BEARCAT-Supporting City Councilors, Mayor Targeted by AntiSec

Did you really think it was going to be over last night? What a shame no city councilors had the courage to change their vote in the face of so much public opposition to the killing machine that the Keene police want to bring to town. We tried to tell them the world was watching.

Now it appears some hacktivists have also been paying attention to what is going on in Keene and the heroic group AntiSec has targeted “mayor” Kendall Lane and the Keene city councilors who voted in favor of the BEARCAT for a good doxing.

They have started with info about Kendall Lane and Janice Manwaring. AntiSec states that the rest are coming. The dox are being posted to the AntiSec facebook page, and who knows where else they are being spread.

Do you think the council expected attention like this? Kudos to the brave hacktivists in AntiSec for taking on this issue and paying attention to the oppression going on here in Keene.

I will update this post as AntiSec continues to post more info.

Dox for Kendall Lane:

Target: Keene, N.H., Mayor Kendall Lane.

Reason: Outspoken support for Tank Armored vehicle purchase for Keene Police Department.

Term Expires: Dec. 31, 2013.

Age: 64 years old.

Address: 98 Wyman Road, Keene New Hampshire.

House Phone: 603-355-3505

House value: $201,000

Map of house:

Family: Wife: Molly B. Lane

Children: Frederick Lane
Jocelyn Lane
Isabel Lane

His education: -Bachelor of arts, University of New Hampshire, 1969
-Juris Doctor, Boston University, 1975

Previous held positions: N.H. House of Representatives, 1984
N.H. Constitutional Convention
Keene City Council.

Organizations he has associated with: Keene Housing Authority
N.H. Dept of Corrections Advisory Board
Cheshire Medical Center/Dartmouth-Hitchcock Keene
Keene Family YMCA
Greater Keene Chamber of Commerce
Southwest Region Planning Commission
Keene Downtown Housing Committee
Keene Planning Board.

His Mayor office information:

Address: 3 Washington St. Keene, NH 03431

Office Number: (603) 357-9805

His email:

Other Occupation: Attorney

List of his services: Products or Services: Professional Paralegal Services, Paralegal Agencies, Contract Paralegal Services, Fire Legal Liability Insurance and Legal Expenses Insurance.

location: 106 Washington Street. Cheshire County, New Hampshire.

His law office was established in 2007, with average 1 -4 employee’s.

His NAICS code: 541110.


Dox for Janice Manwaring:

Target: Janis O. Manwaring

– her outspoken support of Keene New Hampshire purchasing a tank for their Police Force.

Occupation: Keene City Counsel ward 1 (2010 – 2013).
Social Worker.

Home Address: 50 Belmont Street, Keene, New Hampshire. 03431.

Map of House:

Home Phone Number: 603-352-7185

Age: 64 years old.

Family Members: Daniel Manwaring, son aged 32.
Elizabeth Manwaring, daughter.
Robert J. Manwaring, husband.


Her office information:

Her practice: LICSW practice Substance Abuse, Social work, general counseling.

Address: 106 Roxbury Street, Keene, New Hampshire, 03431

Office Phone number: 603-358-5035

Office Fax number: 603-352-7924

Her NPI license number: 1548348949

Enumeration Date 11/02/2006

Her taxonomy codes for practice:
– 101YA0400X
– 101YP2500X
– 1041C0700X

Throughout the day we will be releasing the dox’s of other Keene Counsel member’s who voted and supported the purchasing of a tank vehicle for the Police Department.


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  1. Love it!

    Now sadist pigs, go home and explain to your clueless spouse & lazy-ass kids why you are such hated pieces of shit.

  2. IAN you douchebag, you published the childrens names. You uare scum!

  3. Why don't you free keeners be (brave) and show your info?

  4. too funny.

    Why don't you leeches be brave and move your fat blue asses around Donut Shops without a fucking TANK !?

  5. here you go Bill Cark

    Full Name:

    Ian Holt Bernard

    Male 31 Years of Age

    E-mail Adresses: <— Deactivated


    Ian Freeman

    The Nutgobbler

    Address of Residence:

    73 Leverett Street, Keene New Hampshire, 03431-2420

    6 Bedrooms

    Size: 7,405 Sq. Ft

    Built in 1890

    Picture of House:

    Value of House: ~$129,000

    Picture of House:

    Known Neighbors:

    Kristen G perrinez

    Peter A Perrinez

    Timothy Mather

    Roger C Duhaime

    Known Relatives:

    William B(P?) Bernard: Father in his 90s

    Dorothy K Bernard: Mother

    Cari Ann Bernard: Sister in her 20s

    Ann D Bernard: Sister in her 60s

    Deborah Ann Bernard: Sister in her 60s

    Robert H Bernard

    Roberth Bernard

    Debye Bernard

    Snail Mail:

    Free State Project

    PO Box 1684

    Keene, New Hampshire 03431

    United States

    State of Birth, where raised:

    Sarasota, Florida

    Past Addresses:

    39 Central Square SQ #313, Keene, NH (603)357-9265

    5840 Countrywood Dr, Sarasota, FL (941)371- ~110,000$

    2639 Nassau St, Sarasota, FL (941)922-1489

    Bee Ridge Road, Sarasota, FL

    2 in Keene, NH

    3 in Sarasota, FL

    Moved to New Hampshire in 2006 as part of Free State Project

  6. Professional background:

    Radio Personality

    Has no real job at the moment.

