Ryder Faces Parking Ticket Trial in Keene

Although the City of Keene has been known to drop several activists’ parking tickets when faced with a court date, such did not happen on Monday. Nick Ryder had a “Notice of Violation” placed on his car in October of 2010, and in March 2011, the matter was handled in Keene District Court. (Update 03-30-11) Judge Burke has found Ryder guilty, and enforced the fine of $15.

Click to view the court decision

Most everybody simply pays the low cost of a parking ticket in Keene. But not Ryder, and not many other activists such as Ian Freeman, Johnny Ray, Mark Edge, and Dale Everett, who have all resisted paying the parking fine, and were either found not guilty in court, or had the matter dropped before trial.

Here is the video from Monday’s trial:

During trial, the question came up of whether the owner of a vehicle is legally responsible for parking tickets placed on it, even if the owner was not the operator of the vehicle. According to the Keene City Code, the answer is yes:

Sec. 94-155. Owner responsibilities.
A person shall not allow, permit or suffer a vehicle registered in his name to stop, stand or park in violation of any section of this Code controlling the stopping, standing or parking of vehicles. The owner or person in whose name such vehicle is registered shall be held prima facie responsible for such violations.
(Code 1970, § 2818.0)

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  1. Hi free Keeners,

    I have now watched two of your youtube videos on parking violations, and it seems to me that you pursue a political or philosophical goal.

    – However, I do not quite understand what you are after. What are you trying to achieve? (In this special case, are you questioning the Keene city code provision and the city's right to regulate trafic? After all, cars can are big, sometimes obstructive or even dangerous if parked carelessly)

    – Of course, legal activism often comes with some querulency, but In what way is this more than simple querulency?

    I would appreciate any comment that helps me to better understand Free Keene.

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