New York Times FRONT PAGE Story on Free Keene, Robin Hood, FSP!

the-new-york-times[1]Thanks to columnist Dan Barry for taking an interest in the goings-on here in Keene and also thanks to the editors for making it a FRONT PAGE story! His piece was published today in the New York Times and focuses on Robin Hooding, the Free State Project and the haters. Here’s the story:

KEENE, N.H. — In most places, the parking enforcement officer reflects the municipal compact. Armed only with a gadget that can spit out a ticket at the forgotten drop of a dime, the officer quietly serves civic and commercial life by ensuring that meters are fed.

In most places, yes. But not here in charming Keene, where parking officers figure in a philosophical tug of war between a small band of activists who live by the motto “Free Keene,” and the great majority of residents who were unaware that their city was in bondage.

Keene’s two parking officers, both women, are often videotaped by young adults known as “Robin Hooders.” They track the whereabouts of the officers by two-way radio, feed expired meters before $5 tickets can be written, and leave a business card saying that “we saved you from the king’s tariff.”

Welcome to Sherwood Forest, N.H., where these acts of charity have led to some donations and gratitude, but also to sidewalk tensions, harassment allegations and litigation. They are part of a broader effort by about two-dozen activists, most of them from someplace else, to unshackle Keene from the “violent monopoly” of government and its enforcers, including these parking officers who work in weather fair and foul.

The mundane matter of parking has become so contentious that a third parking officer, an ex-soldier who served in Iraq, quit last year because, he says, he could no longer take the close-up videotaping and the taunts that “I had condoned the droning of brown babies.” So contentious that the mayor, the city manager, and the city attorney all declined even to say hello to me.

But some local residents are speaking out in their stead by challenging the activists through a Facebook page with the unwieldy name of “Stop Free Keene!!!” One of its organizers, Andrea Parkhurst Whitcomb, is asking the relative newcomers a fundamental question:

“Who asked you to come free us?”

The activists selected this New England-cute city of 24,000 for liberation mostly because it lies within that flinty bastion of Yankee individualism known as New Hampshire, where “Live Free or Die” is carved into the collective granite.

Back in 2003, a libertarian-leaning group called the Free State Project decided that this small state could be a liberty lover’s paradise if enough like-minded people settled here. (The movement, by the way, tends to attract white males, according to Carla Gericke, the group’s president, a white South African who has lived for many years in this country. “I’m the token African-American,” she joked.)

A dozen years in, the Free State Project is about three-quarters of the way toward achieving its goal of having 20,000 people commit to relocating to the state, after which it will “trigger the move.” The project has already influenced the statewide conversation at times — partly because of “early movers” like Ian Freeman, a Floridian who bought an old white duplex on Leverett Street several years ago and quickly set out to push local buttons.

There have been marijuana gatherings in the central square. Make-believe drinking of alcohol at City Council meetings. Leafleting outside public schools. And many video-recorded encounters in which the activists are the earnest heroes of their own narratives, holding accountable the employees of a government they do not generally recognize.

In one notorious instance, a grandmotherly crossing guard smacked at their camera with her stop-sign placard.

The gangly Mr. Freeman, born Ian Bernard, drives an auctioned-off police car with Wisconsin plates, hasn’t paid federal taxes for a decade, and has donated his house to the recently established Shire Free Church, which is now seeking tax-exempt status. From this “parsonage,” he broadcasts his nationwide “Free Talk Live” radio show several nights a week.

Mr. Freeman, 33, has been repeatedly arrested, and once served 58 days in jail for disorderly conduct after standing in front of a police car to protest a woman’s arrest because she had an open can of beer. He is guided, he says, by his “voluntarist” belief that “all human interaction should be consensual,” which might surprise the human parking officers who do not consent to being followed or videotaped.

This shadowing of parking enforcement officers has received the most publicity by far. Videotapes show the officers being dogged by activists who sometimes goad with pleasantries like: “How do you live with yourself?”

