Ransom Rich Paul!

2013_04_20_freerichFor those of you who don’t know, I, Rich Paul, have been sitting in the the Keene Spiritual Retreat for the last couple weeks. I am technically in for violation of probation and there are four violations alleged:

1) That when Dorrie O’Meara’s employees/ thugs attacked an artist/ friend of mine by surprise and from behind, I stepped in between the gang of attackers and their intended victim while holding a stick, and thwarted their attack.

This is true, but justified by my inalienable right to self defense and defense of others, I believe that the court will disregard this allegation.

2) That I have not paid the $3,500 in fines that the court demands. This is true also, and, with your help, to remedy this situation. Although I hate to feed the monster of the state, I liken it to the ransoms paid to the enemies for the return of captured warriors in the Middle Ages: It sucks to give money to your enemy, but it sucks to lose your fighters as well.

3) I have not stopped smoking weed. I don’t intend to do, but this alone is not think this is serious enough to hold me long.

4) I have not attended substance abuse counseling. Again, I don’t intend to. I hope to negotiate this as I will not submit to invasive or an unneeded invasive medical procedure to treat a condition from which I do not suffer- especially when the course of “treatment” requires that I lie and claim to be a “marijuana addict” an absurd concept. I still retain, I hope, my right to conscience, which includes the rights not to be coerced into deceit.

As you can see I have my work cut out for me getting out of this mess. Being able to pay these fines ASAP would be a big help in providing some sign of cooperation to the court. I hope so that you will help me make this a reality. Donations are accepted here.

Rich Paul
P.S. Please promote this article far and wide, on Facebook and elsewhere. The more people who see it, the more likely I am to regain my freedom!

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  1. Actually, Sparky, I take that Orwell quote for what it is. A work of fiction.

    You’re projecting all kinds of stuff on to me, because you’re just a parrot who repeats what he learned in glibertarian school, where works of fiction are taught as the gospel truth. No wonder you clowns talk about John Galt as if he were a real person. In whatever Dumbass U you attend, he is presented as one.

    I’m not an attention whore like you culties are. I don’t need to tout my credentials to ignoranuses like you. (Ignoranus – someone who is both stupid AND an asshole.) You people don’t do anything positive for any reason other than getting media attention. Then it’s all “LOOK AT ME!” “SEE THE BIG WONDERFUL THING I DID!!” Or, it’s all about whimpering, “LOOK AT US – WE’RE VICTIMS” – kinda like ole Rich is doing right now. The cult never can take responsibility. Everything is always someone else’s fault.

    Given the FSP alliances with the John Birch Society, the GOP ya’ll are far more likely to engage in cross burning than I am.

  2. I agree with that, Jason. I’m just trying to get someone to explain what Rich Paul’s contributions are. It’s kind of sad that no one has been able to name even one as yet.

  3. You know when you’re not certain about something, I think your mom will let you use the google machine. Try this “u.s. bomb civillians” in the search box. Let us know what you turn up. Thanks.

  4. The american taliban doesn’t care how much their religious laws cost taxpayers. They find it immoral and are willing to steal homes of anyone who doesn’t give them the money they need to impose their beliefs on other people.

  5. I’m just curious. Do you believe a majority or a minority of the people in your community find prison rape humorous?

  6. I’ve just imposed a fine on you. If you’re an accountable adult who is responsible, you will pay me 5 trillion dollars. the fine is YOURS no mine or anyone else’s. After you pay your fine I’ll believe the nonsense you’ve written.

  7. I don’t know rich paul personally so I can’t speak on his behalf, but I would say just by living you contribute to society we make so many relationships and voluntarily exchanges with others that it might not seem as much, but it does. I’m sure you have people in your life that care for you and if you were taken away they will feel that society was lessened as a whole, same for Rich, and even the for keene guy. So I’m sorry but saying that someone has not contribute to society is pure nonsense.

  8. Hi Susan, I’ve really enjoyed the abuse that you’ve been handing out to the freetarded. I used

  9. We have laws. You break a law, you pay fines and/or go to jail if found guilty. Sometimes there is one or more persons that can be identified as a victim, and sometimes it’s society at large that is the victim.

