Manchester State House Election is Free Stater vs Free Stater

The Union Leader is reporting that the race in Hillsboro district 12 is a republican Free Stater vs a democrat Free Stater. Look for more of this in the future as more activists move here and take over the Republican and Democrat parties.

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  1. There’s another race with 3 free staters, out of 4, in a choose 2.

  2. which?

  3. It must be nice. Wish we had free staters in Texas.

  4. you do…Sam Dodson is there ‘weathering the storm of the impending economic crisis’…go check him out.

  5. It seems that there is zero evidence that both candidates are free staters. Did both candidates announce that they were free staters? It might very well be true but I would expect some evidence.

  6. It is only 2 out of 4 free staters. 1 on the D side, 1 on the R side so it is still possible 0 free staters will win in that race. Who knows though, maybe all 4 of the candidates in that race are pro-liberty?

  7. He is talking about the Manchester race with Emily against Joel.

  8. It took me about 3 minutes to find Tim O Flanerty the Democrat Free State candidate lists Free State Project as one of his activities on his Facebook page.

    Took me 1 more minute to find Free Stater evidence for the Republican Garthwaite.

    Did you even look for evidence?

  9. 100,000s of people in New Hampshire support the FSP. Just because someone supports or is involved somehow with the FSP doesn’t mean the person moved to NH as part of the FSP. Perhaps both of these folks did but some evidence would be nice.

  10. You have Alex Jones.

  11. I miss Sam ;(

  12. It’s with your evidence that hundreds of thousands of people in New Hampshire support the FSP.

  13. You’re questioning whether Dan Garthwaite is a Freestater? Dan is most definitely a Freestater, who moved years ago. Anyone involved in the FSP should recognize his name.


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