Keene PD Employee Fintan Moore Assaults Derrick J Freeman

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Derrick J Freeman was assaulted by Fintan Moore.

The video below shows background, the incident and the follow-up, of the exchange. It was completed thanks to the collaboration of many of Derrick’s friends and the editing talents of Beau Davis.

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Have thoughts or questions for Fintan Moore?

12 Orchard Street
Keene, NH 03431
(603) 352-7195 (hm)

Derrick is right now caged at the Cheshire County Jail. Feel free to call and question those who are actively keeping him caged:

825 Marlboro Road
Keene, NH 03431
(603) 903-1600

He’s slated to be “arraigned” on Monday, April 2nd, 2012 at Keene District Court. He’s threatened with “resisting” and “violations of bail.”


Ask yourself:

  • Why did Fintan Moore think Derrick needed to be served a second time? Are Keene police department employees so inept, so bureaucratic, that it wasn’t yet in their database and therefore Fintan acted on stale information? There was simply no reason for the contact.
  • Was the amount of force Fintan Moore used necessary? Even if Fintan was “correct” in “serving” Derrick, is there anything justifiable about the escalation of force Fintan employed? Not too long ago similar tactics ended in the death of the bicyclist. What if that would have happened to Derrick? Would Fintan still stand by his actions?
  • What about the integrity (or lack thereof) exhibited by Timothy Peloquin,who “served” Derrick at the high school an hour or so before the incident with Moore, who had this exchange (fast-forward about half-way through clip):

Dispatcher: I don’t know if it matters or not at this point but there was some specific hours of 6:30 to 6:30 Monday through Friday. I don’t know if that makes a difference for you or not.
Peloquin: Doesn’t make a difference anymore. It says all the property all the time.
Dispatcher: Perfect. Thank you.

  • Instead of asking that ‘no trespassing order’ at the station be brought to the location, Peloquin drafted one in his cruiser, but instead of creating an accurate copy he further restrict Derrick’s “legal” rights. And his colleagues thought it was “perfect.” Do those with badges have the “right” to create and enforce “law” at their whim?
  • Even if Derrick had yet to be served, couldn’t Moore have waited for Derrick at his residence? That would still achieve the same ends, but with a safer means.
  • And, to start the argument where it beings, what, you ask, precipitated Moore and Peloquin’s interaction with Derrick in the first place? Derrick engaged in the dastardly act of singing anti-prohibition songs at state-run liquor stores sharing literature with consenting individuals on public property [correction made on 2012.03.03]. The consequence – after being “served” he was supposedly banned from such locations. Derrick’s completely peaceful action (singing) caused Moore and others to believe they had the right to initiate force against him. To drove his car toward Derrick’s bicycle. To place his asp in Derrick’s spokes. To punch Derrick. Just who is the aggressor?
  • And Moore (or at least his boss) believe they should have access and the use of an armored personnel vehicle?!

Will Moore do the right thing and apologize? While there be any repercussions for his actions? What might help mitigate such incidents from even occurring?

For another perspective on the incident, read Derrick J Freeman Unlawfully Arrested from Cecelia over at, who asks “Question of the day: When do you tell them no? How many people do they have to hurt before people stand up and tell them no more?”

The raw content captured by Derrick camera (1-minute)

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  1. Lawsuits? Lawsuits? You aint getting shit! Derrick got his beatdown and you aint suing nobody!!

    Got it!

  2. Instead of mindless exposition and justification of junk 'activism', watch these two videos. And lest you or Ian pulls the utterly false MLK comparison, remember that his activist never resisted or evaded assault or arrest by the police. The power of moral suasion was much greater than the oppressors. What an embarrassment of a movement in Keene.

    1) (Protest and real civil disobedience at Vermont Yankee Nuc)

    2) (…About Drug Searches, Police Dogs, Bad Cops)

    Both these examples have more power than all the cameras and SPAM that gets posted as blog entries.

    Derrick, you fuck, enjoy your chains.

