Aggression Blows Back on KPD

The Keene Sentinel is reporting that two Keene police officers were injured by a drunken assailant early this morning.

Officer Katie Corbett suffered a knee injury and Officer Kyle Macie suffered a hand injury in the altercation

How could this violence have been avoided? The Keene officers could have simply left the man alone, but they just had to aggress against him because of… an open container! If they’d ignored him, no injuries would have been sustained. The open container ordinance needs to be repealed.

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  1. Nope – I disagree. I don't want drunken assholes drinking in the streets. This violence could have also been avoided altogether if the person who resisted arrest didn't make a poor choice to begin with by drinking in public and then also resisting with them. Face it Ian – Keene is never going to be the Woodstock you hoped it to be. There will never be a statue of you in this community. I'm sorry two of our community members who happen to be police officers were injured – sounds like you don't give a shit either way.

  2. The way to avoid violence is simple. Do not initiate it, either thru aggressive acts by an individual or a group of individuals calling themselves "authorities".

    I'll agree a "drunken asshole" is certainly not a pleasure to be around. It's ironic that some people would want to "go after the dealer" if this person were a peaceful pot user. Yet if a "drunken asshole" acquired the alcohol from the state of New Hampshire, there would be very little outcry to "go after the dealer", ie the state and the kingpin of alcohol sales, i.e. the Governor.

    Of course not all alcohol imbibers are assholes, many people can consume alcohol responsibly and should be left alone unless they cause another person harm. That particular HARM is the issue and that which makes a crime. In other words if a VICTIM was created, a crime occurred. If not, it's none of my business or the State's is it?

    It seems the worst drunks are those drunk on power….the power they arbitrarily wield over others.

  3. "I don’t want drunken assholes drinking in the streets." I agree. I think we should make a law outlawing assholes and then let everyone drink in the streets.

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