VIDEO: Man Arrested at Gilford School Board Meeting

Maybe this guy wouldn’t be so upset if he weren’t forced to pay for government schools that he presumably doesn’t support. If we didn’t have a coercive, one-size-fits-all education system, every parent and child could get the education they value through the free market.

Here’s full video of the arrest from Josh Youssef, who followed the cop out, unlike WMUR. Late in the video, the cop claims the calm, suited man is resisting, a common tactic of police who want to add a resisting charge to their victim, for extra punishment:

Here’s Youssef’s description of the event:

William Baer was arrested at the Gilford NH School Board meeting on 5/5/2014 for violating the 2-minute speaking rule imposed by board chairman Sue Allen. Allen restricted each speaker to a strict 2 minutes, statement format(no questions or answers), and only one speaking opportunity per person.

When William Baer violated this “rule,” Allen declared him “out of order” and had him arrested and removed.

Baer was voicing his disgust with the Gilford High School’s required reading of what he considered an age-inappropriate book for his 14-year old daughter, “Nineteen Minutes” by Jodie Picault. The book depicts textually pornographic details of an “encounter” between 2 minors. Many have characterized the scene depicted on Page 313 as a rape scene because the girl rescinded “consent.”

Here’s the WMUR version:

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  1. Next thing you know itll be fed to elementary kids. And theyll be in puberty anyways from all the rbgh in milk these days. Senior project sign a waiver in case they happen upon some kiddie porn. Which is the final goal. Sexualizing children. Kinda pervy perv. Justsayin

  2. Here is the phone number to the police department. Please feel free to call them and tell them what a gutless piece of Shiit Gilford Police Lt. James Leach is for arresting him.

    Business Line (603) 527-4737

  3. He was arrested for going over the allotted “2 minutes” of speaking time.

  4. “Their property”????? Who in the hell do you think owns the schools??? The School Board??? I think not.. It is a public building owned by the taxpayers you pathetic, ignorant moron…

  5. The numbers seem to indicate that that sort of abuse is (and always has been) more likely to happen in public schools. But yeah, go ahead, keep believing everything Bill Maher tells you. That’s a smart way to live life.

    Please have a clue what you’re talking about before opening your mouth. You just make yourself look like a moron.

  6. I’m perfectly sane, Jared. In fact, I had twelve years of the best education in my state. Helped me get into a top tier private university, and prepped me with the critical thinking skills and values to be successful in both my career and personal life. I’d hope everyone could have a similar experience.

    But yeah, the public schools are just as good. Everyone loves extreme bureaucracy and Common Core. Keep on telling yourself that.

  7. I’m as liberal as they come and that is just a disgustingly graphic description of semi-rape. How about we leave the more risque stuff for those who want to go on to college, or those who want to read porn novels as a hobby.

  8. A solid argument from the man who doesn’t know how to capitalize at the beginning of a sentence. Also, it’s tenet, not tenant. A tenant is someone who rents a property from a landlord. A tenet is an aspect of a belief or principle. LOL

    Clearly you’re someone worth listening to. Excited for prom?

  9. Another clear dose of reality that government isn’t accountable to the people that fund it.

  10. Your day will come soon pigs

  11. Jackson, go home to mom. Wait, you are home. Clean your room

  12. all I can say is WOW !!! Totally Messed up !!!!! This is alarming ..

  13. Its fucking DUMB DOWN PISS HOLES JUST LIKE YOU WHO THINK YOU KNOW YOUR SHIT!! In fact buddy fuck hole do your self a favor and get into the know you useless little dickless moron!!! You sure can troll more then you know anything what so ever about this topic you Obama meat puppet We should ship your stupid mindless,under educated ass back to where ever you spawned from. USELESS and GOOD FOR NOTHING little BITCH!!!

  14. Total Violation of FIRST AMMEMENET RIGHTS!!!!

  15. I find it amazing glassy-eyed indifferent looks on the people’s faces around him from the WMUR footage. What’s happened to us as citizenry that values our liberties? Does this man not have a right to petition his government?

  16. You’re a republican calling someone else a fascist ! That’s an oxymoron ! If not for the the tracks laid by your watch dogs Cheney and Rumsfeld . You wouldn’t have anything constitutional to whine about.You are too naive to see that the Pugs And Dems are actually paving the same road and playing their naive constituents such as yourself. You want to be part of some hive, so you drone around regurgitating what you’ve heard on talk radio . Wake up drone … It’s idiots like you whom are killing our freedoms .

  17. everything is politics retardo

  18. no the schools are protected against lawsuits and all complaints are handled by the school board who had him arrested.

