Derrick J. Asks Pepper Spraying Cop for an Apology

This is a follow up to the Live Free or Dance Party on September 9th 2011, which led to the arrests of Ryan Maddox, Roz, Nick and Derrick J. Freeman. While several events transpired that evening, this video’s focus will be on Derrick and his arresting/pepper spraying officer, Copcha (Michael). After handcuffed Derrick cooperates by walking to the police car. Rather than assisting Derrick, like he had for the 150 meter walk to the cruiser, Copcha asks Derrick “are you going to get in the car.” Derrick verbally refuses, he states “I feel as though I’m being kidnapped”. He warns Derrick with pepper spray if he doesn’t comply, Derrick repeats his reasoning. Copcha proceeds to pepper spray Derrick, then assists him in the cruiser (This part of the video is included).
On December 21st Derrick speaks with Copcha & asks him several questions in reference to the incident, including an apology request… Copcha Declines. Also a few days after the Sept. 9th occurrence, Jason Talley asks Copcha several questions about the incident.
I’ll give a briefing on the entire incident to those who are unfamiliar.
Police came to the Square around 10:1510:30, due to a “so called” complaint, in conjunction with a violation of using an electrical outlet in a public park (why do they have it if no one is able to use it?) Anyways, the complaint was bogus, based on the several witnesses who were there. The music could not be heard outside the Gazebo, let alone across the street & the music had not even completed a song. At one point before things escalated, Copcha stated, “just shut it down and were out of here.” It was shut down, unplugged & the cops remained on the scene. Just a side note, if the music had been blasting to the point where people living nearby could hear, we would have understandably complied.
The cops wanted someone to claim the equipment and check someone’s ID. One of the Juggalo’s (Nick) said it was his. The cops knew it wasn’t, because they know the kid & they had a run in with him earlier in the night (as heard on the original video). Why does Nick claiming the property lead to his arrest? I have no idea, but to speculate, the kid got into trouble earlier in the night & they wanted a reason to arrest this kid. After Nick was arrested & hauled off, the cops proceed to seize the equipment. The attempt to prevent the property from being stolen by the Keene PD, is what leads to the three arrests (holding onto the property while the cops pried it away). I didn’t want the police to take the equipment either, it’s an expensive piece of equipment, it’s something several of us use for Karaoke on a weekly basis among many other uses. What gives them the right (they knew it wasn’t Nicks)? Another side note… the Live free or Dance Party occurred the previous week with no problems & several following Friday’s after this incident with no issues.
This leads to the pepper spray incident, which is unbelievably perplexing why a cop would use pepper spray on someone who demonstrated no signs of physical violence, & someone who assisted the cops to the cruiser? Even if someone was handcuffed, resisted getting into the car, and extremely violent, pepper spray would be excessive. These people go through an academy where they learn to subdue individuals, to resort to such measures is inexcusable. Even to those out there who disagree with Derrick & the actions of those involved. You have to agree, that it’s unethical for an officer to get revenge/justice, because someone is annoying or gives them a hard time. This is what they get paid to do.
Aside from that, I’m not happy with how I behaved that night. Not that I, or anyone else there should have been arrested, but I was cussing & screaming like a jack-ass. For that, I’m sorry to the Keene police who were on scene, along with those (including myself) who see the importance of having positive interactions with the PD, the community & people in general. Of course I have issues with the institution, how it’s funded & the lack of accountability that’s inevitable in a forced monopoly etc… but I try to give them the identical respect, which I give to any stranger I come in contact with in my daily endeavors. I’ve had discussion with some of the local cops & generally they’re good people. Of course I have issues once again with the notion that they’re upholding unethical laws & caging peaceful people, but I think when they’re not following orders, they’re potentially good people.
In reference to Copcha, I think he knows he made a bad judgment that night and I’d be willing to bet he feels guilty and is regretful for what happened. Aside from that incident, he’s been a very reasonable person anytime I’ve had interactions with him, or witnessed his interactions with others.

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  1. i think its good that there is a dialog between derrick and that cop…….the cop actually seems like a alright guy……

  2. Good on ya Rapsher… seems to be a level, honest observation of events. I also thank you for being critical of your own behavior, takes a big man to admit his error.

    In defense of your getting upset and loud… When the "authorities" are obviously lying and misusing their powers it is very upsetting… been there done that, myself.

  3. Thank God you guys keep making and posting these videos, because they make you ALL look so stupid and childish. Great line of reasoning you got going for you, derrick and all. To say you sound like 6 year olds is a put down to 6 year olds.

  4. Derrick, speaks superbly here. And holds Kopcha to account. And makes Kopcha reconsider his actions.

    Kopcha doesn't just get to skate with pats on his back from the cheering squad of other officers.

