NH Governor Mute on State Police Camera Seizure

New Hampshire governor Maggie Hassan was recently ambush interviewed by Dave Ridley multiple times at the same event as she greeted constituents and took photographs with young people. The topic of the interview was the electronics raid exacted on Garret Ean by state police investigator Joseph DiRusso on June 26, which resulted in a 55 day hassan_picakpf1aconfiscation of the device. When the camera was returned on August 19, it had some minor vandalism scribbled on the underside by unknown agents of the state.

Throughout the entire video, the governor of New Hampshire does not once seem to so much as acknowledge Ridley’s presence. After the chief politician is back in her vehicle, Dave turns his camera to her driver, asking if it’s appropriate for the state’s chief executive to ignore the state’s number two most popular youtube channel. He follows his boss’ lead and 2013_06_26_dirussohandalso gives the journalist nothing but a silently bowed head. Maggie Hassan has also been evasive with independent media in the past, including when the topic of the ambush interview asked the newly-inaugurated Hassan about NH independence.

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  1. From her silence, it sounds like she just lost some votes next election…

  2. Didn’t she demand the removal of the home grow provision in the medical cannabis bill? When you erect barriers to cannabis access more people end up just going to prescribed opiates. Cannabis is safer.

  3. Watch this video specifically from about 1:53. Gov. Hassan seems to have no trouble shaking hands with this first group… Then only a minute later at about 2:53, she encounters a group of soldiers (Air and National Guard I think) and suddenly is having “tendonitis” and can’t shaken even one of these soldiers’ hands. Wow, talk about a phony. It only took about one minute of video to see that. Don’t strain yourself or anything…

  4. I wouldn’t have believed this if it not for this video. Is this woman mental? Who acts like that? I can’t figure out how she’s walking around free much less holding a public office.

    This is all the evidence anyone should need that the elections are rigged, because there’s no way the public would elect anyone so socially maladjusted.

  5. God damn she is ugly. Her teeth are as yellow as those fake pearls around her neck. Who the HELL voted for this thing?

  6. Sure they would, because no one else ran a candidate that was more electable. When the only choice is among snails, you can pick the fastest snail, but you can’t pick a cheetah.


  1. NH Governor Mute on State Police Camera Seizure - Unofficial Network - [...] Click here to view the embedded video. [...]
  2. NH Governor Mute on State Police Camera Seizure - [...] Click here to view the embedded video. [...]

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