People Falsely Claiming to Be Part of Free Keene


This man is not part of Free Keene.

Apparently last night at Central Square, a couple of Free Keene bloggers (Garret and Rich) were chalking and were joined by a couple of locals. This is a fairly common occurrence – many families and individuals have joined in the fun of chalking the common over the last few weeks. FK bloggers always make chalk available, even to those who oppose freedom.

However, just because someone picks up a piece of chalk does not make them part of Free Keene. Even if someone CLAIMS to be part of Free Keene, that does not make them part of Free Keene.

Apparently the couple of locals (one goes by “Yankee”) last night who joined the FK bloggers in chalking began to be very rude to one of the STOP FREE KEENE!!! members who was there cleaning up the chalking. This escalated to a shouting match, and then two men who appear to work for Pedraza’s/Pour House came over and attacked one of the men who was agitating the SFK!!! guy. I don’t support violence and nor do I support being mean to others, yet because Yankee claimed to be part of Free Keene in a conversation he had with Pedraza’s owner Dorrie O’Meara, I now get blamed for his actions. (Because, you know, I am a cult leader and puppet master and everything that any person claiming to be with Free Keene does must have been at my behest!)

I don’t know how many times I’ll need to say it: The only people who are part of Free Keene are listed with photos and bios on our Bloggers page. If someone claims to be part of Free Keene or with Free Keene and they are not on that page, they are not being honest. Perhaps the person meant to say they support Free Keene? Well, that’s great, but obviously I can’t be held responsible for what a “supporter” does in the same way that I would not hold SFK!!! blogger Josh Erickson responsible for the violence initiated by people associated with members of SFK!!!.

Am I friendly with Yankee?  Sure.  I’m also friendly with Terry, Dorrie’s employee who was involved in the violent incident last night.  I’m friendly with nearly everyone (except those DEA agents).  If everyone I’ve ever had a pleasant conversation with is part of Free Keene then that means Dorrie and Terry are also part of Free Keene.  I think you can see how ridiculous these claims are.  Free Keene is a website.  The only people who are part of it are individuals who understand fully the ideas of liberty.  They are all people that I’ve personally invited to blog here because of their commitment to those ideas and of peaceful methods to achieve those ideas.  Anyone besides the several bloggers we have are not part of this website.

This whole incident reminds me of a year ago when someone downtown claiming to be a Robin Hooder attacked a local man. The local man (Travis Hobbes’ dad) came to the KAC and accused those of us there of attacking him. He showed us video his wife had captured of the incident. None of us knew the assailant claiming to be a Robin Hooder, though he looked familiar to me. After further investigation and reviewing security footage, I determined that it was the same guy who a week prior had stolen the peace flag from my front porch. The man hasn’t been seen around town since. Why would someone steal my peace flag and then go downtown, claim to be a Robin Hooder and attack a local? That person’s goal would seem to be to cause strife. Perhaps he is a government agent provocateur. Who knows. Regardless, anyone can claim they are with Robin Hood or Free Keene or STOP FREE KEENE!!!, but their claim may not be the truth.

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  1. Ah, the FSP – so quick to throw their embarrassing cult members under the bus. The same thing happened when Free Stater Muni Savyon killed his son then himself – suddenly he wasn’t a Free Stater any more, either. Chris Cantwell became an embarrassment, so he was thrown under the bus, too. The courage of your convictions seems to be built on a foundation of jello.

  2. How has Mr. Yankee been thrown under the bus by FSP?

    The courage of what convictions?

  3. Simple. Take a 2 week break from ANY activism. Give memos out and such, emails, make proof.

    Then when some doofus pulls some nonsense, you’ll have even more evidence that they are acting on their own, outside of influences from F.K. or S.F.K.

  4. Cantwell didn’t become an embarassment. He violated the rules of the organization (which rules he knew when he signed up), so he was expelled.

    That’s not a “foundation of jello” – such a weak foundation would be present if the organization did /not/ enforce its rules.

