SFK!!! sounds off

This past Saturday three members of the anti-Free Keene group, STOPFREEKEENE!!!, made an appearance on WKBK’s Sound Off to argue their case and air their grievances against the liberty community here in Keene.  Callers from both sides of the aisle flooded the lines during the two hour segment.  All irrelevant call-ins have been edited from the audio.  B-roll depicts a few individuals from the group and their ridiculous war on smiley faces that was caught on film the previous week.

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  1. I’m an outsider. I live far away. I love the ideas of liberty, so I am biased. I would like to try and bring the two groups closer together.

    FACT: Both groups want to have a better community.

    When liberty people do things the statist people see it as bad and want it stopped.
    When statist people do things the liberty people see it as bad and want it stopped.

    Both sides have a different set of philosophies about how communities should operate and that is ok. But neither side should be forcing the other. Here is where the statists are overwhelming on the wrong side of this. This is so hard for the statist to understand. This tit-for-tat stuff can go on forever.

    Socratic dialogues/philosophy/logic need to happen:
    “What is violence?” “Is violence wrong?” “Under what circumstances is violence justified?”
    “What is theft?” “Is theft wrong?” “Under what circumstance is theft justified?”

    Statist people don’t want to be forced to “see” or “hear” what the liberty people are doing.
    Liberty people don’t want to be forced to “pay” or “arm” what the statist people are doing.

    I’m so happy the conversation is trying to happen.

  2. What you don’t see here is the defacing of the war memorials, statues, & anarchist writings that are also taking place. They DO NOT tell the truth, they spin everything to make themselves look like victims. Downtown Keene was disgusting this morning on Memorial Day of all days!! Unless your here to witness what’s going on, you’ll never really know.

  3. If they would cut off the top of their jugs it would make a more efficient transfer of water.

  4. I understand that their actions bother you. But rather than being disgusted and saying they “DO NOT” tell the truth, do you understand why they are upset? Have you tried to see it from their point of view? Do you understand what their point of view is?

    What are we doing in Afghanistan again? I forgot. Why are we killing and getting killed again? Can I say no? What happens if I say no? If I stop paying my taxes, what happens? Can I say no?

    It’s a “war” memorial. Henry David Thorough addressed some of this. How do you express your opposition to being forced to support war? What advice would you give them to express their protest of war in a way that you approve of? Is it even possible to protest war in a way that you approve of? Happy faces and peace symbols are really pretty tame in the big picture of global violence. Where do we memorialize all of the innocent people that have died in wars? Why do we worship the trigger pullers? If you have a son/daughter, would you support sending them to Afghanistan? Is that cause worth it for you to lose your child? Do you know about double-tapping? http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/outrage-at-cias-deadly-double-tap-drone-attacks-8174771.html http://professorsblogg.com/2014/03/05/dronevictimsnr/

    I’m sorry you are hurt/disgusted by their chalking/actions. Please, please provide a better way for them to resist supporting the state/war.

  5. cris is a whiney little idiot….”leave the mayor alone” and ‘”leave the city manager alone” chris coats defending the poor city manager and mayor those poor victems ….i guess they are beyond reproach is that assholes eyes…lol… If cris coates says leave them alone …that is a great indicator that the need to NOT be left alone

  6. This program is a jaw-dropper. It starts of with that parking enforcer telling his story about how he took the job in the first place because he wanted to work less. I think he said it’s a great job because he gets paid to spend time with his family or walk around the city getting to know people; the only bad part is that he actually has to exert some effort by ruining people’s days. In other words, he admits that his job as a parking enforcer is an antisocial waste of tax dollars. But I guess he’s entitled to it because he’s a war hero. But this war hero is so intimidated by a couple of kids making small-talk with him on the street he just can’t handle the stress? I sympathize with the frustration of SFK, but is this guy really the best poster-boy they could come up with?

  7. I believe the parking enforcers who “wanted a new job”…did he get fired?…He may have been LET GO… … he was less than honest i believe

  8. Wait, because their upset it’s ok to go around and upset the community with the garbage they spew and the chalk all over, not just a small area but all over downtown keene? Who are they to deface anything other than their own property regardless if it’s chalk! Would you like it if some group stood outside your child’s school doors just waiting to hand them their literature about their beliefs? And yes they lie….There’s a lot more to these guys than protesting war that maybe you don’t know about. Maybe you should do a little research. Oh, and if you really want to know what happens when you stop paying your taxes ask Ian, he hasn’t in quite some time.

