Keene activists inspire STOP FREE KEENE!!! members to take better care of their community

It seems the work of local freedom activists is having a larger positive effect than intended. For example, as a result of STOP FREE KEENE!!!‘s continuing War on Chalk, Keene’s Central Square is probably being maintained in a cleaner overall state then it ever has. The Monadnock Community Coalition/STOP FREE KEENE!!! group is putting together an event to repaint the Gazebo downtown within the next couple of weeks. On their recent radio interview, it was suggested to SFK!!! by a caller that they should also pay attention to the unkept condition of the skate park off of Gilbo Avenue. A SFK!!! member even had the idea of trying to donate more money than “we” do to the Hundred Nights Shelter!

I am glad activism is helping people to realize the community sometimes need more assistance than the government is providing. They are finding free market solutions to these problems, and I hope they come up with even greater ideas in the near future.

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