Parking Enforcer Loses It: VIDEO

While out doing election day outreach at Keene State College, parking enforcer Linda comes along to issue some threats to peaceful motorists. I grab my Robin Hooding supplies and begin saving people from parking tickets. She begins behaving erratically as we approach an intersection, acting like she is going to cross and then turning around, then turning around again and so on. It was probably very frustrating for the poor people who had stopped to wait for her at the crosswalk while she played childish games with Matt and I.

After this encounter, I pulled out my video camera and continued to feed meters while holding her accountable for her actions. As soon as I approached with the camera she began her erratic behavior again, turning around a total of eighteen times within two minutes. She also accuses me of harassment and interfering, which we know are untrue – Robin Hooding is legal in New Hampshire and talking to government workers is not harassment. Eventually, she leaves the area, having failed at writing further tickets.

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  1. this video is dreadful…. Im disapointed that its being posted…Im sorry you had to deal with this meter lady..

  2. 1. You were harassing her;

    2. Eventually, everyone gets what’s coming to them; for you, that means a prolonged jail term.

  3. Strippers consent to having money put in their clothing when they dance on the stage in the strip club. Its not harassment if someone consents. A parking officer consents to the constitution when they take the government job. Ian wouldn’t follow her and ask questions if she would stand still and answer them.

    New Hampshire State Constitution – Bill of Rights

    [Art.] 8. [Accountability of Magistrates and Officers; Public’s Right to Know.] All power residing originally in, and being derived from, the people, all the magistrates and officers of government are their substitutes and agents, and at all times accountable to them. Government, therefore, should be open, accessible, accountable and responsive. To that end, the public’s right of access to governmental proceedings and records shall not be unreasonably restricted.

    June 2, 1784

  4. You’re a delusional moron.

  5. die bane

  6. Love it!

  7. I wanna harass you bane in all the right places. If your so concerned Bane why not go out and protect these government officials from Robin Hooders. Obviously your fearless leaders cannot.

  8. Its not his fault….he went to public school for god sake. Everyone stop being so mean to my man Bane he’s mine to TROLL!

  9. That is way to much material for Bane to take in at once. I mean he can swallow a 13 in Kielbasa no problem but information like this, its just too much for him.

  10. Holy shit … I looked up “retard” on Wikipedia, and guess what? The same exact photo you use for your profile was on the page … what a coincidence.

  11. I love it. If you take this to its logical conclusion, Robin Hooding could potentially make their ticketing scheme UNPROFITABLE. If so, would they continue to operate at a financial loss or give up the ticketing scheme?

  12. So, aside from trolling an internet forum, what are YOU doing to change things?

  13. Okay, I take back what I said, but name-calling is not okay.

  14. I take back the ad-hominem attack. It wasn’t fair to call you intellectually challenged.

  15. (continued)
    3. I realize I might not completely understand the situation, as I only have this video, so I will review the articles, videos, court-cases, etc. of the last 5 years, and interview all of the involved parties to get a better understanding of the whole situation before passing judgment in the future.

  16. Or perhaps, the fines for ticketing will be increased to offset this. Who wins then?

  17. where does your money to feed the meter come from? It wont take people long to realize that you are paying the meters for them, so they wont pay and you will progressively pay more and more to keep up your rouse.

  18. I’m not sure why Ian thought that escalating a situation like this, akin to Rich Paul’s temperament, was an appropriate response.

  19. I like how they make a big deal about how Free Staters are irrelevant, won’t make a difference, yada yada yada, and then they spend their lives trolling the “irrelevant” activists. I guess they’re students of Goebbels.

  20. If you had a couple of her you could have had her running a pickle play between parked cars, instead of you being the one losing your breath.

  21. Because he’s a clueless douchebag freetard, that’s why.

  22. I was wondering why a coworker was all wor

  23. How was it escalation? I merely followed and talked to her.

  24. I think Ian would be understanding if the parking enforcer was just having a bad day and would not hesitate to forgive her if she came back later and apologized for the erratic behavior she was exhibiting while performing what she perceives to be a “public service.”

    This is the first video clip I’ve seen covering this particular parking enforcer, but I get the impression that to her the “public” only includes those who worship government officials. Holding that belief, anyone would have a nervous breakdown while facing reality on the streets.

    There was no escalation here more than any activism is escalation.

  25. Started cringing around 30 seconds in, if you include the commercial. This video is pretty much the epitome of what Normals dislike about FreeKeene/Freestaters.

