Keene activists inspire STOP FREE KEENE!!! members to take better care of their community

It seems the work of local freedom activists is having a larger positive effect than intended. For example, as a result of STOP FREE KEENE!!!‘s continuing War on Chalk, Keene’s Central Square is probably being maintained in a cleaner overall state then it ever has. The Monadnock Community Coalition/STOP FREE KEENE!!! group is putting together an event to repaint the Gazebo downtown within the next couple of weeks. On their recent radio interview, it was suggested to SFK!!! by a caller that they should also pay attention to the unkept condition of the skate park off of Gilbo Avenue. A SFK!!! member even had the idea of trying to donate more money than “we” do to the Hundred Nights Shelter!

I am glad activism is helping people to realize the community sometimes need more assistance than the government is providing. They are finding free market solutions to these problems, and I hope they come up with even greater ideas in the near future.

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  1. It’s very encouraging that these ordinary people are beginning to work outside of the violent monopoly to make the world a better place. The more involved these people become, the closer they’ll come to the truth.

  2. Ephesians 4:29
    New Living Translation
    Don’t use foul or abusive language. Let everything you say be good and
    helpful, so that your words will be an encouragement to those who hear

  3. I’m not surprised if they get arrested …government hates competition

  4. This is probably the only time I will agree with you, Jay. I used to say, “Free Keene is tearing a community apart”. However, as we evolve, grow and unite I have discovered, “Free Keene is bringing a community together…however- they are all against you, Free Keene”. All of the active members of the Monadnock Community Coalition under the project: Stop Free Keene are good, hard working citizens who love the City of Keene. They respect its people and their environment. That is the difference between you and us. We love it, you hate it. So, keep up the good work.

  5. Who is the “City of Keene” if not all the people living there?

    The individuals blogging at Free Keene love Keene, that much I can see reading from across the Atlantic, and they are working to preserve what makes Keene such a great place to be: Freedom, Choice, Community. By standing up and holding “officials” accountable, by exposing corruption and/or corrupting practices, and by peacefully practicing the values.

  6. We were free before Free Keene arrived. They use their title only when they feel it applies to them. They are merely bloggers until they get the media attention they crave. Then they are FREE KEENE the activists. This is not about freedom. It is about adults who are attempting to undermine government. Keene WAS peaceful. However, these adults are deceptive liars. They are performers. Keene is not impressed with the show. There is nothing peaceful about luring vulnerable individuals like children, homeless, developmentally disabled and mentally ill. Then they use them, exploit them and move on to the next victim. That is what they do. It is a cult. They enjoy the aggravation and annoyance of all citizens so they can catch that one moment on film when someone can’t take it anymore. Is that what you are calling accountability? You ask: Who is the City of Keene? Why do you care? You live across the Atlantic. You have been deceived if you believe Free Keene is a “just a group of bloggers standing up to freedom, choice and community”. In all honesty, we all have some Libertarian in us. No one wants laws that prohibit making choices. Ian and his followers have done this all wrong. Instead of attracting people to the idea of Liberty in our lifetime, he has turned it into a dirty word with his lies & perverse ideas. I addition he is now a self proclaimed religious leader.

  7. Don’t be fooled their love for community is really love for government checks. Her handle seems suspect as it may means lack of love for family. Which makes sense as evidenced by strong love for community

    Look at the place she works…mostly females against discrimination law of nh and a big issue in the UK as you may be aware

    They look down on activists because they’re don’t care to dress well. The parasites merely try to keep their government jobs much like the Keene teachers came out in droves to vote for higher school budget

    In order to exercise power government needs force propaganda economic and many other. For a small place like Keene their power is faltering due to lack of mass propaganda psychological warfare on the population. So the cronies have to come out and do the heavy lifting as oppositions. Its a sign of desperation

    And if you’re well to do they send armed goons to sight sniper rifle on you as in the case of Bundy. But Americans are very angry and resisting. At some point the government will commit atrocities against Americans because control freaks don’t like people resisting

  8. Yeah, Keene is so peaceful. It’s a nice little city where cops shoot folks in the backs and sit on top of buildings with sniper rifles during fairs. What a wonderful, peaceful place…