  3. Insane

  4. hey too bad that police no longer have batons. batons got replaced with tazers so he couldnt of gotten his tires hit with one nice try tho you ass holes. you guys are lo life peaple with no lives

  5. WAIT! That's Finton Moore!… He hurt my mother once …I'll never forgive him for that

  6. This film must not be recording something that happened on Friday but two months from now as its dated 'May 30th 2012'

  7. that's effed up

  8. maybe its in the Twilight Zone

  9. Asp.

  10. "Help! Help! I'm being repressed!"

    It is absolutely ridiculous to run from the police and then pretend as though you didn't know how they would tread you as a result. To watch this video and conclude 'Oh poor Derrick' is delusional.

    Oh?! You want freedom too? You too?!

    This makes the entire movement for free people look like a joke and the fact that this would be posted as some legitimate example of activism takes a big crap on real activists putting their lives and freedom in jeopardy for others.

    I hope this is an April Fools joke. Freedom isn't a spectacle or a joke. It is a very REAL struggle for many people and your ability to run from the police without being harassed is very low on the list of things worth rallying behind for other activists and non-believers.

    Get a job sir. The bums lost.

  11. Two wrongs do not make a right. Derick should have pulled over. Officer More should not have escalated. Again poor choice of battles.

    Failure to yield? Over reaction to said failure. The reaction of playing dumb asking, “What’s wrong?” “Why am I being kidnapped,” and the like is foolish, especially when you are wrong.

    It will be interesting to see if the officer continues this foolishness, in court. There are legitimate reasons to pull people over. While I agree revenue generation is not one of them, delivering a trespass warning is. Why buck the system at every turn? One needs to find out the reason for the interaction before one can assess the legality of the stop. If one runs or refuses to yield you loose the high ground.

    The officer never should have escalated. It would have been prudent to use the loud speaker to announce, “Derick we need to talk.” Being an obstinate cuss Derick most likely would not have cooperated but that would have been on him.

    So many fails in this mess.

  12. Pete;

    First thank you for your work on this video, the questions you ask saved me much effort. I’m writing on a conciliatory note. I do not dispute your statements, in agreement. No force was justified the fact this incident escalated to the end result is most unfortunate. Watch the video, Finton was no happy with himself. Pay attention at 5:55 Finton brush the debris off of Derrick coat, to me this was a natural act of compassion. Did Finton actually punch or hit Derrick? I didn’t notice any bloody lip or injury, no doubt shaken, but composed.

    The most troubling is, orders to stay off of public property. This is all illegal, where in hell is this doctrine coming from? Roman Law? The orders are a blatant violation of the 4th. And Article 19 for starters. Unconstitutional law is illegal law under any name or title. We have a little thingy called due process, Derrick was denied. If the police were sincere in their oath and obligation they would be at the school protecting Derrick’s and other’s right to free speech and address. Although stated there was a notice/warrant at the police station. Who issued it and signed the document? A judge? You do not have to obey an illegal order. Derrick, as anybody else has a right to travel.

    "Where rights secured by the Federal Constitution are involved, there can be no rule-making or legislation which would abrogate them." Miranda v. Arizona, 384 US 436 (1966)

    For the Freedom activist, the video is for all. Particularly Kelly for the uncalled remarks for Her activism on this subject. To King that commented on another related post. Kelly and others, we have to realize some idiotic people that comment here, their IQ is in the lower scale of thermostat settings.

    The video proves love, compassion and respect can tame the most vicious beast on the planet.

    Finton, Kelley’s first post she forgave you. I wouldn’t at first, after this video, I do. My suggestion to Finton, you and Derrick have a coffee together. Act like it never happen.

  13. Hey derrick,

    While you were rotting in my cage, Ian, Kelly and quite a number of your comrades were bally hooing it up at the masqurade ball!

    No justice no peace!!


