No Victim Means the Ransom From Lesley Collier Is Without Merit

Individuals Involved:
Lesley Collier – Keene Police employee who levied ransom
Pete Eyre – Tahoe owner who allegedly victimized the “state of New Hampshire”
Ed Burke – man wearing black robe in legalland
Jim Cemorelis – Keene police employee and prosecutor
Jean Kilham – Keene police employee and prosecutor

Keene Police Department
400 Marlboro Street
Keene, NH 03431
Phone: (603) 357-9813


On March 23rd, 2013, after hanging with some friends at the Keene Activist Center, I decided to roll out.

Unbeknownst to me, about 100′ feet away Lesley Collier, an employee of Keene police department, was at that time placing a ransom note on my Tahoe.

When I saw it, my initial thought was the adage: “answer fools with silence”

So, I didn’t read the ransom note. It remained untouched, under my windshield wiper, for a couple days as I drove around town.

But, after talking with some friends, I decided to address it, simply because I recognized it as a death threat.

I stopped by the headquarters of the Keene police outfit.

There I saw a box where many unthinkingly pay ransoms they receive from Collier and his colleagues, which only perpetuates and sets the stage for more such “legal” shakedowns.

I instead communicated that I was not going to fund their criminal outfit. I was told to appear in legalland on May 1st.

I’m now told to return on August 19th.

Do you believe this process is about justice? If not, then as best you can, stop granting it allegiance. Why not act according to your own conscience rather than to text on paper conflated as law.

Essentially what I’m doing is damage control. If I had ignored the ransom the amount demanded would increase. Next would be more frequent, and different methods of contact. Eventually, some active with the same criminal organization may claim to be “justified” as they attempt to kidnap and cage my person. If I resisted, they might initiate lethal force and claim “immunity”.

And for what? Collier’s ransom note said that I disobeyed an alleged ban on parking on public streets overnight during the winter. I certainly don’t grant authority to Collier and the rules he cites simply because its claimed. The removal of snow wasn’t an issue on the night in question. There was no victim despite Jean Kilham communicating otherwise in her response to my motion to dismiss.

The defendant alleged there was no victim.

The state objects.

As we each conclude that we shouldn’t apologize for actions that harmed no one, that we don’t owe a debt to make some fictitious entity whole, the sooner we live free of individuals claiming the right to initiate force.

We’ll see what happens. If the threat levied isn’t dropped I expect to sit half a day or a day in a cage. Hopefully it gets some folks to think. At least I know I’m being true to my conscience.



Note that this post was first posted to on May 6, 2013

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  1. Not to be snarky, but I have some legitimate questions:

    1) What was the nature of the death threat? Was it implicit or inferred?

    2) If you do not recognize any laws, how can you call anything a “criminal outfit?” If there ARE laws, then what they are doing is Legal. If there ARE NO laws, then what they are doing is also legal (because nothing is illegal or “criminal” in a lawless society).

    3) By the same token, you say “. . . the sooner we live free of individuals claiming the right to initiate force.” but again, in a lawless society, couldn’t ANYONE initiate force against any individual without any legal consequences? They may not have the “right” to do it, but what would stop them?

  2. I refer to the “damage control” king – Marc Stevens DOT net! Simple, easy, effective. “Do you rely on witnesses with first hand knowledge that the code is applicable to me? No?? Well, what facts do you rely on for evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt the code applies to me? OBJECTION! Non responsive, circular logic.” Come on Pete, I know you can do it.

  3. It would be awesome if Pete would wear a giant cowboy hat or large colorful sombrero during the trial.

    I wonder how Burke would handle a really huge silly hat.

  4. In this case I see Pete as asserting his natural rights over artificial man-made rights here.

    Natural rights are rights not contingent upon the laws, customs, or beliefs of any particular culture or government, and therefore universal and inalienable.

    More on Natural vs. Legal Rights…

  5. I would like to know the answer to question #1 as well. death threat?

  6. Unpaid fines have resulted in death of peoples livelihood, death of marriages, death of ones job etc.

    Maybe not a death of a person, but a death threat nonetheless.

    Example: Town of Winchester recent death threat reported last week on this Keene blog resulted in the death of his marriage.

  7. Right on, Pete. Keep on keepin’ on. I’m rooting for you, brother.

  8. So, you can just re-define terms to suit your mood? Doesn’t that make intelligent discourse nearly impossible to conduct?

  9. But without Laws, what will enforce those natural rights? I have a natural right to freedom, but without laws, you can just hold a gun on me, chain me up, and make me work in a sweat-shop until I drop dead.

  10. What gives you or anyone else the right to create laws?

  11. I think you missed the point. Without Laws anyone can take away your rights if they are stronger or have bigger weapons/more friends than you.

  12. With laws they take ways your rights, because they are stronger, have more money/friends than you. I don’t think I missed the point.

  13. Yes, you still missed the point. If you can’t see the difference between (A) being taken to court and possibly fined or asked to “keep your distance” (with Laws) or (B) Having a bullet put in the back of your head (without Laws), then I can’t help you.

  14. Or being placed in a concentration camp because you look Japanese or more recently killing your dog in a no knock raid because you dare grow medicine for cancer victims then being kidnapped and placed in a rape cage. They will shoot you in the back of the head if you try to escape. Because of laws.

  15. Try not complying with those orders. It doesn’t take long before they do put a bullet in the back of your head, or do something similarly-fatal.

    The penalty is /always/ death. The only time they don’t kill you, is if /you/ defuse the situation by complying with their demands.

    It’s like a rapist saying, “have sex with me or I’ll cut your throat,” so his victim complies… are you saying that doesn’t violate the victim’s rights, because the victim was not actually killed? Of course it does – the victim only complied to avoid being murdered. And the same goes with absolutely any law… if you don’t proactively comply with their ridiculous demands and refrain from exercising your fundamental human rights, they eventually murder you.

    And then there are the times when they just assault, rape, and/or murder someone because they’re bored. And “the law” does nothing… even when they’re caught red-handed on video murdering someone, they get away with it.

  16. I find it very hard to believe you have no conception of what the world would be like without laws. Rather than say you are stupid or lack imagination, I will concede that you are simply willfully ignorant and refuse to see the obvious truth.

  17. Ditto


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