    I tried not to use any really big words so that you would understand all of that. Do you need me to explain further, or do you think you get the idea now?

    One thing you could do is petition your elected representatives to modify and/or eliminate laws you find objectionable. Again: I tried to make that as simple as possible so you could understand it.

  10. I don’t agree, actually. If we only prosecuted crimes involving a victim (which I assume to mean one or more persons) then for example:

    Driving while impaired would not be a crime if no one was injured or property damaged;

    Shooting an AK-15 or other firearm into the air in a residential neighborhood would not be a crime if no one was injured or property damaged;

    Driving at a dangerous high rate of speed through a residential neighborhood would not be a crime if no one was injured or property damaged;

    … and so on.

    Sorry, but that’s not how our society functions.

  11. This all came about, Jason, because Agent Kris said that Rich Paul would be “a martyr to the cause.” I’m still curious to learn what he’s done that lifts him to such exalted status.

  12. Not true. For some people, they live but contribute absolutely nothing to society; Rich Paul is certainly one of those people. Ian Bernard and the rest of his FreeKeene minions are also certainly those people.

  13. I prefer to think of it – in certain cases – as karma. And as we all know: karma is a bitch.

  14. Sad. You “suppose”. Maybe you’re wrong. Maybe if you get off of the posting machine in your mother’s basement and get out more, you’ll discover that most of your neighbors don’t think retrobutive sexual sadism is something they should tolerate or joke about. Perhaps your uninformed low opinion of those in your community is matched by your ignorance of U.S. military and police bombings of civilians that was proven above.

  15. How is society a victim?

  16. He is a martyr the same way ann frank was a martyr

  17. I know ian contributes by making this website. Without it where would you go to troll?

  18. If no damage was caused and no one is hurt, what’s the problem again?

  19. Because being persecuted for being Jewish during the Nazi occupation of her country is exactly the same as being an aging, jobless pothead, punished for violating the terms of his probation.

  20. People of principle refuse to pay war taxes and go to prison for it. If you folks are so peace loving, why aren’t you out in front of BAE instead of drawing on the sidewalks of Keene?

  21. If it’s nonsense, the Rich Paul shouldn’t pay it. He can sit in jail. No one bother contributing to his gofundme campaign either, because the fines are “nonsense” and don’t need to be paid.

  22. I attempted to explain what I see Rich Paul’s contributions are. Then you asked for better answers. In an effort to provide better answers, I tried to get to the core of our disagreement by asking you for clarification about whether you believe smoking marijuana public qualifies as a “principled stand.”

    If you don’t want to continue this discussion, that’s fine, but don’t go around acting like you tried to get someone to explain it to you, and failed…

  23. I’m sorry Kris – I didn’t understand that you were telling me that smoking pot in public is the extent of his societal contribution. The use of the term martyrdom caused me to dig deeper than I should have.

  24. I wasn’t telling you that. You said that you admire all who take principled stands. That’s great! If you don’t believe that Rich Paul takes principled stands, then we must have a disagreement on what “principled stands” are.

  25. Well, the problem here seems to be that smoking pot in public is the only principled stand anyone has mentioned in connection with Rich Paul. I don’t believe that smoking a joint in public puts him in the same league as Dan or Phil Berrigan, that much is true. But no one has come up with anything else – so I was assuming that was all there is.

  26. Okay, smoking a joint in public is not enough. What about refusing to move to the back of the bus?

  27. I doubt if Rich rides “statist” buses.

  28. What about standing in front of a column of tanks?

  29. Wow … you are one seriously screwed-up dude.

  30. Wow … you’ve just revealed yourself to be incredibly stupid and ignorant. Excellent work.

  31. Kris – it would be easier if you just admitted that smoking pot in public is the most “principled” act you can think of that Rich Paul has engaged in.