  9. They probably think that the “war memorial” is defacing the public space. So, who started it?! At least Garret doesn’t force you to buy his chalk for him under threat of government violence. Have you even begun to try and see it from their perspective? They are made to pay for the public schools, so why can’t they hand out their literature? The school is “FULL” of statist propaganda. A little balance/information can’t be as frightening as you appear to think it is. Are you worried that your children might read it? Why? Besides, if you don’t like it, then home school like my family, or send your kids to a private school. Why should they be prohibited from spreading the ideas of self-ownership and non-aggression? Why are these ideas such a threat to you and your children? I know you think they are aggressive. But I would ask you to consider if you feel they are aggressive because they are saying things that make you feel uncomfortable, or because they pose a physical risk to you. Again, this is tit-for-tat, issue by issue arguing. If you want to get past all of the bickering, try and understand the philosophy of what makes them tick. What do they believe in? Why are they upset? And no, being upset never justifies violence or damaging property. I’m not a fan of the chalking. But again, its smiley faces and peace symbols, compared to statues of killers. Please provide a better idea on how to protest. I’m guessing that wish they would show up, be silent, hold a few signs, and go home so that you can ease back into your lay-z-boy of denial of state sponsored violence. Taxation is theft.

    Defending oneself against aggression may often be justifiable. Who is ransoming who? Who is forcing who? Be glad that the philosophy is non-violence and peace. What if their philosophy was like statists? The ends justify the means. Use violence to force others to conform. Principles are less important than results. Master plan……….

    I’ve been watching this for a few years. My family flew to New Hampshire earlier this year to check things out. I’ve met many of them and everyone I met was polite, friendly and loving. I felt refreshed with the energy of life being around these people. They are an island of principle and philosophy. I want to move and believe that my family eventually will.

    Why do you say they lie without describing what they lie about? Be specific. Libel much?

    Even though my family home schools, we are still expected to pay for the statist propaganda. And yes, that upsets me. Happy memorial day.

  10. I am not quite through with the video, but one thing I heard toward the beginning which made me literally laugh out loud is the lady who was talking about her kids getting “propaganda” in their trick-or-treat bags. She has no issues, whatsoever, with THE STATE propagandizing them 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, throughout the most impressionable time in their lives, but god forbid someone gives them a pamphlet about peace, voluntaryism and liberty! Well, we can’t have THAT kind of crazy stuff going on!

    It’s sad, really. If the SFK!!! people would sit down with the free keene activists, they would figure out that they’re not the violent, radicalized, thuggish criminals that SFK!!! tries to make them out to be. I’ve spoken to several of the free keene folks online and they are incredibly nice, intelligent, peaceful people who genuinely want to make Keene a more free and happy place in which to live. I sincerely wish they had come to my town, I know a lot of folks who would have welcomed them with open arms, people who TRULY believe in freedom and understand that we don’t need the State to achieve a free, prosperous and peaceful society.

    Obviously I haven’t spoken to all of the members of free keene, but the members which I have spoken to are all voluntaryists, which means they believe all human interaction should be voluntary and peaceful in nature. That doesn’t sound “radical” to me. What sounds RADICAL is people who would use violence to get their way and that’s what statists like SFK!!! do as a rule. It sickens me when ignorant people try to make peaceful liberty activists out to be violent or immoral. Perhaps the folks who believe that should go look in a mirror and give some thought about what the State is TRULY doing with their tax dollars, because there’s nothing peaceful or moral about it.

  11. Funny how they try and label Free Keen as “sovereign citizen movement” which is a key term for DHS to consider you a terrorist.

  12. “All irrelevant call-ins have been edited from the audio.”

    I got a chuckle from that one. The translation: “All call-ins that have a good point and make us look bad have been edited from the audio.”

  13. “…they’re not the violent, radicalized, thuggish criminals that SFK!!! tries to make them out to be.”

    Right, because people who stalk and harass public employees are not radicalized or thuggish.

  14. What I don’t understand is why this isn’t considered defacing public property.

    In my mind there is little difference between someone with a can of spray paint and someone with a piece of chalk if the resulting graffiti is offensive and/or insensitive.

