Kelly Voluntaryist Strips Down In Protest of the TSA

Kelly Voluntaryist a Keene NH activist, gives the TSA a little T&A in the name of liberty at the Manchester Airport in protest of the TSA. The TSA has been stripping people of their rights, clothes, dignity etc. (body scanners etc.) So basically, Kelly stripped down in an effort to restore the inherent natural rights, which have been stripped away by an overly evasive government acting on its own volition. Kelly handed information out and talked to people for approximately 40 minutes, 1/4 of that time was outside in 15 ° weather. Seven activists attended in support of Kelly. I think we all had cameras, so there’s going to be more video to come out with much better quality.

There’s a near minute long introduction, which is kind of a summary of the events if 6 is too long. I do enjoy the lady that tells Kelly that old lady’s can carry bombs. I’m amused easily for sure and I have that line repeated several times.
Recently the TSA has been particularly F-ing with granny. Lenore Zimmerman, Ruth Sherman, Linda Kalish are some mainstream stories of molestation cases courtesy of the TSA. Unfortunately gov. currently has a monopoly on travel. What few rights we have left get completely diminished anytime we jump in a vehicle. The TSA takes injustice and the violation of people’s rights to the skies.
These are obviously efforts that aren’t going to be resolved in the relatively short term. Attempting to wake people who have been asleep for decades doesn’t happen overnight. Nonetheless, this is great activism by Kelly.  It was well received by the public with no strong opposition.  Most of the responses to the event have been very positive. Although the video is condensed from 40 minutes into 5, I believe it accurately depicts the positive responses in relation to the negative.

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  1. When all else fails, show some skin. Works at the bar. Well, at least at 2:00 it might for kelly.

  2. This girl is both healthy and pretty. You idiots most likely dont get your cocks wet enough or ever.

  3. We know John Shaw is a fat self loathing slob who needs to control others to feel better about it.

  4. I realized the only way to end alot of the problems that we've been having is to teach (indoctrinate?) kids from a very young age that everybody is equal and competition is bad. But isnt that kind of what they teach now? And it hasnt seemed to solve alot of the problems.

  5. It comes as no surprise with her hanging out with some of the biggest dorks on the planet that they find this thing the new replacement for the outdated grandma Michele 7. It is no wonder she is having much so fun with these guys – LOL.

  6. Video was totally NOT hot. It is really quite sad. With the exception of a couple of hopeless wankers who ran over to take a picture, nobody even looked at her (with good reason). No conversation, no attempts to explain her protest, just flit around the room sticking fliers in peoples faces (ignoring the people while conducting a monologue with the camera). Most of the "public" looked like they thought she was handing out fliers advertising the prices of a special sale she was holding that day. Yes, she looked very much like a sidewalk hooker (my apologies to the hookers….).

  7. Kelly: Thanks for standing up for Liberty. The sheep like people need a wake up call!

  8. Escape to Free Keene… the attention whore destination.

  9. Wow. I just watched as much of that as I could. What was worse, her annoying voice or the skanky way she had about her? I wouldn't go so far as to say she's ugly, but she would look MUCH better with clothes on. And she would me much less annoying if she would shut the fuck up.

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  12. There would be far fewer frustrated faggots, if there were more women like Kelly V….



  13. Thanks Kelly appreciate your courage to defend liberty!

  14. Having an accurate appreciation for history and the suffering that was experienced by those who REALLY fought to defend liberty, I just cant let you get away with that Patty Lee.

    #1. You can't defend something that is not in danger of being lost. Freedom.

    #2. Those who have come and gone in this world who laid it on the line for justice and freedom, I speak on your behalf.

    #3. Parading around in a hooker get up and refusing to sit in the back of the bus are polar opposites. HOW DARE YOU! "Defend Liberty"??

    Ooooh Nooo, not on my watch.

  15. king, you are so fully annoying, that I don't think there is anything you could possibly do which would make you less annoying.

    Try not to take that as a compliment.

  16. Anytime anybody says anything about me on here, I only ever take it as the highest form of compliment…

    Thank-you, "name", your compliment to me is duly noted…



    Derrick is one of my best students!


    Try again, "name"…

    That's not the best you got, is it…???…



  17. Good for her!

    I'm getting sick and tired of TSA tyranny and parasiticism.

  18. This lady has guts, as opposed to the nazi apologists and the control freaks spewing shit about her courage, which they can't possibly comprehend.

    Enjoy yourself you brown-nosers — I hope you finally suffocate in the arsehole of your "leaders", while at it.

  19. She looks yummy and juicy to me. Poor "name" can think of nothing but to whine that she's not to his/her taste. Tell us what kind of girl you like, "name". Somebody who looks like a concentration camp victim?


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