EXCLUSIVE: Free Stater Alleged to be Silk Road Admin, “Inigo”

The Silk Road

The Silk Road

Free State Project participant Andrew Michael Jones of Norfolk, Virginia was arrested in December of 2013 along with others accused of being the operators of the Silk Road underground marketplace. Andrew is alleged to be the longtime site administrator, “Inigo”. Thus far, almost all of the news headlines about the Silk Road arrests have gone to Ross Ulbricht, who is accused of being the infamous site’s creator and head admin, “Dread Pirate Roberts”. Andrew is accused of similar allegations as Ross, “conspiracy to commit money laundering, narcotics trafficking, and hacking” and is facing spending the rest of his life in federal prison.

While Ross Ulbricht was not offered bail, Andrew was able to get out on $1,000,000 bail thanks to his parents, who did not have anything close to that amount of money, so they put up their house and retirement incomes to secure a bond. His bail conditions include 24/7 house arrest at his parents’ house and being strictly forbidden from using any internet capable device. His girlfriend, Birdie, (who is also a Free State Project participant) is the one who reached out to me and she and Andrew’s family have set up a website to accept contributions to his legal fund, as they can use all the help they can get.


Birdie and Andrew

Andrew’s mother, Judy Jones, 68, told me this about him, “He’s very bright, kind, generous and has always been an idealist. When he first told me about bitcoins, he helped me envision a world where the central banks are no longer in charge of money. If it were instead a peer-based monetary system, so much good can come from that. I have hope for a better world thanks to his generation (the Millennials).”

Unlike Ross’ case, Andrew does not face the “kingpin” charge. Plus, he has not been libeled with allegations of murder for hire, as Ross has. Hopefully, that will help with this fundraising ability. He has retained the services of attorney Samuel M. Braverman and the bill will likely be very expensive.

As have many activists looking at moving to New Hampshire, Andrew and Birdie made the pilgrimage to Keene in December of 2012 and came to visit Social Sunday. I met both of them there and truly hope he can get through this difficult time with the minimum damage possible. If Andrew did not administer the Silk Road, then he’s a man wrongfully accused, but if he did, he’s a hero. The Silk Road was (and is) the most important development to happen to the black market in our lifetimes.

Donate Bitcoin to Andrew

Donate Bitcoin to Andrew

It has reduced harm caused from unscrupulous dealers selling bunk product in the streets and has reduced violence by making both sides of each transaction anonymous, and separating them by distance. No one can get beaten or killed in a Silk Road transaction and the underground marketplace has a ratings system, ensuring the quality dealers are easy to identify. This open, yet anonymous competition for international business results in product quality and selection going up while prices come down from what one would pay on the streets. The Silk Road has literally saved lives, both of dealers as well as users who would have overdosed on bad street drugs, but instead were able to get good quality product from the Silk Road. If Andrew Jones was involved in the Silk Road enterprise, he should be given an award, rather than prison time. Of course, that would be in a just world that understands the insanity of drug prohibition, or any prohibition for that matter.

If you love liberty, please support Andrew’s defense by contributing via BTC or credit card/paypal (I just sent them a whole bitcoin.), and sharing this story via your favorite social media and online forums. Also, please share his defense fundraising site, DrewsDefense.org.  Finally, consider joining Andrew, his girlfriend, and Ross Ulbricht’s mother Lyn (she signed up at Porcfest!) and sign up now for the Free State Project. People who love liberty are moving to New Hampshire and getting active to build liberty-oriented community. Over 1,600 are here in NH already and nearly 16,000 are pledged to move once we reach 20,000 signers. We need you! Please read the Free State Project’s “Statement of Intent”, sign it, and start making your plans to move and get involved with the most exciting and successful migration for liberty in the world.  Stay tuned here to Free Keene for the latest on this case.

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  1. People like yourself are Nazis plain and simple that’s what the Milgram study proved. In fact similar sentiments were echoed all around Germany in the 1930s if you don’t like the law change it until then to the gas chamber with you. But to be raised in America and have that viewpoint you have to be a special kind of stupid.

    And what is the most legitimate law that actually counters your view? The sixth amendment to the constitution references the common-law. Under the common-law all criminal offenses must have what is called a corpus delicti: injury and intent to injure a specific named party.

  2. Pathetic is any “man” who lets others make their moral decisions for them. Such a person is actually more of a dog than a man. Lower animals are capable of obedience, it takes a man to have a valid moral hierarchy.

  3. It’s not against the common-law you moron. Additionally Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson both favored jury nullification of law in cases where there was no corpus delicti. So unfortunately it’s actually you who stands against Western civilization, and “the law.”