    I was there that day ,but it's good to see the video,It makes me proud of derrick and to me Derrick is very courageous.

    And a huge positive example for other people.

    Kopcha mentioned that we will "talk in court" …..Right…. Derrick is a hero here …sorry for all his accolades derrick lol

  5. @3:20 "Cause this man is clearly a threat – Ha Ha Ho Ho Hee Hee" says the bloated ashtray as he gazes amongst his audience of friends. Keene is lucky to have such a reasonable and patient police officer as this guy. He was cordial to you – politely stated he wasn't going to talk about it (why would he when there is a gaggle of laughing/interrupting/ hyenas around) – WHICH, tells me that he is willing to talk with you about it – just not THERE…with a gaggle of laughing/interrupting/inciting hyenas running their traps. So go and talk with him if you seek answers – just no need to bring along the peanut gallery and make a 100 hit youtube event out of it.

    Meanwhile – respectable individuals pass by and shake his hand – giving greetings and moving on with their life.

  6. nice job Rapsher…cool

  7. Yes he was "polite and cordial" ,Should we expect less?

    Unfortunately ,i think the reason it is notable is because quite often we DO get less than "polite and cordial" .Particularly when there isn't a crowd and cameras……Which is the POINT :use cameras till they are no longer needed to attain "polite and cordial" . AND CAMERAS ARE GOOD TO GET POLITE AND CORDIAL TOO …CAMERAS CATCH BOTH.

  8. SEE :cameras aren't the cops enemy!

  9. @david. Did you forget at 5:00 pm that you had already watched and thought the video was cool earlier in the day at 1:00 pm? LOL.

    I have gotten nothing but polite and cordial from Keene PD. Been stopped for speeding and once got in a car accident and they came. Each time – they have been nothing but friendly. A little couth is worth more than silver around here. But then again, I haven't decided to have a dance party in the middle of the night downtown either and be a dick to cops when they show up when someone complains – that *might* have something to do with it.

  10. Funny, How come you edited the portion of the video were the real citizens of Keene stepped in and put their Romney signs in front of your cameras and told you all to leave KOPCHA (not COPCHA) alone. Again not showing everything.

  11. You were being arrested but felt like you were being kidnapped, so I guess the question is, were you on some sort of halucinagins?? Did you not know it was a cop and that you were being brought to either Marlboro St or the jail where someone could post your bail?

    Derrick shouldve been drug tested that night!!

  12. What is the definition of apology? Kidnap? and Pepper spray?

  13. Does Derrick or any of these guys know how offensive it is to anyone who was kidnapped and survived the ordeal? Do ya?

  14. Tell us enslave

  15. ?

  16. Well David I dont personally know because I have never been kidnapped, nor have I been raped or shot.

    Im guessing though it is a very unpleasant experience. I dont know why that would be though David just an educated guess…

    Dave checks will be a day late this month due to New Years Day.. Got your meds?

  17. I'm just amazed how brainwashed people are into supporting a government that steals from and an entire generation of unborn people. I don't know what to say to Enslave Keene at this point. Perhaps he benefits from the violence?

  18. To Enslave Keene:

    Did you even see the video? The cop ASKED Derrick, a small gay guy, if he wanted to get in the police car. OF COURSE Derrick is going to say no. The cop just wanted to pepper spray Derrick. Look at the damn video.

    I find your support of this aggression disgusting. You would have supported the gestapo, the stazi and the KGB if you would have had a chance. You don’t give a give a damn about doing what’s right—you just do what your masters in costumes tell you to. You probably would have stuck the jews in trains to ship off to Auschwitz you sick, evil, statist thug.

  19. To observer:

    "Funny, How come you edited the portion of the video were the real citizens of Keene stepped in and put their Romney signs in front of your cameras and told you all to leave KOPCHA (not COPCHA) alone. Again not showing everything."

    That's right. Those citizens actually SUPPORTED the cop pepper spraying a gay man half his size. THEY SUPPORT THAT. Do you know how disgusting that is? Do you realize that this is obscene? You realize that this is what's next right:

  20. How can i get back on the forum? Ian banned me, because he thought somebody called CheGuevara was the same person as me- even though Che had a different email adress then me, Ian just assmed i was the same person. But he couldnt prove it.