  15. I guess people who live off the stolen income of others are angels too, right?

    “Stalk” and “harass” are legal terms, which have particular meanings. If they were doing either of those things, they would have been charged with a crime, but they weren’t. The city even tried to take them to a civil court, where the burden of proof is considerably less than in a criminal court and the city STILL failed to prove any wrongdoing. The only people who are initiating force against other people are the parking enforcers, that makes THEM in the wrong, according to the non-aggression principle. Of course I wouldn’t expect a statist to understand the NAP or the meaning of voluntaryism.

  16. Because it washes away and leaves no permanent mark, perhaps?

    But, from what you said, spray-painting non-offensive graffiti would be acceptable in your world?

  17. Of course not – but disparaging, offensive remarks are the same if written with spray paint or chalk.

  18. There is no way I can debate these issues with a ignorant individual like yourself.

    I am, however, quite satisfied with the knowledge that people like yourself who disparage our country and society while deriving the benefits from all of it will never be in a position of power to alter any of it.

  19. I think you mean you cannot debate these issues with an individual like me because your position, which supports violence and theft, is indefensible. I mean if you’d like to defend violence and theft, please do, it would be mighty amusing for me on this fine Monday morning. 🙂

    I wouldn’t want to debate someone who has logic and morality on their side either though, if I were you.

    Do you know that the men who founded this “country” wouldn’t even recognize it today? Do you think their views are consistent with yours? Or mine?

    “People like me”, who believe in the non-aggression principle and Voluntaryism are becoming more prevalent by the day. What you see in Keene is happening all over the place now. Perhaps not on the scale that it is in Keene, but more and more people are waking up each and every day. Folks are tired of the violence of the State. Folks are tired of being ruled and having the fruits of their labor stolen from them.

    I do find it rather amusing that folks like YOU think you have ANY idea, whatsoever, about what this ideal called “America” is supposed to be. You don’t understand freedom, because you believe you have the authority to control others and when you control others, you are, in no small way, saying that you OWN them. Freedom is being able to do what you want as long as you’re not harming anyone else or their property. Freedom isn’t 40,000 new laws (which is how many went into effect on January 1, 2014 in America). Freedom isn’t constant and never-ending wars against innocent people on the other side of the world. Freedom isn’t the largest prison population IN THE WORLD (5% of the world’s population resides in America, yet it has 25% of the prison population). Freedom ISN’T having 50% (or more) of your income STOLEN each and every year. I guess I shouldn’t expect someone who has been brainwashed into believing that being wholly controlled and managed is “freedom”, to be able to understand the principles of Voluntaryism and Non-Aggression. But if you’d just put aside your hatred for FK and worship of the State, for a couple of days and look into their beliefs, you might find that they’re not nearly as “radical” as you think. I will agree that their tactics may not be perfect, it’s probably not the way I would go about things, but I understand and support what they’re trying to do, which is to make the world a more free place, starting with Keene.

    If you want to understand, instead of just blindly hate, try looking up “Voluntaryism” and “The Non-Aggression Principle”. Chances are, you already believe in these principles, you’re just not rationally applying them to everything (including government). I suspect that you DEMAND adherence to Voluntaryism and the NAP from your friends, coworkers, family and neighbors (nearly everyone does). If you want freedom, REAL freedom (not the illusion of freedom), then the path is through Voluntary, peaceful interaction between individuals and adherence to the Non-Aggression Principle. It’s the ONLY path. Anything else is just tyranny repackaged.

    I wonder what would happen today, if some group of a couple thousand folks wrote a letter to the President and Congress, which said, “We’re not going to pay your taxes anymore. We’re not going to obey your laws, anymore. We do not acknowledge your right to rule us, ever again and when you send your thugs to enforce your will on us, WE WILL RESIST!”

    Some folks did that about 240-ish years ago. Men with names like Washington, Jefferson, Hancock, Franklin, and Adams. Men who most people in America celebrate on July 4th, “Independence Day”.

    So what would happen? I’ll tell you what would happen. Fox News, MSNBC, CNBC, ABC, NBC and all the other government-controlled alphabet channels would simultaneously call them traitors and demand that they are thrown in cages. Then there would be a horrendous uproar from “patriots” who want to see these people tortured and murdered for daring to speak out against the US Government. They would be labeled “terrorists” by the government. Then when the government decided to go after them, people would cheer as they are gunned down by police who were “just following orders”. The founders *WOULD NOT STAND A CHANCE* today.

