Ademo Indicted – 21years for Highlighting Double-Standards of Manchester “Public Servants” blogger Ademo Freeman was indicted. As posted to

We woke up today and learned thanks to a Union Leader article, that Ademo was indicted for three counts of felony wiretapping (each count threatens 5-7yrs in a cage). Since the article was posted online with only an excerpt, we scanned and posted it, and a related article for transparency.

Read the entire article, updates, and related videos:

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  1. holy fuck! The front page? wtf… this is going to be bullcrap exposed on a major level (their,the state's bullcrap of course) .


  2. I think its very apropos that there is a rainbow pic on the front page too, especially seeing that it's world aids day and all 🙂 Support your local aids outreach people 🙂

  3. I have to say their ,the states, bullcrap should be put on the f'ing front page for all to see and disagree with… Till they don't do it anymore

  4. Oh. Well. david-keene learned a new word this week – apropos. That is really Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Now if you could capitalize every other word and use asterisks on every following two words you could be in the running as the new KING *of* KeEnE.

    Exposed on a major level? LMAO. Sure. His little stunts rank right up there with Teenager Farts on School Bus.

  5. Ham sandwich indicted, film at 11

  6. Front page coverage in the largest local in NH equaling school bus flatulence? matt, Your arguments make me shake my head sometimes. Look at the video. The cop grabbed a student by his shirt and slammed his head against a table. If you can not see the hypocrisy of paid bureaucrats with the duty to protect students ignoring the abuse of students and actively demanding the destruction of evidence of such abuse is just appalling. Get your kids out of these environments! Adjust your lifestyle and get them out. Our kids are just a paycheck to many of the employees there.

  7. I know. This kid sounds terrific! Can't believe the bureaucrats made him assault a teacher and a kid 2 years his junior. What were they thinking?

  8. Matt,

    The kid assaulted a teacher and a kid? I'm confused.

    I watched the video and all I saw was a cop assaulting a kid in the lunchroom while the teachers were basically letting him get away with it.

    What exactly am I missing here? Thanks.


  9. It is the second news article below the videos.

  10. 21 years for wiretapping is ridiculous. You have to ask what motives the prison-industrial complex and lawmakers would have for such a thing.

  11. FYI:

    In a related article in the print version, the kid who was attacked on video by the rogue cop, is accused of fighting his friend, but being charged w/assault…

    The Manch. Onion Breeder is tired of people reading their truth for free…

    Remember, in the words of Nacky Loeb,

    THERE*IS*NO*(thing like the)*TRUTH……


    —> * <—that's an irrelevant asterisk, apropos of nothing.

    You're welcome, "matt", glad you like my posts…

    They are all ghost written…


  12. thats great free publicity for copblock too…… and they get it for free…It is a win all the way around 🙂

  13. The Union Leader's reporting on this has been shameful.

  14. @Garrett who said "This article is interpreting the law incorrectly. RSA 570-A, the NH wiretapping statute, does not require a consent to recording"

    Unfortunately, you are wrong. The actual text of RSA 570-A:2 (I) says:

    "A person is guilty of a class B felony if, except as otherwise specifically provided in this chapter or without the consent of all parties to the communication, the person":

    Note the words "without the consent".

    Adam – get a real lawyer and don't listen to internet legal advice.

  15. @IronyMan

    How does one "intercept" a communication that is intended for oneself?

    "in·ter·cept? ?[v. in-ter-sept; n. in-ter-sept] Show IPA

    verb (used with object)


    to see or overhear (a message, transmission, etc., meant for another): We intercepted the enemy's battle plan."

    The state has some very strange definitions of the terms "wiretap" and "intercept."

  16. Lock him up!

  17. @Graham

    Definition in RSA 570-A of intercept:

    III. "Intercept'' means the aural or other acquisition of, or the recording of, the contents of any telecommunication or oral communication through the use of any electronic, mechanical, or other device.

    See where it says "recording", that is the operative definition for RSA purposes not your dictionary definition.

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