  14. I am reading the questions asked by Pete Eyre. Of course the "group" that hangs with the freakeene's are going to feel bad for Derrick and side with him, so I am taking it the questions are then asked for the rest of Keene that happens to check on these pain in the ass freakeene. Hmmm let me think of what I think of this video…oh yeah…..HAHAHHAHA Derrick!!! Don't drop the soap! How free are you now? I am extremely free as I am at home, about to go out the store pick up a few things, then come back, relax, then hmmm I don't know, but I am FREE to do as I wish. High five Officer Moore!!

  15. "Lawsuits? Lawsuits? You aint getting shit! Derrick got his beatdown and you aint suing nobody!!

    Got it!"

    The courts have ruled countless times that the police have no duty to protect, so a lawsuit would be pointless. There is no duty to protect. Clearly, the only thing they serve is violence. I guess we have to take the violence and be happy "citizens".

  16. Under the leaves at the root of this, it does seem that an altered "no trespass" order for um public property without due process is a little shaky. Of course the rules do seem to apply one way so maybe it doesn't matter ?

  17. I have to wonder, what positive comes out of this situation? Derrick is now in jail because of no affording some basic courtesy to the officer. It's very likely he would have simply been served a redundant no trespass order and sent on his way. What is he now accomplishing?

  18. To CDM:

    | "I have to wonder, what positive comes out of this situation?"

    Perhaps Derrick, and any other activists in the area, who think he did nothing wrong will learn a valuable lesson from this: Holding a sign with a controversial message is a good way to fuck with the police, Telling people there's a road-block up ahead is a good way to fuck with the police, singing funny songs and video taping are good ways to fuck with the police. But RUNNING FROM THE POLICE AS THEY CHASE YOU IS NOT A GOOD WAY TO FUCK WITH THE POLICE!

  19. Astonishing how so many people viewing and commenting have stockholm syndrome. Continue worshiping the state. Perhaps one day you'll end up a victim too.

  20. Astonishing how so many people viewing and commenting here have stupid syndrome. Continue worshiping the idiots. Perhaps one day you'll end up in jail, too.

  21. If you say it over and over, ryan, perhaps it will be true.

  22. LOL @ name

    Isn't Ryan Maddox the comatose looking moron who pooped his pants with anger because he thought parking at an airport parking garage was free? Momentary stupid syndrome?

    Fintan Moore is a KEENE HERO.

    ps: wash your yarn hat dirtbag.

  23. @Ryan, curious what is Derrick J accomplishing by sitting in jail?

    I want him out as soon as possible, and continue fighting the good fight, but pick relevant battles than you can make a difference.

  24. I love finton moore…I want to go down on my knees for him…

  25. I wonder how Fintan Moore would do in a school board election against Little ian?

    One thing is for sure, derrick is lucky he only tangled with a cop, not a crossing guard.

  26. Above Harry coments that one is not obligated to follow unlawful orders.

    I agree, Derrick had no way to know if he was being pulled over lawfully or not. A proper response would have been to pull over and ask for the reason for the action, Then to ask "Am I being detained?" I susspect officer moore would have said, "No Derrick, just wanted to serve this notice." No muss no fuss no rolling around on the ground. It was interesting that officer Moore brushed off Derricks coat.

    My grandfather told me, "Those who demand respect never realy get it, Those who comand respect by there bearing do." Both parties here are demanding respect. Both parties loose.

    Bad on the officer for escalating this to violence and property damage. Bad on Derrick for his obstanence. That not being a good reason for a beat down.

    Now how do these two save face? Neither will back off there position. Neither will win.

  27. why do u call him "little Ian" …he's like 6' 2". just curious

  28. "Astonishing how so many people viewing and commenting have stockholm syndrome. Continue worshiping the state. Perhaps one day you’ll end up a victim too."

    I certainly don't worship the state and I don't think it should exist.

    However, videos like this one aren't going to bring us any closer to a free society.

  29. When Little ian stops acting like a child, and starts being an adult, I will gladly call him Ian. So far, Little ian has shown me nothing of the sort. Good enough for you davey?

  30. Please Stop Making the FSP Look Stupid,

    This is one man living the way he wants to.

    I don't think he represents the fsp.

    I know this is old but: do something louder and more resonant to represent the fsp .. and your representation will dominate.