  4. You keep claiming that the moral principles behind proper civil disobedience don’t apply without offering any evidence. Could this be because your mindless and servile? It certainly appears that way.

  5. I love how often moronic collectivists actually label themselves appropriately. Bane was a nihilist collectivist who reduced society to a state of animalism in the latest Batman movie. And of course bane is defined as a disease, scourge, pestilence, or blight on something (in this case, society).

    So actually, the mindless authoritarian ranting in favor of servile obedience to unjust authority (below) is appropriately labeled.

  6. Well I must be a special kind of stupid then also cause the laws like DUI and others do effect others in some cases tragically so that being said anyone who is against the state providing us with roadways that are safe for us all to pass over is absolutely 100% a moron!

  7. Yep, you really are an unphilosophical moron. In the rare case that someone is harmed by reckless driving (failure to exercise control over one’s dangerous vehicle), then that is, in fact, a crime with a valid corpus delicti, because there is then INJURY. The intent portion of the corpus is “willful negligence” …to be decided by a proper JURY. It isn’t that hard to learn how this country was constructed.

    But don’t feel bad, most “libertarians” don’t understand this either. All it takes is functional mirror neurons; basic human empathy. That’s apparently asking too much of most anti-American “Americans.”

    And as for the roadways, if you really think that people wouldn’t pay far less than 1/1,000 of the taxes (and debt) they currently pay to voluntarily finance the roadways, then you’re a fool.

  8. Stanley Milgram proves that he would have. Unless you stretch credulity to suggest he’d have been one of the dissenters. LOL!

  9. You’re nothing but a Nazi, and a simpleminded one at that. Every single person arguing against you here can fully understand your idiotic “arguments” (which are less complex than a beta male’s submissive whimpering). But you can’t grasp a single one of their counter-arguments.

    You’re the only one here who s defending “might makes right” and conflating that with an argument in favor of civilization. Milgram destroys the argument for simple pyramidal “obedience hierarchies” in his book, “Obedience to Authority.”

    Now fuck off and let the adults have a conversation, dickhead.

  10. “but Bane is right when enough people tell their reps and senators they want them changed then it can happen! ”

    Ah yes, more whimpering that we have to accept illegitimate authority until we can outvote it! That precious chestnut!

    But apparently you’re a completely illiterate mentally-enslaved idiot! If you weren’t, you’d know that even the biggest- government of the founding fathers argued that unjust laws should be DISOBEYED and then NULLIFIED by the jury (people against Croswell, 1804).

    Of course, you stand against the spirit of rebellion that this country was founded on. Too bad it’s not principled opposition, but “servility by default.”

    …I was looking for more of a fight.

  11. Fuck off and die, you authoritarian idiot. …As if you knew what the intelligent Anericans of any state wanted. No, you can only argue for those of equal low intellect.

  12. He’s referring to the sociopaths that run for office: all the people who want authority the most, and can least be trusted with it. He loves those punishment-loving authoritarians, and sucks up to them.

    As such, he’s totally and completely un-American, and any of the Founders would have shot him as they would a rabid dog: to put him out of his own misery. No doubt, if he were born in 1900s in Germany, he would have extolled the virtues of Hitler, etcetera. He is someone who has disavowed logic and reason in favor of worshipping power.

  13. Good heavens, you are STUPID. By your same argument, we should still have alcohol prohibition and the loss of property rights, human life, and human freedom that accompanied it. Of course, since you lack principles of any kind, you cannot judge laws on their own merits, and blindly follow false authority.

  14. Making fun of Americans who favor property rights and individual freedom! Wow! The government schools really eliminated what little brain you were born with!

  15. The common law is a means of optimally applying a libertarian law (which prohibits force and fraud), based on the average of EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE from randomly-selected jurors. It’s what America was based on.

  16. You’re confusing corrupted “elections only” truncated views of democracy with properly-defined democracy. Proper democracy works really well, and includes all democratic limits on government power, including jury trials and widespread private gun ownership.

  17. Oh no … Jake is calling me names. Jake – get a clue and find a state/country that is more in tune with your juvenile, naive view of the world. This is our state, and douchebags like yourself aren’t going to change it.

  18. Oh no … Jake is calling me names. Jake – get a clue and find a state/country that is more in tune with your juvenile, naive view of the world. This is our state and douchebags like yourself aren’t going to change it.

  19. oooooo “Nazi”. You poor pathetic asswipe.

    Jake – get a clue and find a state/country that is more in tune with your juvenile, naive view of the world. This is our state, and douchebags like yourself aren’t going to change it.

  20. “illegitimate authority” ? Say who – you? LMAO.