  9. LoL … you really are a mørøn – and a liar.

  10. You have no clue who I am or what I do for work…. Mostly females? I run a community center and care deeply about the disabled, mentally ill & homeless population. I don’t care what people wear, what their IQ is, what their income is…I love my community. I am an open minded person , but I have strong morals and values. I do not attempt to “control” anyone. However, as a citizen, I will not allow Free Keene to bully, harass, vandalize, exploit, deceive or corrupt the city I live in. Does that make me a bad person? I know what I stand for. As I stated before…I was free before they came. I want MY freedom back. I want Keene to return to the peaceful city it was BEFORE they showed up. I don’t care about politics, religion, the color of ones skin. I care about the citizens; at face value. I want the bad behavior to end.

  11. Maineshark has a warped comment every time. Ive learned to just ignore and disregard all content. It is ignorance at its best.

  12. Mustd struck a few nerves. You know young people are reading this and in the case of school bureaucrats..the students shouldn’t have problem discerning that its about the government checks not their education

    Their future is absolute slavery because that 1 trillion dollars debt must be paid back. Even all Keene’s young people are debt free…they’re forced to shoulder the debt no matter what

    They will be extremely resentful of the system that passed the can down the alley

    The activists are young and they try to fight back so they could have a future. But I see a few opposing them

    This is the internet where Americans take control of the dialogue. Government loving parasites used to have mainstream mouthpieces speak for them but they’ve lost all credibility because they lie too much. The media also accept government money to run psychological warfare against the people. I don’t think you can do better.

  13. You say they lie. What do they lie about? Can you name 3 specific lies?
    You claim they exploit individuals. Whom have they exploited? Can you name someone? Can you name 3 someones?
    You consider Ian’s ideas to be perverse. Can you name which specific ideas you consider perverse? Also, you do realize Ian is not “Free Keene”, right?

    Why do I care what happens in Keene?

    The country I live in is going to hell and I actually joined YOUR army to get away from it, thinking I’d defend liberty, and protect the innocent. I served during 2 wars for YOUR government (one of which has been going on since the 1950s), and have come to understand that I did not in fact protect anything but the interests of the deep pockets of the MIC, and that I had spent over a decade supporting a coercive system that steals, murders, tortures, and worse -all in the name of “the children”, “freedom” (or what have you). And now, after half a decade of searching for a peaceful solution, I have discovered Free Keene, and I feel hope for mankind again. Sure, they have some rough edges, but they are really trying. They expose corruption and coercion by pointing at it, laughing in its’ face, and challenging it outright. They use simple clear English to explain what is happening, and document all of it.

    I am interested in the Keene community, because I am considering moving there. I feel I can improve things, help my neighbors and stand up to bullies with them. I see that I can call a spade a spade, and that others will stand with me to show others that spade.
    I can see how they remain peaceful even under duress, and how the bullies react first with more violence and -after that exposes them as bullies- how things actually begin to change for the better.

    To be sure, it will likely get worse before it gets even better, but peaceful activists advocating for a voluntary society will not be the ones to make it worse. It will be the bullies and the sticklers that support them, and they are slowly being exposed to the world.

  14. I’m sure that he/she/it would be glad to back up their claims with sources. The sniper one can be found on this site, and has been covered in other media you might find more “respectable”.

  15. I have always worked towards bettering my community. I am a humanitarian by nature. Your opinions of my involvement in my community are a joke. If the extreme Libertarians and self proclaimed anarchists opened their minds, they would see there are ways to create an impact without slamming government and citizens who abide laws. However, the narrow minded have an extremist mentality. These are people that don’t bring the community to positive change. They just make a lot of noise. I don’t have to name all of the lies. They are living the ultimate lie. I did all of my own research to know that 73/75 Leverett St is run like a boarding house. The home is also the location of: Free Streets Project, Free Keene, Keene Activity Center, Robin Hood, Free Talk Live, LRN Radio, the Monadnock Shire Church (which is a fraud to evade taxes). You can also access to the podcast where Ian Bernard Freeman expresses his perverse belief that children have the right to sexual freedom. He is currently in a relationship with a teenage girl. As far as Jay the blogger and Free Keene Activist, Jay Denonville Freeville has comitted ebay fraud. Not once, but twice. How about FTL co-host Mark Edge, a convicted murderer. Want more facts? Check out or our facebook. But, don’t be fooled by the parody page Ian Bernard Freeman allegedly started. He has even duped his own followers on occasion with his fake page.

