Russ Roberts “Raises Keynes” on NHPR

Laura Knoy, host of NHPR’s The Exchange, interviewed EconTalk host and “Keynes vs. Hayek” co-creator Russ Roberts, along with former Obama adviser and economics blogger Jared Bernstein yesterday morning.

You can hear the show, titled Raising Keynes, at

For fun, the Keynes vs. Hayek videos are posted below the fold.

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  1. Russ Roberts is a paid shill of Exxon and other giant multinational corporations, via which they use as a pass-through entity. He can be relied on to regurgitate the neoliberal economic line, i.e. privatization, free trade, low taxes, deregulation etc. With his partners John Pappola and Donald J. Boudreaux they serve a well funded advertising campaign to drum up this phony Hayek/Keynes controversy.

  2. Backhand, why are you wasting your time trolling in my comments section?

    Russ Roberts is a libertarian economics professor. You may disagree with his views (I certainly do), but he's no more a paid shill than Jared Bernstein is. (Where does Bernstein get his funding, I wonder?)

    Given your bizarre, stalker-ish obsession with Russ Roberts and Cafe Hayek, I'm guessing that the true paid shill here is you. Where do you get your funding?

  3. I wonder why Berstein kept defending the stimulus and constantly denying that there is any corruption in a large spending bill like this coming out of Washington. Oh wait, He worked for the Obama administration.

    Do you really think we're dumb enough to believe that there are no favors for friends in a trillion dollar spending package, Mr Bernstein? Do you expect us to believe that there's no waste?

    Makes me wonder why they picked him to argue for Keynes and not somebody who could at least make a somewhat believable claim as a non-partisan. Not a Washington insider from the Obama admin.

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