Heroic Attorney Joins Courthouse “Trespass” Case

As you may recall, Derrick J, Kelly and I were all arrested at the Cheshire “Superior” court in late February for “trespass” after we were banned “forever” by Sheriff Dick Foote for singing to bureaucrats and asking them questions as they went to and from work. The trespass order is highly unconstitutional, and attorney Jon Meyer agrees and has taken the case pro-bono. Meyer has made a splash in Cheshire county before, with his win in the Bigfoot free speech case.

Now he has filed a Motion to Dismiss the charges along with a Memo in Support of Motion to Dismiss.

In court, judge Ed Burke gave the prosecutor 30 days to respond to the motion to dismiss. Next court date is a hearing on the no “trespass” order, November 14th at 9am in Keene district court. Here is the video from today’s hearing:

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