Green Beam Illuminates Minds at Manchester Fireworks Show

Activist Bill Domenico of Manchester once again has set up his awesome laser, “Green Beam“, this time at the Manchester Fireworks display. Manch police officers threaten Bill, but a supervisor affirms Bill’s right to free speech and the show goes on. Here’s a somewhat lengthy video about the scene:

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  1. My personal opinion of this guy is that he is a total and absolute waste of time. He accomplishes absolutely nothing with his so called “Green Beam” which I think is useless in every sense of the word. There are a lot of idiots in the world today and he just happens to make the list a little longer. Hasta la vista Bill.

  2. As for the people that find that they have to get into an argument with him, I say to them, “grow up”!

  3. Hey Bill! If you were looking for responses to your actions during the fireworks, I guess my negative comments are all you’re going to get. It’s too bad though that your rights are covered by law, because you did ruin the evening for quite a few residents.

  4. I sincerely hope that the residents of Manchester can find a better use for their money than donating it to such a useless cause! What a waste!!

  5. “Patriots” hahahahaha …. no. Just inconsiderate and inconsequential dolts. A little classier than the Westboro Baptists, but not much. I don’t even like fireworks, but really, there’s something wrong with people that want to hijack other people’s enjoyment this way. What about their freedom to enjoy a nice evening without you goofballs interfering?

  6. Cool show and kudos to the police for not violating rights.

    After chalk wars, perhaps we are on the brink of… laser wars! People will shine spotlights and stuff to drown out the lasers… 😉 hehe “How dare you disrupt our liberty celebration by exercising your liberty.”

    You just have to laugh at the absurdity sometimes.

  7. Are you talking about the fireworks or the lasers? The lasers are reusable and I bet cost far less than the fireworks…

  8. Yeah but at least, people enjoy the fireworks and they at least stand for something. Mr. green beam doesn’t!!!!!

  9. I don’t understand what the woman with the 9 year soldier husband was upset about?

    The messages merely listed the official short names of government agencies and methods (e.g. CIA, FBI, FEMA, NSA, IRS, METADATA, NDAA) and contrasted them with the words “liberty” and “freedom”.

    Why would flashing only the names of some of the departments and policies of the outfit for which her husband fought along with the words “freedom” and “liberty” upset her so?

    The only explanation Is that at a sub-conscious, pre-thinking level, the woman “understands” that these acronyms represent ideas that are opposite to the idea of freedom.

  10. Is it hard being so incredibly miserable all the time?


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