  19. Folks you have a 2nd amendment for just this reason. Stop complaining and use it.

  20. It’s your protestant-rooted sexphobic ethics that are destroying the country who is moving forward. Are you really so ignorant of minors with access to the internet having every type of knowledge at their fingertips, that something like sexual assault should not be discussed in a positive and controlled environment like a school? No, you’d rather stick your head in the sand, as usual. And everyone else who doesn’t want to stick their head in the sand is a “fascist.” You obviously don’t know the meaning of the word “liberal” OR “fascist”, as they are indeed opposites. Just spouting rhetoric. (I bet you watch a lot of TV.) This country was founded on religious ideals that were so *extreme* that England wanted them to leave. Too. Extreme. For the Church of England. Let’s dwell on that a moment.

  21. we learnt that the school does not care about parents or their 5 yearold daughter was pulled from kindergarten and detained in a room for three hours without windows with a lone male counselor and stripped searched for her own safety after she went to school with a one inch scratch on her face that did not bleed and was gone the next day..while in there we were not notified and were detained when we arrived at the school at the end of the day to pick her up. We were met by a social worker who needed to inspect our house for her safety and wanted to talk. The social worker interviewed us at our house for about two hours and accused us of abuse. We were then allowed to see our daughter. After a minute of talking to her It was determined that while dressing my daughter had scratched her face with her fingernail..the counselor refused to believe this (called my daughter a liar) and told us he didnt feel safe leaving the child with us unless we agreed to future counseling. when we refused we were threatened with removal of the child so we agreed to a counseling session..It lasted three hours. We were humiliated and angry…the counselor said he would drop the case if we signed a paper saying we were guilty…we refused…we requested a hearing and a meeting with the teacher who filed the abuse charge (51A)..the next day we went to school to meet the teacher and principal and we were told that if we didnt comply with the school counselor and accept the guilty finding it would get ugly for us..we resisted and were then informed that we could no longer attend school functions for the safety of the children..we had to wait outside when picking up our daughter from school. The school counselor made our daughter sit in her office during lunch and recess for the next two weeks against our wishes to observe her. We appealed and took the matter to a judge. The Office of children in our state was notified and another inspection of our home was conducted with the threat of removing the child if we refused. We were again counseled for three hours and told that if we continued the case we would be sorry..we contacted a lawyer who told us the system is against us and that once a case is opened it is impossible to close. We were finally offered a deal that if we pleaded guilty to abuse the case would be dropped and the school restrictions lifted. We agreed to stop the madness because our daughter was crying everyday and scared of going to school. We then found out that my wife who is a substitute teacher at another school for over 10 years was being fired because of admitting guilt and now is considered a threat to children..they lied and told us the record was to be sealed and would not be used against us unless more “abuse” was found. For a one inch scratch with no breakage of skin we were humiliated, violated, threatened and my wife lost her job while our daughter was strip searched, called a liar, asked to testify against us and told we were bad people. The next week thinking all was ok we were informed that the principal thought it best that we not be allowed to attend any school functions for the safety of the children even though the judge said we could and that the court had no control over the school.

  22. isn’t this considered child abuse

  23. Cop who is just doing his job, and the others knew that dad was being a self-righteous prick who got into a tizzy become someone dared to teach his daughter about sex.

  24. Ah yes he does, It is public property,…bought and built by tax payers money. the school bd are caretakers not owners.

  25. It is NOT their property. This is public property, paid for with tax payers money hence PUBLIC. The school bd are caretakers only.

  26. this LEO is basically arresting this man for thought crime . . .

  27. You do realize this short of thing has being going on since the Eisenhower Administration if not earlier, parents will always find something to bitch about. Do you know how many books where challenge under both bushes and Regan?

  28. Wake-up citizens of Keene, N.H. !! Bunch of fucking, chicken-shits!! I served this country in the USMC to put an end to tyranny and defend the United States Constitution and defend against foreign and domestic terrors… we are able! Take back our freedoms. Stand your ground!!

  29. Actually, no, modern liberals are devout fascists. Nearly every plank of modern liberalism is straight neo-fascism, and vice-versa.

  30. No, the objection is not that she was “taught” about sex. This was not simply information that was presented in a factual manner. The objection was that the passage is erotic, not informative, and features rape without an immediate and unequivocal condemnation.

  31. Couldn’t agree more. We need more Bundys.

  32. I’m pretty sure the chimp is in the white house.

  33. You are one moron.

  34. First, the two minute rule for citizens to speak is almost as bad as the parent getting arrested. A real school adult leader should have simply asked him to stand up and again state his name, and allowed him to speak. The polite and wise thing to do would have been to let him vent and thank him for his input and maybe even asked him to serve on a committee to study the situation. As a reporter with more than 50 years’ experience, I’ve covered a lot of government meetings and seen various approaches at throttling citizen dissent. We’re lucky a video journalist was there to record it all. The video camcorder is the latest, greatest journalist’s tool that I love. I’m surprised that the cop didn’t try to arrest the video journalist, too. I came close to that once in Brentwood, CA last summer when the California Department of Water Resources claimed a meeting in which they invited the public to comment on a $67 billion twin tunnel insane plan was not public; therefore was not open to the press! And incidentally that $67 billion plan is designed so that the public is not allowed to vote on it. There is a horrible trend here nationwide. I’m old enough now that I don’t fear getting arrested if it is for the good of the people. My Social Security check will still hit my checking account even if I’m in jail.

