Shire Choir Sings at Fintan Moore’s House

This afternoon the Shire Choir visited KPD officer Fintan Moore’s home and sang “Free Derrick J“. Video courtesy CopBlock:

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  1. Attempted break-in's to City Hall are a bad move.

  2. Very nice! If I tried that here in LV the swat team would show up. Another reason to move to NH.

  3. This display of scumbagian tactics against an officer who made a justified arrest and take down is a good reason for the courts to step up and really punish derrick for this.

    The sentence of 1 year and a day will suffice, this way he will have to serve it in a state correctional facility.. He wont be liking it!!

  4. Wow. Enough with the fucking singing! Do you honestly think passively aggressively singing parody songs in the STREET outside somebody's home is going to help this situation or address it in any meaningful way? Seriously? It doesn't make you look charming or innocent or peaceful. It makes you look like smug assholes. Cop is clearly a d-bag psychopath, but Derrick should have stopped. The thing to do is to STOP and stand your ground, otherwise you are handing them a reason to escalate. I have been stopped riding my bicycle three times on my way home from work at 2am. I was not arrested and in fact told the cop how unnecessary the stop was and to "protect and serve me a ride home" if there was a legitimate concern for my safety. It was February after all. Basically, you are constantly poking a hornet's nest as entertainment and a group hobby. I sadly agree with another commenter that neither side is going to be satisfied until somebody winds up seriously injured, imprisoned for a very long time, or even killed. And this is coming from somebody who is on your side, even if few or any of you would call me friend.

  5. Courtesy of Skeptikos

    Ian Freeman’s phone number is (603)513-2449. I’m sure he would love to hear your feedback concerning his blog

  6. "I fear that all we have accomplished is to awaken a sleeping giant, and filled him with a terrible resolve, and thus made inevitable, Hiroshima & Nagasaki…"

  7. Which side do you speak of Admiral as the sleeping giant? FK or "US" cause I gotta tell ya if I was walking down River Street when I saw derrick fleeing the police, he wouldve hoped Finton got to him before I did.

  8. Singing is way better than angry shouting or chanting, Josh. It was used to great effect in the freedom movement with MLK back in the 60s.

  9. There youu have it Josh, you gave your opinion as a friend to Ian and In gave you the ol Fuck you right back!

    Can you hear me now?

  10. Ian,

    The Civil Rights Movement and MLK did not advance freedom.

  11. …blogs today, on FreakKeene, as "enslave keene"…we bros, Bro!… 🙂


  12. At least the Civil Rights MOVEMENT had brains enough to STOP for traffic!…lol…

  13. I will be surprised if you guys don't get charged with stalking for this nonsense.



  15. We have a SPECIAL HINDERING APPREHENSION beef for you, Ademo…

    …and "AGGRAVATED OFFENSE, while "FREE" on BAIL", all the way around…

  16. Yes, Little ian, singing was used to great effect in the freedom movement with MLK back in the 60s. That, however, was an actual movement, with real causes for which it was fighting. You are a joke. Funny, it only took someone else a few comments to bring up Rosa Parks on another thread on this subject. Now you bring up MLK. Care to include Gandhi for the trifecta?

    Hey, I noticed that you changed your phone number after skepticos published it on the blog. Do you mind telling us your new one, so we can all call you up and let you know how we think you are doing? You know, just like you publish all the other numbers of people's private home lines.

  17. His new number will be forthcoming as doubles in the movement report to me regularly!!

  18. Did Ian just compare his pack of privileged conservative white kids to the civil rights movement?


  19. This 'demonstration' is just childish and rude.

  20. Number's still the same, name: 603-513-2449. However if you are calling from a blocked number you'll have a tough time getting through. Unblock your number and we can talk.

  21. Hey Keeniacsgohome – liberty-minded people like me want people to be free from aggression. All the conservatives I've ever seen favor aggression and war. You must have us confused with some other group.

  22. "…singing was used to great effect in the freedom movement with MLK back in the 60s. That, however, was an actual movement, with real causes for which it was fighting. You are a joke. "

    This is the same movement. It's the same movement as the abolitionist movement in the 1800s, the suffragette movement in the early 1900s, and the civil rights movement in the 60s. All these movements have been about forwarding the idea that all humans should be treated the same by everyone else; that there is no privileged class of people. This movement is saying the same thing: that government is not special. Government should be held to the same moral standard as you and me.

