Rep. Cynthia Chase belongs to secretive organization to take down Free Staters

From the New Hampshire Freedom blog:

Representative Chase is at it again. She admitted that there is a secret project by Granite State Progress, which itself is funded by billionaire George Soros. She said the project is called OUR State Project and the members meet at the Granite State Progress office on the third Thursday of the month. She said the Project is non-partisan so presumably, as long as you care about the future of New Hampshire and are non-violent, all of you readers are welcome at the meetings at 4 Park Street, Suite 300 in Concord, NH. Read more about the OUR State Project and it’s goals below, in Rep. Chase’s own words.



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  1. Freedom Festival is only 1 month away! Has everyone registered?

    PorcFest XI
    June 22-29, 2014
    Roger’s Campground
    Lancaster, NH

    The Porcupine Freedom Festival is an annual liberty camping event organized by The Free State Project.

    This year marks our 11th PorcFest. We hope you will join us for the
    festivities in Northern New Hampshire at Roger’s Campground for the most
    exciting liberty event of the year! See you there!

  2. Free staters are not a threat to NH; they’re more of a low-intellect nuisance fringe group than anything else. More and more people are beginning to understand what these nutjobs are all about and vote accordingly.

  3. Congratulations to Cyndy Chase and Susan the Bruce for having the moral courage to stand up to the deception and lies of the FSP and particularly FREEKEENE.

  4. nevermind.. you are obviously “all about” being the biggest liar ever

  5. I can hardly wait to move to NH!

  6. Wow–real proof that the FSP is working. Anti-freedom people are beginning to organize.

  7. Too funny. Here we have the Ian Bernard cult all paranoid about Cynthia Chase. The FK people know they are losing a battle they should not have started. People in the city of Keene and state are not going to let these Ian Bernard cult people take over and destroy our state. These FK have set up fake websites, lied, scammed, and continue to prove they are just in it for the attention.

    This is what Ian Bernard has to say about how children should be allowed to have sexual relationships with adults. But the idiots of FK are more worried about someone who is working to keep these morons from destroying a city then a pedophile calling the shots.

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