Emerson’s Towing & Repairs driver threatens Robin Hooder Graham Colson

On February 6th, 2014 at 1:13 PM, Emerson Lyons Jr., a tow truck driver employed by Emerson’s Towing And Repair, which can be found on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/EmersonsTowing, arrived on Gilbo Avenue to tow a vehicle that Parking Enforcement Officer Jane Vigneau had called in for what is assumed to be unpaid extortion fees, more commonly referred to as parking tickets. The moment the tow truck driver stepped out of his door, he threatened to knock my teeth out for filiming him in public, from twenty feet away. He can be found on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/emerson.lyons

While I generally try to refrain from resorting to name calling, I did refer to this individual as a “fucking loser” towards the end of the interaction, which given the circumstances was certainly justified but still not entirely appropriate or intelligent of me.

In some positive news, this interaction occurred due to the fact that I’m Robin Hooding again, and will be nearly every day of the week for the foreseeable future!

To the officer of the Keene Police Department that’s been assigned to reading this article, I don’t want charges of any kind filed against Emerson Lyons Jr., and I will not be cooperating with your criminal organization in any capacity on this matter.

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  1. What a Drama queen, people like with you with your exaggerated useless analysis of this guy and his future plans is just asinine. just keep to yourselves for fucks sake. I had a Robin hooder business card on my car the other day, next time let my meter run out, I’ll take the ticket……

  2. I bet none of you have received a parking ticket in NYC, you all act like Keene is the only place in the world that has them!!! If you want to do some good grow some balls and act the same way (your filming, and Harassing city employees) with the IRS, or the dipshit president, you think your cool going after peanuts in comparison to the waste of money our federal gov’t is!!!

  3. Why don’t you find a real job, I and many others feel that what you do and getting paid to do it is a waste of money.
    When I’m at work punched in, and go in and take a dump, that is money better spent!!!

  4. Who’s your boss??? we’d like to report to them and tell them what we think!!!

  5. You’re free to feel that way but many others don’t, what I do is far more appreciated and useful than you’d like to pretend.

  6. Thanks I need a tow!!!

  7. Yeah, I don’t agree!!!

  8. Now the FREAKEENE children are trying to destroy EMERSON
    TOWING with bad reviews. Really childish. EMERSON was in
    keene long before you scumbags showed up and will be here long after. You will gain many more enemies then friends on this one.

  9. Your mommy and daddy must be so proud-when will you be moving out of the basement?

  10. anyone who supports the city of keene hiring tow truck drivers who threaten the public is a fool

  11. anyone who supports the city of keene in hiring a tow truck company that threatens the public is a fool…also if anyone is harming emerson towing’s business its emerson towing’s tow truck drivers

  12. its unfortunate for emerson towing’s business that they have drivers who behave like they are still in the penitentiary …
    Not smart biz practice….

  13. jack walker the sensible response from a normal adult to seein the video is :”The City of keene shouldn’t hire tow truck companies that have drivers that threaten physical violence to the citizens of keene….” that is the normal response .. that is the response that would come from normal people

  14. Obviously everywhere has parking tickets and obviously your government is far worse than just parking enforcement in Keene. This is what I’ll focus on, and if others want to focus on “the IRS, or the dipshit president” they can go right ahead and do that, I’m in New Hampshire for the longrun.

  15. Of course you do, I did some digging on you fine sir, you certainly are a do-gooder aren’t you? A 21 one year old delinquent who hangs around with the likes of thieves and wanna-be drug lords. Who has a child they don’t support but “makes an income” of harassing people on the street and getting a rise out of them by video taping them. What a fine example you set for your child. What a wonderful reputation you are giving to the young-adults of Keene. You disgust me, you pretentious swine.

  16. There was no legitimate reason for your videotaping this, Graham. Other than the fact that you and your organization already harassed Emerson on multiple occasions and knew how the drivers would react. Your conduct, or lack thereof, is absolutely discriminate. You hide behind a computer and a camera and social media and think you’re a hero, like you’re doing the people a favor, but all you’re doing is pissing the people of the city of Keene off. Grow up, Graham. Get a job, get a life, get a clue. We are speaking up, we don’t want you here, we don’t want your videos, we don’t want your opinions.

  17. “Like they are still in the penitentiary” ? Emerson has never been to prison, so this is speculation at best?

  18. “A 21 one year old delinquent who hangs around with the likes of thieves and wanna-be drug lords.”

    1. I’m 20, not 21.
    2. I don’t associate with thieves, stealing is immoral whether you work for the government or you’re just some punk on the streets.
    3. Wanna-be drug lords? Nope, but I smoke cannabis, and I suppose that means I have to purchase it somewhere, now doesn’t it?

  19. Notice you didn’t mention anything about that child you don’t support. Please, continue to talk badly about our father who holds a legitimate job and supports his young children.

  20. Why was anyone there videotaping this anyway
    all I see are two people doing what they are getting paid to do
    And one person just looking for a confrontation.
    because those hard working people have obviously been harassed
    By the video taper before. I say camera man ,get a job ,a life and leave working people alone. All you doing is HARASSING people.
    and are serving no real purpose.