  16. SFK is constantly lying. They will say “everyone is against Free Keene” as if they took an opinion poll, and there was not one supporter in all of Keene. That claim is ridiculous on its face, and SFK never provides any evidence because SFK has no evidence. They members of SFK call themselves “good” and Free Keene “bad,” again with no evidence, only textbook propaganda and lies. SFK says they’re hard working, when most of them are on the government payroll in do-nothing jobs, pushing paper at city hall or getting paid by government contracts or grants. And the sad part is that SFK is so dependent on the crime network they have constructed for themselves, that they are physically unable to open their minds to even hear the words spoken by Free Keene. To SFK, the truth is just noise, or “garbage” or “lies” or whatever else they tell themselves to avoid confronting reality.

    I’ve talked to many Keene natives, and turns out most if not all of SFK is not even from Keene. They moved to Keene some time ago, and some of them started running for office before the locals knew the truth about them, until today they have undermined the city government and now they run the city as their own private cult. SFK desn’t hate Free Keene for all the reasons they say in their lies. SFK hates Free Keene because it threatens their illegitimate power. SFK hates Free Keene because the videos are a spotlight on their crimes. You can see this is the truth from they way SFK tries to use their position of power against Free Keene by talking about their crime-gang as “the government” and saying “Free Keene isn’t against crime, Free Keene is against the govenment,” just to make Free Keene sound bad. And one of the most disturbing things you see SFK doing is pointing to the oppression they support, and calling the oppressed “citizens who obey the law” instead of “victims we have terrorized into submission,” as if SFK is helping them instread of aiding and abetting their subjugation. It’s truly sick and disturbing.

    As if that weren’t bad enough, SFK and their cronies at city hall lure vulnerable individuals like homeless, developmentally disabled and mentally ill to support them and to vote for them in the local elections so they can keep their power. They’ve taken control of the school board and oversee the indoctrinatation our vulnerable children with the idea that the government is their friend rather than their oppressor. You can tell that SFK is up to no good by the way they act whenever there’s a camera around. It’s called cosciousness of guilt.

    SFK may be a new group, but the people in it are nothing new. They have been the bullies of Keene for years now. The good thing about this situation is that finally someone is standing up to them, and SFK is quickly running out of strategy. SFK has been pretty much reduced just to repeating the same four or five lines now. They’ll say “Free Keene is liars,” (but they never say what the lies are). Or they say “Free Keene spews garbage,” which is just another way of saying they have powerful opinions that we can’t argue with. In fact, the confrontation of opinions is where SFK’s closed-mindedness becomes most comical. SFK will never admit they simply have no rational argument againt what FreeKeene says, so all they can do is mischaracterize it. Instead of saying “I cannot argue with the logic of Free Keene,” the SFK will say “it’s not logic, it’s harassment,” or “it’s not logc, it’s bullying,” or their standard matra, “Free Keen is lying,” never with any evidence of course.

    It’s easy enough to see that SFK supporters are desperate to hide the fact they are the bad guys. For example, in one post Brandie claims to be a humanitarian, and then complains that the house on “Leverett St is run like a boarding house.” You see, Brandie is only a humanitarian until in means affordable housing in her neighborhood. Brandie’s idea of charity is writing grant proposals to get her hands on some dirty tax dollars, and then she turns around and complains because someone in her neighborhood is actually doing something to reduce homelessness that doesn’t slam taxpayers–and then calls them tax-cheats! Folks, you can’t make this stuff up. Brandie’s twisted rhetoric is exactly the “doublethink” that Orwell warned us about.

