Man Hangs Self to Escape Endless Persecution by Winchester Gang

Gary Chase

Gary Chase

I am sad to report that Gary Chase allegedly hung himself in his home last week.  Longtime readers of this blog will remember that Gary was constantly under attack by bureaucrats in the notoriously corrupt town of Winchester, NH. Gary and his former wife owned a valuable piece of property in the heart of downtown and Gary believed the town gang wanted to take his land for their downtown redevelopment “master plan”. Years ago, the town thugs made their first move against Gary and his wife by targeting the property for zoning violations, claiming it was a junkyard and ultimately coming in and stealing over $300,000 of various construction equipment, and allegedly appropriating some of it to themselves and their buddies.

The endless court struggles and follow-up threat against his home led his wife to leave him. Despondent, he reached out for help, but no one wanted to stand against the corrupt goons calling themselves the “Town of Winchester”. On top of this stress, he also was suffering the physical pain of a spine injury. No compassion came from the “town” – they continued to press him. He pleaded to the Cheshire superior court to listen to him. Ultimately, more of his property was stolen by the town gang and liens placed on his home.

"Town of Winchester" Gang Members Smirk as Gary's Property Is Stolen

“Town of Winchester” Gang Members Smirk as Gary’s Property Is Stolen

The constant harassment pushed Gary over the edge into paranoia. At one point he told me that he believed that the town criminals were hacking into and reading his emails. Of course, when they really are out to get you, you can’t blame someone for being paranoid. Gary met with me in person and spoke to me by phone – his case was persuasive, but there was so much to it, it was hard to really grasp it all. I wanted to do more for him, but I’m not an attorney so I brought the story out here on the blog in three posts (linked here in this article) over the last couple of years since I first met him in early 2013.

Now Gary is gone from this world, dead by allegedly hanging himself in his own home. Rumor around Winchester has it that he was murdered by the town gang, but there’s obviously no evidence for that. It’s likely that he’d simply had enough, like Tom Ball before him. (Ball self-immolated at the Cheshire superior court in 2011 over frustrations with this inhumane, insane system.)

As has been the case throughout Gary’s plight, he’s been ignored by the mainstream media. The only mention of his death online is this obituary by the Rutland Herald, which claims he “died unexpectedly” and mentions nothing about the hanging.

Winchester Gang Headquarters

Winchester Gang Headquarters

Perhaps the criminals in Winchester who destroyed this man’s life over their desire for his land are too scary for the big media to challenge. To the media, Gary was just a man with an illegal junkyard. Did he have some junk on his property? Perhaps, but one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. This is yet another example to prove that you don’t actually own your land – the state gang owns it, and if they want to take it from you, they’ll do whatever it takes.

Rest in peace, Gary. It’s a shame we’re not to the point where our neighbors will stand up for each others’ rights against these criminal government gang members. Standing idly by and allowing them to violate our rights is unacceptable. Stand up, speak out, and get together with others who care about freedom. (If you’re not in New Hampshire yet and you love liberty, please join the Free State Project and get here ASAP.) Don’t wait – you could be their next target – wherever you live.

Oh, one more thing.  Here’s the last voicemail Gary left for me prior to his death.  The voicemail was left at 11pm Eastern on September 14th, 2014, just five days before he allegedly took his own life.

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  1. If you feel the need to pull a gun on me go tight ahead you are just like the rest!

  2. They are the kind that go run to the towns and talk about their neighbors!

  3. No people like you are to blame. When a neighbor, friend or family need help your the one who says ” I am to good to get my nose dirty”

  4. Why don’t you use your real name instead of hiding! Shep Mangionne is probably hiding behind a fake name as well, claiming he is from Los Angeles, California and likes Paul Mitchell.

  5. From the real Stanley Plifka: “I have no knowledge, or comment on this subject. I prefer that people use their own name and not mine. This article is not an interest of mine. Please do not use my name for any reason.”