    On the contrary – the FSP demonstrated that it has a firm conviction and will not tolerate those who advocate in favor of violence, even if that individual is popular in certain circles. An organization /without/ convictions would have just taken the easy road and ignored the whole thing, rather than making the difficult decision that it made.

  5. Exactly, Agent Kris. The FSP could best be described as having no courage or convictions, especially in the FreeLoader Keene outpost.

  6. Susan, are you alleging that “Yankee” is a Free State Project participant? That’s news to me. My understanding is that he’s from around here and is not an FSP participant.

  7. How adorable it is that you’re trying to “allege” that you know nothing about little Mr. Nickname.

  8. You think that for an organization to enforce membership standards is a bad thing? If you are truly ignorant enough to believe that then…wow, just wow.

  9. The FSP doesn’t have members. Free Keene is not part of the FSP. This person isn’t part of either. I’m not sure why you make up random nonsense and try to present it as facts.

  10. That isn’t what I said – but thank you for displaying the kind of reading comprehension skills common to your cult – and the dishonesty inherent in every discussion with FreeLoaders.

  11. You’re welcome. Thank you for complementing my reading skills, and thank you for admitting that I paraphrased you accurately by not correcting me. And thank you for undermining your own credibility by relying on logical fallacies in the manner common to persons of your intellectual caliber.

  12. Well, Keith, I don’t know why you cultists keep on presenting this lie as a fact. I guess we’ll have to agree that you’re befuddled.

  13. So clever, Roger. You must have captured the flag on the third grade playground of your life so many times by now. You’re a real master debater.

  14. So now I am in a cult? This is one conspiracy theory I’d love to hear more about. Please to tell your conspiracy theory.

  15. You are too generous with the complements. I confess I have some communicative skill, but still I’m learning so much from you about the persuasive power of sarcasm.

  16. I can explain it to you, Keith. Susanthe is not espousing any conspiracy theory, rather her words are merely a reflection of her world view. You can understand it very well from another one of her comments:

    You must have captured the flag on the third grade playground of your life so many times by now.

    That in a nutshell is the world susanthe lives in. Her life is third grade in a municipal indoctrination facility, where each day she and the others of her social class were taught to worship the cloth idol. Each morning they stood to recite their loyally oath, and one of their most sacred rituals was “capturing the flag,” which she refers to. Everyone is assigned to one of two “teams” and attempts to violate the other teams most holy object: their flag.

    Once you understand her world-view, then everything she says makes sense. She’s not lying when she thinks you are on the other team, because in her world the teacher assigns everyone to a team she knows you’re not on her team. She knows that she and her coreligionists worship the cloth idol, so logically your team must also have similar cultish beliefs. Susanthe is not “making up random nonsense” as you say, rather she is speaking from the perspective of a carefully crafted paradigm in which her mind is trapped, and the questioning of which would be most traumatic to her psyche. That’s why when you say anything inconsistent with that paradigm, as a basic psychological defense mechanism she can only conclude you are “befuddled.”

  17. Susan you sound like a schitzo

  18. When did I say I knew nothing about him? He’s a local. We’ve talked a few times. Did you bother to read the article on which you are commenting?

  19. why doesn’t this mention any of the actions of the bloggers of free keene in regards to the violence THEY committed. still see it as a pansy-ass move to sit there with a stick threatening people.

  20. let me guess before you post your nonsense, he was acting in self defense when he is the only one seen with a weapon.

  21. @susanthe:disqus First you say the FSP has no convictions, then you say it’s a cult an hour later. What changed your mind in an hour?

    This sounds like libel to me.

  22. And that sounds like bullshit to me. When did you graduate from law school, fakename?

  23. Tell you what, Ian – publish the names of all of approved members, then there won’t be any confusion.

  24. You really are a silly little man, Roger. Your assumptions about me are absolutely hilarious. Luckily for you, you don’t ever talk to normal people (outside of the cult) therefore no one ever mocks you the way you so richly deserve to be mocked.