    But don’t take my word for it; just use your own common-sense: if SFK were legitimate, would they treat “liberty” as a bad word? No, but they do. If SFK was legitimate would they act so frightened around video cameras? No, but they do. If SFK were legitimate they would be publishing all these alleged “lies,” but they say they don’t need to. If SFK were legitimate, they would be making a solid, honest case against Free Keene. But they do not; all you hear from is whining, and confused claims such as “Free Keene took my freedom,” which if true would have produced legal action that we’re still waiting for.

  17. I agree – ignoring the truth /is/ “ignorance at its best.”

  18. The Free State Project is headquartered in Manchester, not Keene, let alone Leverett St.

    You make up all of these lies to support your petty hate-filled world, and you are pathetic enough that you toss in things that can be refuted in a matter of /seconds/ – just like other hate groups. You can’t even go one post without lying, can you?

  19. I have been following the actives of Free Keene now since the summer of 2010.

    What exactly has been accomplished thus far?

  20. The issue of ian and sex kiddies is trivial and I have my conspiracy brain to be thankful for. He’s either telling thevtruth or for controversy. Its hard work to have 147 stations while you parasiting on a government job and somehow capable of being indignant of can’t well for saying he has no sympathy for violent goons. You should thank ian for paying into your racket

    I open my IPP podcast player and amist a zillion stations I typed FTL the long way. It shows ian knows the biz well

    Ian has integrity. Your handle on the other hand raised my be antenna like a bad case of static buildup.

    I voted Ron Paul last season and probably was ian to clean my hands of the blood of innocent children that the govt killed. You and the majority of your group can’t say the same and ignorance is no excuse because as Christians Christ taught us to be smart as a snake and peaceful as a dove

    Why don’t you and parasiting townies stand for real peace and find private sector jobs

    Its always about the poor the disadvantaged and the children. Meanwhile the poor swell their ranks the disadvantaged can barely have hope and the children starve and being droned. Nevermind libertarians have been urging all along to chart a better and more advantage path for all.

    You dishonest parasites. You kill liberty and I swore before god eternal hostility

  21. Wow … did you make it past the 4th grade? Are you sure?

  22. Zero. Nada. Bupkis. Zip. What do you expect from a small group of societal misfits?

  23. Roger … your word isn’t worth 1 pound of dog shit. How many “Keene natives” have you actually spoken with, other than that house full of Free Keene losers?

    People have grown tired of the juvenile, societal misfits that make up Free Keene. It’s not so much about “liberty” and “freedom”, it’s more about how they harass public employees, how they try to make a mockery of our system of laws and justice, and how they lie and twist the truth to suit their pathetic world-view. They insult the good people of Keene and make the town look bad. They also, by extension, make the Free State Project look bad.

    The State of NH has begun cracking down on these assclowns, and eventually they will all be carted off to jail (again) for one thing or another – because if there is one true fact in life it is that stupid is as stupid does – and Free Keene has cornered the market on stupid.

  24. I’m wondering if you’re mother knows you have been using the family computer again without permission.

  25. Its a common denominator that they’re transplants but oppose to newcomers. They seized local govt and leech off local populations. Some locals are being controlled by the like of Susan Bruce and chase. We need to tell the locals abt the real parasites. What the name of that stubby old parasite in school budget MTG with blade sweat her

  26. I am really considering moving to Keene, so please answer my questions.

    Any dirt you have on these activists can influence my decision. If you can link them to Al Quaeda, or the Boston bombings, or the KKK, or to worldwide child-slavery rings, or anything, I’d like to know!

    Please answer my questions, as I do not want to waste my time with criminals.

  27. Part II

    This is Part 2 on the expose of the dark truth about Stop Free Keene.


    In this installment, I will expand upon my prior theses, by deconstructing a typical pro-SFK post, this one by someone using the pseudonym Jammer4661, published late on the evening of Thursday, May 29.
    Point-by-point I will use the words of this post to prove that not only does its fail to make a case against Free Keene, but with obviously and clumsy employment of logical fallacies and outright non-logic, he undermines whatever remaining credibility SFK is desperately clinging to. We begin with the first sentence.