After the officers complained about skyrocketing stress last year, the situation became even more surreal, with Keene hiring a private investigator to follow and videotape the activists following and videotaping the parking enforcers. The city then filed a legal complaint against several activists, including Mr. Freeman, accusing them of harassment and seeking a buffer zone between activist and parking officer.

“They would try to make comments to bait me about my faith, about my military status,” Alan Givetz, the ex-soldier, recalled recently. He said that he tried being nice, then oblivious, then angry, but to no avail.

Finally, Mr. Givetz, who served 22 months in Iraq as a military police officer, quit his job handing out parking tickets. “I couldn’t take it anymore,” he said. “I didn’t see an end in sight.”

Mr. Freeman denied that he and his colleagues have harassed anyone. But he noted that enduring verbal and mental abuse is part of the officers’ job description. “If it’s too stressful,” he said, “maybe it’s not the right job for you.”

James Cleaveland, an accountant who helped to popularize Robin Hooding in Keene, sounded like a dental surgeon when he said that as he videotapes the officers, “I try to make it as comfortable as I can.” Still, he said, “My ultimate mission is to prevent the state from getting involved in other people’s lives.”

But there are reasons “the state” uses parking meters, tickets and even tow trucks, according to Gary Lamoureux, Keene’s project manager for parking and the only city official to comment. “It’s to have turnover for the business owners in the downtown area,” he said. In other words, to support the marketplace.

In December, a Cheshire County Superior Court judge cited free-speech protections in dismissing the city’s complaint, as well as its request to be reimbursed for costs that included therapy sessions for the officers. The activists celebrated a victory in the courts they disdain; the city appealed.

Mr. Freeman said that some in the larger Free State Project disapproved of his tactics, believing that they might alienate New Hampshire residents before the group has made clear its purpose. But he has no remorse, he said. “We’ve brought millions of dollars of press coverage.”

Ms. Gericke, the project’s president, said that “we want to be good, productive neighbors” who “don’t want to poison the well.” But she added that Robin Hooding in Keene is evolving, and has become a great means of outreach.

“Freedom is messy,” she said.

Mr. Freeman’s movement has inspired many to take up activism — against him. The Stop Free Keene!!! Facebook page has seen a recent spike in membership, to more than 850, and its organizers have begun handing out anti-Free Keene leaflets that accuse the “antigovernment” activists of “attempting to infiltrate OUR beautiful community.”

Ms. Whitcomb and others, including Mr. Givetz, the former parking enforcement officer, gathered last month at McCue’s billiards and sports lounge, where the Free Keeners also socialize, to vent about the divisiveness.

“It’s not comfortable anymore,” Tammy Adams, a registered nurse and beekeeper, said. “Everyone’s on edge.”

But the imperfect municipal compact of Keene has been around since 1753. Things have a way of sorting themselves out.

Recently Mr. Freeman publicly “demoted” a Robin Hooder for being a bit too belligerent. A local man is facing charges that he chased and threatened a couple of Robin Hooders. And city officials are exploring a plan to raise the cost of parking in the Shire of Keene, to 50 cents an hour.

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  1. .50 cents an hour, it aint exactly downtown Boston.

  2. “(The movement, by the way, tends to attract white males, according to Carla Gericke, the group’s president, a white South African who has lived for many years in this country. “I’m the token African-American,” she joked.)”

    Is that relevant to anything at all?

  3. Harassing meter officers and a crossing guard. You folks show your immense courage in selecting such high and powerful agents of the state. I suppose the dog catcher is next? How about a municipal sewer worker?

  4. Just read the NYT piece and all i can say is: Get the fx%# out of New Hampshire you lunatics!

  5. I wouldn’t be too excited about front page real estate that makes you guys look like a bunch of oppositional defiant children.

    The anti-government meme is already old and you guys just come off as being asinine. Most of the people you think you are freeing just scratch their heads and wonder who the hell let you grow up to be such snotty little jackasses.

