People Falsely Claiming to Be Part of Free Keene


This man is not part of Free Keene.

Apparently last night at Central Square, a couple of Free Keene bloggers (Garret and Rich) were chalking and were joined by a couple of locals. This is a fairly common occurrence – many families and individuals have joined in the fun of chalking the common over the last few weeks. FK bloggers always make chalk available, even to those who oppose freedom.

However, just because someone picks up a piece of chalk does not make them part of Free Keene. Even if someone CLAIMS to be part of Free Keene, that does not make them part of Free Keene.

Apparently the couple of locals (one goes by “Yankee”) last night who joined the FK bloggers in chalking began to be very rude to one of the STOP FREE KEENE!!! members who was there cleaning up the chalking. This escalated to a shouting match, and then two men who appear to work for Pedraza’s/Pour House came over and attacked one of the men who was agitating the SFK!!! guy. I don’t support violence and nor do I support being mean to others, yet because Yankee claimed to be part of Free Keene in a conversation he had with Pedraza’s owner Dorrie O’Meara, I now get blamed for his actions. (Because, you know, I am a cult leader and puppet master and everything that any person claiming to be with Free Keene does must have been at my behest!)

I don’t know how many times I’ll need to say it: The only people who are part of Free Keene are listed with photos and bios on our Bloggers page. If someone claims to be part of Free Keene or with Free Keene and they are not on that page, they are not being honest. Perhaps the person meant to say they support Free Keene? Well, that’s great, but obviously I can’t be held responsible for what a “supporter” does in the same way that I would not hold SFK!!! blogger Josh Erickson responsible for the violence initiated by people associated with members of SFK!!!.

Am I friendly with Yankee?  Sure.  I’m also friendly with Terry, Dorrie’s employee who was involved in the violent incident last night.  I’m friendly with nearly everyone (except those DEA agents).  If everyone I’ve ever had a pleasant conversation with is part of Free Keene then that means Dorrie and Terry are also part of Free Keene.  I think you can see how ridiculous these claims are.  Free Keene is a website.  The only people who are part of it are individuals who understand fully the ideas of liberty.  They are all people that I’ve personally invited to blog here because of their commitment to those ideas and of peaceful methods to achieve those ideas.  Anyone besides the several bloggers we have are not part of this website.

This whole incident reminds me of a year ago when someone downtown claiming to be a Robin Hooder attacked a local man. The local man (Travis Hobbes’ dad) came to the KAC and accused those of us there of attacking him. He showed us video his wife had captured of the incident. None of us knew the assailant claiming to be a Robin Hooder, though he looked familiar to me. After further investigation and reviewing security footage, I determined that it was the same guy who a week prior had stolen the peace flag from my front porch. The man hasn’t been seen around town since. Why would someone steal my peace flag and then go downtown, claim to be a Robin Hooder and attack a local? That person’s goal would seem to be to cause strife. Perhaps he is a government agent provocateur. Who knows. Regardless, anyone can claim they are with Robin Hood or Free Keene or STOP FREE KEENE!!!, but their claim may not be the truth.

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  1. Please don’t insult the mentally-ill by comparing them with Susan.

  2. I just watched that video and it’s disturbing to me that that black man was causing so much hatred and hostility. WOW! I also believe that the free staters were well within their rights to protect themselves in anyway feasible, whether or not they were carrying a knife, gun or a stick. They didn’t cross the road to cause harm to anyone, but the other group did cross the street to cause harm to them, and any jury would see this and not convict one of them if they killed one. Hell, I was in fear for them just watching the video, I can only imagine being there in person that one would be in fear for their life in that same situation.

    I would always have something available to protect yourselves. Always!

  3. I hope you and the rest of the Keene morons will stop tossing around “libel” like its going to scare someone. You aren’t going to sue anyone because you know the robed man would laugh that shit.

    I’m glad I held off on sending that donation to the FSP. I’ll be damned if I let any of my hard earned money end up in the hands of useless cunts like Rich Paul or this Yankee dipshit.

  4. Oh come on. The video footage shows Garret and Mariah heading downtown to join Yankee and not vice versa, it then shows Rich Paul following a man who was all alone and trying to walk away from the situation with a night stick attempting to provoke him. Is Rich Paul now just another “random local?” How do you explain that sudden escalation on the part of one of your prominent members? How do you explain Mariah gloating with Yankee about trying to fight them before they swung a single fist? Garret managed to mutter a bit of disapproval of the continued taunting after the fact, but he has effectively heightened many a confrontation by arriving last minute with his video camera to record the aftermath of an altercation provoked by free keene and their associates. These are the people you’re attracting and accepting until they make you look bad by being more straightforward and less calculating in their thirst for blood than your prominent members. Admit, for once, that you provoked a situation and people might see you as rational human beings.

