Josh English & Mike Goodchild, Keene Police Employees, Fail to Uphold Mission

Last night I had an interaction with Josh English and Mike Goodchild, Keene police department employees who acted in opposite of the mission they claim to uphold.

The mission of the Keene Police Department is to protect life and property and to maintain order within the City while assuring fair and respectful treatment of everyone.

Just after 10pm I spied some flashing blue lights on West Street in Keene. As I neared the scene – one Keene cruiser with the license plate G0244 and an Explorer stopped along the curb facing east – I opened Bambuser to start streaming live content, and, just in case, I made more accessible my handheld marine band radio – used to communicate with others in the area who may have their ears on.

I expected the road pirate activity to pass uneventfully. Yet the interaction had with English and Goodchild was less than satisfactory. From the former, I received threats. From the latter, I was treated as if I didn’t exist. It’s clear neither fit the “respectful” demeanor claimed in their mission…


Josh English & his four-legged friend, Patriot

Quick and dirty breakdown of exchange seen in video

0:00 I positioned myself at the front of the scene to be visible to all present and to be better positioned to create an objective record of the incident
0:44 woman visible
1:40 identification given
2:54 update
3:08 why I choose to film the police
4:00 second Keene police employee arrives at scene
4:39 contact attempted with second Keene police employee
4:54 second Keene police employee refuses to respond, even to share his name/badge
5:05 second Keene police employee identified as [Mike] Goodchild
5:30 Goodchiild asked thoughts about filming – remains mute
5:50 Goodchild asked if actions align with mission [in case you’re curious, the tenets put-forth by Keene police include “professionalism, objectivity, loyalty, integrity, courtesy, enthusiasm”]
6:15 first Keene police employee returns to woman in Explorer
6:40 second individual on scene filming police [Garret Ean]
7:00 road pirate activity, initiated by the first Keene police employee, concludes
7:09 first Keene police employee asked “Can I get your name and badge number sir?”
7:18 first Keene police employee exits his vehicle and approaches while verbalizing “Step away from my car, you’re antagonizing my dog, that’s a criminal action”
8:11 first Keene police employee asked again for his name
8:15 first Keene police employee again exits vehicle and says “If you step in front of my car again I will arrest you”
8:30 first Keene police employee identified as [Josh] English
8:38 English and Goodchild drive away from scene
8:47 I remind English and Goodchild that “This isn’t what Keene is supposed to be about!”
9:00 recap of exchange had with Ean


Keene Police Department

400 Marlboro Street
Keene, NH 03431
Phone: (603) 357-9813
Josh English – Keene police employee who initiated the traffic stop, and who twice threatened to kidnap/cage
Mike Goodchild – Keene police employee who arrived at traffic stop later, and who remained non-conversational


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  1. 5:50 Goodchild asked if actions align with mission [in case you’re curious, the tenantsput-forth by Keene police include “professionalism, objectivity, loyalty, integrity, courtesy, enthusiasm”]

    Tenets, not tenants – not trying to be a douche, I just like proper spelling. To further clarify my non-douchery, way to go and keep up the Cop Blocking!

  2. I don’t see how they are required to speak with you. They did not detain you in any fashion, you chose to speak with them and not about anything in which you have to be given a response. Your questions were simply to annoy and make yourself look important. I laugh at your sillyness. I once thought you would be a useful tool but all I see are childish and silly attempts to meet your own agenda.

  3. PAUL you only have one post.
    You type just like the Youtube troll “Runningwolfkenpo”

  4. I wonder how the cops children will feel when their daddy has to return the stolen money he’s being paid with when there is no money for college and thier childhood home is sold to repay daddy’s victims.

  5. Goodness. I certainly hope English’s dog isn’t so easily “antagonized” at the bite prevention workshop they’re supposed to be headlining on 5/18!

  6. It’s not PAUL’s fault he only has one post. It isn’t that easy to just jump on the internet when you’re driving around town in a police cruiser.

  7. These K-9 dogs are big money makers for departments.

    Many of these dogs are trained to sniff out hidden cash which the departments keep.

    I guess 60 year old ladies are on his shakedown profiling list as potential drug traffickers.

  8. Next time the Police should let the dog on you Pete Eyre

  9. Fuck you

  10. Kiss my ass

  11. So this was a routine traffic stop. The police didn’t threaten or intimidate anyone, they didn’t drag the woman out of her car and beat her. This was essentially a non-event that you’ve tried to conflate into something. This seems utterly pointless. Is that the point? Are being ironic?

  12. Runningwolfkenpo= Paul Wayne Bowman (863) 978-8941 moved from Keene NH to Winter Haven FL


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