    Jake – get a clue and find a state/country that is more in tune with your juvenile, naive view of the world. This is our state, and douchebags like yourself aren’t going to change it.

    You’re not even from around here, you pathetic asswipe. Run along and let the NH people discuss the issues – and you can fuck off.

  21. Hmm … you’re from Alaska. That means that – more than likely – your parents are siblings and you’re a genetic half-wit. That make sense, actually, given your comments here. Run along and let the people with two different sets of genes have a conversation, asswipe.

  22. Interesting, considering I went to private schools my entire life. I know you’re working with only one set of genes, Jake, so I’ll cut you some slack. Did you marry a sibling as well, just like your Mommy and Daddy did?

  23. What laws are being changed? You douchebags are having NO impact – none. You’re the laughing stock of NH.

  24. If I lived near or next to you, I’d just come over and slap the shit out of you for burning during bans – that would solve the problem. It’s obvious you’re just another one of these selfish freetard asswipes who could give a shit about anyone else. Eventually, the law catches up to freetards like yourself and justice is done.

  25. LoL … Come make me shut up, Jake – come all the way to NH and make me. You’re a real tough keyboard warrior, aren’t you? I’m so a-scared LoL. Bring the rest of your half-wit family as well to help you, douchebag.

  26. Are you threatening to shoot and kill me, Jake?

    Thanks for taking time from jerking off to images of little boys you found on the Internet to post your messages. I’m sure everyone appreciates them.

  27. All of you freetards eventually have your day in court for thinking you can just do what you want … it’s inevitable. Looking forward to seeing you there.

  28. Given your propensity for masturbating to images of young boys you found on the Internet, where do you find the time for anything else? Do your parents know what you’re doing in their basement?

  29. Internet threats for the win. If I’d only known you were such a big tough guy, I would’ve abandoned my principles long ago.

    You’re an idiot and pulling a stunt like around here might get you shot.

  30. Knife ban has been repealed. A law was passed allowing business to give their education portion of their property taxes to education charities rather than the gov’t schools. Med MJ, despite there still being no legal way to aquire it (thanks maggie hassan). Jury nullification has been added to jury instructions. Just to name a few.

  31. Thats great I wish every parent would do the same.

  32. If that were true you wouldn’t bother.

  33. Beyond naked assertion, or “some guy said so” do you have any actual facts or evidence supporting the conclusion that “the laws of this state” are legally binding and apply to an individual just because they are in the geographic area of NH? Is your conclusion that they apply founded on any actual facts, or is it just blind faith in “some guy said so” or “some guys said so”? I notice in your rant you failed to produce any actual facts to support that conclusion. Do you have any or not?

  34. LMAO … that is absolutely NOT what “corpus delicti” means, you fucking moron:

    Corpus delicti (Latin: “body of crime”; plural: corpora delicti) is a term from Western jurisprudence referring to the principle that a crime must have been proven to have occurred before a person can be convicted of committing that crime.

    Leave the law to lawyers, dipshit, because you don’t have a clue.

  35. LMAO … that is absolutely NOT what “corpus delicti” means, you fucking moron:

    Corpus delicti (Latin: “body of crime”; plural: corpora delicti) is a term from Western jurisprudence referring to the principle that a crime must have been proven to have occurred before a person can be convicted of committing that crime.

    Leave the law to lawyers, dipshit, because you don’t have a clue.

  36. Jake – thanks again for taking time away from masturbating to images of little boys you found on the Internet to post your message. Do your parents know what you’re doing down in their basement all day?

  37. “Jury nullification has been added to jury instructions.”

    Um, no – it hasn’t. The bill might have been signed, but I was seated on a criminal case in Manchester this year – no one said anything about nullification.

    “Knife ban has been repealed”

    Only certain kinds of knives and that was at the urging of other groups not affiliated with the FreeTard Project.

  38. Really – shot? LoL. Bring it, douchebag. You fucktards seem to not realize that the other guy might have a firearm as well – and is probably a much better shot than you.

  39. Really? So now you’re going to run up in my yard menacing with a firearm over a fire pit and I’m the one that belongs in prison? I am a scourge on society? You’re bat shit crazy if you’d really do something like that and you’re lucky to be alive today if that’s how you really behave. Give it go and see what happens.

    I don’t believe any of it though. That’s why you do it here not in the real world. You don’t have the balls.

  40. Interestingly, I guess that doesn’t matter much to me, because in either case, some are using force against others, and it wouldn’t matter if the “winners” outnumber the “losers,” as it wouldn’t make it moral.

