Amanda Billyrock: All Charges Are FALSE

Amanda Billyrock denies all charges against her in her most recent video post:

-She was not drunk.
-The drug charge was for her valid prescription medication.
-She says she had no alcohol in her car and was unaware if her passengers did.
-She presented a drivers’ license and registration, so why disobeying an officer?
-She did not resist arrest.

Should you like to help Amanda with her attorney’s fees, here is a link to her defense fund. She is going to continue to post to her facebook and twitter and is encouraging you contact police prosecutor Jim Sawyer at 603-524-2330 and ask him to drop the charges against Amanda Johnson.

Hopefully she will be re-posting the video of her arrest soon.

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  1. Don’t be shocked if she gets written up for providing a false address to police as well. The Laconia Daily Sun said Amanda Billyrock lives at 105 Wind Song Avenue in Manchester. Presumably they are passing on info which was given to the police by Ms Billyrock herself. 105 Wind Song Avenue is the location of a local Latter Day Saints meeting house. It is very plausible that she might be a member of the congregation (especially since she came to NH from Utah) but it is not so plausible that she actually lives at the meeting house.

  2. When is she going to start bloging here?

  3. Why did the copper go crady w charges?:maybe his ego was hert becausa a pretty girl not talkin to

  4. No big deal, probably just where she was getting mail before her visit.

    Her registered address is in Utah.

  5. Hopefully soon. She’s a busy lady. Feel free to encourage her.

  6. I think she may have trouble keeping judge straight on the subtle distinctions between getting your mail at 105 Wind Song Place in Manchester, living at 105 Wind Song Place in Mancheste, being domiciled wherever she says she is domiciled, being an inhabitant upon the land known as New Hampshire, being a citizen of the Free Shire of New Hampshire, and being a resident of New Hampshire.

  7. Are you the same Jason who used to inhabit the Copblock comments?


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