Rich Paul Found Guilty – Juror admits, “We didn’t want to break the law.”

RichWendyIn yet another sad jury decision, activist Rich Paul, the creator of the historic 420 celebrations in downtown Keene, was found guilty of multiple felony counts of selling cannabis to other consenting humans and one count of selling a substance prosecutors said he claimed was LSD. (Paul never claimed the substance was LSD but that didn’t matter to the jury.)

As is so typical, the jurors left the building together for protection from the raining questions from people who love the peaceful human the jurors sent to a cage. Not one juror would take $20 for a five minute interview.

However, there was one juror willing to speak, albeit only for a moment. He admits when asked why he didn’t make history today, that “We didn’t want to break the law.” and then accuses me of threatening him. He then gets into a dark blue minivan with a Romney sticker, tinted windows, and the license plate FISHERS:

They took three hours, so presumably some of the jurors were voting not guilty, but were turned. That’s just like in the occupy trial, where we actually did get one juror to talk on camera, AFTER the other jurors and bailiffs had left. Hopefully someday, one juror will develop a spine and stand up for their beliefs, even against a group. It’s OK to hang a jury! I also believe jurors need to be told this. A jury does not have to return a verdict. One must wonder what pressure they are under to vote against their conscience. They must know how scary and dangerous the state people are and are easily swayed to guilty, after all, wouldn’t want to cross “the state”!

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  1. Do you know if they retried the guy, or did he get off?

  2. The problem in this case was that the judge had the last word, and part of his instructions contradicted the jury nullification argument the defense attorney made. The jury nullification bill that was up at the State House last year had two parts, one allowing attorneys to mention nullification, and another requiring judges to use a specific instruction. The Senate amended that second part out of the bill before passing it. And this case is clear evidence that that part needs to be submitted as a new bill before jury nullification is really going to be effective.

  3. I have never commented on here but i follow your site and videos alot. this person broke the law. we have laws in this country to keep order. if you dont like the laws here you can always move. you all involved in this are complete idiots and seem to me, have no sense at all.

  4. nope!

  5. It was once a federal crime to help an escaped slave. Say Harriet Tubman came to your door, with an escapee. Would you throw her in jail too? Send the slave back to his/her “owner”?

    The opinion of politicians is not the definition of moral right and wrong. “I was told to” is called the Nuremberg defense. Google it.

    Read Jefferson, MLK, Gandhi, many others — they say the same.

    This amoral, robot-like mentality is pathetic. “Land of the free/brave” my ankle. Bunch of bootlicking zombies.

  6. It was once a federal law to help escaped slaves. Should that law have been enforced?

    Many laws have been immoral, throughout history. The opinions of politicians are not the moral definition of right and wrong.

    Grow a conscience of your own.

    Oh, and by the way, the government does not own the country, or the state, and have no right to demand everyone who lives here obey their arbitrary dictates, or leave, any more than I have a right to tell you the you must live the way I say, in your own house, or leave.

  7. Such a test would be used to weed out “unwanted” jurors. It is never the test that counts, it’s who grades the test.

  8. Not much sense coming out of NH and unfortunately
    unsurprising to me.

  9. “Be taught”? I say that the idea that the people are master and the state, including the courts are the peoples servant, ought be the nature of things understood at our earliest awareness. In a healthy liberty based society we would have that idea overriding all. I do not think that babies from the womb start out thinking like slaves. It is unfortunate that most are taught serfdom and the indoctrination is so far holding.

  10. It’s not against The Natural Law. And the Natural Law is superior to any man-made law.

  11. And making his own children pay for it with increased tax burden. I don’t understand his logic.

  12. Retried him twice same result each time

  13. what a shame!! just shows how people really don’t want change even if its for the betterment of the human race. I hope he can appeal!

  14. So all laws are moral? Would it have been wrong to stand up to a Nazi storm trooper forcing jews onto trains? Or would it have been wrong to prevent the US military from herding those of Japanese decent into prison camps?

  15. Bitch please

  16. Right on, Ian gets all the FRNs getting rich which we do all his fucking dirty work

  17. Don’t ever post on this fucking forum ever again!

  18. no shit sherlock

  19. Then where is Ian getting the fucking FRNs bitch?

  20. @NHNative42 That’s like murdering someone and me saying that’s bad because it’s illegal, then you retorting with the fact that laws are not validated by their own existence. This is true, however, anyone with a simple concept of morality understands that murder is, by and large, bad. So, selling a highly addictive drug for profit is, by most definitions, morally wrong. Thus it is a legal law, but it’s also a *moral* law. I don’t expect a legitimate or intelligent reply, since generally once you deconstruct someone’s strawman they just flail and regurgitate their original post, but have you something reasonable to say that’d be nice.


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