    The “Turn Counter” is childish, unless getting her to spin around was your goal. If so, why such a silly goal? If not, why bother “counting” in editing?

    Is her clear frustration too funny and novel to empathize with?

    How can you fill meters *and* follow around a woman who says very clearly verbally (and certainly with body language) does not want to interact with you? Yeah she’ll go check meters somewhere else while you’re there doing supposedly what you say robinhooding is all about…feeding meters, but is robinhooding about feeding meters or is it about trudging up the same tired old video of a meter officer or some sort of government official –who lives in your regional area, good idea there–being harassed/annoyed to seemingly no end? Is the social cost of this obnoxious behavior really outweighed by the unknown number of tickets prevented?

  26. It’s one thing to laugh at her doing it the first few times and just get it on video to document it. But it appears past a certain point that it’s obvious what reaction you would get if you continued to follow her. Does it approach the point of defining it as a bullying incident? *shrug*

  27. Because these people think they have a “right” to harass and bully public employees while they attempt to perform their jobs. They also think they have the “right” to harass and bully private citizens in public places.

    Who/what are these people? They are a group of selfish, immature individuals who suffer from obvious psychological problems including narcissistic and antisocial personality disorders. They have been arrested and sentenced to jail numerous times for many different offenses, and consider that a badge of honor. They think they answer to no one, and do not have to obey any laws or pay taxes.

    These are the kind of people the Free State Project draws to NH. It’s sad, isn’t it?

  28. Is this how all of the revenue thieves work in Keene? Surely she is embarrassed for her childish/provocative reaction but then again she works for the “city” so ought I to rather pity her lack of desire to actually work, accepting that she is simply an indoctrinated victim herself or do I hold her responsible… come to think about it, is she on pharmaceutical drugs? They could also be the reason she seems so childish. Perhaps her brain is shut down even more than usual. She acts suspicious. Perhaps she should be searched and made to pay for it like the rest of the unprotected masses? Not sure but I sure am tired of paying for these lame gov’t schemes, like revenue & property theft and the myriad of scheming and lying they do constantly. I am fed up paying for this crap. Someone needs to perhaps get a real job and see how much better she might feel about herself because she no longer has to come face to face with the reality of her ways.

  29. Revolutionary types of people. The horror!

  30. I don’t know what a “Normal” is but I hope I never end up in that category.

    The “Turn Counter” is kind of an amusing way to point out the odd behavior.

    I actually emphasize with her frustration and don’t blame the other woman for trying to defend her. Not everyone who has received a threat on their windshield for an expired meter would have that empathy. Ian gave her good advice– to seek other employment.

    How can you follow around a woman who says they do not want to interact with you? It’s not difficult if you’re tired of the threats she is issuing to unsuspecting motorists.

    Is the social cost of this obnoxious behavior really outweighed by the unknown number of tickets prevented? I think this is actually a very good question! This is sort of question the anti-FSP side should be asking more. The answer is for each of us to decide, and what one answers for themselves by engaging in activism

  31. People with psychological problems are revolutionary?

  32. Like I stated previously: “… a group of selfish, immature individuals who suffer from obvious psychological problems including narcissistic and antisocial personality disorders.”

    You are Exhibit A for my statement.

  33. People you would deem to have psychological problems. I deem government agents and their defenders to have psychological problems.

  34. And you are my Exhibit A for giving SFK a bad image, where your primary tactic is personal attacks. Yay!

  35. though I wont say who…many of the people that are denouncing this video are associated with the fsk/fk… so its not all “these kind of people”

  36. It’s my job to follow her – I was trying to Robin Hood and save people from tickets. If she wants to change directions, I also must change directions.

  37. I can’t empathize with her, as I would not accept a job that required me to threaten peaceful people on a daily basis. She does have my sympathy, however.

  38. My gosh … you really are a moron.

  39. mike you sound like a raving idiot stfu

  40. Dave – let’s meet on the common and see if you can make me stfu, you loser.

  41. Payback is a bitch, Bernard, and your time for it is approaching.

  42. right away Genius ..ha

  43. I think feeding expired meters to prevent meter maids from giving tickets is both honorable and effective. But I don’t understand this approach at all. Using these confrontational tactics against a powerless nobody (the meter maid) is what I would expect of the typical “Morally-Superior-Progressive-Liberal,” not a FreeStater.


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