  23. "It’s the same movement as the abolitionist movement in the 1800s, the suffragette movement in the early 1900s, and the civil rights movement in the 60s"

    Right, because Ian and his groupies are just like blacks living under JIm Crow or slaves living on a plantation. I can tell by the fact that they're denied basic rights like voting, education, or even eating at a lunch counter.

    Yep, DJH is just like MLK.

  24. Anonymous, they are living under a system which systematically enslaves everyone. Their government is at war with numerous countries, has hundreds of bases in something like 150 countries; has put their children in debt to the tune of $48,000 for each child yet to be born; takes 1/2 of their income in the form of taxes; has confiscated everyone's money and forces them to accept counterfeit script; has passed thousands of laws making it impossible to live a legal life, etc, etc, etc, and it all comes down to the idea that government has the RIGHT to use violence against any and everyone it chooses. This is the principle which has to be fought, and it starts right here, at the local level, where there can be no pretense of a need to threaten violence.

  25. Few if any people are disputing what you just said SnowDog. But just about everyone who is not in the KAC inner circle disputes whether the chosen tactics are at all effective. If the primary goal is to drive away the hearts and minds one is trying to win, then bang-up job! You all lost me with Topless Tuesdays. When absorbing whatever shiftless waste-cases you could add to you legion became more important than any sort of consistent message or projecting any sort of image worth emulating, I "porcfaded"? Why? Because I saw that I had wasted several years of my time and effort. Time I should have devoted to study and pursuing professional contacts and experience was squandered on pointless protesting and juvenile occupations of public spaces. Looking back, what was the point of having a cook-out on grounds of the old county jail? Topless Tuesday? All this school "outreach"? I know when I was in high school, I just wanted to go home, or go to work do my homework and try not to do something insignificant that would get me beaten while I try to forge an identity and generally be left the fuck alone. I have a feeling a lot of kids at Monadnock have similar desires for their after school time and the last thing they want after a day of running the terrible gauntlet that is high school is to deal with this repeat drama every. single. day.

  26. Sounds like you made a good move, Josh.

  27. Maybe videos like this are part of the reason has received $20 in donations this year–well short of its $4,000 goal.

    Alienating people and making yourself into a attention whoring martyr isn't going to end government aggression. Let's try making friends instead of making obnoxious and juvenile youtube videos.

    The singing is annoying too. I mean christ.

  28. Hey is this thread a porc roast?

  29. I feel just like Josh. Sad face.

  30. Confused Porc ,

    I'm sorry you see a downer in so much things. 🙂

  31. You guys are a downer…….go have a pity party somewhere

  32. Josh,

    jeeez, talk about whining belly aching … cry me a river man.. What a self pitying downer you are.

  33. Keep speaking yalls piece though…. (the ones that are not the regular trolls like "enslave , matt etc) because the regular trolls are just white noise……no one listens to them .

  34. What could you people possibly hope to achieve by harassing this gentleman's family?

    Not good. Not good at all.

    Ian Wilson

    23 Maple Ave

    Keene NH

  35. its not "harassment "ian".

    Use a dictionary or know what your talking about before you speak and propagate lies

  36. Haha,

    Daivid was at the library posting and he heard someone use the word "Propagate".. So he looked it up on and used it..

  37. David-Keene: Don't even care. Better things to do with my life, just saying.

  38. enslave,

    exactly. lol 🙂

  39. "Confused Porc ,

    I’m sorry you see a downer in so much things. "

    My life is better now than it ever has been. I'm not a downer, I'm just telling you that this form of 'activism' isn't working.

  40. Confused Porc,

    what would activism that is "working" look like,(in your view)

  41. david-keene, who is better in bed..? Chase or fluffy?

    Try not to reply to the white noise.

  42. "Confused Porc,

    what would activism that is “working” look like,(in your view)"

    Something that doesn't alienate almost everyone.

  43. The fat-assed concubine ain't bothered a bit and the neighbors probably already know what a dick that pig is.

    Do the kids know?

  44. @anonymous – I don't think Ian or Kelly have kids. Actually, I don't think Ian has had sex with anyone. Ever.

  45. Hey, Anonymous, calling kelly a fat-assed concubine is one thing, but calling her a dick is taking it a little too far.

  46. what if I called her an overdramatic, local-channal-soap-opera-star, fat-ass, pancake-tittied, bitchtroll who was brain damaged by the numerous incidents with a stripper pole?



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