Memorial Day Peace Contingent Well-Received

Memorial Day Peace ContingentSeveral activists came out this morning to hold peace flags and signs with messages like, “Make love, not war”. As you might expect, some people were upset that we were there, but many others were supportive!

Later, we had a nice conversation with Keene police’s Kyle Macie about various issues including voluntarism and world dictators, the police, local activism, prohibition, and other matters.

Thanks to everyone who smiled, waved, and peace signed!

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  1. So I commented last year that Memorial day parades are done to remember and honor our loved ones who have paid the ultimate sacrifice while serving in the military. I find it very disrespectful to be protesting on day that is nationally set aside to remember those who have fought and died while serving in our nations military. Memorial day is not about supporting war in any way shape or form. It’s about honoring those who died. Protesting the current wars is your right, but just remember it is Soldier that fought and died many years ago for your right to protest. Please respect Memorial day by not holding signs of protest but instead hold signs thanking those soldiers who died supporting our rights. Even though you may not support war some things such a freedom and rights are worth fighting for and need to be protected by the barrel of a gun.

  2. I’m all for holding peace flags….but the largest flag in the picture is a war flag.

  3. Instead of calling them soldiers, why not be honest and call them what they are: hired murderers who died obeying orders to invade foreign countries and kill the true heroes who answered the call to defend their homeland against US aggression; hired murders who indiscriminately kill women, children and civilians, who take pictures of themselves torturing prisoners and urinating on their dead victims. Such hired murderers get my thanks when they show repentance for their crimes, but the criminals in Washington DC have never set aside a day of recognition for that small minority.

  4. I agree that a few Soldiers have done some very horrible things and have no business being in a values based organization such as the military. Your reply talks about a few bad apples that have shamed themselves and the military they represented. There are literally millions of others Soldiers, Sailers, Airmen, and Marines who have done a very difficult job honorably. Without Soldiers there would be no America, and we would not live in a free country. Memorial day is all about that, remembering all soldiers past and present that have served and sacrificed their lives to help others. I have served in the Army for 12 years and never had to use a weapon against another person. Calling all Soldiers murders is spreading a hateful message and opposite of peace. Our military conducts many humanitarian missions, (Haiti after their horrible earthquake for example) and assisted in saving the lives of those captured by pirates, just to name a few. I have even assisted in helping Alaskan Natives in constructing a road from one end of their small island to the other. In conclusion all I wanted to do was respectfully ask people not to protest on Memorial day out of respect for those who have died.

  5. Soldiers rely on stolen money to continue working, if they were honorable they wouldn’t accept blood money taken via tax theft.

    So you helped a Alaskan village build a road, but took stolen money to do it. Not cool.

  6. So how does your comment relate to memorial day and my original post. Attacking soldiers for doing good things seems counter productive to me.

  7. Look again – there is a peace symbol in the stars area.

  8. Soldiers don’t really do anything good, if they did they’d return the money that was stolen from taxpayers for their paycheck. And they would disassociate themselves from the murders they are employed with.

  9. I’m not talking about a few bad apples. I’m talking about every last one of you hired murderers. Just because you personally have never been the one pulling the trigger (allegedly) in no way absolves you from your complicity in the manifold war crimes of your accomplices, nor does in change the fact that if ordered to, you would kill on command. You just haven’t received that particular order yet.

    If I were you I would be embarrassed to admit I was part of the invasion and occupation of Haiti. You believe that taking control of a foreign country’s air traffic control system by force is “humanitarian?” Making it possible for mass looting, causing food shortages. This is humanitarian to you?

    It doesn’t take hired murderers to deliver food. If you want to send food to Haiti, Federal Express does just fine with delivering goods. If you were sincere in wanting to help, you would put down your death tools, take off your murderer costume, and help people without needing “orders” from your commanding murderer.

    If you cared about helping those captured by “pirates” you would be freeing the thousands of political prisons from US gulags. You don’t have a problem with pirates–you work for pirates. You have a problem with competition.

    You talk about freedom? You call the country with the HIGHEST PROPORTION OF PEOPLE LOCKED IN CAGES free? You obviously have a twisted idea of freedom–more than twisted it is truly Orwellian. Name one freedom Americans are unique in having? Free to hand over half their income to criminals every year? Free to hold signs while corralled inside a “free speech zone?” Free to be subject to warrantless searches? Free to be tortured and imprisoned indefinitely with no trial? Please, tell me all the details about what Americans alone are free to do.

    Invading countries that pose no threat to the US does not promote freedom, it crushes freedom. It is not a humanitarian act to be respected, it is an atrocity that all civilized people ought to abhor; it is a war crime, and just because you and your fellow war criminals may escape punishment in this world does not in any way lessen your guilt.

    May Jesus have mercy upon your soul.

  10. So there is. I overlooked that detail. That is a truly curious juxtaposition of meanings. One might even call it oxymoronic. However, considering that the design is directly taken from the flag of the British East India Company–one of the first corporations–its meaning (though probably not one I would endorse personally) may be highly appropriate considering the regime that controls the piece of land on which that picture was taken.

  11. I know a good freedom you have that I think you should try, you have the freedom to leave. So if our country is so terrible, why stay? Leave, move to amsterdam for all we patriots care. Maybe you’ll be happier there.

  12. Actually you’re wrong about that. The “freedom to leave” is severely infringed by the US government. First, there’s something called the “exit tax” (or Reichsfluchtsteuer according to the Nazis from whom your employer stole the idea). They’ll take all but a pittance of anything of value you have now, and you can forget about your pension or 401(k); you can forget about any future income from your investments in US securities.

