Quote From Member of MassCops.com Regarding Officer Involved Homicide

In a demonstration of the callous attitudes of many LEO’s regarding police brutality, here’s what one had to say about last Tuesday’s cops and robbers chase here in Keene, which ended in the shooting death of Julio Angel DeJesus by a member of the KPD:

All Officers went home at the end of their shift, the suspect is dead, good day. One less oxygen thieving EBT card holder.

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  1. awww sounds like someone doesn’t like other’s blunt opinions even when she states her own opinion (stating falsely “police brutality” without being properly informed of the situation the Law Enforcement were put in). Here lies the double standard monster, full and well.

  2. so yeah in regards to “callous attitudes”…. thats the pot calling the kettle black

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