    It’s too bad you’re feeling so defensive about it, and trying to bring in a lot of unrelated scenarios. Rich Paul, stoned white guy, isn’t going to be asked to ride in the back of a bus. Rich Paul, stoned white guy, isn’t going to stand in front of tanks. He’s not going to do much of anything except mooch, smoke dope, and possibly engage in the informal pharmaceutical trade. That you think this is a noble, principled act ought to be enough.
    My opinion doesn’t matter -I’m just a statist and whatever other silly names Sharknutz called me earlier.

  32. Let’s start with the fact that you’re clueless – that’s the big problem here.

  33. That’s “Mr. stoned white guy” to you. Show some respect, Susan – the man is a living liberty movement legend.

  34. You mean by being persecuted by the state not for harming anyone else, but simply being who they were? Bingo.

  35. Bingo! You do understand 🙂

  36. Wow … you are quite the ignorant, clueless individual. You really do need that professional help I suggested you seek out.

  37. I’ll just save you the effort right now and deem everyone who believes in rights, especially if they comment on this site, complete and utter imbeciles 😉

  38. Comparing the fate of Ann Frank to Rich Paul?

    Stay classy, Free Keene … stay classy.

  39. You should not be so quick to assume that because you live in your mother’s basement, everyone else must as well. Maybe you should consider letting one of your siblings have a turn on the family computer.

  40. Wrong! Try again

  41. Susanthe: the examples I posted were an attempt to narrow down what you qualify as a “principled stand” and what isn’t, and what the differences are. I gave you the benefit of the doubt that you were asking a genuine question and not just making another attack, so I attempted to answer in kind. It is now apparent to me that it was just another attack.

    For others who may be reading this, in case I wasn’t clear, the examples I gave were to point out that even a simple gesture such as smoking pot in public can be just as much a “principled stand” as refusing to move to the back to the bus, which of course is a well known example of civil disobedience performed by Rosa Parks, or standing in front of a column of tanks, another well known example which occurred in China.

    To me, liberty activism such as that covered by Free Keene seems to be an obvious choice for anyone who wishes to contribute to a free society. You can just dismiss it all as moochers, criminals, idiots, etc. but you know better than that. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t be here.


  42. Keep talking.

    So far you’ve established that:

    1. You believe revenge prison rape should be tolerated and joked about.

    2. You believe that a majority of your neighbors believe that revenge prison rape should be tolerated and joked about.

    3. You claim you’re completely clueless about the U.S. government’s bombing of civilians.

    4. After being instructed how to learn something from the google machine about U.S. govt bombing, you have nothing to say about what you learned.

    Its slightly interesting observing how you’re authoritarian mind works. Not exactly worth wading through your repetitious childish accusations of mental illness, but revealing nonetheless.

  43. Perhaps he is lifted to such a status by… fitting the definition?


    2. a person who is put to death or endures great suffering on behalf of any belief, principle, or cause: a martyr to the cause of social justice.

  44. Its no accident that his violent hatred of dirty, smelly, tax avoiding, pot smoking hippies is really not much different in many ways from Johnny Reb’s hatred of blacks and uppity Rosa Parks.

    And the Johnny Rebs–past and present–hate or hated dirty, smelly, tax avoiding, pot smoking hippies as passionately and for the same reasons as their reformed and more refined cousins such as KeeneGuy.

    And of course Johnny Reb also endorses vengefully raping his enemies and joking about it.

    There are different forms of authoritarian minds. Johnny Reb and KeeneGuy are examples of the no thought process/just emotional and violent hatred type of authoritarian nervous system.

  45. I don’t think he wants to break this down. But he may have time for speculating some more about how mentally ill you are.

  46. Making fun of someone in a discussion is just another way of saying “I can’t think of a good response so I’m going bully you so I can get the last word in” so please if you can’t stay polite or give any new information it’s best not to post at all.

  47. I was referring to how both have harmed no one, both were arrested for b.s crimes ( being arrested for holding flowers or being Jewish both seem stupid) both had hatred from the locals ( you just called him a pot head even though I believe someone said he was taking it medically) and both where just trying to live there lives.
    My grandmother who survived the Holocaust who was then diagnosed with cancer who then took medical marijuana to help go through chemo, felt that nothing had changed because she still could get arrested at anytime.

  48. How does one “talk” using this medium, exactly?

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