  6. I agree. The big-government types should just move down to Mass where they’d be welcome, instead of reviled.

  7. Giving parking tickets is big-government? Like I said – lunatic.

  8. I’d love it if you guys came to NYC, we could use some of these direct activism here. However, as for the 10-cent parking meter issue, it clearly sounds like you guys have taken an issue not many in the town care about way to far, to the point of irritating others. There’s also the serious issue of the “tragedy of the commons” and the cost of allowing “free parking” on the streets. Many libertarian-minded activists have applauded cities for eliminating “free rent” on curbsies and raised parking rates or using dynamic pricing.

    And while everyone like a “parking angel” who adds a coin to the meter to save someone from getting a ticket, you have sullied that effort by targeting fellow town residents whose job it is to enforce parking regulations.

    I recognize the NY Times article probably got a lot of things wrong, and the writer had his own bias, but I sincerely hope this is a “wake up call” for you all in Keene. Simply put, you’ve taken up the wrong issue, and you’re going about it in the wrong way, all to the detriment of the libertarian movement.

  9. Yes, it is. But it would take a “lunatic” to ignore the rest of the issues and focus on only that one. The activists are working on multiple issues which, taken together, amount to a substantial amount of oppression. Any /one/ issue can look small, if you dishonestly focus on it and ignore the big picture.

  10. It’s become so tiresome to hear people in this country whining about government and framing the government as the almighty oppressor’s of our land. The entitlement that so many of these spoiled Americans feel is disgusting. We have the best government in the world – hands down. Try living in Sudan or Nigeria or Russia. Places where real problems exist and real oppression takes place. The entitled freedoms people here whine about — like “free parking” or “no taxes” or God knows what — is absolutely shameful. I’d love to put every one of you in a really oppressive country and see what you think of our government then. A government who strives in every way to take care of it’s people — when they’re not being steamrolled by others claiming to be representative of our founding fathers. Ha!. I have a feeling these blow-hard efforts to infiltrate tiny states like New Hampshire might quickly vanish. Then again, maybe they wouldn’t. Because some people are always raring for a fight — any fight. Just as long they can create chaos and disorder and controversy. Otherwise known as — their EGO!

  11. Right, the reason governments like that exist is that people like you are happy to let them keep expanding and gaining power. You accept the tyranny little by little, until the point where you mock those who point out how your freedoms have been taken from you. You’re in a very comfortable cage. Of course, as the government grows and takes away more freedom through violence, the cage will become less and less comfortable for anyone who does not own a politician.

  12. Tyranny? Cages? Freedoms taken away? Our government imposing violence onto us? Will you listen to yourself. You sound like some angry, paranoid tribal warrior itching for a fight. Who hurt you, dude? Stop for a moment and focus on this article and what happened: outsiders decided to move into NH and impose their own form of tyranny onto the local community because the “outsiders” decided it was in their best interest. No one’s mocking the outsiders, they’re simply saying: get the hell out of here and fight your fight somewhere else! And stop trying to bring your own form of tyranny into a community that is perfectly happy with how things are run. Now as far you go – get some help, buddy. Because someone, somewhere has clearly hurt you. Good luck!

  13. Jason, stop kidding yourself. They take half your money, forbid you to go to certain places, forbid you to put certain things in your body, forbid you to engage in commerce without paying protection money, and so much more. If you defy them on any of these things, they put you in a cage. If you resist being put in a cage, they kill you. Go ahead and laugh like I’m being ridiculous, but you cannot deny that this is how government works – it is based 100% on the threat of violence.

  14. Actually, no, by definition those who want the big government to take care of them are the ones who are of an “entitlement” mentality. That is the very /definition/ of the term.

    By the way, the US imprisons a larger percentage of its population than any other nation in history. More than the very worst of the totalitarian states. The US has the distinction of being perhaps the only country in which more rapes occur against men than women, due solely to the horrific conditions in those prisons.

    The US government does not strive for anything other than power. It doesn’t “take care of its people” – if it did the overwhelming majority of current laws would not exist, because the overwhelming majority of current laws are directly contrary to the interests and welfare of the American people.

