Free Staters Win Primaries Statewide Despite Attacks

Garcia Phony Sign

Photo of hater sign, courtesy the hater’s facebook.

Despite various all-out-attacks against them, several Free State Project participants won both Democrat and Republican primaries statewide. One day prior to Tuesday’s primary election, Miscellany Blue published a handy list of several FSP participants whose election contests were being “watched”.

Of the seven races they were watching, four were wins for the liberty activists, including two democrat incumbents, Tim O’Flaherty and Michael Garcia. In his race for Manchester state rep for Wards 4-7, incumbent democrat Tim O’Flaherty received a solid third place out of five contenders. The first and second placed opponents only got 26% each compared to O’Flaherty’s 24%. O’Flaherty says that local haters spent a fair amount of money to mail flyers to all registered dems, promoting three other candidates. However, O’Flaherty says that what happened to him was nothing compared to the all-out-attack on Michael Garcia.

Michael Garcia (no relation to US Senate candidate Marilinda Garcia) is a Keeniac-moved-to-Nashua, who, like O’Flaherty won his state rep seat originally in 2012 in Nashua’s Ward 7. Local haters were caught by surprise in 2012 and this year mobilized against him with large signs calling the democrat liberty activist who moved several years ago from Florida, a “phony”. Plus, they were distributing an attack flier at the polling site. Despite the desperate push against him, Garcia prevailed, beating the last place contender by 30 votes. Garcia received 16% putting him in third place out of four, with the fourth place person receiving 12%.

The other races that Miscellany Blue were watching included Elizabeth Edwards who received a solid first place finish in Manchester’s Ward 4! She scored 41% of the vote compared to the second place finisher’s 34%. Manchester’s Amanda Bouldin (the founder of Shire Sharing) also made it through in a close race for state rep in Ward 5 where she finished second with 25% – the runner-up had 22%.

YOLO James CleavelandIn Keene, despite valiant efforts, James “Robin Hood” Cleaveland lost his race for state rep to political newcomer William Pearson, who in a Keene Sentinel interview claimed to be a “real democrat”, whatever that means. Pearson received 102 votes in Keene’s Ward 1 compared to Cleaveland’s 30 votes (23%). The good news out of this race is that turnout in Ward 1 was down from 9% in 2012 to 7% in 2014, meaning that either Cleaveland’s opposition did nothing to try to stop him, or if they did, any efforts they made to try to turn out the vote were total failures.

Also in Keene, Conan Salada was eliminated from the race for the two at-large state rep seats. Despite not campaigning at all, Salada received 140 votes (9%) compared to elected state rep and longtime politician Kris Roberts’ 906 votes (57%) and elected state rep Larry Phillips’ 533 votes (34%). Finally, in Grafton, Tom Ploszaj drew 86 votes (26%) to his opponent’s 246 (74%) in a state rep race.

Thank you to Miscellany Blue for bringing those races to my attention – what wonderful news! Plus, there were even more republican Free State Project participants (at least fifteen) who also made it through the primary and will, with their democrat brothers and sisters bring the message of liberty to the general election on November 4th.

Do you care about liberty in your lifetime? Are liberty-minded people winning elections where you currently are? If not, there are 101 reasons to move to New Hampshire, and their winnable political system is one of them. Please join the Free State Project and make the move ASAP! (As of this writing over 16,000 have joined the FSP and over 1,600 are already here.)

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  1. We already have liberty, you fucking clueless douche. Best you leave to find another country more suitable to your liking.

  2. Tell that to all the people in prison who never harmed anyone.

    Usually when someone insults others it is a good indicator that they have nothing worth saying.

  3. Right. For example, you have the liberty to be murdered or indefinitly incarcerated without trial by your beloved Fuhrer, the President of the United States.

  4. You seem to have the liberty to curse and be very rude on Ian’s website. That is a free that you only have because Ian gives it to you. Maybe you should thank Ian for your freedom?

  5. I freed a thousand slaves I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.

    Harriet Tubman

  6. Giving every man a vote has no more made men wise and free than Christianity has made them good.

    H. L. Mencken

  7. They broke the law, freetard. I know you and your juvenile groupies don’t get that, but that’s how our society operates. You want laws to change? Then participate in the process, rather than try to tear the process down and whine about it.

    Usually when someone states something incredible stupid and ignorant (you, for example), it is a good indicator that they have nothing worth stating.

  8. Every decent man is ashamed of the government he lives under.

    H.L. Mencken

  9. Again … you don’t like the way we do things in this country – then leave. No one is stopping you … believe me.

  10. Well golly gee, Bane, I thought running for political office WAS participating in the process. But you don’t like it when freedom-minded people do that either, do you? You might be happier living in Massachusetts.

  11. I think it’s great people run for office … as long as they aren’t lying about what their true affiliations and intents are, all the while making a mockery of the process.

    Running as a “Democrat” or a “Republican” when it is just a ploy to get on the ballot is not really participating in the process. Also: one or two freetards getting elected won’t change anything – and that’s a good thing.

  12. We who?

    I love the way my friends and I are doing things. You don’t seem to like that, so why don’t you leave?

  13. Leave for what reason? I’m part of the majority in this country. I like having law and order in society. I like the fact that there is a government here to restrain idiots who think they can just do what they want and fuck everyone else (The FreeTard Mantra, btw).

    Look, I’ll even throw in bus fare to get you started. Pack a bag.

  14. What happens when someone disobeys some arbitrary edict from one of your buttbuddy bigwigs?

  15. Bane is a cockbag

  16. More free staters are moving to NH, they are moving because they like the way we do things here.

  17. Why do we have any obligation to respect what some random asswipes committed to paper?

  18. You are certainly in love with your mainstream Repulibcrat overlords.

    If you have a problem with us, I think that it would be more productive to discuss this with us in person. We’re not going anywhere, bastard.