  41. 2. “In every criminal trial, the prosecution must prove the corpus delecti, or the body of the crime itself-i.e., the fact of injury, loss or harm, and the existence of a criminal agency as its cause.” People v. Sapp, 73 P.3d 433, 467 (Cal. 2003) [quoting People v. Alvarez, (2002) 27 Cal.4th 1161, 1168-1169, 119 Cal.Rptr.2d 903, 46 P.3d 372.].

    3. “The corpus delecti rule requires that the corpus delecti or the body or substance of the crime charged be proved independent from the accused’s extrajudicial confession or admissions. The corpus delecti of a crime consists of two elements: (1) the fact of the injury or loss or harm, and (2) the existence of a criminal agency as its cause. [citing] People v Jennings, 53 Cal 3d 334, 279 Cal Rptr 780, 807 P2d 1009, 92 CDOS 2576, 91 Daily Journal DAR 4222, reh den. cert den (US) 116 L Ed 2d 464, 112 S Ct 443…People v Pensinger, 52 Cal 3d 1210, 278 Cal Rptr 640, 805 P2d 899, 91 CDOS 1514, 91 Daily Journal DAR 2504, mod 53 Cal 3d 729a, 91 Daily Journal DAR 4745 and stay gr (Cal) 1991 Cal LEXIS 3318 and reh den. cert den (US) 116 L Ed 2d 290, 112 S Ct 351, 91 Daily Journal DAR 12909, reh den (US) 116 L Ed 2d 821, 112 S Ct 923; State v Pullos, 76 Idaho 369, 283 P2d 590; People v Friedland (1st Dist) 202 Ill App 3d 1094, 148 Ill Dec 415, 560 NE2d 1012; Brown v State, 239 Ind 184, 154 NE2d 720, cert den 361 US 936, 4 L Ed 2d 360, 80 S Ct 375; Joseph v State, 236 Ind 529, 141 NE2d 109, 69 ALR2d 824, cert dism 359 US 117, 3 L Ed 2d 673, 79 S Ct 720; People v Aiken, 66 Mich 460, 33 NW 821; People v Gould, 156 Mich App 413, 402 NW2d 27; State v Simler, 350 Mo 646, 167 SW2d 376; State v Hill, 47 NJ 490, 221 A2d 725; State v Robinson (App. Scioto Co) 83 Ohio L Abs 259, 168 NE2d 328; State v Brown, 103 SC 437, 88 SE 21…there must be sufficient proof of both elements of the corpus delecti beyond a reasonable doubt.” 29A American Jurisprudence Second Ed., Evidence § 1476.

  42. Right but it just goes to show how these political theories like “democracy” “constitutional law” “statutory law” “legislation” are purely conjectural and not actually founded on facts/evidence or any sound principals of science logic or reason, and how they are essentially self-contradictory. Maybe the significance is mostly academic but people really do kill each others because they believe in this stuff, so showing the logical inconsistencies I think is important because people really are brainwashed by this stuff. The more inconsistencies and contradictions you can draw out the better case you can make that the “State” religion is basically a superstition that has been handed down since it is completely unfounded(not supported by factual evidence). Instead of examining the facts and then drawing conclusions from the facts statism insists we start with the conclusion and then basically disregard whether or not the facts support the conclusion.
    So the myth is that political democracy is “majority rule”. A simple scientific inquiry as to the actual facts proves this to be false. In political democracy you almost NEVER get a “majority” to vote on ANYTHING.

  43. Talking about political democracy, elections basically. The political system.

  44. The lady that introduced the knife ban repeal legislation, Rep Jenn Coffey, is a libertarian and Is either part of the FSP or a very close friend to many of the participants.

    Also, if not given the instructions to nullify, it gives the defendant, if convicted, the ability to appeal the case to a higher court.

    You are probably the dumbest, most misinformed motherfucker to ever post here.

  45. I suppose it would be the majority of those whose votes are counted rule, and that would only apply to a strict democracy, whereas, with a republic, the voters only get a ruler, not necessarily what they want. Nonetheless, the idea that the majority opinion should rule is based a logical fallacy anyway (argumentum ad populum.)

    Needless to say, there are many problems with “this voting thing.”

  46. He can’t, because it actually is. What really convinced me about his position, though, is that he called you a fucktard. 😉

  47. Bane: How long do you think it is going to take to “incarcerate every single one of you fucking degenerate drug dealers and freetards”… the war on drugs has been going on longer than many of us have been alive. Whatever its objective it’s failed unless that objective was to funnel money into the hands of a select few for personal gain. Ie prison industrial complex, etc. The drug dealers certainly havn’t stopped and nor have those taking drugs.


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