KPD’s Fintan Moore A Menace To Society

The Keene police officer who brutally assaulted Derrick J. Freeman earlier this afternoon is named Fintan Moore.  He lives at 12 Orchard Street here in Keene, NH and his home number is (603) 352-7195.

If a woman answers, it may be Fintan’s wife Maureen.  Be sure to tell her exactly what her husband did while at work today.

Fintan, a longtime New England resident, previously lived in Oxford, MA before moving to Keene in 1999.  His brother Rory Moore and sister-in-law Lisa live in Sterling, his brother Kieran Moore and sister-in-law Marianne live in Marlborough as do his sister Maeve Allen and his brother-in-law Tom.  His son, Fintan Moore III, is in the Navy Reserve and also lives in Keene.

If you know any of these people, please be sure to show them the video in the post below and ask them to talk to Fintan about his inappropriate and hurtful actions.

I forgive you, Fintan, and I am not angry at you.  I only want you to think about your actions and I genuinely hope you stop hurting peaceful people.  God bless.


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  1. Let us all remember Derrick for his Shire Choir days, ready yall.

    To the tune of silver bells;

    Ride the bike……

    See the lights……..

    It’s pullover time….In the city!!!!

    Ian’s bitch….

    Needs a stitch……..

    Soon you will be in the cage!!!!!!!

    Vinton Moore…..

    Hear him roar……..

    Its the KAC in the news!!!!!!!!!

    Derrick J…………..

    He’s okay……………….

    owned once again by Enslave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you!! Thank you very much!

  2. Hey spazz Ademo;

    I guess Moore is a little better at catching people than that donut eating deputy eh?

    Into an uncontrolled jackal laugh "teheeeheehehehehehehehe hahaha"


  3. I want to thank Officer Moore for 2 things.

    #1. Cold clocking this dude right off his bike and…………………..

    #2. Not destroying the video..

    Fully justified takedown by the way! Good work KPD!

  4. Ceceliaaaaaa, youre breaking my heart!

    With your fucked up grammar on the tweeter!!!



  6. Like the crack of Ians ass I snap attack,

    Front to back! In this thing called rap!

    Ademos posse tryinig to front 7, 14 lines for lines!

    Maniac, Braniac, winning the Game!

    Im the lyrical Jessi James!

  7. Derrick's new address

    Cheshire County House of Corrections!

  8. LOL @ You're a joke!! Good one!

  9. YO, FINTAN, what I said for Mr. Edward J. Burke,

    goes double for you.

    Fintan, may I please have a few minutes alone in the cell, with


    Yeah, Yeah, I know I gotta fill out the permission slip at the City Clerk's Office,

    Triplicate it to the City Mangler MacLean,

    bended-knee beg Randy LaCoste, Ed Gross, Jack Zeller, and

    get a special exemption from *BOTH* Art Walker, and Thomas Powers…

    Before I beg Mayor Kendall to whisper sweet nothings in Brother Howard B.'s ears –

    all *3* of them, ask Linda's husband………WAIT!…PETER! …heed the call…and,

    …..On SECOND thought – I promised Mr. Rick Van Wickler I would

    stay outside *THAT* law…. -poor derrick-…….HAH!…

  10. Derrick,

    What kind of idiot tries to outrun a cruiser with a bicycle? Classic OJ slow speed chase.

    As little respect as I have for the KPD, Derrick is the one who was wrong here. A Police officer signals that he wants you to stop and you immediately choose to try evading him. All he was trying to do was give you a piece of paper, that seems peaceful enough to me. Yet another in a long string of FreeKeene Douche-Nozzle moves. Good job Officer Moore!

  11. …even if the mortgage was in my name, I would NOT sleep soundly, if at all,

    at 75LeverettSt tonight…

    …who KNOWS what lurks in the darkness of the RIVER…

    Kelly, just replace the 80-grit sandpaper on your dildo…THAT will feel better than the

    SCREWING you've got coming…

    IT's ON, bitch-cunt…your Philly cheese-steak meat lips just got


  12. Keene's city manager John MacLean has always been nice to me; in fact he told Ian and I last Monday that he loves us and appreciates our work although we do not always agree on the issues. Leave him alone Bradford.