  5. You dont care about dishonest defamation? Do you think it’s acceptable behavior?

    Susan doesn’t cqre if she is see as a liar. She doesn’t care if people can trust what she says. Other people do.

    You don’t need to go to court say lying about other people is wrong.

  6. Oh wait, Yankee is just a “government agent provocateur.” Ian, you’re smarter than this.

  7. Do you normally consider someone walking away from you without saying a word as a threat because, if so, I really don’t trust your lot with guns or weapons of any sort at all. Rich, Yankee, Mariah, Garret. I saw and heard them all follow and taunt a man who was walking away from them while Rich was holding a weapon. This was complete and utter overkill for what it takes to let a single, unarmed man know you do not want him to be near you. In what way was Rich and company defending themselves when they went after this man? The footage shows the opposite: a group of bystanders defending a person who was alone, unarmed, and causing no harm from a group that unnecessarily outnumbered him six to one with a weapon. In what way were they reasonably fearing for their lives when, not once, were they outnumbered, and were the ones provoking the entire scuffle?

    And if you believe it is ok to kill a man over an argument, you’re out of your mind. Self defense is the use of reasonable force to subdue and escape an attacker. Murder is not a reasonable defense against a verbal conflict, especially one which you started. But nice try. Seems like ya’ll are looking for an excuse to murder.

  8. Awww… see what real life ‘friends’ do, ian?

  9. It makes me so sad when you lie to me Sharkie. There’s plenty of documentation of how FK started, and you’re spinning a tale of bullshit.
    If you FSPers didn’t lie about being FSPers it wouldn’t be so hard to tell you apart. I feel sorry for ya’ll – belonging to a group that you’re ashamed to be part of.

  10. You mean like Ian Bernard and his underage girlfriend? That kind of sexual misconduct?

  11. Yankee has lived here all his life AFAIK. He is my friend, and he is friends with a couple other Free Keeners, but AFAIK he is not a Libertarian or an Anarchist. He has never been a participant in the FSP. He is not a member of the Shire Society or the Shire Free Church. He was more closely associated with the Occupiers. He was chalking, however, because he was pissed off about people coming out and destroying the art of people who chalk. You don’t have to be an anarchist to dislike bullies, thugs and censors. I suggest you ask around about Yankee. You will find he has a long history here in Keene, and preceeded us here. He is just a random local that your shitbag friends assaulted for expressing himself on the square.

  12. Actually, fake name, I’ve been arrested about a dozen times for civil disobedience, long before your cult decided to take over the state of NH.
    I hope someday you’ll decide to stop being a whiner, a victim, and a liar. I don’t have much hope for you, but anything is possible.

  13. Libel is bullshit. It’s just a lie. Not something that we’re going to run to the government over.

  14. I’m going to go home and cry because some goober with a fake name and bad spelling called me names.

  15. Who pays you to chalk, Rich? And does your probation officer consider that a job?

  16. Money sent to the FSP goes to reach out to people outside New Hampshire and encourage them to come here. I do not work for or have any business relationship with the FSP, except that I have sent them donations in the past, and am, of course, a participant.

  17. Free Keene is NOT the Free State Project. We decentralize everything. Small organizations. Sorry if you don’t understand.

  18. FSP is an organization that convinces people to move. FK is one of the things that they may or may not choose to participate in once they’re here. Some FK bloggers are local and were never associated with the FSP per se.

  19. The 4:20 rallies were civil disobedience. Sidewalk chalk is not, because it is legal. Get it straight. Words have specific meanings.

  20. That “stick” (which is called a monopod, and is an attachment to the camera that was stolen that night, and allowed me to lift the camera higher in order to get better shots of large pieces or art. The only time it was used in any way was to hold of three friends of the guy who sucker punched my friend. I carry my camera equipment with me because many of the Stop Free Keene crowd are theives, as proved by Terry, who stole my video camera, but was caught on tape doing so. Nobody was ever threatened with the monopod, but I did defend myself and my friends with it when the shitbags brought violence to us.

  21. How naughty of me not to believe the words of practiced liars.

  22. I’m VERY clear on what civil disobedience is, Mr. Paul. Your fratboy associates seem to be confused, so perhaps you ought to give them the schooling.

