Kelly Shames Pepper-Spraying Cop

From the Live Free Or Dance Trial: Kelly Voluntaryist took an opportunity to shame Michael Kopcha of the Keene Police Department when, during the viewing of video evidence in which the public servant pepper sprays a nonviolent handcuffed man, she storms out of the courtroom and calls him a monster.

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  1. I wish you folks would realize that you can't shame a person without his own consent–and that a monster is impervious to shame. And while you go on practicing ineffectual tactics, people just like him–also without shame–laugh at your virtue, see him getting away with his atrocities, and go on to escalate the situation.

    Now, if you could find a way to get this video seen by every member of his family, his neighbors, the people he goes to church with… that might triangulate the shame so that his esteem in their eyes is damaged. Bullies are obsessed with appearances, so that's a place where they can actually feel some consequence.

    Don't take my word for it–check out the history of the Civil Rights movement, and see what engendered the turning point after years of fizzling following the bus boycott.

  2. There is more to shaming someone than expressing disgust. I can't say I would have behaved any better though.

    The video is difficult to hear over the audio of the video being played, so I had to go back to find the part.

  3. I pride myself on reading people. That cop wasn't proud, was perhaps embarrassed, but sadly was not shamed. The difference between shame and embarrassing being one is shamed after doing something substantially wrong such as cheating on a spouse or needlessly assaulting someone. Versus embarrassment being what one feels when they find out their fly is unzipped or they've stepped on someone's toe.

    Thus this cop feels like he stepped on someone's toe rather than needlessly assaulted someone.

  4. why would he be ashamed, beyond not dishing out a good beating to go with that pepper.

  5. Nice to see you with your real self hanging out.

    Most "law and order" types at least pretend to believe in the rule of law. Not getting into the cop car willingly, at most, from a legal point of view, would allow the cop to manhandle/push the person into the car… using proportional force necessary to subdue the person.

    enslave wants beatings and perhaps summary executions on the side of the road. It's all good (for you) until you realize that people you care for will be living under the same random thuggery.

  6. Sam A. Robrin on Thu, 26th Jan 2012 3:45 pm

    "…Don’t take my word for it–check out the history of the Civil Rights movement, and see what engendered the turning point after years of fizzling following the bus boycott."

    One problem with your theory, sam. The Civil Rights Movement was a REAL movement, with ACTUAL civil rights being repressed, and ACTUAL victims who were oppressed.

    See the difference?

  7. Why would he be ashamed … the cop had given him every opportunity to simply stop being an idiot. I've seen the whole video – and that cop was one of the most reasonable and friendly cops they've dealt with. He made every attempt to communicate like normal humans do, only to quickly learn Derrick and company were feral primates disguised in modern clothes. When you push push push push, you can likely expect a reaction. Nice of Kelly to seize the opportunity to make such a dramatic and emotional exit *door creaks…and closes behind her* BYE.

  8. I didn't hear anybody say monster or see them walk out.

    PS – it's not against the law to be an idiot

  9. Ahh once again someone posting under my name. Good luck with that.

  10. More funny stuff. This is great. So some guy got sprayed with food and you are mad. Too funny!

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