    You’re right that the US is, in many ways, better than a lot of other countries. But that’s not because of the government. That’s because of folks like the Robin Hooders who have worked to keep the government in check. If you actually think the US has good government, then you should be thanking these folks for helping prevent the US from sliding downward further.

  15. Libertarians and anarchists are called crazy defiant children all the time, so we’re used to it. Liberty is not a passing theory that will die out – there will always be those who value the principles or peace and freedom, and who recognize the state’s violent nature. I will never stand for a violent monopoly that tries to control my life. It’s not a political theory, or a way for “right-wing” people to get tax breaks – it’s an acknowledgement that the initiation of force, for any reason other than defense, is immoral.

  16. Bob, I’ve got the perfect solution for you and Maine Shark (the perfect handle for someone who seems like a shark): MOVE! If you’re so unhappy here, then simply move. And don’t start whining about: “Why should I move? It’s my country too!” That’s right, it is. But if you’re so damn unhappy, then take your things and find a better place to live. It’s not that hard. Or is it that you wouldn’t be able to find a better place to live? Or a place that allows the types of freedoms we have? Or the huge opportunities (commerce included) that we have? Or the type of protections that we as consumers have? You’d have us all believing that every corporation and business entity out there should be trusted and allowed to plow ahead and so as they may. Cross our fingers and hope for the best. The solution is simple, gentlemen: Pack your bags and go. No whining. No entitlements for you. Just step off and go. And good luck.

  17. “Liberty” is not a bunch of infantile cranks not wanting to follow some basic societal rules. You cheapen the definition of the word with your facile antics and notions. Handing out parking tickets is NOT a valid example of the “state’s violent nature.”

    There are a lot of things wrong with our government and the influence of money, but the juvenile stunts these people are engaged in do nothing to address them.

  18. Oh brother.

    Please, enlighten us on exactly which of your freedoms, as outlined in the Bill of Rights, has been “taken away from you.”

    We’ll wait.

  19. If they’re taking half your money then you are very wealthy and very stupid because most smart people who are that wealthy use some of that money to hire a raft of accountants to jump through every loophole in the book. They end up paying the same or less than the average middle class worker. Wow, what a totalitarian nightmare!!

    Plus, I think in almost every single nation on the face of the earth if you defy the State (a.k.a break the law) they will throw your entitled, snotty ass in jail.

    Basically you’re complaining about the fact that a nation of over 300 million people has laws. As if a nation this large and this heterogeneous could survive if everyone decided that they just wanted to do whatever the fuck they wanted.

    You are so naive, I almost suspect you of trolling

  20. The only Amendment in the BoR that is actually respected is the Third. Every single other one has been gang-raped.

  21. Actually, no, half is fairly low. Income taxes are rarely that high, but there are a host of other direct taxes that are paid by most Americans. General sales taxes. Specific sales taxes on things like gasoline. Vehicle registrations. Et cetera. Then there are the indirect taxes that are paid by businesses, and passed on to the consumers (businesses, unlike government, cannot print money, so any tax is inevitably paid by the consumers). Then there are the added costs – if a business needs a team of lawyers to manage to comply with a host of ridiculous and often contradictory regulations, that cost, again, gets passed on to the consumers. The actual cost of government is usually in excess of three quarters of our productive capacity.

  22. I have a better idea: if /you/ hate the idea of a society based upon freedom, which is precisely what America was supposed to be, then /you/ move to any part of the rest of the world, where your hatred of freedom will be welcome.

    By the way, libertarians are anti-corporate. But you knew that, right?

