Aqua Kzheckpoint Patrol Fortification #1

2013_09_09_akpfmasscopThis week’s fulfilling installment entered into the AKPF #1 timeslot on CheshireTV is Aqua Kzheckpoint Patrol Fortification #1, offering a unique perspective into a suspicionless checkpoint established on Route 12 in Walpole in addition to following up on AKPF #1 episode 10 Staatspolizei. Included in this episode are editorial videos by Dave Ridley, which do not represent the views of this channel, its staff, board of directors, or underwriters. Plus, you wouldn’t want to miss the unconstitutional anticamera tirade of Barnstable MassCop Gretchen Allen as captured by journalist Robert Bastille.

1. 00:00 Opening Credits AKPF Reflective Safety Vest (rear)
2. 00:12 Joseph DiRusso and Aaron Gillis execute a secret search warrant against the electronic person of Garret Ean in accordance with DPRK royal mandates by robed man Edward Burke.
3. 01:06 Safety at Suspicionless Checkpoints – Papers please, Arizona. Asked or ordered?
4. 08:05 Always roll video. Always Wolmart.
5. 08:09 First spotting of secret police officer exiting courthaus.
6. 10:51 Camera successfully not robbed!
7. 11:08 Shield mutual has your back
8. 11:13 Ridley analyzes the camera robbery by state police.
9. 16:00 Ridley presents, the Angry Hippie rendition (feat. socialism & black power)
10. 22:19 Scary things in this building, City of Keene watering flowers DPRK
11. 22:27 Ridley ambush interviews state trooper on wiretapping abuse
12. 24:41 Massachusetts journalist present Gretchen Allen:angry unconstitutional cop. At least she did not follow up on her threats and physically attack Robert.
13. 27:03 The city council open container law brown paper bag Baltimore PD policework
14. 28:16 Merry People +1, Parking Enforcer +1 (Neutrality end credits)

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