  35. Guess what, life is x-rated and has some unsightly characteristics. The more you try to hind that from your offspring the bigger shock it will be for them when they realize that. That’s the purpose of YA literature to help the transition of childhood into adulthood, there is no magic moment when a kid becomes an adult like what most parents think.

  36. LOL I love it how you can’t speak without insulting people. Real mature.

  37. Don’t you mean that neocons and republicans are the ones practicing fascism?

  38. Be careful, your smug and incorrect assumptions are all wrong and mark you for ridicule. Your inner asshole is showing. First of all, you are not a smart as you think, by a long shot. Secondly, every assumption you made save one is wrong. The one statement you made that is correct, is that Cheney and Rumsfeld regressed human rights, and laid the groundwork for the current abomination. For you to say that I do not know that shows your incredible ignorance and inability to gather information and draw intelligent conclusions. I am not a Republican. Further, I am well aware that the two-party system is farcical, just like your fallacious “argument.” I also fight for people’s rights every day, and have for years. I do not watch television shows, or listen to talk radio, so you are pretty much batting zero. No surprise, there. I don’t want to be part of any “hive” and think for myself. Try it sometime, if you can. Move out of your mother’s basement. Get a job and an education. There is no shame in scrubbing out trash cans, and you would be good at it, after training. . Keep cocky, and stay stupid, my friend.

  39. I can and do speak without insulting people every day. The aggressive attacks by several low-information morons on this forum are too ripe not to pick. LOL *I* love how you have contributed not a single intelligent thought to the dialogue. Keep trolling and jumping in for scraps. There is nothing wrong with last place.

  40. No. Actually, while the Demoblicans and Republicrats are essentially identical in nearly every way, the Demoblicans are actually closer to the ideals of fascism.

    Recall that the most famous fascist group of all was the NSDAP (National Socialist German Workers’ Party). Does that really sound like something a Republicrat would support? The principles of fascism are pretty much in line with what that party name suggests. “Obamacare” is probably the most-fascist piece of major legislation in recent American history. It combines socialized healthcare (a major fascist plank) with the exact type of economic principles (private ownership, but effective government control through extreme regulation, combined with cronyist policies to reward businesses for compliance) that are the basis of facsist economics.

  41. Once again, snake eyes. You are not very good at this. First of all, “…[t]he country who (sic) is moving forward” makes no sense, unless in your world the country is a sentient being. You have shown your hand, and it is an ugly one. Your progressive and antitheistic roots aside, a move towards cultural marxism or fascism is not a move forward. It is by definition a regression, and liberties and free will are destroyed by those systems, which, like you, I suspect, favor a nanny state, control of the population and individual oppression. Being aware of, and stating known facts about the NWO and communist playbooks sexualizing youth does not make me a sexophobe. It makes me aware, and far brighter than you. It also belies your “head in the sand” argument. While I do not stick my head in the sand, the sand is a better place to have one’s head that one’s ass, as you have yet to realize. What people do in their private lives is their own business. The exercise of autodidactic self-awareness through free-will is morally superior to being force-fed far-left dogma. Let me put that in another way that you may be able to understand: the state *requiring* children to “learn” these things through forced indoctrination is egregious and cannot be tolerated. I’ll simplify further for you, so you have a shot. *It is bad*. I well know the terms “liberal” and fascist.” Surprise, again you are wrong, as fascists lean left. Also, much to your surprise, there is a philosophy called “Liberal Fascism.” Your final thought (perhaps better described as a squeaking brain fart) misses the entire English motivation of removing dissenters and emptying the prisons of the majority population of debtors or those who had been imprisoned for petty ex-post facto criminal infractions. Go back to coloring books and Play-doh. Stay within the lines, and don’t eat the Play-doh. You may be better at that.

  42. Actually, the purpose of YA literature is to make money for the authors.

    Anyway, that “transition” is accomplished by teaching them things. Not just handing them a box of porn and walking away. The lesson in this book is apparently that rape should not be reported, and the only solution is to execute the rapist after the fact, and then go to jail for doing it.

    A story intended to educate would show the rape being reported, and the rapist facing the consequences of his actions. If the author of an educational story wanted to show that there are also unhealthy ways of handling that problem, there might be two situations, with two different outcomes, to underscore that handling the situation in a healthy way results in a better outcome. Those are ways that you /educate/.

  43. The main republican platform is built around xenophobia, homophobia, militarism, hyper nationalism and government and corporation working hand in hand. Sounds very similar to fascism

  44. While states and their subdivisions typically grant sovereign immunities, they can, and frequently are overcome. The school, *can* be sued, and will be.

  45. That school needs to be shut down.

  46. Why was the cop in the school at the meeting from the beginning anyway ? F/N police state is going down.

  47. He wasn’t resisting..believe me, if I was in that position and I was resisting, he’d know it.


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