  23. Twarren1 is right – you are trolling. I’ve read your brand of crap before. It’s always so amusing when one of you comes on and tries to pile on more crap of “injustices” and “taking away our freedoms” to their list. Boo hoo – you have it so bad. We should feel sorry for you because you’re denied soooooo many things. Eat 3 square meals a day? Sure you do. Got a roof over your head? Got a feeling you do. Car to drive? Uh huh. Money in the bank? Yup. Funds to go to dinner? Movies? Ball games? Fishing trips? Yes, Yes, Yes. And yes. And to respond to your last post — I am absolutely aware that our great country is founded on freedom. It’s one of the things I love about our country. But what I don’t love is people like you who hide behind that philosophy of freedom and abuse it for your own selfish needs and desires. Cloaking themselves in ‘freedom’, when in fact, they are masquerading as someone who cares about all of us when in fact they care about only them and others like them. “My needs.” “What about me and everyone like me?” “Me, me, me.” Selfish, needy, privileged, entitled (and not in the way you’re thinking buddy), self-indulgent, and as pompous and egotistical as any in our society today. Whether or not you’re a libertarian makes no difference to me (I assume you are based on your comment. And yes, I know libertarian positions. Who cares?). You are a sad, sad person who will search for a fight light a heat seeking missile. It’s what people like you do. And when you can’t get your way, you’ll do everything you can to make the rest of us as miserable as you are. But I’ve got news for you: we’re not buying it. Pack your bags. It’s time to go!

  24. Yeah, that’s called civilization. It’s messy and not always practical, but your child-like yearning for a basically structureless society is not a valid alternative.

    Most taxes, rules, and regulations are what holds society together and keeps all the wheels turning so that we can enjoy the standard of living and protections that do enjoy today (i.e.; sales taxes going to a municipality to support infrastructure maintenance)

    If you really have so much of a problem with it, why not try living in a different place where that is not nearly as much of a factor. I hear Somalia is beautiful in the summer.

  25. Thanks for the substantive and informative reply. Who could argue with debating skills like this? /s

  26. No, actually, that would be the definition of an /uncivilized/ society. Civilized people can work together without anyone pointing a gun at anyone else’s head. Somalia would be right up your alley.

  27. You’re welcome. I’m glad you found my reply informative. That means you can read, at least, since it /was/ informative. Your reply, on the other hand, did not add anything to the discussion.

  28. Wow! So dramatic.

    So, I’m confused. Who, exactly, is pointing a gun at your head?

  29. I was being sarcastic, genius.

    (i.e.; your reply did nothing to present any kind of objective facts or proof to back up what you are saying, therefore it is basically opinion and virtually useless as part of a discussion on this topic)

    So let’s try that again. Please tell us exactly which of YOUR freedoms, as outlined in the Bill of Rights, has been “taken away from you.”

    We’re still waiting

  30. This would make a great “scumbag Libertarian” meme.

    Lives in one of the freest societies on earth
    Complains about not being free

  31. So, if New Hampshire has an extremely low rate of child abuse, and some other state has a rate that’s more than ten times higher, you’re saying that New Hampshire residents can’t speak out about child abuse, because it’s worse somewhere else?

  32. Every law, rule, or anything else done by government is done under the threat of violence. That’s the only thing that makes government actions different from anything else. If you can’t grasp that, then you don’t even understand the most basic details of civics.

  33. I answered that, accurately. Every single one of the rights that the BoR defines has been violated by the government, with the possible exception of those defined in the Third Amendment. Not a single other one of them is respected. That’s an accurate answer to your question.

    Now, if you had any level of intelligence, you would have chosen an Amendment and said, “so, explain how this one, in particular, has been violated.” That’s what any sort of sensible individual would have done, as it would then put me in the position of defending what I said, whereas all you did was yell, “nuh uh!” and pretend that qualifies as an argument. But I’m guessing you’re a product of public schooling, eh?

  34. Really.

    So if you don’t pay a parking ticket, you get beat up? If you knowingly litter in a public place you get shot?

    What country exactly is it that you are living in? I’m really curious because you’re sitting here going on and in almost comically over dramatic terms about “State violence” and tyranny, but you fail to provide a single example of how you, as a (presumably) law-abiding citizen are having a gun put to your head, or having violence visited upon you by the state, or anything else for that matter.

    Seriously. You come off as some kind of spoiled, whiny assclown who likes to complain, but can’t explain why he’s complaining.