  13. And Free Keene continues to be factually unreliable, hyperbolic, condescending, and embarrassing.

    Ian Freeman's phone number is (603)513-2449. I'm sure he would love to hear your feedback concerning his blog.

  14. Bradford Hutchingson — you're a freaking psycho. Plain and simple. And the rest of you have gone way too far………..

  15. Will – you're a real piece of work.

  16. And youre just a fine outstanding pillar of the community Kelly! STFU

  17. You either have the mentality of a slave or you desire to live in freedom.

    If you have the mentality of a slave, then you will see your masters as having the "right" to use violence against anyone who disobeys them. You will see disobedience as deserving violent punishment, and you will justify it.

    If, however, you actually care about what is right, you will have the same standards for everyone, and you will see the 'law' is it really is, and always has been throughout human history – an near endless excuse to use violence against you.

    I'm not surprised that Derrick J. Freeman was aggressed upon, assaulted, and abducted against his will. I don't think that Derrick is surprised about that, either. We all know what happens when you refuse to obey the commands of the state. Men with guns will assault you, kidnap you, haul you off and throw you in a cage. Just like it's not a surprise when slaves are chased down after leaving the plantation, or black men where sprayed with water for organizing against Jim Crow laws. There are no surprises here.

    What IS surprising is the number of people who still choose to be on the wrong side of history. Every time progress is made, it is made while cowards point and laugh at those brave enough to challenge the violence and injustice that so many take for granted.

  18. Fart on the drama

  19. @ Joshua Jacob Albert Freeman

    Light up another doobie, your mind is racing… Intensify… the fantasy… the Righteousness… foolish as dereck j …

  20. The idea that costumes, badges, and the "right paperwork" mean the rules of proper behavior change is what is being challenged here.

    This man was not violently assaulted because he hurt anyone. He was assaulted because he didn't obey the commands of the state. When a "law enforcement officer" puts on those lights and sirens, he is making a threat. He is, in fact, threatening to murder you. He is saying "stop what you are doing, or else I will escalate the situation using violence and will not stop until you are subdued, and I will kill you in the process if you resist."

    If you remove the costume and paperwork, the fact that this behavior is evil becomes obvious. We sometimes have a hard time accepting this – it is an uncomfortable fact, so we make jokes about it, and pretend that we support it, while we are completely aware that we are forced to obey even if we don't support it – we are forced to pay for it even if we find it morally disgusting, and we are forced to accept it even if we find it unacceptable.

    It's Stockholm syndrome – it's less scary to side with the people threatening us.

  21. Derrick wanted drama and the Fintonator gave it to him. Good video.

  22. I don't think either side here is going to be happy until an activist has been killed or maimed and turned into a martyr.

  23. And that would suit Ian just fine, as long as its not Ian.

  24. Free Keene reminds me of those little ant hills on sidewalk cracks in the summer. Easy to scare, easy to squash and quite insignificant. I'm happy as Chase's cock buried in david's dingleberried derriere that this fucking prick Derrick got what has been coming to him for a loooooong time.

    Look forward to many more years of arrests and aggression.


  25. Here here Silent!!

    There is a 5 minute version of this on youtube. As Finton is driving off brave ass Ademo yells "fuck you" at him. Man I was praying Moore got out and clubbed his squash!

    FK Freaking douche bags!

  26. Aw poor Adam. Must suck to be powerless and irrelevant. Those cops don't have to answer shit to you; you're one of the biggest losers of the bunch. You've got nothing… have nothing….you ARE nothing. Plus, you're a fucking idiot:

    Adam Ant: "Answer my question!"

    Cop: "uh, well you….."

    Adam Ant: "Shut up, no one wants to talk to you"

    Cop" ??"