  21. enslave,

    stick to the topic… try to stick to stuff you know about…. though you seem to "know" about late checks which I guess may or may not be true…. NOT knowing about stuff doesn't seem to stop you from yappin .. Thats it …..done talkin to troll enslave…

  22. smash,

    just talk to him here….he reads it…do you know his full name ;maybe you could message him on fb

  23. SMASH, you are lying. Same IP address as you. Busted.

  24. LOL

    Come on Smash – this is 2012 – you're not playing on an Atari game. I usually, well, actually most always (there are a few things where I thought Burke has been overly aggressive), disagree with how Ian does things, but I also know he is a bright individual – AND – he owns the forum and this site. He can kick anyone out as he pleases; that is one thing I can agree with him on. I understand he has a passion for trying to get people to move to Keene for his own reasons, and blowing up his forum with the level of discourse I may at times post in here has a tendency to turn people off; not everyone wishes to debate harshly, so why would he allow that. There may come a time he won't even allow it on here – that is his right.

  25. So Rapshe thinks I may be suffering from Stokholm Syndrome and wouldve been a supporter of the Gustapo (I think he's reffering to the German secret police of 1930/40's Germany) Well lets see if that pans out..

    Without looking the word up in a dictionary for a definition I do believe Patty Hearst an aristocrats daughter 70's who was actually kidnapped by some bank robbers did claim she fell under some spell which made her "do what they say".. Ofcourse there is a more scientific and psychological explanation probably along the lines of a "failing rationing process". Truth be told taking the time in history this happened my guess is that she was just "fighting the man", probably why Bill Clinton pardoned her in the 90's.

    Anyway…….As far as the Gustapo goes, My family who immagrated to what is now called Maine in the late 1600/early 1700's were all abolitionists as Maine (Then part of Mass) never had slavery, they fought in the civil war and were very true Republicans (Something that doesnt exsist today).

    My family has a strong sense of it's history, one I was always proud of but hey I grew up during a racially divided time in a city where people were tipping buses over filled with black kids who didnt even want to ride them, so maybe I am just a gustapo loving, Stokholm suffering person.

    But no need to worry about me Rapsher, I will never try to harm anyone, I wont even make innocent clerks and janitors feel uncomfortable when they go to their cars. I will just keep to basic conservative rule.

    Work hard, be happy.. Those two things are enough to piss of the 99% for the others I dont send into a frenzy, I have my belief in God (Too much info for this blog) and that is what gets me through this NAZI state we are living in..

    See you at hate week! SIEG HEIL!

  26. I dont act in concert with any group, the Keene police and our Federal government for that matter doesnt have the reach to affect my contentment in life, Using the definition of Stokholm Syndrome I would a FK FSP member displays more symptoms of Stokholm Syndrome than I do?

    Think about it..

  27. @PV

    Yes I am positive the public at large, especially those not posting here, know that Derrick is gay.

    And that Officer Kopcha wouldnt have sprayed a hetero sexual male resisting arrest right? Right?

  28. I don't even know what you're talking about for the most part, Enslave Keene. Enjoy your police state.

  29. I don’t even know what you’re talking about for the most part, Enslave Keene…

    This I am 100% sure of!

  30. PV,

    It's ok if you don't know what "enslave" is talking about because he doesn't know what he's talking about half the time either so,…. right enslave? 🙂 It is true see youse are on the same page

  31. That doesn't stop him though… 🙂

  32. David can feeeeellllll it…. Its electric! Welly welly welly!

    And he knows it's theres ……Year after yeaaaarrrr!!!!

  33. Using the term "police state" in situations such as this turns people off and will not convince them to agree with you. If you had framed it as unwarranted violence or something like that, that might catch in people's heads a bit better. It unconsciously triggers "hm that's a different perspective" instead of "stupid hipster douchebag."

  34. SMASH CAPITALISM on Fri, 30th Dec 2011 10:23 pm: " Ian banned me", meaning your Freedom of speech is not so FREE.

    Explain that Ian Bernard.

  35. The way this was PLANNED out, (and it was planned), was to either get the officer to apologize, which means Freakeeners would use it as a tool to say the officer was wrong, or refusal to apologize, which leads to this mockery of media.

    It's all matter of 'wording' to get the response you need. Like my doctor does to me about smoking.

    LEADING QUESTIONS, it's called.

    Mind you……NOTHING is currently going on in Keene with this lot of jokers, because it's too cold. WIMPS. It's fecking winter. Apparently your comfort is more important than your cause.

  36. I have a question… Derrick wears those super cool Tom Cruise shades 24/7….

    Why didnt he have them on then? This never wouldve happened!!!!

  37. Whoever edited the clip deserves a kick in the a**. The incident merits a bit more seriousness. Derrick was peppered sprayed in the face. The cop who did this at UC was suspended, why not here? In my opinion he should have been fired.

  38. HenryK reporting live on his opinion from Sweden. Tanks, but no thanks.

  39. @Henry K,

    Derrick was sprayed in the face? I didnt know pepper spray was effective on any other body parts than the face?

    If he had sprayed him in the ass, would that have acceptable?

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