  21. That’s funny, because one of your high school buddies was arrested for robbing a convenience store, was he not? Also, since Marijuana is not yet legal in the state of New Hampshire, you are purchasing it from somewhere.. And those people would be drug dealers, would they not?

    And I’m sorry about getting your age wrong, kiddo, but it makes you look all the sillier with what you’re doing with your life. Sorry to hear about your job as the Liberty Tax jockey! Hope nobody tries to murder you on your new position as resident ass clown.

  22. High school buddies? Are you talking about that moron that commented on my Facebook status yesterday? lol, I don’t associate with people like that.

    And yes, that is correct, I purchase cannabis on an infrequent basis from people you would refer to as “drug dealers”. You go right ahead and repeat that, I guarantee more than half of the people you know do the same exact thing. Your “investigative” skills aren’t very good, are they? I stopped working at “Liberty” Tax after one day, I’m better than that.

  23. I have a job and I don’t need a reason to film someone in public. I’m good about not filming people (not bureaucrats) that don’t want to be filmed, but if I’m threatened like that I’m going to keep filming. Like it or don’t, but it’s completely legal to film anyone at any point in time in public without their consent.

  24. Mobsters get paid to rough up the neighborhood,
    that doesn’t justify their violence.

    Videotaping police and their hirelings to protect yourself, family, friends, or others is not “looking for a confrontation”, it’s smart in that it protects all parties of the interaction (provided they keep cool and stay peaceful).

    Witnessing and making a record of something are not HARASSMENT, whereas threatening and attacking someone definitely is.

  25. He does act as if he was at some point in time one of the few inmates incarcerated for a crime with a victim though.

    Better get a hold of his anger problem, lest he actually end up as one because of it some day.

  26. The Internet is a big place.
    Don’t like his videos?
    Don’t watch them, don’t visit the sites they appear on. Most effective though would be to just act professionally when carrying out your duties, and refrain from inhibiting peoples’ right to express themselves (nor from recording others expressions in a public place).

  27. A few more minutes without the cop showing up and this business may have ended up being called Colson towing and auto repair.

  28. Lets get the facts straight. No one goes around and deliberately video tapes a tow truck driver. The fact that they had a camera ready to go means they were looking to start trouble. This group deliberately manipulates the truth. Kirk you make the point that not all tow companies act this way, and that you go where the police tell you. Well that’s what Emerson did and what you don’t know is that regardless of previous run in with this group he still responded,
    I have all my work done by Emerson. When I was in a car accident it was his tow company that picked up my vehicle, and I have been with them ever since. Emerson personally has come to help when locked out of a vehicle and has saved me money on numerous occasions. He is professional as well as his staff, and while I know this video doesn’t portray that, you should do some more research about Robin Hood and Free Keene, and take a look at more then just their web page that they design to manipulate people into believing the worse about our government, and now apparently innocent people and their businesses. I WILL NOT take my vehicle anywhere else.

  29. You aren’t doing anything worthwhile apart from pissing off people who are just trying to support their families. Get out of Keene you douche canoe.

  30. You know what would be professional for Graham, as a Robin Hooder? To not call the fucking police and lie and say my father was carrying a firearm. Also, for somebody who hates the constitution as much as you fucks, you seem to hide behind it awfully well. You are all disgusting hypocrites.

  31. In your wildest dreams, and over my dead body.

  32. The way you quote your words ironically is enough to tell me you’re a fucking idiot. You’re not better than anyone or anything, Graham Colson. I don’t associate with people who do drugs because I’m a decent human being. Crazy, right? The people I engage with are relatively intelligent and do better things with their time and money than smoke dope and stalk people around the city. I also haven’t been to your facebook because frankly, I don’t give a shit about a low life creep like you. However, you just stated that a thief, who you know is a thief, commented on your facebook status, but you have no affiliation with said person. Wouldn’t being facebook friends be an affiliation?

    Also, we’ve been conversing for a quite a while now. Still wondering when you’re going to address the issue of your child, oh moral one.

  33. How can you people honestly think you have the legal grounds to do anything? Your organization should be disbanded simply on the principle that you hate the constitution and the government and then hide behind it. “It’s completely legal to film anyone” but you don’t believe in the constitution or paying fines, so these laws shouldn’t apply to you?

  34. To clarify, this is the first time I’ve ever encountered this individual or had any communication with anyone employed by ET&R, and the first time I’ve chosen to film a vehicle being towed. And as I said in a previous comment, I don’t need a reason to be filming. I don’t. Like it or not, but I don’t have to justify filming anyone in public for any reason, especially a tow truck driver contracted through the City Of Keene.

  35. My organization? I’m not a member of any, and I have yet to found my organization “Cute Puppies Against Wars” (We will be providing cute puppies to veterans and victims of wars, foreign & domestic, for therapy purposes -I’m still working on the details)

  36. You are mistaken when you think these people hate the Constitutions and the governments.
    They hate the fact that the governments apply their rule over everyone on an involuntary basis, while failing to uphold their own Constitutions (ignoring/re-interpreting whatever seems inconvenient at the time), and hiding behind blurry concepts like “collective will”, “the social contract”, etc. while advancing corruption and mismanagement. At the end of it all none of the various bureaucrats, officers, and politicians are ever accountable for any of it.