    The First Sentence

    If you are are an honorable, decent member of the community, you probably stopped reading this post by Jammer4661 somewhere in the middle of the first sentence. This is the first point to notice. The antis, aka SFK, typically characterize themselves by the double-detriment of pseudonymous names, and filthy language. In this case, it’s not surprising that the person posting as Jammer4661 does not use even a real-sounding pen-name, probably because by doing so he feels free to begin his posts with such an offensive opening line as:

    Roger … your word isn’t worth 1 pound of dog s__… you’re pathetic.

    You can read the original post for the profanity that I have the decency not to repeat, though we all know that thanks to the efforts of people such as Jammer4661, this blog, which used to be safe for viewing by children, today is anything but.

    If you happened to read past Jammer4661’s filthy language, then you probably also noticed multiple offenses to sound reasoning: the line “you’re pathetic” is a garden-variety ad-hominem, and Jammer4661 made no attempt even to disguise it as such. But, even if he did provide some valid argumentative support for his claim regarding the value of my word, I would agree with his conclusion as he literally stated it. To be specific, my word is worth a ton gold, in fact, so what Jammer4661 said is true. Because my word is worth a ton of gold, it, as Jammer4661 says, it “isn’t worth 1 pound of dog s___.”
    It’s worth much more. This example may seem too pedestrian to make, but my point is to highlight the fact of Jammer4661’s confused thinking, as displayed in his confused writing.

    Before we move past the first sentence of this quintessential example of SFK support, let us review what we can say certainly about its author:

    * Its author is ashamed of his identity, as proved by the pseudonym;

    * Its author is probably of low social origin and poor breeding, as proved by the profanity; and
    * Its author is impaired by a lack of education, as proved by the invalid and fallacious reasoning.

    At this point, I know just what you are saying: “Roger,” you say, “everything you write is true. Whatever else Jammer4661 has to say ought reasonably to be dismissed, so why even bother to continue to read what can so confidently be assessed as a worthless waste of time from one who seems to have been unjustly blessed by fortune even to have achieved so much an accomplishment as publishing a three-paragraph post in attempted support of SFK?

    That is an excellent question, reader, and I will answer you. Yes, it is true that everything Jammer4661 is worth dismissing. And it’s true, that you, being an upstanding, decent, educated member of the community, are immediately repulsed by the vulgarity and affront to clear thinking and community standards which which Jammer4661 has offended your sensibilities. But, alas, the world is not made of citizens as refined as ourselves. As history has so unfortunately proved, our community is plagued by creatures of the basest motives and inclinations. If one honestly confronts the matter, it cannot be denied that even so fair a city as Keene is beset by all manner of ill-informed and uncultured riffraff, rabble, knaves, rascals, and without denying such persons have the right to live unmolested so long as they know their place, it is rhetoric such we see here spewing forth from the vile hand of Jammer4661 that is calculated to rouse that rabble.

    Yes, dear reader, it may be hard to believe, but that same opening sentence that filled you with such revulsion and disgust, is actually carefully crafted to limit the reading of the rest of the post to only those most anti-social elements of the public with which good citizens such as ourselves are afflicted. In fine, beware the danger of dismissing what might seem to be merely offensive language for what it is: Jammer4661’s opening sentence is as a herald to those who will most mindlessly respond to the dark content of the message it precedes.
    We ignore what follows at our own peril and the peril of decency society.

    And that’s just the first sentence. Let us hold our noses and evaluate the rest of the post’s content.

    The Rest of the Message

    In this section, I will buttress my argument from my previous post, using the rest of the message from Jammer4661 as supporting evidence.

    A common tactic of the SFK is to claim to represent public opinion, but always without any supporting evidence, since whatever such evidence they may be able to marshal is so weak as to actually make their claims less credible than they are unsupported. Jammer4661 demonstrates this perfectly when he writes,

    People have grown tired of the juvenile, societal misfits that make up Free Keene.

    It’s easy to lose count of the unsupported claims in this brief sentence. “People” are tired? What “people?” Surely the criminals behind SFK and its prior incarnations are tired. To deny that would be to deny the effectiveness of Free Keene. Jammer4661 very cleverly distracts the reader from the fact that he’s referring only to a handful of so-called “people” by quickly inserting some ad-hominems: “juvenile, societal misfits.” And there he ends. No supporting argument, no evidence, just a naked conclusion with no reason given for his agreement, not even his own credibility which we have already seen is something less than nothing. But it’s there for a reason. By focusing the reader’s attention on the obvious logical fallacy regarding juvenility and societal fit, it distracts your attention from the misleading reference to “people.”

