Local Heroes Save Town From Chalked Smiley Faces

Members of “STOP FREE KEENE!!!“, Dan and Kay Georgina visited Central Square on Saturday and destroyed countless chalked smiley faces and other peaceful messages in a scene that is a perfect metaphor for SFK!!!:

bowers_chalkThrough their actions, the key members of SFK!!! prove the anger in their hearts – what kind of person could feel good about such destruction of community artwork?

Some STOP FREE KEENE!!! members believe that threats, violence, and protest will somehow stop the flow of activists to Keene and NH at large. However, all they are accomplishing is attracting more movers and sparking new activism.

Free Keene is about love and peace. “STOP FREE KEENE!!!” is about anger. Peace is the way.

Stop the war on chalk, “STOP FREE KEENE!!!” members. It’s very childish. Even Keene Police Officer Peter Bowers supports chalking smiley faces, as he proved at the 2012 Chalk the Police day in Keene where he joined in the fun.

Full RAW video is available at the Fr33manTVRAW channel.

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  1. You wouldn’t draw a smiley face on someone’s gravstone, would you? Why would you draw on a war memorial meant to honor fallen soldiers?

  2. I should probably tell you that when Free Keene begins targeting private citizens rather than government employees, it’s generally what is considered “going off message”.
    It’s hard to take the “peace and love” angle seriously when you have a rep for pestering people and inciting violence against yourselves. Passive aggression is STILL aggression.

  3. The FREAKEENERS become more delusional every day. In attempting to deface a war memorial, it shows their contempt for the military as well as the heritage of Keene. Probably won some more folks to join STOP FREE KEENE.

  4. SFP are not destroying anything, they’re beautifying their community be cleaning up a public space marred by graffiti. If your friend wants to preserve her artwork, I suggest she do it in a more permanent medium and not on public property. Problem solved!

  5. I agree that smiley-faces are inappropriate content to associate with hired murderers.

  6. This is just another attempt by the Freekeeners to try and make it look like they are such victims. That is how they play the game. They live like victims, they create victims, and they call themselves victims. The people of Keene are sick and tired of seeing the graffiti these activists write. It isn’t all smiley faces. There are a lot of swear words and disgusting writings. Stop Free Keene is winning. They rock,

  7. Free your mind, it’s like a vise.

  8. You know you’ve made the right decision when there is peace in your heart.

  9. When people undermine your dreams, predict your doom, or criticize you, remember, they’re telling you their story, not yours.

  10. Do good and feel good. Do bad and feel bad. It’s that simple.

  11. In a similar vein, if someone is trying to pull you down, remember that it necessarily means that they are already below you.

  12. Lol. Can you say anything relevent that doesn’t sound like you’re reading from a fortune cookie? :p

  13. Good Lord you FK sound like kids in school, crying because the rest of the world does not agree with you, thus they are Haters… try doing something “for” the community… practice what you preach… passive aggressive is not the path to pace and love… your videos show your true “colors”… You have no direction, just a couple of immature media whores looking for the attention you never deserved or earned in an honest way… the way you constantly spin the truth, the word honest is in the dictionary, look it up… that is the path to redemption. But of course you only want the attention, and free money from donations… to live free is not the same as living off others money!

  14. It is nice to see community members volunteering their time to keep the common beautiful. Thanks Dan and Kay!

  15. If the money is given voluntarily, what’s the problem?

  16. Because people think it’s for the meters, not their donuts, drinks, gas, taxes, food… false pretenses… miss appropriations of the money… ya know? I I give to a sick kid, I don’t expect the kids sister to go shopping for CDs….

  17. I’m pretty sure nobody thinks it’s purely to feed meters. People are giving them gifts and money to compensate them for their TIME spent feeding meters. More than once in their videos I’ve seen people give them gift cards, which last I checked can’t be put into a parking meter.


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