  25. @susanthe:disqus You don’t have to graduate from law school to read a dictionary or know the definition of a word.
    a written or oral defamatory statement or representation that conveys an unjustly unfavorable impression

    Do you have more than one person replying on your account? Because unless something changed your mind in the span of an hour, it feels like you’re making defamatory remarks about the FSP to me.

    I’ll copy and pasted the 2 posts, so you can reply with what changed your mind.

    susanthe • 5 hours ago
    Exactly, Agent Kris. The FSP could best be described as having no courage or convictions, especially in the FreeLoader Keene outpost.

    susanthe • 4 hours ago
    Well, Keith, I don’t know why you cultists keep on presenting this lie as a fact. I guess we’ll have to agree that you’re befuddled.

  26. Tell you what Susanthe. They are published, and they have been published for as long as I’ve been visiting this webpage. Please learn how to navigate a webpage before you start commenting on the webpage.

  27. Boo fucking hoo, fakename. Sue me.

  28. Can you specify what violence “THEY” committed?

  29. The names of all members of the Free State Project are published here? I don’t think so.

  30. Can you genuinely not differentiate between the Free State Project and Free Keene? Or is this your weak attempt to conflate the two?

  31. I didn’t realize you were a liar. I was foolish to think you were a sincere person.

  32. So now you’re going to try to tell met that the two are totally unrelated?

  33. Yes, making up nonsensical claims about libel are the hallmark of sincerity. Nice try, fakename.

  34. intimidation or would you rather i use hostile intent, both forms fall under violent acts.

  35. The articles intention was to disavow this person from freekeene. A single person and a single blog site. Now you’ve stooped to dragging the free state project in the mix. Where does your all encompassing blame end?

  36. So it was the Free Keene group that ran across the street and assaulted the other group?

  37. I note that you didn’t answer my question, Mattykins. Are you really trying to tell me that the Fkers and the FSP aren’t related?

  38. I’ve given you my answer, you chose not to acknowledge it. Who’s Mattykins? How immature do you have to be to take shots at screen names? Grow-up.

  39. No, you did a sidestep, because you don’t want to give the answer that we both know is true. That the FSP and FK are the same damned thing. It is adorable, however, to have a blatant liar (and part of a group of people who think vandalizing public property puts them in the same league as Rosa Parks) call me immature.

  40. you don’t ever talk to normal people

    With people like you to talk to, Susan, why would I need normal people?

  41. Again with the collectivizing. The actions of one don’t speak for the whole. Nor does the whole speak for one. What exactly makes me a blatant liar? What group am I a part of?

  42. Oh dear. You’ve morphed into a guano spigot stuck in the on position. You’re boring me.

  43. Typical internet troll. Resort to name calling and back away.

  44. I’m tired of your dull witted and dishonest replies, Matty. Now, go draw on the sidewalk and pretend that’s civil disobedience.

  45. In one instance you’re cheapening the sidewalk chalk as a lowly form of civil disobedience, and in the next you’ve got your panties in a bunch. Which one is it? I’m sure it was the sidewalk chalk that brought you to this website in the first place. Does all the compartmentalization hurt?

  46. Actually, Matty – I’m mocking your cult for thinking that drawing on sidewalks IS civil disobedience.

    No one is going to ever confuse you fratboys with Mahatma Gandhi.

  47. Trying to follow free keene with your act of civil disobedience would be commendable, if your libellous acts didn’t have a victim. I hope some day you’ll decide to be a more honest person.

  48. Agreed – as far as I know, Free Keene folks aren’t racists. But they’ve been falsely accused of sexual misconduct as often as Gandhi…

  49. Actually, no the FSP and FK are not even vaguely the same thing. The FSP is a project to get liberty lovers to move to NH. FK is a particular group of liberty lovers who already live in NH, before the FSP has even hit its goal of 20,000 and started its move. It’s especially amusing to see bigots like you calling Keene natives “Freestaters” when it suits your fancy. Guess we “all look alike,” eh?

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