    Second, all the IRS has to do is to ALLEGE you owe back taxes and your passport can be cancelled with no due process. So much for the “freedom to leave.”

    And even if someone pays their own ransom and successfully crosses the imaginary line, the criminal syndicate that you accept paychecks from has stationed its agent murderers in a hundred and fifty countries around the world–more than 75%–including your suggested destination of the Netherlands. So your jingoistic suggestion to “leave” in order to escape the tyranny you so willingly enforce is no less of a hollow platitude than the rest of your baseless clichés.

    Now on behalf of all readers of this thread, I’d like to thank you for your service. Because you have served us very well by failing to be able to name EVEN ONE freedom by which government sycophants such as yourself can justify your tired claims of moral superiority.

    If it makes you feel any better, I do plan to leave the USA. However, my strategy for doing that does not require moving: it’s called secession. You ought to look into it, because when it happens, you just might have to find honest work.

  13. Oh I get it now your just selfish. You want all the nice benefits such as the 401k plans, emergency services, protection from violent criminals ect. and not have to pay for it.

    You “claim” were all murderers, but Memorial day proves that many more people support Soldiers and all the good things we do for others than object to what we stand for. Our values are Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage. We are taught to NOT follow illegal or Unlawful orders such as murder, and our rules of engagement require us only to use deadly force when our own lives are in jeopardy.

    You may think you know a lot about the military but you need to do a lot more research on war crimes, Uniform Code of Military Justice and the Geneva Convention.

  14. (1) What you call “selfish” is my right to own private property, and to keep the fruits of my labor. I know that this principle directly conflicts with the first four planks of the Communist Manifesto. If Marxism is the basis of your belief system, that’s fine, but please be honest about it.

    (2) I never said anything about “emergency services” nor “protection from violent criminals.” I certainly never claimed I want free services. You are imagining things I never said, and if you’re claiming that pension funds protect people from violent crime–such a claim is too absurd and illogical even to warrant a response.

    The fact is the most dangerous criminals are the ones wearing badges and holding political offices. The FACT is that “You are 8 times more likely to be killed by a police officer than by a terrorist.” That’s according to statistical analyses published by the National Safety Council. If you sincerely cared about protecting people from violent criminals you would be offering to sell me “protection FROM Police” service–and I would be willing to pay.

    (3) You attempt to justify the murders that your accomplices commit on the basis of what “more people” support or object to. That is a logical fallacy known as “argumentum ad populum.” In essence you are saying something is true merely because so many people believe it. Logical fallacies are instances of invalid reasoning, and any conclusion you draw as a result therefore must be disregarded as invalid. Murder is murder, no matter how many people say it is or isn’t.

    (4) You recite a beautiful-sounding list of “values,” but as they say, talk is cheap. Your “loyalty” is to criminals, your “duty” is to criminals, your “respect” is for criminals. You claim “selfless service,” but don’t you take a paycheck? That sounds selfish to me. Why don’t you perform your loyal, dutiful, respectful service for free? There is no “honor” among thieves, and murderers are no different. And if you want to convince the world of your personal courage, tell us about an unlawful order you refused to follow. Now THAT takes courage.

    Adam Kokesh is a man who displays personal courage, and the criminal organization you work for has locked him in a cage for it. Bradley Manning displayed personal courage and the criminals you work for still have him locked up. You and your organization don’t stand for personal courage; you fear it.

    (5) You tell me I need to learn about the Geneva Convention, so why you don’t you teach me? The list of prohibited acts in Article 3 reads like a description of the atrocities your organization commits on a daily basis. Article 17 reads, “No physical or mental torture, nor any other form of coercion, may be inflicted on prisoners of war to secure from them information of any kind whatever.” The idea that the criminals from whom you take orders observe the Geneva Conventions–its word or spirit–is nothing less than laughable.

    What I find most enlightening, however, is that while you refer me to the Geneva Conventions and the UCMJ, you don’t mention the US Constitution, to which everyone in the USA military has allegedly sworn an oath (along with the politicians they obey). Is that because you know that Article I, Section 8, clause 12 prohibits standing armies, and you work for a standing army? Or maybe you have a problem with clause 11, under which only Congress has the power to declare war. Earlier this month, writer Kevin Gosztola published an article in which he used published sources to count the number of nations in which the USA is currently fighting or “helping” some force: his count: SEVENTY FOUR. And that’s not even counting covert wars!

    Earlier I challenged you to name just one uniquely American freedom: and you couldn’t do it. Now I present you with another challenge: show me just one congressional Declaration of War for any of these seventy-four military conflicts that your organization is presently engaged in. Of course we know you cannot do this either, because every one of those seventy-four wars is being waged in violation of the Constitution, hence is illegal and unlawful. From the foregoing, we can conclude with certainty that one of two things must true:

    (a) Either you are not telling the truth when you claim that you “are taught to NOT follow illegal or Unlawful orders,” or else

    (b) hundreds of thousands of US soldiers regularly ignore what they are taught and willingly obey illegal and unlawful orders by participating in all these undeclared wars, in direct violation of their oaths to the Constitution.

    (6) No US state has been invaded or threatened since the War of 1812, and that was the last time there might have been any legitimate case for US involvement in a war. So your justification regarding the use of deadly force because your life in in jeopardy is not valid. The lives of your professional murderer colleagues are only ever in jeopardy as a direct consequence of willingly participating in criminal acts. The moral solution to eliminate that jeopardy is to avoid committing those crimes in the first place, not to murder people who are perfectly within their right in defending their homelands from the illegal invasions orchestrated by the criminal organization you work for.


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