Emerson’s Towing & Repairs driver threatens Robin Hooder Graham Colson

On February 6th, 2014 at 1:13 PM, Emerson Lyons Jr., a tow truck driver employed by Emerson’s Towing And Repair, which can be found on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/EmersonsTowing, arrived on Gilbo Avenue to tow a vehicle that Parking Enforcement Officer Jane Vigneau had called in for what is assumed to be unpaid extortion fees, more commonly referred to as parking tickets. The moment the tow truck driver stepped out of his door, he threatened to knock my teeth out for filiming him in public, from twenty feet away. He can be found on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/emerson.lyons

While I generally try to refrain from resorting to name calling, I did refer to this individual as a “fucking loser” towards the end of the interaction, which given the circumstances was certainly justified but still not entirely appropriate or intelligent of me.

In some positive news, this interaction occurred due to the fact that I’m Robin Hooding again, and will be nearly every day of the week for the foreseeable future!

To the officer of the Keene Police Department that’s been assigned to reading this article, I don’t want charges of any kind filed against Emerson Lyons Jr., and I will not be cooperating with your criminal organization in any capacity on this matter.

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  1. Have you considered posting this guy’s name and address. He seems extremely violent and it might be good if all of his neighbors are always armed because he seems like that type of person that will snap at any minute and go on a mass killing spree. I am being serious about this. I fear for your safety.

  2. I don’t know what his name is, but if anyone does feel free to speak up in the comments, I’d love to know.

  3. What a pussy!! If he came at me like that I would blow his little prick head off. He ain’t going to hurt no one except a girl or a kid. He is a punk. A little girl in a mans body. Robin if you do not prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law and see that this trash goes to prison then everything you stand for is shit! Regen.

  4. Hey, area code plus 357-1028 thats this pussy’s phone number. You people who live there call and tell him he is a piece of slimy trash and tell him to come down to Georgia and talk like that to some of us hillbilly redneck honky peckerwood crackers and see what happens lol!!!

  5. he should at the least be fired…..Also he did criminal threatening in front of peloquin…i guess we will see what comes of it…

  6. The nice police officer called him Emerson.

  7. He certainly should be fired. It is a violent extremist that is just 1 problem away from a mass murder in all likely hood. It is very sad. Thankfully, Graham exposed this guy and his evil intentions. Graham might have saved several lives right there!

  8. ^ i think you’re exaggerating πŸ™‚

  9. I’m 100% sure you’re an asshole.

  10. The place is called, “Emerson’s Towing”. Good luck with him getting fired, geniuses.

  11. That’s a business phone number, jackass. Also, I’m glad you’re proud of being an inbred redneck, but for fucks sake keep your trashy comments contained to the already dirty South.

  12. You only want this guys info posted so people can harass him. Grow up!

  13. What would you do Graham?

  14. Grahams a life saver? Are you high on bath salts?

  15. Graham is not an asshole! Assholes actually have a function in life!

  16. You’re Robin Hooding due to the fact you don’t have a real job correct?

  17. So you could do what Graham?

  18. Keith what’s your address since you think it’s no big deal to give out peoples addresses?

  19. Fired because he doesn’t like jobless low lifes like Graham Colson?

  20. “Will be Robin Hooding every day for the foreseeable future.” Like, seriously? I’d love to walk around Keene all day but I actually have a job.. I’m wondering what these several jobs he speaks of are. Disturbing the peace, wasting taxpayer dollars, harassment..

  21. What would you do then Graham?

  22. Why do you want his address posted? What’s yours if it’s no big deal?

  23. Why will you be out everyday Graham? Can’t hold down a real job?

  24. Mooching off and hiding behind the system he claims to hate!

  25. That one was funny, but not true πŸ˜‰

    Graham provides us with high-quality footage of “officials” and their hirelings screwing around.
    This time the “officials” clearly acted professionally, while Emerson didn’t.

    Instead of seeing all this as a wonderful opportunity for a free advertising photo op
    -Skilfully loading a vehicle, and treating involved parties with dignity and respect-
    Emerson chose to physically attack and verbally threaten what could some day be a customer.
    Then he forgets to check that the front wheels were locked, adding to his shame.

    I sincerely hope Emerson facilitates the appearance of success in the future, and takes care of his anger problem.
    True, people don’t usually like being towed (especially if their car is stolen by “The City”) and likely complain a lot to his business, but there are hundreds of legitimate uses for a tow truck, and everybody is a potential customer.
    A show of competence tends to smooth over tensions, and keep all involved parties cool enough to deal with the situation.

    If Emerson was dealing with personal issues, I hope they get resolved, and he becomes a happier trucker soon. Until they do, he should remember to keep his private life and his job separated.

  26. That was high quality? That was like Beta in a Blu Ray world. Uh oh I may have just shown my age.

  27. Jobless? lol, I do multiple things to support myself, most of which you would probably respond to with “Get a “real” job!” but that doesn’t change the fact that I make money and I rarely pay taxes.

