Will David Lauren Acknowledge There Was No Victim and Thus No Right to Demand Payment?

UPDATE: JULY 31 1:09am

Just before 4pm today I dropped-off this note addressed to David Lauren at the Cheshire County Attorney office.

I had previously called and left a voicemail with Lauren and inquired how best to point out to him some content I think relevant to the threat he and his colleagues have levied at me for the victimless act of parking my truck on a clear street.

The post I indicated in the note is this post: http://KeeneCopBlock.org/386


ATTN: David Lauren

Re: “State of N.H. vs. Peter Eyre, No. 499-2013-CR-00803” and the statement communicated to me on July 25, 2013 by Jean Hawkins Kilham, seeking “reciprocal discovery for any evidence” related to the ransom note left on my vehicle on March 23, 2013 by Lesley Collier, please see the post:



> the embedded b&w video entitled “2013 03 23 Lesley Collier leaves ransom note on vehicle”

[the direct link to that video is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nWvlUv8u8Ok]


> the three screenshots from wunderground.com that show the weather in Keene, NH on the dates March 21-23, 2013

Thanks for your time.

It’s my hope that justice will be arrived at through reason and logic.

Your neighbor,

-Pete Eyre


This post was published originally at KeeneCopBlock.org

On March 23, 2013 I found a ransom note left on my Tahoe by Lesley Collier, who wears badge #198 of the Keene Police Department. Collier claims that I owe the “City of Keene” 15FRNs, which I dispute.

Most-important: I did not harm anyone.

Collier and David Lauren, who is now pursing this in legaland, have yet to identify a victim. If there’s no victim there’s no crime, thus I don’t have an obligation to make anyone whole.

I put-forth this commonsensical perspective to Ed Burke in Keene District Court in early May.

I was told to return on August 19th. However, since I plan to be on the road on the 19th with the Police Accountability Tour, I motioned for an earlier date (as well as a dismissal based on the frivolous nature of the claim) and was told to appear at District Court in Keene the morning of August 6th.

Individuals Involved

Lesley Collier – Keene Police employee who levied ransom- (603) 357-9813
David Lauren – assistant Cheshire County attorney – (603) 352-0056
Ed Burke – man wearing black robe in legaland – (855) 212-1234
Jim Cemorelis – Keene police employee and prosecutor – (603) 357-9813
Pete Eyre – Tahoe owner who allegedly victimized the “state of New Hampshire”

If Collier or Lauren are able to point to a victim, or to property that I damaged, then I’ll gladly make right. I believe personal responsibility to be a paramount character trait.

Yet as it stands, the only justification given for this attempted shake-down is some text penned by folks who I’ve never met, which claims that parking in certain spots isn’t acceptable during certain times. That text – dressed-up in the legalese of Keene ordinances 94-95 – pertained to overnight parking [read in embedded document below].

I never signed that text. It is not a contract to which I’m beholden. Further, the ransom note was left on my vehicle on March 23, 2013 – that day and the days prior were all precipitation free – meaning there was no snow that needed to be cleared from the roads.

Zero precip in Keene on March 21, 2013


Zero precip in Keene on March 22, 2013


Zero precip in Keene on March 23, 2013


The video below shows a clear Leverett St.

Collier appears at 1:05 and places a ransom note on my truck. He drives off around 1:23 and a minute later I appear (with a friend).

Based on their actions demonstrated thus far, one may rightly claim that Collier and Lauren – far from being motivated out of an interest to help those they claim to serve – are driven first and foremost by revenue generation.

That shouldn’t sit well with anyone, including Collier and Lauren themselves. They’re not just doing a job, they are responsible for their actions.

As I concluded on my post from May, Why a Ransom Levied Won’t be Paid:

As we each conclude that we shouldn’t apologize for actions that harmed no one, that we don’t owe a debt to make some fictitious entity whole, the sooner we live free of individuals claiming the right to initiate force.

We’ll see what happens. If the threat levied isn’t dropped I expect to sit half a day or a day in a cage. Hopefully it gets some folks to think. At least I know I’m being true to my conscience.

The embedded document below was sent to me by Jean Hawkins Kilham (who, after the August date change, was handed this off to her colleague Lauren) . It looks like their colleagues know me better than myself it lists page 8 that my speech is “Southern Drawl” … It looks like they’re targeting a different person – yet another reason the ransom levied at me is moot.

Discovery re: Leslie Collier Ransom

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  1. “We’ll see what happens. If the threat levied isn’t dropped I expect to sit half a day or a day in a cage. Hopefully it gets some folks to think.”

    I just thought of an idea. Since few people seem to notice or care when the police kidnap people and lock them in cages perhaps it would be a good idea to voluntarily cage someone else in a public place during the same time that the police are unjustly caging someone.

    So, for example, if they end up caging you for half a day, then a liberty activist could have someone else lock them up in a cage on the Keene Common (or another appropriate public place) for half a day for all to see. People would most likely stop by the strange scene and offer to help (especially if the person was yelling for help, like most people would if they were kidnapped) and the activist could then pretend that they did what you did, namely park in a street overnight.

    Passerby: “Are you okay? Do you need any help?”

    Activist in cage on Keene common: “Yes, please! You see, I parked my car on a public street overnight. A stranger came up to me and demanded I pay him money for parking overnight. I refused to pay since I didn’t believe I owed him anything. He then proceeded to drag me here and lock me in this cage!”

    The passerby would probably think it was a joke and so at this point the activist could reveal that he or she is just acting to spread awareness about the fact that their friend Pete really was kidnapped and locked in a cage for parking in a public street overnight.

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