    So let us be fair: we agree with you, Jammer4661, some people are tired of Free Keene. And those very few but loud whiners have good reason to be tired. No cockroach enjoys having the light shone on its antisocietal conduct of unrepentant self-interest.

    This particular technique can be seen repeatedly in the post from Jammer4661: that is, to say something unsupportable, and follow it up with a distracting ad-hominem. For example “how they lie and twist the truth to suit their pathetic world-view.” You get distracted by the unsupported use of “pathetic” and overlook that there are no lies, no “twisting of the truth.” If there were, then surely Jammer4661 would be trumpeting them from the mountaintops, instead of making you look away while he moves furtively on to his next rhetorical deception.

    Now that I have brought this tactic to light, it is easily dismissed along with Jammer4661’s credibility. But without such attention Jammer4661’s attempts to deceive might well have been effective. The same cannot be said of the rest of Jammer4661’s post, which almost on its own proves him to be an author whose word ought reasonably to be disregarded by all thinking readers.

    The Weakest Words

    The language of Jammer4661 that I have quoted so far is actually the most likely to be effective. The rest of his post is even more easily dismissed as being obviously false. It is a combination of expired claims that were long ago set to rest, joined with non-claims that even at face-value are weightless. For example, Jammer4661 insults our intelligence with that hackneyed canard of alleged “harassment,” even though his vaunted court-system has already absolved Free Keene of that false charge. Yet in the same breath Jammer4661 claims that Free Keene “tr[ies] to make a mockery of our system of laws and justice,” even though it is that very system of laws and justice that publicly pronounced the absence of harassment by Free Keene. One hopes that Jammer4661 will not trip over himself while displaying such energetic self-contradiction.

    Perhaps Jammer4661’s most laughable attempt at acquiring support for SFK is his proxy-whining on behalf of those public parasites he so euphemistically describes as “public employees.” These are exactly the tax-feeders that the likes of Jammer4661 will describe as “heroes” who bravely act in protection of the undeserving public, defending us from all manner of bogey-men, real and imagined. And yet from the tone of Jammer4661, we might well assume these so-called “public employees” amount to little more than weak children, who descend into emotional distress at the slightest offense to their fragile and insecure self-esteem. Jammer4661 complains of their “annoyance,” and “insult.” Perhaps Jammer4661 will suggest that the “annoyed” public employees go crying to the arms of mommy and daddy to soothe their hurt feelings. If that will help, I’m all for it, but those so easily-annoyed are not entitled to be viewed as heroes, suitable for “public service.”

    The Final Nail
    By this point, you’ll agree with me that it would take some considerable effort for Jammer4661 to reduce his credibility any further, but just in case he has any credibility left to lose, he dismisses it in his closing sentence where he claims:

    The State of NH has begun cracking down on these assclowns, and eventually they will all be carted off to jail…

    In fact the exact opposite is true. The State has well-nigh given up on that task. Ian could not be held in jail. Rich Paul is out again. One by one the warriors of Free Keene are racking up victories against that tyranny in whose support Jammer4661 so unabashedly displays his unapologetic sycophancy.

    As if to underscore the desperation that permeates not merely this false and hopeless claim, but his entire post, Jammer4661 concludes both that paragraph and the entire post with his consistently stylistic ad-hominems, managing to include the word “stupid” even thrice in his single concluding sentence, and then goes on to augment that logical fallacy with not only one, not only two abused clichés, but also an unattributed reference to that paragon of western philosophy, Forrest Gump:

    if there is one true fact in life it is that stupid is as stupid does – and Free Keene has cornered the market on stupid.

    It seems almost a waste of typing to reduce any further Jammer4661’s already negative credibility by pointing out his false identification of tautological principle as “true fact;” I do so merely for completeness, and if I may take this opportunity to trade cliché for cliché, I shall indulge myself by making the observation: folks, you can’t make this stuff up.
    Truly, it would be difficult to make a case against Jammer4661 so air-tight as that which he has made against himself.