    Adam Ant: "I demand an answer!"

    Do peaceful people really say "Fuck you" to others? Did Gandhi? Does the Dalai Lama?

  27. Personally, I wish Derrick had just stopped to talk to the guy.

    This mess never needed to happen.

  28. Once again Bradley, the lone voice of reason!

  29. And Lynne the Christian Stripper Siedarsky ontinues to impress.

    After a police officer affected a lawful stop of a person attempting to resist arrest, Lynne the Christian Stipper Siedarsky decides to encourage people to harass his family. Here's hoping they arrest Lynn the Christian Stripper Siedarksy next. At least Lynne's saline filed fun bags will cushion her fall.

  30. My apologies, it's Lynne the Christian Stripper Sieradzki.

  31. This is all insanity, both the actions of the biker and the posted comments here. It's very sad. This group appears to have the valid idea that something is wrong with "the system" as a whole. Everyone knows that no system is perfect, and that NO SYSTEM has never worked in a society anywhere.

  32. Instead of camera phones, expletives and questions, you all should've shot arrows, bullets, fire or rocks. At least body slam or kick those thugs in uniform! They can't arrest, call for backup or do anymore harm if they can't move, see or talk. Then you'd also have a more persuasive video to show their family and gang.

    Neutralizing the assaulters, kidnappers and killers = peace.

  33. Courtesy of Skeptikos

    Ian Freeman’s phone number is (603)513-2449. I’m sure he would love to hear your feedback concerning his blog

  34. The FK blog is owned by trolls. Fail

  35. @Enslave Keene @ 36 – Derrick J's haircut might actually be intentional. I've got a friend with a similar haircut. He's trying to hide the fact that he's going bald with a faux hawk. I actually feel sorry for Derrick if that's the case. No hair care in jail.

  36. Bradley Jardis on Sat, 31st Mar 2012 12:42 am


    Personally, I wish Derrick had just stopped to talk to the guy.

    This mess never needed to happen.


    Derrick sounded genuinely scared…

    F.E.A.R…..You either

    Fuck Everything And Run, -or- Face Everything And Recover…

    (…it also means "Fals Evidence Appearing REAL", but that's TOO COMPLICATED

    for Widdle Derrick…

    WTF?…..WWDD…???….FUCK IT, RUN!…..until the FINTANATOR has SPOKEN!…

  37. Interesting on Sat, 31st Mar 2012 3:11 pm


    The FK blog is owned by trolls. SUCCESS!….

  38. You are confused, Kelly. I'm *NOT* "BRADFORD HUTCHINGSON*, but we DO know each other, and oddly, are both Keene Natives…We're too far apart in age to have been in the same school, but we HAVE partied together…

    And, yes, it's true, and I agree…KPD / NH AG is MAYBE liking you for Felony Stalking…You fucked with the wrong FAMILY this time, Kelly…

    Posting about Fintan himself, or some other cop or public official is MAYBE cool & legit….BUT, dragging unwitting and unwilling FAMILY>MEMBERS into it…

    …is either FELONY, maybe FEDERAL, or *PROOF* that you're a FAKE / FED


    (……We both love to laugh & swear like drunken sailors, though…lol…)

  39. Anonymous on Sat, 31st Mar 2012 1:20 am


    My apologies, it’s Lynne the Christian Stripper Sieradzki.


    Can I still call her SKANKY-ASSED-CUNT-CUNT-BITCH-KELLY?????????????

  40. In regards to the caption in the upper right hand corner;

    The “man” on left: Exemplifies a drunk barber and bad advice from a tailor..

    The MAN on the right: Exemplifies good descent human being that did his job and right well!

  41. So if I understand correctly the officer was trying to serve Derrick with a notice, redundant since Derrick already had a copy but the office had no knowledge of that fact. Derrick, or any citizen in similar circumstances, was lawfully required to stop. I'll bet he's going to be charged with obstruction of justice and resisting arrest.