    Tiresome and juvenile

  35. No, a proper analogy for the asinine and hyperbolic rhetoric you engage in would be if New Hampshire had an extremely low rate of child abuse, and some other state had a rate that was more than ten times higher, but people like you still ran around in New Hampshire pulling their hair and gnashing their teeth insisting that New Hampshire had an incredibly high rate of child abuse.

  36. Restrictions on the rights outlined in the Bill of Rights does not imply a violation. The first amendment protects your right to free speech, but not speech that incites violence against others. That’s not tyranny, that the law determining what’s right for a civilized society.

    Apparently that is a concept that eludes deep thinkers such as yourself.

    Here’s a hint, though; the Constitution is not a magical document that was carved in stone by a burning bush. It’s a pact between a group pf people intended to help us live together without shitting all over each others lives. It has changed and will change according to the necessities of the current society.

    So, for the THIRD time, tell me which of your rights, as outlined in the Bill of Rights, have you had taken away from you? I’m dying to know how exactly you are suffering violence or a gun to your head from our government. In short, I’m STILL waiting.

    I don’t know what they taught you in your snotty private school (who knows, maybe you were home schooled like all maladjusted, brain-washed social retards seem to be these days), but generally when someone poses a challenge within a debate format, one tries to counter that point with examples or statistics.

  37. It does. Because even /one/ child being raped by a caretaker, or whatever other despicable thing, is one incident too many. There is no acceptable level of child molestation.

  38. Yes, actually, if you don’t pay a parking ticket, eventually you will be assaulted. Et cetera. Sorry to burst your little fantasy bubble.

    Heck, a cop just pulled me over a little while back, apparently solely because he was bored. What do you think would have happened if I had ignored his lights and just kept driving? Think he would have just shrugged and said, “oh, well, I guess he’s not in a mood to talk to me?” Or would he have called his buddies and forced me off the road? Think he would have /then/ just politely asked me to chat for a few minutes, or would he have dragged me out of my truck with a gun pointed at me?

  39. Actually, if you were not utterly ignorant, you would not have used such a foolish example, because the Supreme Court has ruled that speech which incites violence is often protected.

    An example of obvious censorship would be the FCC’s “seven dirty words.” No way to get around those being violations of free speech.

    Your “hint” is rather amusing. You want to impeach others for relying on the Bill of Rights? Well, let’s scroll up and see where the BoR entered the discussion… oh, look at that, it was introduced by someone using the name “twarren1”

    So, I guess you just impeached yourself?

    You don’t seem to understand debate, either. You challenged. I responded with an entire list of examples (ie, “every right listed in the Bill of Rights, with the possible exception of the right listed in the Thirds Amendment”). That’s a rather comprehensive list. So, it’s actually back on you, now, to support your original claim. You could say, “well, I don’t believe that ____ right, which is on your list, has actually been violated,” thereby challenging me to provide support for that particular example. Until you bother to do that, your claim stands refuted.

  40. So according to your asinine analogy, even one law is too many, right?

    A perfect world would be one without any child abuse at all, just like it would be a world without a single law.

    That’s what you’re saying, right?

    Do you see how stupid that is, or am I talking to a brick wall, here?

  41. No, If you don’t pay a parking ticket you get fined. Don’t pay enough of them and your car will get booted or towed to an impound lot where the will keep it until you pay your little debt to the proper functioning of society. If you are getting physically assaulted or detained for not paying a parking ticket, I would venture a guess that you are not living in the United States. You might want to check any money in your pockets and see who’s faces are on the bills. It’s entirely possible that you are in Pakistan or Zimbabwe or something.

    I’m curious. How do you know that the cop pulled you over simply because he was bored? Did he tell you that, or is that your infantile and paranoid assumption.

    Oh, BTW, ignoring a cops request to pull your vehicle over is against the law. That’s why you can be arrested for it. So, yeah, you’re a real MENSA candidate for figuring out that you would be detained if you led the police on a high speed chase. Look at the big brain on MaineShark!