    Yep, that’s precisely what would have happened to the founders of America if they were around today. People who claim to be a patriot and who swear that they love freedom would cheer as the founders were gunned down, one by one. Then the so-called patriots would pat themselves on the backs for being so free.

    There may have been an idea called freedom once in America, but it’s long gone. It’s been replaced by people who believe that obeying the law is more important than freedom. By people who believe that security is more important than freedom…or worse, that obeying arbitrary “laws” IS freedom. By those who believe that complying with the TSA and allowing their children to be groped, is “freedom”. By people who believe that anything a politician writes down on a piece of paper is “law”. By people who believe that war is peace, freedom is slavery and ignorance is strength.

    I think the name of the holiday on the 4th of July should be changed. I suggest that we call it “dependence day”, because that’s what people are REALLY celebrating…their dependence on government for everything. People believe that the government provides them safety, that it “educates” their children, that it murders innocent people in other countries “to protect freedom at home”, and they believe that all the “laws” make them “more free”. The largest prison population on Earth is in their country and they believe this is “freedom”. The men you celebrate in about a month would disagree very strongly with what you’ve allowed your country to become. So when you are putting up your flag, eating barbecue or watching fireworks, just remember that you’re celebrating a bunch of men who YOU would probably consider “terrorists”.

    The founders would at least recognize my beliefs, would they recognize yours?

  20. “The founders would recognize your beliefs” ? How do you communicate with them: by seance or inter-dimensional time portal?

    I’m not sure if it’s just a silly grandiose statement on your part or just plain delusional thinking that you would assume the founders of this country would espouse principles that lie somewhere between communism and anarchy. You obviously know very little about the history of this country and have drawn conclusions that are wildly off the mark.

    My suggestion to you is to relocate to another country that is more in tune with your way of thinking, because it sure isn’t this country.

  21. Are disparaging, ugly remarks written in chalk against veterans and others who served this country acceptable in your world?

  22. How about people who enjoy the freedoms and way of life provided in this country without contributing taxes or anything else of substance to the community? I’m writing specifically about the members of FK, of course.

    It is a constant source of amusement for me to see the hypocrisy and deceitfulness employed by this group in their quest for “freedom”.

  23. You see, that’s what I’m talking about, you think that since people live in America, they MUST be subject to all the insane rules and regulations that the government wishes to impose upon them. Don’t you think it’s just a wee bit hypocritical to say that I need to leave, when the country was founded upon the idea that people can withdraw their consent to be governed? After all, that’s what the founders did to England.

    The founders wanted a society in which nobody would be harassed by cops/government or imprisoned unless they were harming another individual or damaging an individual’s property. But statists today don’t believe that, YOU don’t believe that, the only proof anyone needs of that is the 40,000 laws which went into effect on January 1, 2014, with nearly that many last year too. If you think THAT’S what the founders envisioned, then I think you might be projecting just a teensy weensy bit when you say *I’m* the delusional one. 😉

    So tell me, how am I wrong about the history of America? Enlighten me, oh statist of infinite wisdom! While you’re at it, please tell me how an anarcho-capitalist’s views are in ANY way similar to communism. You’re digging yourself into quite a hole here, chief, one that you’re probably not going to be able to dig out of. But hey, I can’t wait to hear the history of America and how I’m a communist. This is going to be mighty entertaining. Be right back, I’m going to make some popcorn!

  24. You DO realize that the founding fathers went to WAR over a 3% tax on tea and paper, right? Three percent. Now people have well over 50% of their income stolen and pay taxes on *everything* that they buy. The current “America” is NOTHING like the founding fathers intended, nor is it a nation they would recognize.

    But I know all about you, during the revolution, you’d have been on the British side, because you would think that people OWED the king for all the wonderful things he was doing for the colonists. Yes, you’d tell folks that they MUST pay the king, otherwise they’d just be freeloading!

    Are you any relation to Benedict Arnold? You sure sound a lot like him with the beliefs you hold! 😉

  25. If you don’t want to be offended, you should move to a country without free speech.

    Chalk is less permanent than the war memorial. Maybe the war memorial is defacing public property. Who is asking who to pay for things? Who pays for the war memorial? Who pays for the chalk?

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