  23. This article is not quite accurate. It was the locals who were out chalking and getting harassed by SFK people. One of the locals called me and let me know, so I cam out and joined them with Garret and Manic.

  24. Yup, exactly those sorts of false accusations.

  25. This article is inaccurate. Yankee and Screw were out there chalking on their own. The were harrassed for SFK, who apparently mistook them for us. Screw called me and asked me to bring cameras and people and join them. At this point, Garret, Mariah and myself headed over to the square, where a SFK member or affiliate assaulted screw in a cowardly attack from behind. This was one of Dorrie’s employees, the bartender from Pedrasas. (Anybody have a picture of the guy who attacked screw?)

  26. This article is inaccurate. Yankee and Screw were out there chalking on
    their own. The were being harassed by SFK, who apparently mistook them for
    us. Screw called me and asked me to bring cameras and people and join
    them. At this point, Garret, Manic and myself headed over to the
    square, where a SFK member or affiliate assaulted Screw in a cowardly
    attack from behind by one of Dorrie’s employees, the bartender
    from Pedrasas. (Anybody have a picture of the guy who attacked screw?)

  27. I actually don’t care whether or not you are sad, but if I did, then it would be pretty nice that I don’t lie to you, eh?

    FK was certainly started by some folks who moved as a result of the FSP’s choice of NH. But the FSP had nothing to do with that, any more than a college could be blamed because someone moved here with the intent of going to school in a few years.

    Could you point out some Freestaters who have lied about being Freestaters? Some don’t necessarily go out of their way to broadcast that fact. Given the presence of violent bigots like you and your buddies, that’s unsurprising. But I’ve not run into anyone who wouldn’t answer a direct question.

    I recall a while back when some of the “Occupy Wall Street” folks collected donations and bought debts on the open market, then forgave them. While I would not exactly say that OWS and I have highly-compatible goals, I was still pleased to read that article, because they stood up for what they believed in and addressed one of those issues in a way that showed creativity and integrity.

    Personally, I’m quite proud to be part of the FSP. It’s an amazing group of people who have decided to actually /do/ something about the problems on this planet, rather than just sitting back and whining about it. One of the few things about moving away that made me happy, was finding out that I could join the FSP and be counted as a mover when I moved back.

  28. That should read “When an SFK member or affiliate, apparently one of Dorrie’s employees, assaulted screw in a cowardly attack from behind.

  29. Anyone else find it rather amusing that a Statist is talking about cultish behavior and having a foundation of jello? 😀

    Pretty sure it doesn’t get more cultish than people pledging their loyalty to a blanket, worshipping the writings of criminals and thieves, singing “patriotic” songs, listening to their god give the state of the union every January, believing that ticking a box on a piece of paper is going to change anything, etc. The State is the biggest and most dangerous cult in the history of the world! It’s also a place where morality is null and void.

    Hello pot, meet kettle!

  30. Do point out where I’ve ever committed an act of violence against a Free Stater, Sharkie. Or where I’ve ever even threatened to. Then maybe you should talk to your dudebro “thinkliberty” about the definition of libel.

  31. Gee, what a perfect summation of my belief system and behavior! Oh, I am SO busted.

  32. So you’re not a statist? Because your comments would suggest otherwise. If you’re an anarchist, say it and I will apologize for my ignorance. 🙂

  33. To the limited thinker there are very limited choices. In your case, there are 2. No need to apologize for your ignorance. You can’t help it.

  34. There are many choices, but they all boil down to two. Either you support the use of violence against peaceful people or you don’t. So which do you believe? Do you believe that peaceful people should be left to do what they will as long as they’re not hurting anyone or damaging another person’s property?

  35. The concrete thinker sees only black and white. You see two choices because your thinking/programming limits you. As for what I believe? I don’t believe that armed malcontents are peaceful people.

  36. we have seen a video of rich using his aggressive body posture to intimidate someone else and tell them if they didn’t leave his friends alone he would ” break him the fuck in half”, now that was fine by Free Keene. however, when a man walks away from a group of Free Keene while one of them is brandishing a weapon and others come to his aid, they are wrong.

    Rich did the same thing but in a more aggressive manor with a single man by backing him into a corner. matty you are clearly wrong in this instance. in both instances Free Keene started to incite the violence and got caught on film doing so. rich paul is trying to be the thug of the Free Keene group from what i have seen. not doing a good job at it in my opinion.