  19. Bane is a mentally ill piece of shit masochist who loves being a slave. That would be fine, in and of itself, but this monster tries to force his insanity on us. I think that if he really has such a stick up his ass about us, that he should confront us in person at PorcFest.

  20. Do you realize that that quote aids us and undermines you, dipshit?

  21. I think that your bendover buddy gang members should leave, shit-for-brains.

  22. Why do you favor the indigenous majority massacring Jews and Gypsies in Germany? Why do you favor the Turkish majority massacring Armenians in Asia Minor?

    You are truly a demented piece of shit.

  23. Bane is just butthurt because people are starting to stand up to the state, and *win*.

    He is a sore loser, just like Harry Reid, who said that “This isn’t over” after militia members forced the goons out of Bundy’s backyard. I bet that Bane cried for several days, like the little bitch that he is (judging by the inordinate amount of time he spends complaining on Ian’s site), after his BLM heroes retreated.

    Bane sees the Bundy Ranch, the Albuquerque protests, the Fullerton protests, the Ferguson protests, and the Staten Island protests, and it scares him shitless. Feeling powerless against the rising tide of fury against his statist lovers, he vents his frustration against New Hampshire libertarians.

  24. I thought you said if you don’t like how things are then change it. What is it, change or leave?

  25. Here the beautiful part of all of this: you freetards can’t change anything of any significance … absolutely nothing. Try as you all must, you cannot overcome the simple fact that there are many more of us than there are of you.

  26. I find it amusing how – according to the FSP original plans – there should have been well over 20,000 free staters in NH by now. The current estimate? Somewhere around 1,500 or so. I’m not worried.

  27. Why do you favor little boys over grown men?

  28. You’re all standing in place, dickwad. I’m content to watch all of you freetards whine and complain about everything, safe in the knowledge that there is absolutely nothing any of you can do about any of it.

  29. Ok – then it’s fines and possibly jail for you, then. I don’t have a problem with any of that.

  30. “I don’t have a problem with any of that.”

    Of course not. You expect never to be the target of state oppression.

    I recall a poem which ended, “And when they came for me, there was no one left to stand up.”

  31. one or two freetards getting elected won’t change anything – and that’s a good thing.

    So why are you running out of the room crying?

  32. I won’t submit.

    Your heroes are on the outs, loser.

  33. Your gods are headed for the trash heap of history, fucktard.

  34. Stop projecting, statist loser.

  35. too bad robinhood lost. hope he wins next time

  36. agreed

  37. Ian: Do you care about liberty in your lifetime? If not, there are 101 reasons to move to New Hampshire.
    Bane: We already have liberty.
    Ian: Tell that to all the people in prison who never harmed anyone.
    Bane: They broke the law and were convicted in our courts. That’s how our society operates.

    Right, and there is and will be public outcry about America having the highest incarceration rate in the world, half of which is for non-violent offenses. That’s how our society operates. Sorry Bane! (Not really.)

    So I’ll repeat for Ian: Do you care about liberty in your lifetime? Are liberty-minded people winning elections where you currently are? If not, there are 101 reasons to move to New Hampshire, and their winnable political system is one of them. Please join the Free State Project and make the move ASAP! (As of this writing over 16,000 have joined the FSP and over 1,600 are already here.)

  38. You can say that again….he holds mine quite well.

  39. If they that were true Bane you wouldn’t be hiding our hot man love from everyone.

  40. A whole 1,600? LMFAO. One or two freetards winning elections is a statistical anomaly. You people never will have enough votes to do anything in NH – never.

  41. You keep trying to get me to come to PorcFest … are you looking for a new man to have sex with? I don’t go that way, but I’m sure you can find someone else. I thought you only liked little boys, anyway?

  42. Not according to Big-Government Democrat State Rep. Cynthia Chase, who famously wrote “Free Staters are the single biggest threat the state is facing today.”

    Oh noes! Run for your lives!

  43. Oh, I’m pretty sure you would, bitch – one way or the other. I’ll bet you would be crying as they are putting the ‘cuffs on you.

  44. The “threat” would be from so many of us injuring ourselves from laughing so hard at various freetard antics. You’re all a joke – seriously.

  45. LoL … you’re pathetic.

  46. Can you describe this Liberty you speak of? I’m just curious as to how you… have defined it. Bane you are talking about something very different. You are talking about some social contract that I never signed nor did you. Laws are meaningless when arbitrarily applied. You should be outraged that the government is not going to door to door on a daily basis to root out all drug users and criminal activity. I’m mean shouldn’t you “its the law” supporters crap or get off the pot already with these laws? You have nothing to hide right bane? You should be totally fine with the government searching your home right now to make sure all laws are being followed. Reasonable suspicion is you cannot know all the laws so you cannot know if you are breaking one right now Bane OMFG you could be felon.. After all, how can I trust you Bane? Maybe I need the government to tell me that I can trust you…maybe get a certification for that. I cannot be certain you not a criminal till the government has done a search of you and your property, moreover, I’m thinking financial audit as well. Bane I’m going to need some proof you are not a criminal from all of the following law enforcement agencies sorry bud: local police, county sheriffs, state police, IRS, FBI, CIA, HLS, ATF, DEA, FENCIN, DOJ, DOE, NPS, TSA, UCBP, ICE, USS, AOUC, UMS, VHA, UPIS, USCP, BDS, PFPA, UFS, UFWS, NNSA, UMP, AP, BIA, and don’t forget the BLM.

  47. Who’s running, little boy?

  48. Hah, sorry no. Cynthia Chase continues, “There is, legally, nothing we can do to prevent them from moving here to take over the state, which is their openly stated goal.”


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