They arrived "loaded for bear", and came down with an iron fist. That guaranteed a whole lot more publicity than those pathetic potheads could have gotten otherwise. The cops disruption was worse than the protest….as for your delusion regarding "reputations", think about it like this: "What exactly *IS* a "reputation"???…Isn't *YOUR* "reputation" what *OTHER* people think about *YOU*???…So, *YOUR* "reputation", is, in fact, *OTHER PEOPLE'S THOUGHTS"…So, if *YOU* say that you "have a reputation", aren't you really saying that you have other people's thoughts???…As for Heike getting "snarky", I have to defend her. Heike cares enough to actually get out there and *DO* something. Heike actually *CARES*, and *ACTS* on it…Heike has earned her right to be "snarky"…you haven't, from what I've seen on here, "holy_canole"…I don't think you're gonna call me "snarky", are you???…I'm a fucking foul-mouthed asshole…&that ain't "snarky"…~tKoK.

  37. You should have said 'kisses' or 'cheers' somewhere in there. That makes people think it's more friendly-like

  38. Regular kisses or foul-mouthed asshole kisses?? EEHWW!!! Actually,if he had writen that,I would have suspected an imposter. It is all in the style! —bil

  39. Rite on!…~tKoK.

  40. The more I read about government abuses as well as hyprocracy, the more I conclude that kids are not given good reasons to respect authority but to despise it. I weep for all the good people holding office and in law enforcement (including my brother who is a state investigator out west ) who strive to set the moral example but are outnumbered by the corrupt ones in office/law enforcement. I also keep in mind that there are citizens who shouldn't be living in our neighborhood. Whatever happened when all, citizens, officers and those who hold office worked together to keep society moral and civil?

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