How to Help Pete & Ademo

Pete and AdemoHow to help Pete and Ademo, courtesy of

Complete List of Ways to Help Pete Eyre and Ademo Freeman

Free Pete and Ademo Facebook Group

Call Flood

* The Cheshire Co Jail where they are being held: 603.903.1600
* Keene Police: 603.357.9815
* Two officers in video attacking Pete:
* James Cemorelis (full uniform, Sergeant Prosecutor) : KPD Number above + extension 7117 (email:
* Matt Griffin (grey shirt): KPD Number above + extension 7182.

Letters to the Editor

* Tom Knapp’s Recommendations for Writing a Libertarian Op-Ed
* Keene Sentinel
* Union Leader

Write to Pete and Ademo

Adam Mueller
Cheshire County D.O.C.
825 Marlboro Road
Keene, NH 03431

* Ademo Freeman at

John Doe
Cheshire County D.O.C.
825 Marlboro Road
Keene, NH 03431

* Pete Eyre at

Local Participation Projects

* Free Pete Eyre and Ademo Freeman Letter Writing Party
* Protest/Candlelight Vigil for Pete Eyre and Ademo Voluntaryist Freeman
* Pete’s next court date is February 9

More information is forthcoming.
Dr. Q is a staff writer for Cop Block. He can be contacted via email at dctrq[at]copblock[dot]org and Twitter. If you appreciate his writing, you can donate here.

Also, move to NH and if possible Keene to help end this madness.

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