    If you want to successfully argue with the people frequenting pages like freekeene, I recommend this cheat-sheet (replace DOTnet with .net):

    URL: v.i4031DOTnet/StatistFallacies

    Check it out and see which misconceptions you might have on the matter, and maybe you’ll figure out a way to argue your point better.

    I wish you luck!

  37. Thank you, Tammy, for offering us your input.
    I have never used the services of Emerson, and until your testimony just now, all I had to go by, was that video.
    When I get to NH, I will be able to make up my own mind about him and his company, and about the activists in Keene.

    Of them I know only that their videos do not “portray” anyone in any other way than they are acting already (excepting stuff like Black Sheep Rising, which is explicitly published as a commentary, so personal views do flow into those).

    Their videos and webpage do not manipulate anyone into believing anything about government. If you watch a few of them (and some on copblock too), then you can clearly see that government can take care of that belief all on their own.

    I’m looking forward to meeting the people and businesses in NH, and with a little luck Emerson will have recovered from this fiasco with better customer service, and might even claim me as a loyal customer some day.

  38. wow grahams debut fk post is waking up the commenting public

  39. the freekeene/robinhooders/shirefreechurch/et al are all frauds and act out of childishness and self serving agendas – why you would want to move here to be a part of their bogus group does not make sense. Hopefully you will realize that before you waste your time traveling here to discover it on your own.

  40. That’s funny because in the video the very first thing he said to you was to get the camera out of my face ..
    Meaning DON’T FILM ME. So what you just said about not filming people who don’t want to be is a lie.

  41. Mobsters don’t enforce the LAW hence your statement is invalid.
    And when you get mugged by a mobster … don’t call a cop.

  42. I am moving precisely because I don NOT want to be part of any group.

    GroupThink is currently disowning and killing people on my home continent (and in an only apparently more polite way in my home country, but they are slipping…)

    What most people don’t realize is that when they willingly attach themselves to the dominant “group” every four years or so, they are legitimizing its’ actions (like bombing brown people -or as with my home country: supporting your country and producing weapons to bomb brown people).

    Traditionally people will blame the inconsistencies within a “group” on a subset group (aka “the other party”). Which gives the group carte-Blanche to perform horrendous crimes on humanity. I want no part of any of it.

    So I’m coming to NH to live with people who reject GroupThink, who judge people by their actions -not by promises or words on paper.

    The Freestateproject is not a group, it is a form of advertising. Once the 20.000 individuals they are attracting are in NH, the organization will be disbanded.

    I chose the self-serving actions of millions of individuals over the self-serving actions of “leaders” backed by the coerced masses of people blinded by ritualistic pomp & circumstance.

    Men in black dresses, with hats and badges, waving pieces of paper, while threatening violence, have no authority in a land of individuals.

    There, if you want something done, you convince others to help you. You act exemplary, and others will join (but not follow) you.

    That is the world I am working on, and the actions of freekeene/robinhooders/shiresociety/et al have shown me that it is possible to get there in NH (for starters).

    Please note that I do not force my world-view onto you or anyone, but your support of the crimes of government by whitewashing them and blaming the “other” part of it (left/right… did you know there are over 73 parties to chose from in the U.S.?) ends up forcing the “majority” world-view onto everyone.

    All I ask is to remove that force from our interactions, so we can voluntarily agree and settle things like adults.

  43. Your protectiveness of your dad (you mentioned, somewhere on here) shows me he is usually a honest man. I sincerely hope he recovers, and we all learn from this.

  44. Mobsters enforce their rules, even if they come up with them on the spot -not unlike many interactions with “the law” which are only settled years later, incurring many expenses, at the bench in front of a judge -paid by the same organization as the cop, so “settled” might not be the right term.

    The main difference between the embodiments of “the mob” and “the law” is that the mob has no resource-wasting bureaucracies and coerces you directly.

    When you get mugged by a cop …who you gonna call?

  45. Omg … let me know when you see a mobster here in Keene
    Your history lesson is not needed and is getting off subject

  46. Care to elaborate which history lesson you are referring to?

  47. You sure seem to have no problem coming here and stirring things up, however, Lorah. Hypocrite.

    We are speaking up, we don’t want you here, we don’t want your videos, we don’t want your opinions.

    Then don’t watch the videos — and stop giving your own darn opinions, sheesh.

  48. Ah, so now we know the motivation…”To not call the fucking police and lie and say my father was carrying a firearm.”
    Fail. Acting all indignant and outraged , when all it *really* is, a personal vendetta you have. Total hypocrite.

  49. Press charges.
    Laugh at him in court.
    If he did that down here he would have been shot as soon as he charged up the first time.

  50. I was just contacted by an individual from http://www.liveleak.com, this video will be available there for a far broader audience in the very near future 🙂 Your ridiculous actions are being seen by a lot of people, Emerson.

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