From Rich Paul: “Letter from a New Hampshire Jail”


I have been in the Keene Spiritual Retreat for a week or so now. I have been pretty busy with business and legal issues since then, so it has taken me a while to collect my thoughts. Here they are, I hope they were worth the wait.

First I want to thank my supporters for all their help, whether emotional, spiritual, or economic. Many have helped, but I especially want to thank my girl Wendy, my parents, Ian, James, Bill and Gail, Joan, Carla, and Jay. You guys make this bearable. You rock!

Secondly, I want to address all those who participated in the trial. I want you to know that whatever your involvement, whether Judge or Jury or Bailiff or Prosecutor or Cop, that I forgive you. The only exception to this is Phil Christiana, of the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force. He has shown himself to be malevolent. Richie ratted out a friend, but not out of evil… just out of weakness and cowardice. I understand the fear he felt, and though I don’t condone his actions, I cannot blame the weak for their weakness… I can only pity them.

As to Phil, the central perpetrator of this injustice, the best I can do is hope to save your soul. You tried to blackmail me into betraying and entrapping my innocent but politically active friends. This is an unforgivable offense, until you realize the magnitude of your crime. I hope that a flood of postcards will reach you at your office:

Phil Christiana
FBI Boston Division
Independence Place
15 Constitution Drive, 2nd Floor
Bedford, NH 03110
Phone: (603) 472-2224
Fax: (603) 472-9419

and remind you of the Commandment “Thou shall not bear false witness against your neighbor”. Hopefully a good mashup of your testimony with that of those who told the truth, like the DTF agents, will remind you of your perjury. If blackmail and perjury by law enforcement see to you to be a good way to convince Voluntaryists of the usefulness of government, please think again.

-Rich Paul

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