FreeKeene Reaches out to UnfreeKeene

This video covers the events of Friday, March 2, 2012. There were angry crossing guards and cops who won’t hug. What do you think of these “public servants?”

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  1. To all Freekeene operatives;

    I am Enslave Keene the architect of the state and your master..

    You will never succeed. There have been 6 Fk's before you and I defeated them all!!

    cue Matrix theme.

  2. I support the movement but I think you need to rethink your tatics…

    You're in the right here, but I think filming an old lady crossing guard and agitating her will only alienate the people you're trying to reach.

  3. Don't give people forgiveness if they don't ask for it. It's so rude.

  4. YO!, "enslave keene", are you as full of shit as I am, or do you really like ragging on these freekeene clowns?

    Are you only an armchair general, or do you have field experience.

    Are you a dedicated lone wolf, or would you maybe like to do some

    group activities?

    Think about it…

    Maybe you have friends or neighbors,

    who feel more strongly than you do about these little punks,

    and wouldn't mind ganging up on them.

    We'll be in touch…

    Why hurry a SHTF moment?.

  5. Hes the king O Keeene, there is none higher!

  6. Amazing, derrick, that somehow, you actually think you come out looking good in this video. Keep it up. You may very well be the straw which breaks the back of the community's limited tolerance of freekeene.

    So brave. A true hero.

  7. …actually, "enslave keene", the king 'o keene does enjoy a little puff the magic dragon flowers now and then, but the fucking potheads of freekeene are stratospheric, in comparison…

    they're lots way, way, way higher…


  8. Phase 1: Harass old ladies

    Phase 2: ?

    Phase 3: Profit

  9. Can't stop the Bearcat/Killing Machine coming to Keene, so you pick on elderly ladies/crossing guards. What's next? Picking on middle school students for not taking your propaganda? F@$king pathetic.

  10. When 2 strange adult males known by sight but not personal introduction to an elderly crossing guard, said individuals wielding tele-weapons of digital video


    approach in assaultive, provocative manner, encroaching

    directly and invasively into privileged personal space, thereby culpably causing legitimate fear and concern for personal safety issues, and when said individuals confront, accost, verbally harangue and harass, and otherwise disrupt

    and intrude, albeit on "Public Ways", interfering with the normal performance of said elderly female crossing guards' duties, said individuals SHALL BE FOUND to have committed the OFFENSE of "Unlawful Interference", "Harassment", "Obstructiion of Government Administration", "Menacing", "Prowling", "Loitering", "STALKING", and "Conspiracy to Incite Riot", *THEREFORE*, Let it be known to all persons by these PRESENTS, That:

    Mr. Ian "Freeman" Bernard,

    Mr. Derrick "Faggot" Horton,


    "Ms. Kelly "Voluntaryist" Slutomatic", (conspiracy)


    *PER ORDER: 🙂 theKINGofKEENE 🙂

  11. It's reall ME, Name (required) !


    dead meat motherfuckers

  12. The comments here are full of hate. Very self defeating.

  13. how many videos are they going to post of Derrick harassing an old lady? Its like they are advertising the fact that they are discrediting themselves. "WATCH AS WE HARASS THE ELDERLY WITH VIDEO CAMERAS AND TROLLING, AND CONTRIBUTE TO ABSOLUTELY NO CHANGE BECAUSE OF THE FACT THAT WE HARASS AND TROLL."

    I mean, I've talked to many people who used to be fans of Freekeene and they think that they've become nothing but a organization for trolling the public.

    anyone else enjoy their credibility going down the tubes?

  14. sorry "cameras don't grant extra rights" but I gotta pick on you about the following quote.

    "they’re lots way, way, way higher"

    lol and I'm lots much very happier

  15. Why didn't you video the other Middle School crossing guard – I saw him flip you the peace sign

  16. "You guys are jerks!" simple and truthful

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