NH Senior Deputy AG Can’t Provide Evidence Laws Apply

nick_cortMarc Stevens recently placed a call to NH Senior Deputy Attorney General Nick Cort in an attempt to discover how it is that the laws/statutes/ordinances apply to people.  Nick Cort, as you may recall, was the attorney who argued against jury nullification in the recent Rich Paul appeal to the NH supreme court.

You can listen to the call and read Marc’s commentary on his blog.


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  1. Statutory or legislative law or constitutional law are religious scriptures of the “state” religion. Lawyers take a religious oath to the constitution in order to be admitted into the bar cult.

  2. One might, as I did, invoke the provisions of the NH Con, Art 1, Art 2 and Art 10 to revolt peaceably against the government and laws of NH and declare to being of a different society in lawful resistance to the state’s arbitrary and oppressive power. I’ll gladly forward what I sent to the various PTB in refusing to pay a fine levied for not having plates and DL.

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