  28. Robin Hooding is a job. I’m paid to do it. I wouldn’t do something “every day for the foreseeable future” unless I were being paid to do it, as I’m an Anarcho Capitalist and I don’t do much for free.

  29. I’ve never taken a dime from or mooched off of your precious system, try again.

  30. I’ll be out everyday because Robin Hooding is paid activism. As I said in another comment on here, “Robin Hooding is a job. I’m paid to do it. I wouldn’t do something
    “every day for the foreseeable future” unless I were being paid to do
    it, as I’m an Anarcho Capitalist and I don’t do much for free.”

  31. Perhaps low image quality, but the footage was high-quality information wise, and Graham stayed professional to the end (except for right at the end, but he noted that at the end of his article).

  32. About 8 years ago this man towed my vehicle from Stoddard. A $200 blown glass pipe was stolen from my vehicle from the time of the tow to the time I picked the vehicle up (10 hours later) He would have had to dig through my vehicle to find it. He has no respect for other people’s privacy or property therefor I have no respect for his privacy (or possession’s). The best solution to the problem is to actively boycott Emerson’s towing like I have been doing for nearly a decade. J&J towing has reasonable prices (603) 242-6270. J&B Towing is a little pricier but offers great service (603) 355-3297

  33. The only reason you didn’t harass him is because you didn’t get a chance! I bet had he not said anything to you we would have never seen this video because it would have been you talking shit! You make out like you’re a vigilante but you are not! You are nothing more than a nuisance! I would rather pay a ticket than have my meter filled by you! At least the revenue is going to make our city better!!!!!!

  34. graham not all tow companys are like this i am the manager of one and i came across your vidieo. we as tow truck drivers should be more profesional the driver was out of line right from the get go should not have said anything to you just went about his job and towed the car.we tow for many police departments for cars with tickets or unreg. its the shitty part of are job but we haft to do what they say.id rather be out there helping people on the highway. but i would bring this to his bosses attention unless he is the boss. then i dont know what to say to you but i can say to you if this was one of my guys he wouldnt be working for me.

  35. Do you live in Keene Kirk? I have a feeling that if you did you would feel differently. Most likely this was not Emerson’s first experience with these punks. And he knew what was coming.
    Graham..don’t like it when you get what you give? And what happened to the videos of you harassing the meter tenders? Oh that’s right they were taken down when they petitioned the court for a restraining order against you!

  36. Did you watch the video? That dude acted like he was just released from a mental hospital. I am seriously concerned for the safety of everyone he comes into contact with… I hope he gets the treatment he certainly needs!

  37. Was that his first time to tow an auto?

  38. These punks? Do you mean the 2 police department employees on the scene? The owner of the auto? Graham? You said these punks and there were only 4 other parties involved so you had to be either talking about the owner as a punk or the police… Know what was coming you say. So Graham standing 20 feet away and saying nothing was too much stress for a tow truck driver? You must be kidding me. Tow truck drivers are tough, resilient folks. They tend to be professional and helpful.

  39. Actually, I was referring to the “Robbinhooders”. Graham is not the only one, correct?

  40. i guess you like tow truck drivers who threaten violence and with guns…you are the one who doesn’t sound too bright.. Yes let make you the boss…you’d defend gun threatening tow truck drivers who …do it infront of COPS… thats really bright.

  41. Was this company employed by the city? if so the city of keene should not use this company anymore

  42. Totally unprofessional behavior by Emerson. What problem was it causing him that this man was filming him tow a vehicle?? If he would have kept his mouth shut and done his job this video wouldn’t even have been posted. As for parking tickets or the need for the meter’s I don’t believe they are necessary. Keene resident’s pay enough in tax’s for the upkeep of the streets. No entity waste’s more money in Keene than the municipality itself!!!!! If this man want’s to go around and fill the meter’s than the city is getting the money anyway! What does it matter if it’s the car owner or Robin Hood??

  43. i would of just let the guy hit me, he would get arrested, then you can sue the tow company.

  44. Graham(aka skateboard boy). Does the IRS know you are being paid
    as as a robin hood. As someone who takes such a moral high ground,
    I’m sure you have reported earnings? How about youtube?

  45. How would that be the “moral high ground,” exactly? Going out of your way to fund the Warmonger-In-Chief’s murderous attacks isn’t exactly a moral high ground.

    Oh, and as a point of law, there’s no requirement to report income until it goes above a certain threshold (which varies depending upon a variety of factors related to your personal life).

  46. That’s amusing, I’ve never removed any videos of myself Robin Hooding. I also rarely film, and when I do there’s a legitimate reason, like this incident.

  47. Dude, I’ve never harassed any of these people and I had every intention of staying that distance away and not communicating with him or Parking Enforcement Officer Jane. I leave that kind of behavior to bureaucrats and people like Emerson.

  48. I do what I want, and that’s all I have to say on that subject.

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