  6. someone needs to go Marvin Heemeyer on the fuckers – would love to see that -Winchester is a complete shithole

  7. You failed by missing the smart train. My condolences.

  8. And you missed the originality train; that line’s been used in this thread. And you missed it by two weeks. Thanks for keeping me company here on the loser platform.

  9. Thatz cause I want to remember it. Use it later. Steal it. “Smart Train.” hahaha… Very original.

  10. And this is valuable to you because you spend so much time around people too dumb to understand anything more advanced than grade-school insults? My condolences.

  11. Yes…. Like this site here.

  12. You may own your property, but you have an obligation to show consideration for your neighbors. None of us lives in a vacuum. I know Winchester is a total s&%thole, but it’s people like this that make it so. It’s a shame what a trashhole this formerly nice town has become. There are too many trashholes up here in NNE. People, wake up and take pride in your region! I do! There is no excuse for your property to filled with garbage that everyone has to look at.

  13. I think Winchester is a lost cause…..90% of the formerly nice buildings in the town should be torn down due to neglect. A real shame.

  14. True. Pretty sad in Winchester. The bridge, the church…. both lost. An associate of mine is trying to save the Ashuelot Village library but is fighting the old boy network. Sometimes it is best to move to a more affirming community.

  15. I am so glad Bobby and I left this town when we did.There simply is nothing the old guard is going to let you do that will improve the town and it’s reputation.

  16. Good Grief…I know Butch Plifka, worked for him in my youth, know Ian Freeman, think he’s taken the tank for some real stupidity, barely have heard of Gary Chase, and wonder if he was or was not a native, and where he lived…have a former uncle, name of Curville Jordan, who impregnated my aunt when she was 17 AND his student. Wonder if Hazel is related…good grief. I had no idea how much sturm und drang went on in Winchester…I think all the filthy name calling is probably unnecessary, as well as the comments about how many teeth women had, and the venomous lobs against Hazel…hey, any fool can toss crap. That is mostly what y’all are doing. There is a problem in this town with the police and some government agencies…and people don’t have the education, tools, etc. to fight it. I am not afraid, but if I were less educated and connected I might be…let’s all calm down, and recognize that we might all be on the same side.

  17. Furthermore, this town is NOT a s%ithole, or any other exepletive used to describe it…those of you who say it should be fire bombed, those of you who stooped to calling Hazel a “cow”-well, you can just kiss my ass. This town is a good small town, which has lost its way but is struggling to find its way back…and doesn’t need outsider know-it-all’s to tell us what is wrong here…we know what needs fixing, and we know what to do, and we surely don’t need local hotshots from KEENE, of all places-another little patch of barely noticeable green under the vast blue sky which barely 100 other Americans could ID-to tell us what to do or how to do it. Good grief. You ought to hear yourselves. And those of you who damn Winchester barely understand it. Go away. I hope the ending to Hazel’s story was happy.

  18. I’m rereading these comments again tonight…I am still disturbed by the happy jump-ons initiated by those men-YES, men-who hide behind shady simple stupid aliases…come on. It is easy to dump on this town, and you probably were born here…you moved to Keene and thought that made you all wonderful. I have bad news, Mr. Taxi Man Steve, abfab1001, and the rest of the simple losers who hid out and can’t possibly give their real names…YOU SUCK. You not only degrade, drive down and invalidate, but you don’t even have the flipping balls to list your real name. No respect here, brothers, and I would vote-stay the hell out of my town. We don’t need you. Not your business, not your opinions, not nothing. Keene, really? KEENE? Are you freaking kidding me…Keene, NH, is a sewer that collects resident losers from other small towns like Winchester, and brews them up in the same ostentatious ridiculous judgemental manner that the courts display there…what if we did blow up all the small towns? Who would fill the court dockets, who would shop in the too many shops there, who would work at all the low level, low pay jobs Keene offers? Don’t imagine that by moving yourself 13 miles down the road you have made some great escape…I smell Winchester on all of you. This is a great little town. We should help our neighbors more. And collectively explain our future vision better, to one another. That’s all. But you are not all that, my fellow fools. You are not.


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