    Even a perfect minimalist libertarian government would have to have some law enforcement, I find your protest approach distastefull and counter productive. You guys are making it hard for people to take your side.

  42. Its very simple. The man wearing the costume was doing what was "legal" and immoral, as he used violence and harmed somebody.

    The man on the bike was doing what was "illegal" and he harmed nobody.

    You're either on the side of what is right, or on the side of what is legal. You can't be on both.

  43. “You’re either on the side of what is right, or on the side of what is legal. You can’t be on both.” has to be one of the more sophomoric sophistic statements ever. A classical false dichotomy, easily falsifiable; the dichotomy of not being right and “legal” (I think you mean law abiding) at the same time, even a solipsistic moronic anarchist could be doing what’s right and what’s “legal” at the same time if only be accident.

  44. @Erastus Hurlbut – I see your point.

    True, it may have been sophistic, but I think it's obvious that I was being rhetorical and describing this particular situation rather than trying to actually outline an explicit universal dichotomy as you suggest.

    The point I was raising is that what is considered "legal" is violent and immoral behavior. The police were acting in a way that is considered "legal" or "law abiding", yet at the same time was also violent, aggressive, and immoral. The man on the bike was doing what is clearly "illegal", but yet can not be considered immoral in any way UNLESS you equivocate what is "lawful" with what is "moral" – something which is easily falsifiable, as in the case of slavery, mass murder, genocide, or any other "lawful" (at the time) atrocities either supported by or committed by the state.

  45. Thank you, joshua jacob albert freeman, for somehow equating the cop's actions against dumbshit derrick to slavery, mass murder and genocide. Do you see a little disconnect? No, I thought not.

    What. A. Moron.

  46. I think you have a common misconception that pops up whenever people bring up examples like this. It's understandable, since so many people call each other Nazis or compare people with Hitler when there is no justification, and I understand why you think I was doing that. To be clear, I was not.

    When trying to get somebody to see the flaw in their logic, it is sometimes helpful to show them that same logic – the same rationale, in a different context – a context in which the flaw becomes obvious. This is NOT the same thing as 'equating' the example with the subject in question, as you suggest.

    What the cops did was not 'equal' to mass-murder, and I did not attempt to imply that. What I'm talking about is the LOGIC – the RATIONALE for justifying the actions of the cop – specifically, the fact that it was "lawful", but it also applies to a lot of things – "authorized", just "doing their job", just "following orders", "legal", etc…

    The fact that this is NOT sufficient justification for violence IN AND OF ITSELF is NOT clear in cases in which there is a disagreement – such as the situation in this video. In order to show that it is not sufficient justification for violence, I need to use an example in which there is (hopefully) no disagreement. This is why I used the examples of slavery, mass-murder, and genocide – things which we both (hopefully) understand are wrong, EVEN THOUGH they were "lawful" and "authorized", committed by people who are "just doing their job" or "following orders" and was completely "legal" at the time.

    Calling people names doesn't advance your argument. It just suggests that you may be juvenile and immature.

  47. TL;DR: I'm a special snowflake who shouldn't have to pay my fair share of taxes or follow the rules.

  48. Pay "my fair share" of taxes? You mean pay what politicians decide I should pay, for things they decide I should pay for? I am not obligated by conscience to refuse when that money pays for violence, torture, mass-murder, terrorism, extortion, and any of the other crimes the state is guilty of?

    "follow the rules" that a small group of people have made for me? Rules that I disagree with? Rules that benefit some while they hurt others? Rules written primarily by corporate lobbyists while the consent of the masses is manufactured using Strausian myths and endless propaganda?

    The only people who are REALLY considered to be "special snowflakes" that the rules don't apply to are those who work for the state. You are not supposed to steal from others, but the state can. You are not supposed to assault others, but the state can. You are not supposed to threaten, kill, torture, harass, or kidnap others, but those who work for the state are "special snowflakes" who are not only allowed to commit these crimes, but are actually obligated to.

    TL;DR – you're an idiot if you can't read a few paragraphs.


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