    Why are people not doing THAT. Then you'd be DOING instead of complaining.

  31. u forgot to call me 😛

  32. Well said, visitor. But one question. What are the positions of which neither will back off? The one over there? Or the one over there?

  33. "… The video proves love, compassion and respect can tame the most vicious beast on the planet…"

    Do try harder to suppress the internal voice which compels you to believe such things which border on delusional, and which may prove to be very dangerous to your health, should you ever choose to act on this belief in the future.

    Even force is no guarantee of ones ability to tame a beast, much less risking ones life and limb trying to prove these [silly] sociological theories (that are unfortunately all-too common in these circles) that the cycle of violence can be broken in the manner in which its proponents often claim. Nine times out of ten, if not 99 times out of 100, trying to prove that theory will get you face-planted into the ground, slammed on a car hood, tazed, or worse.

    One would have to be a fool to ignore the value-neutral empirical evidence on these matters. The most sincere belief in the world in the "cycle of violence" theory are not going to protect you the overwhelming majority of the time. Statistically, you will simply be a victim, time and again, if one insists on acting on what amounts to a bumpersticker slogan simplification of the problem. All one does is make themselves ripe for being a victim of abuse by pursuing this [misguided] belief.

    The beast is most effectively stopped one way, and that is by matching force with force. Words rarely ever stop a beast. The times that it does is the exception, not the norm. Those who willingly wear the rose tinted glasses and insist on ignoring this advice are going to continue to get what is coming to them, whether it's justified or not. Don't be a victim. I think you and others know what needs to be done. Perhaps it is time to stop being obstinate and act on that, rather than failed sociological theories that amount to nothing more than bumper sticker platitudes.

  34. Alex on Sun, 1st Apr 2012 9:59 pm

    "The beast is most effectively stopped one way, and that is by matching force with force. Words rarely ever stop a beast. The times that it does is the exception, not the norm. Those who willingly wear the rose tinted glasses and insist on ignoring this advice are going to continue to get what is coming to them, whether it’s justified or not. Don’t be a victim. I think you and others know what needs to be done. Perhaps it is time to stop being obstinate and act on that, rather than failed sociological theories that amount to nothing more than bumper sticker platitudes."

    Does this mean we should expect a rematch between derrick and the crossing guard?

    I have one bit of advice. Sell tickets. You will make a killing.

  35. I'd pay money to watch Derrick get his ass kicked by the old crossing guard!

  36. I'd like to see televised Pay-Per-View pugil stick matches (on a telephone pole 10 feet in the air with a piranha filled pool below) of all the relevant cast of characters. Whoever wants to show up, regardless of what side they are on.

    Everybody gets paid something, perhaps, just for incentive purposes so nobody goes home empty handed… or their travel expenses are paid at the very least. Have a series of semi-finals, working down to a final two top competitors. Not sure what the Grand Prize is, though. It has to be good. Better than money, even.

    Televised duels would be my alternate PPV programming choice.

  37. Handheld Stop Signs at twenty paces. Even with a 20 yard head start, I don't think derrick could out run that lady crossing guard ("old" is a relative term) before she BEAT THE SHIT out of him with her sign.

  38. Alex,

    I am very sorry you feel that peace is a "failed sociological theory".

    I, on the other hand, feel that peace is the only way and I want nothing to do with your errant philosophy.

    Civil disobedience and non-compliance are about living peacefully, standing up for what you believe in, and dealing with the consequences. Civ dis in particular is meant to demonstrate the brutality of one's oppressor. This can only be accomplished through pure non-violence.

    Have a wonderful day,


  39. Free Staters = stoners…. hahahaha

  40. I think he brushed Derrick's jacket off so as not to get leaves in the police car……….not as a subconscious act of "compassion". I would love to believe otherwise. But the cop's actions leading up to the jack brushing don't support an act of copmpassion.

  41. Wonderful site. Lots of useful info here. I'm sending it to a few pals ans also sharing in delicious. And of course, thanks on your sweat!


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