Gov. Hassan Signs “Therapeutic Cannabis”

New Hampshire’s Governor signed a “therapeutic cannabis” law today. Which is better than if she had vetoed the bill. However, the legislation needs to be VASTLY improved!

For starters, patients can’t grow their own cannabis, there will only be 4 dispensaries in the entire State, and patients will be forced to pay a yearly fee to have a “therapeutic cannabis” ID card, not to mention that such dispensaries will not be open for quite some time.

Some people are making a big deal over the fact that PTSD was specifically removed, however better terminology (“traumatic brain injury, or one or more injuries that significantly interferes with daily activities as documented by the patient’s provider”) was added.

The legislation does not allow for anyone in NH who is not a “resident” to be treated as a “Visiting qualifying patient” (The law defines a “Visiting qualifying patient” as a patient with a qualifying medical condition who is not a resident of New Hampshire or who has been a resident of New Hampshire for fewer than 30 days and is not eligible to purchase therapeutic cannabis in New Hampshire or receive cannabis from a qualifying New Hampshire patient.)

One can only hope that this bill is improved in the next session!

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  1. We hope! We have an ENTIRE GENERATION of men who fought this BS war and ended up doing things in IRAQ that they never even imagined in their wildest dreams, and they are all suffering from PTSD in fact they were degraded so bad alot of them are committing suicide or attempting to. To take that out was just another huge slap in the face when it could actually save their very lives. Its discusting!

  2. Holly, most PTSD is considered to be a traumatic brain injury, as are concussions. Secondly, PTSD was replaced with the phrase “traumatic brain injury, or one or more injuries that significantly
    interferes with daily activities as documented by the patient’s
    provider” I don’t see how anyone could argue that PTSD is not an injury “that significantly
    interferes with daily activities”!

  3. I just moved here from totalitarian dictatorship NYS, and frankly I’m blown away that pot isn’t completely decriminalized in this state. Even the worst pig cops in NYS consider the existing legislation to be a joke. Of course they still cite for it, because it’s a $75 fine up to an ounce, plus $150 for the “court fee” (read: state), and hey…union dues have to get paid somehow.


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