Help Keene Peaceful Streets Identify Plainclothes Rooftop Snipers at PumpkinFest 2013

Sadly, the original author of this piece appears to have removed the content from his syndicator. Here’s the pic of the snipers taken by Graham Colson, below that is where his story would have appeared. Sorry for this inconvenience. -Ian

Keene Pumpkinfest Snipers 2013

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  1. Sounds as if youve done very little research. Aurora = mk ultra. Sandy hook there was a FEMA training excercise that day. Columbine information has not been there were bomb excercises. 911 was an inside job. Larry silverstein said pull it!. Wake up and quit watching television

  2. normally peaceful pumpkin festival? have you seen the video of the Winchester Court party with 1000 college kids going completely insane? And no, the “snipers” (which is not confirmed by supposing that they must have had guns) were not here for the partiers — it would make sense that they were there watching in case some crazy tried to harm people at the P-Fest — do you recall the Boston Marathon Bombings?? Y’all are certifiable. Seriously.

  3. the people of Keene actually understand that FreeKeeners are certifiable. no support here.

  4. the parties that go on all day and night are a lot more dangerous than those who are trying to protect the crowds.

  5. You mean that video that doesn’t exist because it never happened? That one?

  6. Most likely has something to do with the ” Enemy Of The State ” types, ie….The Free Stater’s roaming the festival….Since they are all on their ” Watch List “….Thus, to justify their budgets and keep the monster rolling, they conduct these types of activities and call them anti-terrorist operations….Will look good when they present their charts to Congress come Patriot Act re-authorization time. Not too hard to figure out what’s going on.

    P.S….Thanks for the security force while walking around New York City.

  7. Now /that/ is certifiable. As was already discussed, there’s nothing they could do, up on a roof, to stop a bombing. You would have to be literally insane to imagine that they could stop a bombing by standing on a roof.

  8. How were they trying to “protect”? By sniping people from the rooftops and creating a panic? By escalating some rowdy behavior into a city-wide stampede?
    Get your priorities straight, think things through to their logical conclusions. It’s what you get paid to do, man.

  9. I distrust both. That’s why I have devices to protect myself (which will be traded for guns once I arrive in NH).

  10. If the only tool you have is a gun, every problem looks like a target.

  11. This is AFK, not GTA. Go back in your basement and play COD.

  12. It would appear, from my standpoint, that you must do some of that logical thinking as well. The men did not, and were not, intend to shoot random pedestrians or even the random rowdy participant. Because the pumpkin fest has become a more widely known event with thousands and thousands of ordinary citizens participating, it can become a target of terrorist activity. They are there to help deter and protect from acts like that.

    To Dustin, the OP, there is no reason protective forces such as that who are not imposing on your actions should affect your participation in these events.

  13. Same guys from the Boston Bombing.

  14. Terrorist activity at a pumpkin fest? Does that really sound logical to you?

  15. I agree Bryan. Slappy the only panic created is by Free Keene by pointing out to people the security surveillance on the roof tops. If you don’t like it then I suggest you don’t attend the next one. Maybe the City of Keene should just say NO to pumkinfest 2014 since KSC students are ruining it anyway!!!

  16. So you are afraid something bad might happen in such a huge festival with tons of people?

    Have you considered decentralizing it?
    That would free up a lot of personnel since the individual event organizers would be responsible for peace, and when there are more of them, with smaller events, the whole thing becomes a lot more manageable.

    It doesn’t have to be a “either-or” question. Leave it up to consenting adults to figure out.

  17. Dude, you are SO “glass is half empty,” aren’t you.

  18. Yes, suicidal terrorists are going to be deterred by the idea that they might get shot /after/ they kill lots of innocents. Yup, that makes /loads/ of sense…

    Given how often cops kill innocents, whether in outright murder, or just because they are recklessly incompetent and couldn’t hit a target if you put it a foot in front of them, there is no way to classify them as “protective forces.” Even in the rare event that there was some extremely-unlikely situation to which they could respond, odds are good that they’d end up killing more innocents with stray fire than the actual terrorists would manage.

  19. Optimist: “the glass is half full”
    Pessimist: “the glass is half empty”
    Engineer: “the glass is twice the size it should be”

    Voters are the first kind.
    The State is the second kind.
    I’m the third kind 😛

  20. But really, the State only ever uses guns, at the very least the promise on the use of those guns, to get things done. Sure, they might precede them with some letters, phone calls, friendly armed guys knocking on your door, and then not so friendly armed guys barging in your door. The threat of guns in case of noncompliance still remains.

  21. the video does exist. look it up.

  22. “Slappy” First I have no idea who you are, second, I have no idea what you mean by this post.

  23. tunnel vision does not support your cause — you, as well as many others on this stream of posts have latched onto an idea that is not even based in real knowlege and are now debating hypotheticals with only your jaded opinion in mind. this whole discussion is pointless, and even moreso as you and others don’t even speak out as who you truly are. You are literally a fake name on a page. that’s all.

  24. What is this “idea,” of which you speak? The only idea I addressed is the one /you/ and others proposed – that they could somehow stop a bombing using snipers. It’s a literally-insane idea.

    I’ve used this name for well over a decade. Maybe 15 years by now – I don’t keep track. People address me by it in person. Ergo, it is /actually/ my name. Not my only name, but it is an actual, legitimate name for me.

    Unless your name is “kdiemond,” you are just being hypocritical.

  25. If it existed you would have posted a link to it.

  26. I wonder how come the Nat’l Guard didn’t claim they were justified gunning down the protesting hippies at a Kent State by using your “rowdy college kids defense”?

  27. Canadians?


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