    You see, it’s part of this system that just about every modern, civilized society has where we hire a few people and give them the power to enforce laws in the interest of keeping the common peace. They don’t always do their job well, but that has more to do with individual personality flaws and less with the general concept of keeping the peace, which is something that human beings have been doing ever since they started gathering into large groups.

    You seem to have a persecution complex that is informed by a mild narcissistic personality disorder. I would suggest you get some meds so that you can start to live a normal life and not obsess about being repressed while living in one of the freest societies in human history.

  42. Nope, that’s not what I’m saying. Libertarianism is based upon the non-aggression principle, which states that it is never just to initiate force/fraud against any person – force is only acceptable when it is defensive. “Do not murder people” is a just law. “Do not rape” is a just law. “Do not steal” is a just law. “Do not paint your house yellow” is not a just law. “Do not injest that drug; only these ones” is not a just law. “Don’t feed the hungry without our permission” is not a just law.

  43. Libertarianism is based on naive selfishness, and a distinct disconnect from the realities of complex, ever shifting societal norms.

    Don’t try and pretend that Libertarians have some sort of practical noble purpose. You’re a bunch of delusional teenagers.

    There are no municipal laws that prevent you from painting your house yellow, asshat. If someone is telling you what color to paint your house, then you are probably talking to a private condo board, not the government.

    Are you afraid they’re going to assault you as well?


  44. Yeah, try just not paying those fines. Eventually, they suspend your license. And then they assault you. In the real world, that is; not the fantasy world where you live.

    How do I know he was just bored? Because he literally could not give any plausible reason for having pulled me over. His excuse was that the numbers on the inside of my inspection sticker were not legible. I was driving toward him at 40mph. It’s absolutely impossible that he could have even seen the back side of the sticker when I was driving toward him, and even if we imagine that he has x-ray vision, he could not have read them at that speed. So, it’s literally impossible that he had any sort of actual cause for stopping me; he was just bored or trying to make quota.

    But thanks for conceding that he did, in fact, engage in violence against me. We could argue over whether or not such violence was justified, but as long as you are adhering to the utterly-insane position that police are not violent, there’s no way to have any meaningful discussion.

  45. There are plenty of cities that have codes which dictate house colors. In the real world, that is; not the fantasy world where you live. Hard to call anyone delusional or such, when you apparently have no grasp on reality, and live in a make-believe fantasy world.

    Nor does it make sense to try and imply that government has a noble purpose. Politicians are a few rungs below used-car salesmen in reputation. They seek only personal power (and occasionally graft), and will do whatever it takes to obtain that.

    Whether or not you agree with the libertarian goal of a society free of coercion, it’s nonsensical to imply that theres no purpose, there, when the entire movement is based upon that singular purpose.

  46. Wait. He “engaged in violence” against you? By pulling you over? Well aren’t we the hysterical little sissy.

    I’ve been the victim of police violence. Had the bridge of my nose broken by a cowardly pig that wanted to throw his weight around. You being a snot-nosed little pussy and calling being pulled over “violence” actually takes away relevance from REAL brutality like what happened to me and to countless other people.

    Thanks for muddying the waters, you insufferable little prick. Thanks for confusing real brutality and corruption with a mouthy little asshole not wanting to pay his parking tickets or getting upset about getting pulled over.

    You’re a real gem. The only Liberty you are protecting is in your little circle jerk Libertarian fantasy world.

  47. Thanks for nothing but opinion. Please cite a municipality that controls what color you paint your house. I’m not talking about building codes that require you to paint your house or use brick instead of stucco, I’m not talking about homes that are on the historical register and are actively preserved by a municipality, and I’m not talking about a private home owners committee or condo board. I mean a standing municipal law that you have to paint your house a certain color.

    Please post that as soon as you can and show us what a widespread and pervasive impingement on our freedoms it is.

    It’s not coercion when a government doesn’t let you do whatever the fuck you want to do. That’s called being a grown up and learning how to play in the sandbox with the other kids.


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