    K-Mart 1996-2000

    Free Blogger/Founding Member: Dec 2006-Present

    Fired in 2003 from Clear Channel Communications Inc. Sep 1997-Jun 2003

    Political Activist

    Hosts Free Talk Live Nov 2002- Present

    Program Director at Liberty Radio Network Jan 2009-Present

    On Board of Directors of Civil Disobedience Evolution Fund

    No military Service

    Addresses of Workplaces:

    Clear Channel Communications: 200 East Basse Road

    San Antonio, TX 78209 Contact is hard to come by unless registered on the "Shire Society Forum"

    Free Talk Live: Keene, NH

    Contact Info:


    1 603.513.2449

    Yahoo Messenger:





    Ian Bernard

  7. Pine View School Class of 1998

    Sarasota, FL

    Misc. Info:

    Known Protester

    Middle-Lower Class Income Level

    Identifies as:



    Free Marketeer



    Former light Protestant because of family (?)-unconfirmed

    Was a self-proclaimed Athiest before identifying as a Panentheist

    Various Other Labels that change as he sees fit

    Outlets/Known Associations:

    LRN.FM <— Deleted

    Video of Arrest:


    Domains By Proxy, LLC

    Registered through:, LLC (
    Domain Name: FREEKEENE.COM

  8. That's pretty good, but you left out as an association.

  9. hey dont look at me

  10. "NHnative, thanks for the thoughts. I think that the information about these public figures is public, so what’s wrong with posting it? People need to know how to get in touch with these folks so they can express their feelings about what they have done."

    Ian, this post is about lauding the "heroic" group AntiSec (which has done many, many things I wouldn't call heroic, nor should you, by the way) for "targeting" the mayor and city councilors for a good "doxing".

    The post reeks of relishing payback. Apparently work history, children's names, education history, etc, are necessary for people to know how to "get in touch" with these folks?

    Anyone with half a brain can see how disingenuous you're being. You're angry with them, and you're happy someone's getting back at them.

    "I have not advocated violence and never would."

    I know you don't advocate actual violence, I give you credit for that.

    "I’m merely advocating holding people accountable for their actions. I advocate that people not forget what they have done. They should be forgiven, sure, but come election time it should not be forgotten."

    If this post had simply listed the names of the council members who voted for the Bearcat, and encouraged people to remember to vote for alternatives come election time, neither I nor just about anyone else would find it objectionable. That's not what this is.

    "NHNative, where have I expressed hatred for the government people? I don’t hate them. I don’t dislike them."

    Yes, you do. Your actions and words continually make it obvious.

    Please ask yourself, "How would the average person react to what I'm saying or doing?" If you feel you can't accurately put yourself in the shoes of an average-thinking keene or NH resident, ask someone who can.

    Ironically, if the opposition to the actions of these councilors were less hysterical and more reserved, thoughtful, and substantive, it would be more forceful. Using phrases like "killing machine" and "police state keene" serve to undermine your credibility in the eyes of average people, and thereby dull the effect of your opposition.

    All activism must be to the end of changing hearts and minds. Getting back at people can feel good in the moment. Yelling at people when they do something one believes is wrong can feel good in the moment. Making fun of political opponents can feel good in the moment.

    It's not what brings people to your side.

    Really read, and watch MLK and Gandhi. They would not react with glee at releasing personal information of their political opponents. If that was the kind of thing they got excited about, they would never have had the impact they did.

    This post is a symptom of a larger issue.

  11. NHNative,

    You are arguing that they deserve privacy in their public positions. I'm saying they don't. They are stealing and hurting.

    I feel bad for them – that's why I said it was a shame they didn't do the right thing.

    The more people that move here, the more light will be shone on the aggressors' actions.

    Don't you think light should be shown on them? They are used to doing whatever they want without any real consequence. The rest of us all risk jail for living as free people. They hurt people and steal, and you think their privacy should be protected?

    I don't pretend to know what the average person thinks. I know that different people think different things. I know people in Keene, including business owners and even people within the government are afraid to speak out against the system. I've talked to them. They are afraid. People who would intimidate others do not deserve privacy protection. Sorry.

    You are confusing my news report for excitement. I'm merely relaying what is happening and pointing out they are reaping what they have sown. I understand some people are made uncomfortable by that.

  12. Again, NHNative, very well said. And again, deaf ears. And dumb. Or at least ignorant.

  13. I'm not saying they deserve something.

    Tell me, what do colonialists or segregationists deserve?

    I'm saying that these kinds of words and actions repulse, not attract, average people to the ideas you're promoting.

    And that is, or needs to be, priority number one.

  14. I agree with enslave keene on publishing their kids names. I thnk it is wrong, I am sure their kids are embarrassed by their parents acceptance of a tank from a bankrupt federal government. I don't think their parents care how you or their kids feel about a tank in the city.

  15. Im sure their children are very proud of them all….

  16. You are confusing my news report for excitement. I’m merely relaying what is happening and pointing out they are reaping what they have sown. I understand some people are made uncomfortable by that."……

    You are confusing my blog-posting for reality… i'm merely relaying what is happening

    and pointing out YOU are reaping what YOU have sown. I understand some people

    are made DEAD, or INJURED by that…

    WHO is speaking to WHO?…

  17. Polly, I bet you and the kingofkeene guy would LOVE to work together…


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