Phat Stuff to Rebuild “Bigger and Better”

DEAchalkPhat Stuff’s Mat Boardman, the employee that was there when the DEA came to rob the place on Wednesday, spoke to me today via facebook and informed me that the local smoke shop plans to rebuild, saying, “we are going to use this tragedy as motivation to rebuild…bigger and better than it already was”.

Today, activists chalked on the sidewalk in front of Phat Stuff in protest of the DEA’s aggression and later gathered for a 420 in remembrance of lost liberties.

Phat Stuff re-opens today at 2pm.


420 gathering in remembrance of lost liberties

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  1. Why not you all call the sheriff and ask why he neglected his duty to protect the people of NH? Ask your local politicians why they didn’t keep their oath. Depending on the answer start to have them removed from office and replaced. Sue them for breach of contract in civil court.

  2. If Phat Stuff wasn’t stopped previously selling synthetics, they would have badly hurt more people like Emily….

    (CNN) — Hospital staff removed Emily Bauer’s breathing tube and stopped all medication and nourishment at 1:15 p.m.
    December 16. Only morphine flowed into her body, as t he family waited by
    her side in her final moments.

    But the next morning, she was still alive.

    Her family said the drug that landed the Cypress, Texas, teenager, then 16, in the ICU two weeksearlier wasn’t bought from a dealer or offered to her at a party. It was a form of synthetic weed packaged as “potpourri” that she and friends bought at a gas station.

  3. What does that have to do with confiscating objects used for smoking? They can be used for tobacco, or anything else. Should the feds raid the supermarket and confiscate all BBQ merchandise because they unknowingly sold tainted hamburger meat last year?

  4. Student dies from alcohol poisoning

    Woman dies after being given too much paracetamol

    Government has a lot of experience in murdering people through prohibition

    Posting links can be fun, but you are just trying to play with people’s emotions, not make a logical point. Harm experienced by synthethic marijuana users is an effect of government destroying lives of people possessing and distributing the normal marijuana, unable to kill anybody. Them DEA guys sure make everyone’s lives better, don’t they?

  5. I once heard that it’s possible to be killed by Obama’s drones, but now I can’t find the link.

  6. If a bag of incense said “not for human consumption” would you consume it? Don’t blame a smoke shop for people’s blatant disregard for package warnings. Next time a person dies from a real drug overdose, be sure to shut down the pharmaceutical company who made it.


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