  37. protecting ones self and provoking people are two different things. they chased a single man across the road and that includes stepping into the road after him.

    you are in fear for the safety of those who are provoking others while brandishing weapons?

  38. “Armed Malcontents”? So the only “peaceful people” are disarmed slaves? Or just people who are disarmed and conform to your particular beliefs?

    Violence is a very black and white issue. Either you support it or you don’t. I don’t really see any third option there, but if I’m missing something, please feel free to enlighten me.

  39. People who have peaceful intentions are not armed. Peaceful people are not armed invaders. The FSP is a group of armed malcontents coming to take over NH. Peaceful people do not worship and fetishize guns, nor is their “manhood” connected to owning them or being able to wear a strapon in public. You can spin that all you want, but as you say, violence is a very black and white issue. Darryl Perry (future president of the US) says he’s okay with using force against the gummint. Vin Suprynowiscz admires mass murderer Carl Drega. Chris Cantwell is an outspoken advocate of violence. And Muni Savyon gave us all an education in the truth about the “non-aggression” principle.

    I couldn’t begin to enlighten you in all of the things you are missing. Thanks for asking though.

  40. People who have peaceful intentions are not armed. Interesting. In a way I’d agree with you. Cops, military and other government agents fall under that category, as do folks who commit crimes against people or their property (bank robbers, for example). Of course you wouldn’t apply that same standard to cops, military or government, would you? Cognitive dissonance, perhaps?

    I’m a peaceful person. Never hurt another soul in my life, hell, I even move turtles out of the middle of the road when I see ’em! I also own guns, several actually. So your opinion doesn’t apply to me, or anyone else I know who owns guns and is 100% peaceful. Just because someone possesses a gun doesn’t make them a bad person, nor does it mean that they’re going to use it with criminal intent…unless they feel they have the legal authority to initiate force against other people and I don’t know many folks who believe that, except for those in government.

    Have you ever read anything by Cantwell? He doesn’t support the INITIATION of force/violence (unlike you). He does, however, support the right of people to defend themselves, even if that requires defending themselves against government. Chances are that you believe almost exactly what he does when it comes to relationships with friends, family and coworkers…that relationships should be voluntary in nature and that no human being has the right to initiate force against anyone else. Hell, you probably live by that standard in your daily life, don’t you? Most decent folks do.

  41. The FSP is not FK. The FSP is a project to get 20,000 people that support civil rights to say they will likely move to New Hampshire. Free Keene is a blog with several bloggers. Several of the bloggers on Free Keene are participants in the FSP. Several of the bloggers on Free Keene are not participants in the FSP. Similarly the New Hampshire House isn’t the FSP. Several folks in the NH House are FSP participants. Several folks in the NH House are not participants in the FSP. The same is true for Occupy New Hampshire. And on and on and on…

  42. yeah, the hostile intent and intimidation was instigated on the behalf of FREE KEENE BLOGGER, yet let’s see how you will spin this?

  43. Video shows otherwise, but keep lying to yourself and others. you can’t argue with what is on the video. that and your hostile body posture and intimidation of another man in a video earlier doesn’t bring credit upon what you are trying to spin this as.

  44. Now you wish to make an ass of yourself by implying i haven’t seen the video when obviously you have no one to actually back that up? did a single man run across the street to get away from a group that was trying to intimidate him and had the threatening posture of carrying a stick (or tripod as someone claims) and looks to have stepped off the sidewalk in a chasing action? did it come out that 3 or more people came down to back up someone who called for backup? Did other people come to the aid of someone who was out numbered and unarmed against a larger force that actually was armed? i’d say yes and you are completely full of it. you made an assumption, got embarrassed, tried to save your ass with another assumption and then got embarrassed again. would you like to review evidence of the one holding the stick having more hostile interactions with other people? that evidence shows his willingness to use violence against peaceful people on behalf of FREE KEENE. but wait, doesn’t that goes against their ideals and rants?

  45. It’s not defense when you start the violence with hostile intent. sorry bud, you were wrong in this instance.

  46. Can you point out specifically where in the video all your allegations happen? It’s very clear to me that the two groups are separated by the street while exchanging words. The aggressive group crosses the street to accost the other group. It was the black man and his group of friends that were clearly the aggressors.

  47. being a cult has nothing to do with having convictions or not, this^^^ comment was just stupid to try and say.

  48. i don’t remember seeing a list of members for the church posted.

  49. are they tied to each other? even on the about page there is linking of the two groups with the words of the admin of this page.

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