    You may correctly agree with me that Jammer4661’s post is nothing more than a dysfunctional collection of failed attempts to cast aspersions of Free Keene that do little more than to demonstrate his own inability to make even so simple a case. But this would be giving Jammer4661 too little credit. In speaking in support of Stop Free Keene, Jammer4661, as one of its most strident supporters, undermines the legitimacy of that collective even more that than he does his own.

    Personally I have no goat in this fight. I am merely a neutral and objective observer, assessing reality and assigning credit and fault where it justly lies. Without any interest in whether it does so, I cannot deny my own curiosity to know whether the leadership of SFK will recognize the extreme detriment that Jammer4661 is causing on a regular basis to its progress and public image by propagating his clownish attempts at “support,” attempts that weaken the already shaky position of an organization arising from such questionable origins as Stop Free Keene. Only time will tell us the outcome with regard to SFK. But until then, as I have shown here in so many ways, the writings of Jammer4661 are confused, nonsensical, and to the extent they have any effect on the credibility of Stop Free Keene, that effect is distinctly negative as proven by the increasing public support that Free Keene has been enjoying since Jammer4661 began his public campaign.

  28. *yawn*

    You are merely just another Free Keene bootlicker whose bloviation is nothing more than a poor attempt to deflect and confuse the readers as to the true nature of Free Keene and its collection of societal misfits and community pariahs.

    Show me where this “increasing public support” is. Show me where Free Keene has made a positive contribution to the community. You cannot on both counts. More lies and half-truths.

  29. There you have it, folks. In response to my latest installment, Jammer4661 has taken issues with two points in particular: (1) the increasing level of public support for Free Keene, and (2) the positive contribution that Free Keene has made and continues to make to the community of Keene.

    Now, I could address those two points easily, and refer Jammer4661 to the most recent quarterly statement showing increased donations to Free Keene since he started posting. I could provide links to the numerous comments on this blog, and under youtube videos, among other places, from enthusiastic new additions to the growing number of Free Keene supporters. Why, I could even point out that one of Jammer4661’s objections–to the obvious fact that Free Keene has made a positive contribution to the community–is so patently false, and so repeatedly disproven by the hundreds of videos Free Keene is constantly posting of their community efforts, from the free BBQ in the park, to voter education campaigns, organized volunteering at the local soupkitchen, the sidewalk chalk art-series, on and on and on, that it would be a herculean effort just to list them all. In fact it would be ridiculous even to give Jammer4661’s willful ignorance of these established realities the legitimacy of pretending that his denial is anything besides a desperate attempt to grasp at what must appear to him to be the last of the quickly-disappearing straws of justification for his campaign of irrational hate against the local community activists of Free Keene.

    But I won’t do that. Rather, dear reader, I will simply suggest that you take a look at my previous post, where you will be able to count no fewer than 247 unassailable arguments proving undeniably that SFK are the bad guys in this situation, after which I will observe to you that Jammer4661 has silently agreed with everything I wrote besides those two points that he raises. And in the spirit of good sportsmanship and fair play, I will go further, and expressly concede to Jammer4661 those two points that he raises. Jammer4661: you win on those two points; they are yours, and I accept your acquiescence of my correctness on the other 245 points. And for your concession to my correctness and endorsement of my position notwithstanding the two issues that you raise, I applaud your integrity and give you full credit for coming over to the side of righteousness and truth.

  30. Juvenile behavior by the Free loaders. The chalking on Central Sq. may be an expression of 1st amendment rights but it is certainly not winning any fans. They say it’s their right to create childish chalk pictures. It may be but it impacts all of us who view the area as a comfortable place to take in the beauty of Keene.

  31. What I find remarkable is they can find plenty of slobs to put slogans on signs, but when it comes down to discussing any issue they clam up. You can’t find video of them discussing anything from a rational or philosophical viewpoint at all. If you go to the video of their “protests” of Free Keene, you can see that they refuse to discuss their views in any rational way.

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