“Town of Winchester” Continues To Destroy Man’s Life

Gary ChaseYou may recall the story of Gary Chase, which I reported on this blog earlier this year. The people calling themselves the “Town of Winchester” had stolen $300,000 of equipment and materials off of his business property in downtown Winchester and they haven’t let up since. In the following motion to Cheshire “superior” court, Chase outlines the continued harassment and theft on the part of the corrupt politicians and bureaucrats in Winchester. As you will see, his life is being destroyed by these people, and he doesn’t know what to do. He’s also not the only one.

Re: Docket No. 09- 0172 and 09- EQ- 172
Town of Winchester v. Gary L. Chase and Linda M. Chase

This letter is an attempt to present factual documentation and photos regarding the above case.

I have been forced to fail in this case when it was our intent to seek the Town of Winchester’s assistance to resolve the matter. In fact, this Honorable court has consistently been misled and deceived by the town’s legal representatives saying that Mr. Chase has not been willing to cooperate with the town of Winchester or the Court. Every time that I attempted to resolve the matter as ordered by the Court, the Selectman would say it’s in litigation and can’t be discussed and would not meet with me. The minutes of the meeting would only state I cam before the Board on a previous matter or quickly recorded over and destroyed. For example, I was ordered to complete the building named in the case and was not allowed to by the Town and denied a building permit. They stated to the Supreme Court that two signatures were required but as confirmed by the Board of Selectmen in the public session there is only one signature required. At every juncture in time since the case was filed, I had tried to finish the 40 X 60 building named in the case, down size possessions and attempt to sell 20 Elm Street. I have documented the removal of the building materials which were slated to be used to complete the building, including skylights, 2X4’s, 6 X8’s, plywood, sheathing, shingles, bricks, metal studs, overhead and entry doors. The removal of the materials are on videos and in photographs. The materials and equipment were taken to people’s homes and places of business. The value of these items as presented in the pictures and videos is clearly shown not to be “junk”.

In addition, lumber and beams sawed with my own portable sawmill along with my commercial and industrial equipment, tools, I beams , overhead cranes, snow plows, etc, all used for my business were stolen, not removed as part of the Town of Winchester’s cleanout. As a result of what was removed I can no longer mow my lawn with a garden tractor, ro-to till my garden, clear away leaves with a leaf blower, sweep the parking lot, or repair equipment. I am being held to a standard of no outside storage yet my building is cut down. My tractor, my firewood to heat my home and place of business, even my flagpole was taken. The firewood storage racks were emptied and crushed and firewood was given away. Items of great value were pushed into a pile so as to appear as “junk” for a picture and destroyed.

I was banned from my place of business at 20 Elm for three months based on a fabricated rumor that I was threatening to shoot one of the selectmen. This was not true as I only have B.B guns. My only weapon in this case has been my camera. I was arrested for taking a picture of a Selectman at 20 Elm St. The court had not been apprised the road is 20’ away. I was banned from Town offices and not allowed to register vehicles and had to get special permission from my local state rep. to even be allowed to vote. As a result of this matter, I have a $265,000 lien on the properties with additional fines and penalties. This is an attempt to bankrupt me and strip me of my tangible assets. The building named to be completed in the case has been torn down. It was a permitted structure taxed as a garage ever since the building was constructed and the contents taken.

The structure was inspected by a structural engineer on December 18 2011 and was determined to be sound. The frame was strong enough to allow for snow loads of 100 psf. well above the required 40 psf required for this locale. Also of note, the property at 20 Elm Street is seen in the town Charett’e master plan to be slated to be a parking lot for the town.

As a result of the on going actions by the town, I have lost my family, a marriage of over 30 years to a woman I have loved for a lifetime, my business, my retirement, assets, my health insurance and resulting access to mandatory prescriptions which cost over $5000
a month. I have basically lost the use of the right side of my body after a failed spinal surgery which I can now not address.

At this point, I am forced to represent myself pro se at a point when I do not, nor ever wanted to fight the town or the courts. I have been punished severely, yet helped so many throughout this horrendous ordeal. I have always supported and helped this town. Built playgrounds, volunteered for town events and have saved the school tens of thousands of dollars, fixing things including the handy cap elevator.

At this time, I am seeking the protection of the Superior Court to bring forward the record and allow me to defend my self pro-se as no legal Assistance is available or willing to take on this case, not further punishment. I would ask the Court to grant me a lengthy hearing, look at documentation, photos and videos and present the truth. I have almost nothing left to give except blood and sweat and everything was paid for.
God bless this Court and America. At this point, I have lost faith and hope and I am asking for the opportunity to be heard.
Thank you for your consideration.
Gary L. Chase

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